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User avatar #51487 to #51455 - lulzforhiroshima (11/15/2013) [-]
So? I think it would be a good thing for him to be good at killing people, thats kinda what gets the job done in war and such.

Also, "Obama told his aides", lel
User avatar #51493 to #51487 - undeadwill (11/15/2013) [-]
Yeah but if you hack COD so that you get nothing but predator drones that will cost thousands of dollars in order to bomb the fuck out of the everyone else you aren't really good at killing people you like the rich kids with all the good equipment.
User avatar #51498 to #51493 - lulzforhiroshima (11/15/2013) [-]
yeah they do spend way too much on drones if thats what your saying.
#51459 to #51455 - valeriya (11/14/2013) [-]
congratulations people die at the whims of others, this is nothing new i really don't understand why people get so shocked about such things
congratulations people die at the whims of others, this is nothing new i really don't understand why people get so shocked about such things
#51443 - anonymous (11/14/2013) [-]
**anonymous rolled user kikomiaaa ** And what do you think about current political affairs?
User avatar #51452 to #51443 - schnizel ONLINE (11/14/2013) [-]
They are not good.
#51437 - anonymous (11/14/2013) [-]
Saudi Arabia on the human rights council.'_school_fire

Saudi Arabia on the human rights council.'_school_fire
User avatar #51428 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
You need to login to view this link

This guy tried to turn me on to a resource based economy
#51453 to #51428 - valeriya (11/14/2013) [-]
ha its funny because a lot of what youre saying ive covered
User avatar #51432 to #51428 - pebar (11/14/2013) [-]
research into space is a great investment.... we get lots of cools stuff like the MRI
User avatar #51434 to #51432 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
Yes it was but private business is taking off now with it.
User avatar #51436 to #51434 - pebar (11/14/2013) [-]
although it did provide the incentive which government projects usually lack
User avatar #51441 to #51436 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
User avatar #51435 to #51434 - pebar (11/14/2013) [-]
also the moon landing thing was to develop missile technology, it wasn't just a contest between governments
User avatar #51424 to #51410 - Shiny ONLINE (11/14/2013) [-]
Ahahah. They're bigots and aren't even aware of it.
User avatar #51425 to #51424 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
How so?
User avatar #51427 to #51425 - Shiny ONLINE (11/14/2013) [-]
They're saying blacks aren't allowed to be both activists and capitalists.
User avatar #51429 to #51427 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
True but they are weird you can't show them that because they will say "I'm black I can be racist."
User avatar #51431 to #51429 - Shiny ONLINE (11/14/2013) [-]
With bias comes exeptionalism.

"I'm Christian so I can be a terrible person because Jesus loves me"
User avatar #51417 to #51415 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
God I've seen that man's quotes fucking brilliant.
User avatar #51401 - undeadwill (11/13/2013) [-]
So what do you guys think of a resource based economy?
I'm looking at it and I keep thinking "These people are on drugs" But no people actually believe this stuff.
User avatar #51420 to #51401 - Shiny ONLINE (11/14/2013) [-]
Theoretically, non-market economics can work if scarcity is a non-issue.
User avatar #51426 to #51420 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
But we live on a planet of finite resources.
User avatar #51433 to #51426 - Shiny ONLINE (11/14/2013) [-]
For now. In fact, some resources are already technically infinite.

Take consumable media, for example. The media industry wants to pass liberty-raping bills like SOPA because it is an infinite resource--it is data which can be instantly duplicated between storage devices--and thus requires state intervention to made finite.
User avatar #51423 to #51420 - pebar (11/14/2013) [-]
the whole reason economics is a thing is because scarcity exists
User avatar #51430 to #51423 - Shiny ONLINE (11/14/2013) [-]
No, that's the reason market economics exist. Big difference.
User avatar #51411 to #51401 - aceofshadows (11/14/2013) [-]
I've read and heard about resource based economies. There was even one person at my school who thought we should switch over to it and after many explanations I still have no fucking idea how it would work. Do you think you could explain?
User avatar #51412 to #51411 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
No but I know a good drug dealer who could help with that.
User avatar #51413 to #51412 - aceofshadows (11/14/2013) [-]
Much helpful. Oh well maybe someone else will come along.
User avatar #51414 to #51413 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
They simply do not believe in scarcity which scares me.
User avatar #51408 to #51401 - pebar (11/14/2013) [-]
oh no, nvm
that's for peasants
User avatar #51409 to #51408 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
User avatar #51416 to #51409 - pebar (11/14/2013) [-]
harvesting resources as a primary source of income for the nation?
User avatar #51418 to #51416 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
They believe that they will never have to work. Computers will run the government and machines will make goods.
User avatar #51419 to #51418 - pebar (11/14/2013) [-]
fucking hippies....
User avatar #51422 to #51419 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
I swear to god these are new age commies.
User avatar #51442 to #51421 - undeadwill (11/14/2013) [-]
They should all be destroyed
User avatar #51406 to #51401 - pebar (11/14/2013) [-]
what do you mean, like goods worth the raw materials that go into them?
#51398 - lulzforhiroshima (11/13/2013) [-]
Anybody else notice how Bashar Al-Assad has a very white man type look instead of your typical mudslime. I dont care how many muslim rebels this guy kills, i like him.

Bashar Al-Assad 2016, ohh wait their aint no democracy in Syria : )
User avatar #51450 to #51398 - schnizel ONLINE (11/14/2013) [-]
He is a good man, he is defending his homeland againts barbaric scum.
User avatar #51403 to #51398 - feelythefeel (11/14/2013) [-]
"I dont care how many muslim rebels this guy kills, i like him."
So to you, looking white excuses any crime? This is why nobody takes you seriously, lulz. Also might have something to do with that name, too.
User avatar #51446 to #51403 - lulzforhiroshima (11/14/2013) [-]
First of all dumbass take a joke, you actually took low quality bait.
Second of all "This is why nobody takes you seriously, lulz", i havent really noticed that happening on the politics section.
User avatar #51448 to #51446 - feelythefeel (11/14/2013) [-]
For some reason people making jokes with no reasonable indication that a joke was made is becoming an FJ trend lately.
User avatar #51454 to #51448 - lulzforhiroshima (11/14/2013) [-]
there's reasonable indication.
User avatar #51404 to #51403 - teoberry (11/14/2013) [-]
also the fact that he's a poor jew, roaming the streets of toronto.
User avatar #51405 to #51404 - feelythefeel (11/14/2013) [-]
I don't understand.

I keed.
#51385 - anonymous (11/13/2013) [-]
Frisia here, dont ask where i am cause fuck you all but oxan can you perhaps respond to this text cause its filled with pure out bullshit and i want a real communist who knows his shit to respond cause even if im fascist i still kidna do respect Real Communists.

As far as being launched specifically in opposition to communists. Shy of their recent undertaking of cunting (Commie hunting), they are in no way designed specifically against one group of government. As it happens, they do not believe in government. They believe in individuals. As well, if you've seen the recent active clans, you would see that the majority of the 'government' play would lean towards the communist persuasion, so it makes sense that they would be the biggest enemy at the time being.
User avatar #51394 to #51385 - lulzforhiroshima (11/13/2013) [-]
Please don't come back, please.
#51458 to #51394 - anonymous (11/14/2013) [-]
Jesus fuck stop bieng so pathetic god damnn...
#51439 to #51394 - bypest (11/14/2013) [-]
This image has expired
Frisia is more than welcome to inquire about political philosophy here. He is probably being chased down by the Police at this moment for denying the holocaust....
User avatar #51444 to #51439 - lulzforhiroshima (11/14/2013) [-]
ohh bypest
#51386 to #51385 - anonymous (11/13/2013) [-]

Now for the big one. Anarchism vs Communism.

Anarchism to me, empowers the individual. There is no leader, all have right to what they are capable of. Where as communism -is- a totalitarian society. Classless, yes, but with 1 leader over all. As well, it empowers the community. Now you've seen my opinion on SKA being far from communism in my opinion, they are an extremely oppressive group that is take all they can, and not just what they need. This is almost what was defined as what BF was against when they were created. So as far as comparing communism and anarchism, I would first have to point out that you would need a whole new term and definition for what SKA is, as it to me and many others is far, far from communism.

User avatar #51451 to #51386 - schnizel ONLINE (11/14/2013) [-]
Anarchism and Communism are all going to fail in the end.
User avatar #51392 to #51386 - jewishcommunazi (11/13/2013) [-]
The goal for anarchism and communism is exactly the same, it's the means to achieve it that differ. Communists believe the working class should seize state power to provide support for the revolution (dictatorship of the proletariat) while anarchists believe such temporary state shouldn't be created because it could potentially lead to the creation of a ruling class.

That is, assuming that by anarchism, you mean classical mainstream anarchism, Bakunin-style.

Also, Oxan is too busy with school, apparently. I wish he came back.
User avatar #51395 to #51392 - lulzforhiroshima (11/13/2013) [-]
Whats he learning/doing in school?
User avatar #51628 to #51395 - oxan (11/16/2013) [-]
Humanities because lol.
User avatar #51399 to #51395 - jewishcommunazi (11/13/2013) [-]
I don't know.
User avatar #51400 to #51399 - lulzforhiroshima (11/13/2013) [-]
do you identify yourself as a commie too? I've never seen you really voice your political/economic identity.
User avatar #51457 to #51400 - jewishcommunazi (11/14/2013) [-]
I do, but I'm not even sure which type of commie I am in specific. I'm more statist than most council communists but not as statist as marxist-leninists. And I am more neutral-leaning in several things which these two oppose between each other.
#51387 to #51386 - anonymous (11/13/2013) [-]
Anyway, here are a list of links I've googled for you. I hope they give you some insight on the differences between communism and anarchism.

>Using wikipedia
User avatar #51396 to #51384 - lulzforhiroshima (11/13/2013) [-]
i feel really bad for Europe and its increasingly dangerous mudslime population. This is the beginning of the end of white people.
#51407 to #51396 - pebar (11/14/2013) [-]
I don't want to be a minority!!!!
I don't want to be a minority!!!!
User avatar #51445 to #51407 - lulzforhiroshima (11/14/2013) [-]
dont you even pebar, having your country being massively populated by immigrants is never good when its in such big numbers, especially if they are you know, muslims, i mean in all honesty they dont do any good for Europe. The day European countries have more immigrants (most of these immigrants are of course mudslime) is the day they die.
I'm welcome to immigrants when they come in small numbers in such ways that the starting majority of people in the country stay the majority and this is for all countries, weather it be america or Saudi Arabia.
Immigration is supposed to due good for a country, they are supposed to specifically welcome intelligent people with degrees and capital, not complete trash and thats whats been starting to come in now a days. 1st world countries aren't refugee centers...
#51389 to #51384 - anonymous (11/13/2013) [-]
#51383 - roliga (11/13/2013) [-]

>think its happening again
>get to comments
>turns out to be a ghetto school
>go back to being comfy

Why do the media and gungrabbers only make a big deal out of this shit when a crazy white kid does it?

In all reality though, this school is filled with "urban youths" so it's probably some pavement ape's drug deal gone wrong.
User avatar #51380 - pebar (11/13/2013) [-]
Thoughts on a negative income tax?
#51382 to #51380 - valeriya (11/13/2013) [-]
explain, because what i've got going on in my head is probably different to what it actually is

instead of taxing people earning money the government gives people earning money more money?
User avatar #51390 to #51382 - pebar (11/13/2013) [-]
If you earn below a certain amount, say 20k per year, you get money instead of pay money. It's a form of welfare but it doesn't have the welfare trap.

If you earn less than 20k, the gov will take the difference between 20k and what you earned then give you like 25%. If you didn't earn anything, the system gives you a minimum income of 5k, according to this example. If you earn 10k through work, you gain a net of 12.5k. Once you reach 20k through your own work, you stop receiving aid. If you earn more than 20k then you begin to pay taxes.
#51381 to #51380 - schnizel ONLINE (11/13/2013) [-]
It's negative so it's bad.
User avatar #51376 - schnizel ONLINE (11/13/2013) [-]
Tickets for Squats: Moscow metro gives free ride for sports
User avatar #51371 - schnizel ONLINE (11/13/2013) [-]
Jacob Zuma sings "Kill the Boer" at ANC Centenery Celebrations in Bloemfontein, South Africa
Daily reminder that Whites own South Africa.
#51372 to #51371 - anonymous (11/13/2013) [-]
muh minority sufferings
#51374 to #51372 - anonymous (11/13/2013) [-]
Hey I am a jew too, please send me your home adress so that we can hang out together like G-ds children.
#51368 - schnizel ONLINE (11/13/2013) [-]
#51373 to #51368 - anonymous (11/13/2013) [-]
the world is against you because you're an ass
#51375 to #51373 - anonymous (11/13/2013) [-]
...or it's just because he just pretends to be different from all the other neglected 15 year old's that seeks attention on this site by shitposting.
#51359 - schnizel ONLINE (11/13/2013) [-]
Nazi problems
>Meet a jewish kid in class
>He is a cool bro guy
User avatar #51360 to #51359 - beatmasterz (11/13/2013) [-]
That's just because he wants to get into your wallet.
#51365 to #51360 - schnizel ONLINE (11/13/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #51397 to #51355 - lulzforhiroshima (11/13/2013) [-]
Israel has offered peace multiple times but the Palestinians dont want it, they actually think they can get their land back...
#51706 to #51397 - palestine has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #51358 to #51355 - schnizel ONLINE (11/13/2013) [-]
1.Leave them alone
User avatar #51357 to #51355 - CapnInterwebz (11/13/2013) [-]
The US needs to stay out of it as much as possible, the conflict won't stop any time soon.
User avatar #51354 - schnizel ONLINE (11/13/2013) [-]
syria's business
#51391 to #51354 - anonymous (11/13/2013) [-]
>Russia today
User avatar #51342 - pebar (11/13/2013) [-]
User avatar #51349 to #51342 - undeadwill (11/13/2013) [-]
Embedding banned by youtube.
User avatar #51350 to #51349 - pebar (11/13/2013) [-]
there should still be a link there to watch it
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