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User avatar #631824 - supertanto (01/26/2015) [-]
**supertanto used "*roll 1, 10-99*"**
**supertanto rolls 96**
dubs decide what tier i git gud at next
User avatar #631833 to #631832 - alpacalypse (01/26/2015) [-]
I love quilfish
User avatar #631829 to #631824 - alpacalypse (01/26/2015) [-]
**alpacalypse used "*roll 1, 00-99*"**
**alpacalypse rolls 66** is this how do new rolls
challenge cup 1v1
User avatar #631831 to #631829 - supertanto (01/26/2015) [-]
Easy i used to do that all the time
User avatar #631826 to #631824 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/26/2015) [-]
**makotoitou used "*roll 1, 1-99*"**
**makotoitou rolls 89**
tier shift
User avatar #631799 - burnswhenipee (01/26/2015) [-]
So for valentines day I'm going to give my grillfriend my Gameboy color with Pokemon Yellow (She's a huge Pokemon fan but never played Yellow...) I'm gonna play through and catch some stuff before I give it to her (Rename them to "I" "Love" "You" and gay shit like that)
Which ones should I catch?
#631836 to #631799 - apurpleliger (01/26/2015) [-]
6 level 100 Weedles
User avatar #631810 to #631808 - burnswhenipee (01/26/2015) [-]
Only on the weekends
User avatar #631814 to #631810 - alpacalypse (01/26/2015) [-]
i wish my grillfriend liked pokemon
User avatar #631816 to #631814 - burnswhenipee (01/26/2015) [-]
I just got reeeallly lucky, she's about as autism as me
User avatar #631801 to #631799 - gongthehawkeye (01/26/2015) [-]
I don't know but you should have an equal amount of males and females, bonus points if they can breed together. What's her favorite Pokemon?
User avatar #631805 to #631801 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/26/2015) [-]
Can't breed at all because it's 1st gen. They may not have even had genders in those games
User avatar #631806 to #631805 - gongthehawkeye (01/26/2015) [-]
I know there's no breeding, but if they have a sort of similarity, something along the lines of Nidoking and Nidoqueen. I guess "chemistry" would have been a better term than breeding. Although I forgot genders weren't until Gen 2, so that doesn't even matter anymore.
User avatar #631804 to #631801 - burnswhenipee (01/26/2015) [-]
Ooh yeah that's good
Her favourite is Clefairy, thank God
User avatar #631818 to #631804 - supertanto (01/26/2015) [-]
dump her for that shit tier taste tho
User avatar #631791 - gongthehawkeye (01/26/2015) [-]
So I'm thinking Relaxed for Hoopa Unbound, I'm gonna do a mixed, 4 attack, Life orb set.
Maybe Hyperspace Fury, Knock Off, Psychic/Psyshock, and Shadow Ball.
Don't know what I'm gonna do for EVs, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
And speaking of Hoopa, I finally got everyone's Hoopas ready. Gonna list everyone who wanted one:
pokemonstheshiz-Bold Mew/Hoopa
My FC:3222-6415-4733 and my in game name is Dan. I'm using OR to trade, I'm not sure if X and Y will work so we'll just have to cross our fingers and hope.
User avatar #631864 to #631791 - shinybezza (01/26/2015) [-]
Give me a message when you're available to trade. I'll add ya now.
User avatar #631980 to #631864 - gongthehawkeye (01/27/2015) [-]
Hoopa got re-banned from trading in a recent update by Nintendo, you'll have to wait until it's officially released to get one, sorry.
To make up for it, I think I'll just hold on to these, fix them to be perfect IVs, and then give them out. The event should happen latest by mid summer if GF doesn't take their sweet ass time.
User avatar #631819 to #631791 - supertanto (01/26/2015) [-]
mentions don't work 3hen you attach the - bruh
User avatar #631821 to #631819 - gongthehawkeye (01/26/2015) [-]
I can't do anything right.
User avatar #631822 to #631821 - supertanto (01/26/2015) [-]
it's ok apparently 3 is a w now so
#631817 to #631791 - anonymous (01/26/2015) [-]
This is my Hoopa Unbound set: 252 HP, 126 in Atk & Sp.Atk, Brave Nature, Moveset: Ice Punch, Gunk Shot, Hyperspace Fury & Psyshock.
User avatar #631813 to #631791 - gongthehawkeye (01/26/2015) [-]
Apparently Hoopa might not be allowed to be traded over Wifi anymore, just Local.

So I'm gonna have to find a way to make up the fact that I can't deliver the Hoopas I promised, sorry guys.
User avatar #631815 to #631813 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/26/2015) [-]
It might be because Hoopa isn't officially released.
User avatar #631820 to #631815 - gongthehawkeye (01/26/2015) [-]
People were able to trade it earlier this month, last month, and the month before, though.
User avatar #631796 to #631791 - alpacalypse (01/26/2015) [-]
Can we trade tomorrow?
User avatar #631793 to #631791 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/26/2015) [-]
>lowering speed and raising defense on a nuke
User avatar #631795 to #631793 - gongthehawkeye (01/26/2015) [-]
4x bug weakness and 80 Def/Speed makes me nervous.
But what would you recommend, I don't want to lower attack because Hyperspace Fury and Knock off are just too tempting.
User avatar #631802 to #631795 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/26/2015) [-]
It's actually got base 60 defense, and base 80 speed. Probably not great to lower either of those, although you'd definitely want lower defense rather than lower speed, from what I see at least. It's got base 130 sp.def, and Hoopa shouldn't be planning on taking a ton of hits anyways, so I'd go with + (Atk/Sp.atk/Speed) and -Sp.def for nature.
Seems like a difficult thing to do, just because on that set it has two physical and two special moves, so favoring one attacking stat is difficult to decide on, but it's speed isn't really high enough to want a positive nature for it over something else.
User avatar #631809 to #631802 - gongthehawkeye (01/26/2015) [-]
Hold up, what version are you using?
User avatar #631812 to #631809 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/26/2015) [-]
gotta get offline, I can be on again in like 20
User avatar #631811 to #631809 - gongthehawkeye (01/26/2015) [-]
It says there's something that can't be traded.
User avatar #631828 to #631811 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/26/2015) [-]
Hm. strange. It did say in your party though, so maybe it's just that

Another thing I thought about with Hoopa is that if you have knock off on it, and you knock off the enemy's item, then you can't use magician at all. I mean it's not a great ability to begin with, but if you had some berry or item that is consumed, then maybe you could potentially take advantage of that, and then take the item of the opponent. Something like focus sash or sitrus berry could be good if you went with that. Although really, just throwing life orb on it is probably the best idea
User avatar #631798 to #631795 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/26/2015) [-]
If you're going mixed Hasty, if not then Jolly/Timid
#631787 - anonymous (01/26/2015) [-]
I've never understood the plush craze, like who wants to give 60 bucks for a substitute doll which is back in stock by the way
User avatar #631788 to #631787 - alpacalypse (01/26/2015) [-]
Me but I want a klefki keychain more
User avatar #631772 - finblob ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-] hoo-rah hoo-rah fanny cunts and tits
User avatar #631770 - gongthehawkeye (01/25/2015) [-]
So I'm gonna start working on those Hoopas I promised.
If anyone else wants one feel free to reply.
User avatar #631835 to #631770 - pokemonstheshiz (01/26/2015) [-]
would you still be willing for that Mew I asked about?
User avatar #631904 to #631889 - pokemonstheshiz (01/27/2015) [-]
thank you. Is there anything I can do to return the favor?
User avatar #631953 to #631904 - gongthehawkeye (01/27/2015) [-]
Gen 6 shinies
User avatar #631954 to #631953 - pokemonstheshiz (01/27/2015) [-]
I'll get breeding. Anything you'd particularly like?
User avatar #631979 to #631954 - gongthehawkeye (01/27/2015) [-]
Really any, just as long as it's a Kalos mon (So Chespin-Volcanion)
User avatar #631792 to #631770 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/26/2015) [-]
Did you still have one for me? Or are able to make one for me?
FC is 2320 - 6324 - 6680
User avatar #631800 to #631792 - gongthehawkeye (01/26/2015) [-]
Yup, I just posted the list.
User avatar #631803 to #631800 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/26/2015) [-]
Noticed that you posted the list about 7 seconds before I made that comment, I'ma add your FC. Lemme know when you're able to trade
User avatar #631807 to #631803 - gongthehawkeye (01/26/2015) [-]
Right now actually.
User avatar #631774 to #631770 - alpacalypse (01/25/2015) [-]
can you make two for me
I'll be your best friend
just one is okay
User avatar #631777 to #631774 - gongthehawkeye (01/25/2015) [-]
added you to the list.
User avatar #631780 to #631777 - alpacalypse (01/25/2015) [-]
I only have access to pokemon X
Is that okay?
User avatar #631781 to #631780 - gongthehawkeye (01/25/2015) [-]
I think so, googling it just tells me that it's unlocked for trading, but doesn't specify the versions. We'll see.
User avatar #631762 - aceshot (01/25/2015) [-]
>People on front page always bitching about how IV breeding and EV training ruined pokemon and how its too complicated and people should just play with their "favorites"
>acting as if the whole process between choosing what pokemon you are going to breed and getting the right nature, moves, IVs, EVs and held item take more than like an hour
people need to get good.
User avatar #631789 to #631762 - alpacalypse (01/26/2015) [-]
anything pokemon on the front page is cancer
User avatar #631778 to #631762 - shedinja (01/25/2015) [-]
It really does take time even with the right stuff, before getting power saves it took me all fucking day just to breed 3 Pokemon, now I can do a box of unique builds in less than an hour
User avatar #631766 to #631762 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
I always just fire back with "Well my favorite pokemon aren't that good, so I EV/IV/ect to make them the best they can be".

Usually shuts them up.
User avatar #631764 to #631762 - stigus ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
if you're gonna start a team from scratch then yes it will take a long time since most of them don't have much to work with like we do. they don't have a 6 iv ditto and a bunch of different shit. it took me a week to make my fire team from scratch when i had to get the right iv's natures and abilities. breeding for iv's even with a 6 iv ditto takes a while and getting the HA and nature exactly right as well is down to pure luck so it can end up taking a long ass time. i personally think nintendo should make it so that in online battles all the pokemon's iv's should just scale to 31 because iv breeding is just a stupid unnecessary mechanic that makes creating a team take way longer than it should
User avatar #631786 to #631764 - aceshot (01/25/2015) [-]
Well that I can agree with. Trying to IV breed without a 6 IV ditto takes a long time. But I still don't get why people gotta make it out like you have to be a super nerd to IV breed. It's not that bad really.
User avatar #631759 - TITTYFISH (01/25/2015) [-]
Can somebody trade me a pokemon holding an everstone? It doesn't matter what pokemon it is, I just really need the everstone. I'll give a lv 1 charmander for it
#631761 to #631759 - anonymous (01/25/2015) [-]
I'll trade you a haunter :^)
User avatar #631763 to #631761 - TITTYFISH (01/25/2015) [-]
Lol anything with an everstone, even a haunter, kadabra, machoke, whatever.
#631758 - alicorn (01/25/2015) [-]
If you have 3DS firmware 9.4 or lower and want to use Pkhex but can't buy a gateway, this is a thing now
User avatar #631760 to #631758 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
User avatar #631765 to #631760 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Update: I was able to get it to work, so if anybody needs help ask me.
User avatar #631783 to #631765 - shedinja (01/25/2015) [-]
Can you make old shit with this like defag latias?
User avatar #631784 to #631783 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
I don't see why not, but I'm not exactly sure on how to make the file without having it look fake/possibly fuck up.
User avatar #631769 to #631765 - gongthehawkeye (01/25/2015) [-]
My version says 9.4.0-21U, it'll still work, right?
User avatar #631775 to #631769 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Yeah, mine is that version.
User avatar #631776 to #631775 - gongthehawkeye (01/25/2015) [-]
One more question, when they say save as "pokemon.ekx" do they mean the word "pokemon" followed by the file extension, or can I just leave it as the original filename and just change the ek6 to ekx?
User avatar #631779 to #631776 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Change the file type to "All files" then put the name as "pokemon.ekx"
User avatar #631782 to #631779 - gongthehawkeye (01/25/2015) [-]
Okay, I got it to work, thanks.
I assume I leave the "injectiondebug" file where it is?
User avatar #631785 to #631782 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Yeah just leave it alone.
#631773 to #631769 - anonymous (01/25/2015) [-]
It should work for you then, if you can connect your SD card to the PC give it a try.
User avatar #631790 to #631768 - alpacalypse (01/26/2015) [-]
whimsicott is bae
User avatar #631737 - sineztro (01/25/2015) [-]
Hey can someone trade me a shiny Magnenite? (preferably named magnus)
User avatar #631743 to #631737 - alpacalypse (01/25/2015) [-]
Dexnav chain for one, or grind hoards
User avatar #631742 to #631737 - fitemeirlbro ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
User avatar #631739 to #631737 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
#631734 - johrny (01/25/2015) [-]
Reminder: That happend to me in master class....

Reminder: That happend to me in master class....
User avatar #631718 - alpacalypse (01/25/2015) [-]
Can your rating on showdown go down when not playing? My rating was 1530~ a week ago, I logged on this morning and it was 1300~, I played like five battles today, get to 1370, log off, log back on and win a game and it says my rating went from 1270 to 1290.

I know they weren't this low when I logged off, I don't understand this.
User avatar #631725 to #631718 - alpacalypse (01/25/2015) [-]
okay I'm going to bed, my rating is 1408, if it's not 1408 when I get up I'm going to be buttrustled
User avatar #631720 to #631719 - aceshot (01/25/2015) [-]
dat fucking scizor name tho
User avatar #631722 to #631721 - aceshot (01/25/2015) [-]
why the face?
User avatar #631723 to #631722 - alpacalypse (01/25/2015) [-]
because I'm glad you noticed that I didn't have a pun for scizor anyways
User avatar #631724 to #631723 - aceshot (01/25/2015) [-]
well I usually watch all replays posted here so I was bound to notice eventually. Plus using scizor makes it better to watch.
User avatar #631717 - theawkwardbros (01/25/2015) [-]
Not Pokemon related, but I don't care.
#631695 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
hey guys. trying to complete my living pokedex now - does anybody have Huntail, Gorebyss, Milotic, Latios, Groudon and Jirachi? I have some spare legendaries (including Diancie) and shinies that I could trade you for these guys.
User avatar #631714 to #631695 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
I can trade you Huntail, Gorebyss, a Feebas holding a prism scale, a Latios, maaaybe a Groudon if I have one I can trade, and probably a Jirachi
User avatar #631726 to #631714 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
No need for a Feebas now, but the rest would help
User avatar #631727 to #631726 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Aight. What can you trade?
User avatar #631728 to #631727 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
I have that event shiny Gengar, shiny Palkia, Dialga and Giratina, spare Yveltal, spare Terrakion, spare Cobalion and a spare Diancie
User avatar #631732 to #631728 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
I'll trade Jirachi for a Diancie, and 'order of interest' I guess from there would be
Terrakion (If it has the pentagon) > Shiny Palkia > Yveltal > Cobalion (If it has the pentagon) > Dialga/Giratina/anything else pretty much

I do have a Groudon to trade you, so all the things you need I can trade
User avatar #631733 to #631732 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
So Diancie, Shiny Palkia and Yveltal for Jirachi, Huntail, Gorebyss and Groudon?
User avatar #631740 to #631733 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Sure, FC is 2320 - 6324 - 6680
User avatar #631741 to #631740 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
User avatar #631744 to #631741 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
You online?
User avatar #631745 to #631744 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
yep. in-game
User avatar #631746 to #631745 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Mine is Maverick
User avatar #631747 to #631746 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
Mikael, yes.
User avatar #631748 to #631747 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
User avatar #631752 to #631748 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
you have that latios too?
User avatar #631749 to #631748 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
an error
User avatar #631738 to #631733 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
forgot about Latios. Diancie, shiny Palkia, Yveltal, + something for Jirachi, Huntail, Gorebyss, Groudon and Latios
User avatar #631755 to #631738 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Yeah, I got latios
User avatar #631753 to #631738 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
exit trade and go back, forgot it was for yveltal
User avatar #631757 to #631756 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
Np, and thanks
User avatar #631729 to #631728 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
and some IV bred Gastlys
User avatar #631730 to #631729 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
and a Mewtwo
User avatar #631696 to #631695 - sekundab (01/25/2015) [-]
got milotic
#631694 - anonymous (01/25/2015) [-]
Smash 4 Art skills off the charts.
User avatar #631689 - deadmansdope (01/24/2015) [-]
Sup FJ, I have never played pokemon, and I'm currently looking for ds games. I was wondering why soul silver costs more than the new games even though it cm out 5 years ago. Can anyone shed light on this for me?
User avatar #631697 to #631689 - sushininja (01/25/2015) [-]
It's because if you're buying a new version, it'll most likely come with the Pokewalker which lets you level up pokemon irl by walking with it on.
User avatar #631698 to #631697 - deadmansdope (01/25/2015) [-]
it's used
User avatar #631699 to #631698 - sushininja (01/25/2015) [-]
Then maybe because possibly:
-People like the pokemon walking behind you
-Easier trading up GBA pokemon if using a DS lite
-Two Regions to beat
-One of the best pokemon games
User avatar #631700 to #631699 - deadmansdope (01/25/2015) [-]
you recommend it?
User avatar #631701 to #631700 - sushininja (01/25/2015) [-]
Yeah it was extremely fun. I'd recommend it. It's pretty much the best Gen 4 game
User avatar #631703 to #631701 - totodigatr (01/25/2015) [-]
What is Platinum?
User avatar #631704 to #631703 - sushininja (01/25/2015) [-]
Platinum was good yes. My personal favorite, but Soul Silver outclasses it.
User avatar #631705 to #631704 - totodigatr (01/25/2015) [-]
That horrible level scaling doesn't even outclass DP.
User avatar #631707 to #631705 - sushininja (01/25/2015) [-]
Gen 2 Remakes > Platinum > Diamond > Pearl

Level scaling was so that your pokemons could continue to grow after beating the Elite 4 the first time, beat Kanto, and they face them again.
User avatar #631708 to #631707 - totodigatr (01/25/2015) [-]
Platinum > DP > Nintendo Pets > HGSS

>So your pokemon could continue to grow
Yeah, they sure grew in the Kanto routes with those level 10 pokemon
User avatar #631794 to #631708 - alpacalypse (01/26/2015) [-]
Nigga HG SS are amazing
User avatar #631709 to #631708 - sushininja (01/25/2015) [-]
Well that's just your opinion man. He asked if I recommended it and I answered what I thought.
Having both games would be best so you could get most of the Pokemon up to gen 4
User avatar #631702 to #631701 - deadmansdope (01/25/2015) [-]
cuz i was thinking of getting a cheaper game like black or white, or maybe even a gba one
#631710 to #631702 - apurpleliger (01/25/2015) [-]
It's not exactly legal, but there certainly are emulators out for at least all the GBA Pokemon titles, and I'm sure they've got them for the DS titles as well.
User avatar #631712 to #631710 - deadmansdope (01/25/2015) [-]
I'd rather play on my ds
#631713 to #631712 - apurpleliger (01/25/2015) [-]
Well, I personally did not enjoy Soul Silver as much as Pearl version. Generally it's better to get the remakes or the 3rd game of a generation.

So for Gen 3 on GBA, Emerald is the game to get for the Hoenn region and either Fire Red or Leaf Green for the Kanto region. You might as well get Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire instead of Emerald though, as the remake is updated and improved, generally speaking.

For Gen 4, you should get Platinum over Diamond/Pearl for the Sinnoh region, and if you get HG or SS, you can forgo getting FR/LG as HG/SS go through the Johto and the Kanto regions. HG/SS are probably more expensive because you've got 2 regions to play through and because muh nostalgia. I think both sets of games are worth getting in this generation.

For Gen 5, Black 2/White 2 are better than Black/White. I don't know the price difference but whatever it is it's justified.
User avatar #631706 to #631702 - sushininja (01/25/2015) [-]
In regards to actual pokemon games and not spin-offs, I think a list of good ones would be:

DS games:
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Soul Silver
Pokemon Black/White
Pokemon Black/White 2 (Not sure how good these are but others say it's better)

GBA games
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon Fire red/Leaf green
User avatar #631693 to #631689 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/24/2015) [-]
I dunno, collector's or some shit. Don't start with those though, they're kinda dry.
#631690 to #631689 - anonymous (01/24/2015) [-]
User avatar #631711 to #631686 - alpacalypse (01/25/2015) [-]
the link says ou but all I see are 11 shitmons and an excadrill
also, tackle snorelax? I'm confused
User avatar #631715 to #631711 - nommonsterbaa ONLINE (01/25/2015) [-]
But Lucario isn't exactly not shit
User avatar #631692 to #631686 - supertanto (01/24/2015) [-]
That guy has transcended beyond autism
#631669 - anonymous (01/24/2015) [-]
tried ranked battles for the first time if i do good i might enter the competition for real and not just for tyrunt
>Only pokemon with the pentagon are allowed
>refresh salamence, tri attack togekiss, soft boiled clefable etc all banned
>needing to rebreed almost the entire pokedex to do this shit
#631735 to #631669 - johrny (01/25/2015) [-]
The only thing i had to replace was a Tyranitar with a Armaldo, noob.
Grenigga, Chansey and Garchomp user don't deserve sympathy
#631751 to #631735 - anonymous (01/25/2015) [-]
Nigga, i don't give two fucks about le frog

I just wanna use the old shit i've been getting since gen 4
User avatar #631670 to #631669 - scytherkris (01/24/2015) [-]
Greninja floats like a butterfly
#631671 to #631670 - anonymous (01/24/2015) [-]
And gets fucked by Mach punch
User avatar #631688 to #631671 - totodigatr (01/24/2015) [-]
>Not running SS
User avatar #631684 to #631671 - shedinja (01/24/2015) [-]
Except nobody would let frog stay in if it was still dark
#631687 to #631684 - anonymous (01/24/2015) [-]
you would be surprised how many people do
User avatar #631672 to #631671 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/24/2015) [-]
Protean Gunk Shot/Extrasensory
#631675 to #631672 - anonymous (01/24/2015) [-]
User avatar #631676 to #631675 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/24/2015) [-]
That's assuming you did a double switch or are on turn one.
#631679 to #631676 - anonymous (01/24/2015) [-]
Yup that is why a greninja lead is bad
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