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User avatar #111203 - mondominiman ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]
Where do I take my gf on our first date. She's seen most of the good movies in the theators and I just don't want to pay to watch a shitty one. I don't even like todays movies but some are tolerable.
User avatar #111234 to #111203 - nimba (01/11/2014) [-]
How is somebody your girlfriend if you've never even dated
User avatar #111312 to #111234 - mondominiman ONLINE (01/12/2014) [-]
She was a friend I knew in highschool. We hung out plenty before it was just until recently that I decided I'd make her my girlfriend. So when I asked her she said yes and now only were finally gonna go on our first date together as a couple.
User avatar #111283 to #111234 - herblegerble (01/11/2014) [-]
I asked my girlfriend out before we went on a date, but we also go to school together every day.
At a party shortly after I asked her out, she got a little tipsy and did mention that she thought I was just going to ask her on a date. She also mentioned that it was the most awkward thing she's ever experienced, which made me feel a bit shitty. But then I got over it.
User avatar #111219 to #111203 - TrashX (01/11/2014) [-]
Movies are a bit of a lame idea for dates anyway, you don't get to spend any actual time together. i'd pick something like going for coffee or going for lunch some place. Nothing too fancy.
User avatar #111211 to #111203 - delphine (01/11/2014) [-]
You could go out to coffee. It's a great first date because it's cheaper than dinner, you don't have a long awkward wait for your food, and you can stay as long or as short if you want depending on how the date is going.

Movies are terrible for first dates, you can't talk or get to know each other. Save movie dates for a relationship.
#111205 to #111203 - tiredofannon (01/11/2014) [-]
Movies are too passive for a first date, unless you follow it up with dinner; you can't talk a lot either. Hikes have worked well for me, if you're both into that thing. Bowling is another one that I've had success with when I was a teen. An amusement park could work if you don't scream like a little bitch on roller coasters (I always do so I've always avoided it). A decent restaurant and then some ice cream or coffee/tea after is an idea but I usually like to do an activity then dinner.

Ideally, its something that it takes the nerves off, since both of you aren't just focused on it being a date, you both are able to distract yourselves if you need to for a little, while still allowing for interaction and connecting. If you both share a hobby that you can both participate in, that would be your best bet.
User avatar #111202 - kissestotheworld (01/11/2014) [-]
Hi everyone
#111201 - ccosenza (01/11/2014) [-]
**ccosenza rolled a random comment #5 posted by nativninja at My second OC ** :i shalt bestow unto thee a favorite of I!!! EMBRACE IT NIGGA
**ccosenza rolled a random comment #5 posted by nativninja at My second OC ** :
i shalt bestow unto thee a favorite of I!!! EMBRACE IT NIGGA
User avatar #111179 - oceanfrank ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]
Alright guys I need advice... kinda... I dont know I just wanna get this off my chest and I thought this was the place to do it

Anyways my mom is having trouble understanding me, this isn't a 13 year old kid who's like turning emo or whatever mind you she seriously does not understand me and I dont know what to do. Anyways I love video games, i love them to a point where I would play professionally if I was good enough (league mostly, am diamond 3 atm). I'm on break from being at the University of Maryland and I play lacrosse there as well but lately I've just been there to be a backup goalie and, well, I dont think I'm going to pass the kid in front of me since he's like some college legacy son, I dont know it's retarded and he's basically gonna start no matter what unless I become scott rodgers good or some shit. Anyways I kinda gave up on lacrosse (i still get better everyday but after practice it's homework or not depending on how important it is and then straight to league for the rest of my free time). This is my break and after my sister broke my laptop and got it fixed after like 2 weeks cuz of the retarded repair shop I start playing league almost 7 hours a day. After all this here's where my mom comes in. She doesn't understand my passion for league and video games. She thinks that it's causing me to fail at real life things like playing lacrosse. She also thinks it's hindering my social life and that I've become an addict to it much like a druggie would be to crack. She thinks i'm going to be a dropout deadbeat who only plays video games and sinks into a depression or some shit. We've tried and I mean DESPERATELY tried sorting shit out and I've found it... My mom does not respect me even so much as a human being. Before college, in high school, my mom would say a bunch of shit to me, a bunch of very mean shit because she would get frustrated by work and she would blame it on me. When I try to explain to her that there is no equality amongst her
User avatar #111235 to #111179 - nimba (01/11/2014) [-]
What high school did you go to?
User avatar #111262 to #111235 - oceanfrank ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]
Norwalk High in Connecticut
User avatar #111184 to #111179 - sliferzpwns (01/11/2014) [-]
I cannot give a good response as I have not seen a detail as to how you did at college. But if you enjoy League a lot and are looking to freshen up the style a bit, Dota is VERY simillar. Inb4 Dota and League haters/fanboys fights
User avatar #111186 to #111184 - oceanfrank ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]
I have a 3.8 GPA
User avatar #111189 to #111186 - sliferzpwns (01/11/2014) [-]
Great scott!
User avatar #111182 to #111179 - oceanfrank ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]

myself, and my sister she completely shoots me down by saying she's the mother ipso facto she's allowed to treat us like stalin treated russia. I remember one day when my little sister didn't pick matching clothes for church or some shit and she got mad at her to a point where she was threatening to like.... beat the shit out of her or something and she got super frustrated at the fact that she doesnt understand either of us. She started to cry and I just... I didn't know what to say man. I hated seeing my mom cry but she deserved the pain because she's been causing it to both of us... She treats us as lessers, something other than her son and daughter. She treates dogs with more respect at times. I love her and I know she loves me and wants to see me strive to be a successful man but I just... I just dont know if I'll ever be able to truly bond with her like I have with my sister and my grandmother. She wants me to grow up in her own vision, a popular kid who is serious about the world and I'm just this kid who turned out to be good at a sport "no one plays" who loves to play video games almost religiously and is a complete nerd on the inside with barely any friends due to his interests and lifestyle... She wants me to be what she had always envisioned and for some reason it tears her apart and she's delusional about my entire situation... I dont know what to do guys. I just want my mom to die knowing she has a good kid on this Earth man... Im so sad for her. I dont know what to do to put her at ease. It's terrible
User avatar #111187 to #111182 - sliferzpwns (01/11/2014) [-]
OH! hey man! I have a very simillar story, this girl I know has the SAME type of mother, I'm guessing you have a religious family? Their mother is very strict, and when her daughters went to prom with us, they were all upset because they were 5 minutes late to pick us up. Their mother ruined the fucking night for all of us.
User avatar #111191 to #111187 - oceanfrank ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]
yeah she is very religious. I think religion in her life is more of a way to find patience of the fact that my sister and I arent going along with my mothers vision for us. I dont know man I barely understand her either. Her personality and mine do not mix very well and it's very rare that we do something together other than the occasional family dinner or mother/son jog/workout.
User avatar #111194 to #111191 - sliferzpwns (01/11/2014) [-]
Well, The mother of those girls likes to look all perfect and nice, but when you are at their house visiting, she scolds them to do this, and do that, and there are Never any compliments, just "Thats good" or "Nice one" But this woman, the epidemy of satire, she fucking chooses her battles. These battles are specifically selected to deal the most damage to the person which she chooses to verbally attack. I am PIssed at this woman. Her one daughter studies abraod and passes for a 3.7 and the FIRST thing this mother says to the daughter is: "Im very dissapointede in you, you didnt start one year here and now you wont have any friends" When I heard of this I was so mad at this woman, because when a kid hears shit like that from a parent, it makes them die a little inside. This woman needs to take the log out of her eye before pointing out the pebbles in others sight. I am sorry for the awful spelling.
User avatar #111196 to #111194 - oceanfrank ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]
My mom doesn't discourage me from doing anythign new, she just doesn't respect any of the shit I do or any of the shit I'm passionate about.
User avatar #111197 to #111196 - sliferzpwns (01/11/2014) [-]
Well I am sorry for tht. I must go Good luck, and you should be free to do as you please free of judgement and prying eyes. godspeed comrade
User avatar #111198 to #111197 - sliferzpwns (01/11/2014) [-]
Fuck you "tht" I meant to type "that" when you see "tht" it just pisses you off because it looks like the person who typed it, wasnt evern trying
User avatar #111199 to #111198 - oceanfrank ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]
lol, evern
User avatar #111181 to #111179 - ferrettamer (01/11/2014) [-]
>playing league
git gud
But seriously, it is very difficult to become a professional gamer, even if you are good. I think your mom is right here, you should spend less time on Video Games and should think of a more realistic career path, even if it is your backup
User avatar #111188 to #111181 - oceanfrank ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]
Im at one of the best universities in the country with a 3.8 GPA overall to become a history teacher bro.... Like, my mom thinks im trying to become like a modern artist or some other useless job. She barely supports the career path im taking, she always saw me as some sort of architect or engineer.
User avatar #111193 to #111188 - ferrettamer (01/11/2014) [-]
Oh, sorry, I don't know much about American schools. Nor about GPA, but I know 4.0 is the highest in College right? If so, then yeah, I wouldn't worry about it to much, though video games can be quite addicting, and there are some health issues involved, so you might not want to play for 7 hours straight or whatever.
User avatar #111195 to #111193 - oceanfrank ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]
It's not 7 hours straight of course I do like 2 hour sessions throughout the day because I still go to the gym, hang out with friends (very rarely because everyone is elsewhere), do chores around the house, etc... It just adds up to around 7 hours a day considering im awake for 16 of them
#111180 to #111179 - mexicandudeinsd (01/11/2014) [-]
i mean if i had a kid who played until 2 am videogames i would be worried too, look at it from your moms point of view, if you were and are serious about pro, maybe you should show her some accomplishments like winning at tournaments idk i read it wihtout paying a lot of attention
btw u need to lift more
User avatar #111185 to #111180 - oceanfrank ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]
dude my bench is 320 lbs, squat is 525 lbs, I run a mile in 6 minutes and 12 seconds and I play lacrosse at a D1 college I think I'm okay in terms of exercise. I've won maybe 2 amateur college tournaments between UMBC, Loyola, Annapolis Navy Base (I dont know either) and some other uni, I think U of Delaware during the summer. I also dont think of becoming pro, its just somethign I would do if given the chance and as of right now Im about to complete college in 2 years and I doubt I'm gonna get looked at by any team.
User avatar #111190 to #111185 - sliferzpwns (01/11/2014) [-]
Have you thought of going into the marines, and specing on a radar/sonar job? it would meet your physical needs and you would get to track many targets and ward the shit out of enemy locations. Plus the military will actually listen to your strategic advice
User avatar #111192 to #111190 - oceanfrank ONLINE (01/11/2014) [-]
I think I'd rather become a teacher... I thought about joining the marines and I almost did. As I was about to sign the papers I stared at my finger, pen, and contract and my mind went through all the shit my girlfriend at the time, my mother, my cousin, etc... said at the time and I told myself that the military aint something I wanna go in, at least not right now, I just got up and left... I doubt they'd want me again after that anyways.
User avatar #111166 - friendlypitbull (01/11/2014) [-]
Can anyone direct me to the fan-made pokemon comic that i saw on here
It had a venasaur and a charmander and it was really feely
User avatar #111163 - awesomerninjathing (01/11/2014) [-]
this is pretty sad but I just had the best fap session of my life on omegle
User avatar #111225 to #111163 - advicedude (01/11/2014) [-]
I've had one of those too bro.
#111212 to #111163 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/11/2014) [-]
You're fucked in the head theodore
User avatar #111213 to #111212 - awesomerninjathing (01/11/2014) [-]
thanks teoberry
#111214 to #111213 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/11/2014) [-]
welcome boo
User avatar #111171 to #111163 - ScottP (01/11/2014) [-]
You're a champion!
User avatar #111138 - Metallicock (01/10/2014) [-]
"The image is too huge. Minimum allowed pixels count (height x width): 10000000 pixels" when I try to upload a comic I made. What should I do?
User avatar #111162 to #111138 - awesomerninjathing (01/11/2014) [-]
you shouldn't be uploading a picture of my dick anyway
User avatar #111226 to #111162 - advicedude (01/11/2014) [-]
*not to scale
User avatar #111239 to #111226 - awesomerninjathing (01/11/2014) [-]
scaled down 4000:1
User avatar #111207 to #111162 - DmOnZ (01/11/2014) [-]
Why are you trying to boast your dick size to a place where the demographic is mostly men aged 16 - 25
User avatar #111174 to #111162 - ferrettamer (01/11/2014) [-]
Your camera must be pretty fantastic to have such a great resolution
User avatar #111183 to #111174 - awesomerninjathing (01/11/2014) [-]
it's filmed in 4k resolution for movie theatres
User avatar #111139 to #111138 - derpityhurr (01/10/2014) [-]
Hope you meant maximum

make the image smaller
User avatar #111141 to #111139 - Metallicock (01/10/2014) [-]
The message said minimum, thats why I was confused too. The problem is that it is a comic strip, so I can't just cut shit out of it
#111142 to #111141 - derpityhurr (01/11/2014) [-]
You can proportionally make it smaller in Paint
User avatar #111144 to #111142 - Metallicock (01/11/2014) [-]
I got photoshop, I just don't want the text to become unreadable either
User avatar #111145 to #111144 - derpityhurr (01/11/2014) [-]
I dunno
How large is the image right now?
User avatar #111147 to #111145 - Metallicock (01/11/2014) [-]
W: 256
H: 8192
Total pixels: 2097152
User avatar #111151 to #111147 - hiroshiina (01/11/2014) [-]
try to resize it, but you might have to make it in 2 parts
User avatar #111152 to #111151 - Metallicock (01/11/2014) [-]
Thats what I was afraid of. . .
User avatar #111173 to #111152 - rokkarokkaali (01/11/2014) [-]
You could add the second pic in the comments and post as anon or you'll be called a thumb whore and then sticky it
User avatar #111176 to #111173 - Metallicock (01/11/2014) [-]
also, didn't I draw you a picture one time?
User avatar #111217 to #111176 - rokkarokkaali (01/11/2014) [-]
I think so
User avatar #111218 to #111217 - Metallicock (01/11/2014) [-]
was it the robot?
User avatar #111175 to #111173 - Metallicock (01/11/2014) [-]
Oh wow, that did not occur to me. . . you are a fucking genius!
User avatar #111133 - tombobbusama (01/10/2014) [-]
Dunno if this is the right place to post this, but yolo.
Does anyone have that screencap of a 4chan thread with some dudes playing D&D, and they're time travelling and something happens and they get stuck before the gods were born, so they have to become the gods?
User avatar #111169 to #111133 - youdontknoeme (01/11/2014) [-]
No but that sounds awesome and you should totally message that to me if you get it <3
#111122 - mammafakkerz has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #111123 to #111122 - crazyolitis (01/10/2014) [-]
Maybe that's also a good question for the gaming board? I think they know a bit more about the hardware and stuff related to gaming.
User avatar #111124 to #111123 - mammafakkerz (01/10/2014) [-]
Oh shit, i only saw advice. Sorry. Little tired, have a bad habit of doing stupid shit like this when i am
User avatar #111125 to #111124 - crazyolitis (01/10/2014) [-]
We all do, bruv. No need to appologize for it. Anyho, here's a link for you: www.funnyjunk.com/videogames/
User avatar #111126 to #111125 - mammafakkerz (01/10/2014) [-]
Hehe, thanks man. For not being an ass about it and helping me further in my case
User avatar #111127 to #111126 - crazyolitis (01/10/2014) [-]
Anytime, bruv. Hlping people is just so much nicer than being mean to them.
User avatar #111128 to #111127 - mammafakkerz (01/10/2014) [-]
Yeah, true that. I like the "Treat like how you want to be treated" wibe im getting from you. I don`t get that to often on the internett
User avatar #111129 to #111128 - crazyolitis (01/10/2014) [-]
Then you hang out wiht the wrong people, bruv. Oh, I'll admit I've been a cunt at times, but not that many times.
User avatar #111130 to #111129 - mammafakkerz (01/10/2014) [-]
I don`t get it IRL, just often over internett. Most people IRL aren`t dicks, some may seem like but most people (in my experience) pretty nice.
User avatar #111132 to #111130 - crazyolitis (01/10/2014) [-]
Getting to know people a bit better is a very fun thign to do, especially on this site.
#111118 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/10/2014) [-]
Girl problems yay.
So over the summer I got close to this girl and fell pretty deep. Problem was, we live extremely far away and so we've only met up a couple of times since.

She's always on my mind and I always want to talk to her. Problem is, I've had a few (and at one point I would say extremely close) friends in the past who have literally gone all pissy with me because they "Where sick of me messaging them every day", so now I've adopted this universal rule that is if the other person doesn't start the conversation a decent amount of time, I stop. For the first few months, everything was great, but since october the number of times we talk has dropped exponentially, and now it's once every few weeks at most (and always started by me). I really want to get back into contact with her proper, as I do care about her, but at the same time I'm worried I'm repeating the same mistake and she's going to end up resenting me.
User avatar #111220 to #111118 - chocolatehotdog (01/11/2014) [-]
If she's not starting the conversations it's overwhelmingly likely that she's not interested. (Sorry).
#111243 to #111220 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/11/2014) [-]
OP here.
I'm not expecting her to be interested, and I'm not really either; long distance relationships don't work and it trying to force one would be a nail in the coffin. All I really want is to stay in contact with her as a friend because I do really care about her.
Or is what you meant by that still applicable? I wouldn't really be surprised because it has happened before.
User avatar #111247 to #111243 - chocolatehotdog (01/11/2014) [-]
I know, pal, but one sided affections aren't good for anyone. Concentrate on yourself, talk to people who do actually care about you and don't worry about her. Soon she'll be off your mind.
Don't feel bad about it, I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you. Relationships depend on both parties.
User avatar #111168 to #111118 - youdontknoeme (01/11/2014) [-]
For me personally, knowing that you're being ignored is the worst feeling in the world and I know how hard it is to start a conversation with someone in hopes that it actually carries on. I had this problem with my ex-girlfriend that I had a crush on for years and it fucking crushed me. I know you haven't said that you liked this girl, but you've definitely got an interest in her.

If you too were deep and great an' all at one point with each other you should really tell her.

Prepare for the worst and wear a grin as doing so.

Tell her how you don't want to annoy her by constant messaging due to problems in the past and ask her whether chasing after her aimlessly is really worth it, because in the end if they're not interested anymore it's not going to happen. It sucks, believe me I know but it's something you have to deal with at some points in your life.
User avatar #111101 - wretchedlarva (01/10/2014) [-]
Hey guys! I met this really nice and really pretty Ukrainian girl. She speaks English but not very well. I want to send her a letter in Ukrainian and I don't really trust an online translator for this. Can anyone help me out?
#111121 to #111101 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/10/2014) [-]

pretttttttty sure she's ukranian
#111102 to #111101 - tiredofannon (01/10/2014) [-]
And you'd trust someone on this hellhole of a site because...?
User avatar #111104 to #111102 - wretchedlarva (01/10/2014) [-]
It's not that bad. Not every one here is a complete asshole.
#111105 to #111104 - tiredofannon (01/10/2014) [-]
True but you can't tell the assholes from the good ones, especially if they write a letter that you have very little chance of translating. I don't know, you've got bigger balls than me I guess.
User avatar #111106 to #111105 - wretchedlarva (01/10/2014) [-]
I can just put it on google translate and see if it makes sense/isn't sexual harassment.
User avatar #111083 - shadowmaul (01/10/2014) [-]
ok advice board let me rephrase

I am 21 years old and I want to find a gamer girlfriend I know some in real life and YES i talk to them YES I asked them out and NO they did not go for it so is there a place or something where I can meet some?
User avatar #111172 to #111083 - ScottP (01/11/2014) [-]
Play Call of Duty and hit on them

Also tell them you sleep with their moms
User avatar #111167 to #111083 - friendlypitbull (01/11/2014) [-]
While you don't want to get with a girl who dislikes games, there's a gamer girl that doesn't want to get with you because you don't like her music

My advice; lower your standards.
User avatar #111090 to #111083 - roliga (01/10/2014) [-]
If you'll only date a girl if she plays video games the relationship will not last.
#111086 to #111083 - roliga has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #111084 to #111083 - steedawwg **User deleted account** (01/10/2014) [-]
I don't think things work like that bro.
#111071 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/10/2014) [-]
Should I kill myself?

I have no freinds and failed at work. I have tinitus. I have most likely ADHD inb4 thats just another excuse to take pills by society I have huge anger management problems and destroys items such as gifts and stuff that i love. My girlfreind is avoiding me more and more after I told her I was sucidal.

So what ya think, when where and how?
User avatar #111131 to #111071 - makotoitou (01/10/2014) [-]
Just suck it up.
#111100 to #111071 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/10/2014) [-]
#111103 to #111100 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #111089 to #111071 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
Wander. Fuck everyone and everything and just wander
#111092 to #111089 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #111093 to #111092 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
Walk the earth
#111096 to #111093 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/10/2014) [-]
What do you mean?
User avatar #111097 to #111096 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
Wander everywhere. Walk from country to country
#111098 to #111097 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/10/2014) [-]
You literally want me to just "walk it off" ?
User avatar #111099 to #111098 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
I want you to find a new meaning in life
User avatar #111079 to #111071 - friendlypitbull (01/10/2014) [-]
This is stupid.

If you really wanted to kill yourself then you would've done it already.

The fact that you can motivate your hands to move across your keyboard indicates you have at least some will to live.
#111094 to #111079 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/10/2014) [-]
Its called being unsure weather to continue or just pull the plug you dimwitt
User avatar #111165 to #111094 - friendlypitbull (01/11/2014) [-]
That's retarded. Being unsure about suicide means you don't really want to do it
Maybe you don't completely understand what is at stake
User avatar #111077 to #111071 - steedawwg **User deleted account** (01/10/2014) [-]
I'm going to have to say don't you fucking dare.
#111095 to #111077 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #111072 to #111071 - prettypalmtrees (01/10/2014) [-]
No, you shouldn't.
User avatar #111070 - blurman (01/10/2014) [-]
Is there any way to have 2 of the same games. I have skyrim on steam. And I want one version of the game to play mods on and a second unmodded version where I can make my own mods. Is it possible?
#111107 to #111070 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/10/2014) [-]
I just go into steamapps and common, copy the skyrim file mod one, and then just name the one you want to play skyrim and the other copy. theres also nexus mod manager.
#111074 to #111070 - tiredofannon (01/10/2014) [-]
Set up a partition on your hard drive, one for modded games and one for non-modded games. redownload all your games on the new partition, install the mods and bam, should be good to go. I've never tried this, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.
User avatar #111081 to #111074 - blurman (01/10/2014) [-]
thanks. will try
#111069 - unncommon (01/10/2014) [-]
Can't argue with that logic.
#111076 to #111069 - ledd (01/10/2014) [-]
Originaly found on this.(Ignore 9fag watermark, downloaded from the first place google found it on)
User avatar #111056 - revengeforfreeze (01/10/2014) [-]
Man, doesn't it feel kind of scary that there's an entire world out there beyond this solar system, beyond these planets that doesn't conform to our intuitions? Sure, we think that a psychologist or a carpenter is a great and skilled person but what are they in the grand scheme of things? What do they understand compared to a string theorist? What does a string theorist understand compared to a person who's not a middle world animal? Would that even be a person?

I'm having this problem that I'm a bit afraid that we won't understand things well enough and it'll lead to our doom or something.
User avatar #111087 to #111056 - roliga (01/10/2014) [-]
"Man, doesn't it feel kind of scary that there's an entire world out there beyond this solar system, beyond these planets that doesn't conform to our intuitions?"

Nope because it does not and will not ever affect you or me in any way shape or form.
User avatar #111159 to #111087 - revengeforfreeze (01/11/2014) [-]
It kind of eventually will.

The fact that we have almost no idea how long our universe has to live.
User avatar #111160 to #111159 - roliga (01/11/2014) [-]
We will be dead long before that.
User avatar #111161 to #111160 - revengeforfreeze (01/11/2014) [-]
What about our ancestors

What if the universe will expand even faster because of the dark matter or something
User avatar #111057 to #111056 - thebritishguy (01/10/2014) [-]
String theorists probably don't understand too much because they kept saying that there are twelve dimensions and now it seems that there are only 3, according to new scientist anyway.
User avatar #111068 to #111057 - azumeow (01/10/2014) [-]
Fuck 12 dimensions, yo. 4 I can SORT of imagine, but it seems silly. A 4th-dimensional being would be essentially unbound by cause and effect, what with being able to naturally move through time.

And don't get me started on the even higher dimensions. I remember looking into this. No. Just. No.
User avatar #111216 to #111068 - thebritishguy (01/11/2014) [-]
It's not right that if you can't imagine it then it's impossible, some things are beyond our comprehension, I can't imagine how far 12 lightyears are but that distance exists or several minducky quantum experiments. Our brains evolved to understand the world around us on the macro-level rather than to answer these complex questions, so it may be that the answers are just so beyond our realms of understanding that we wouldn't be able to understand them and we would have to use computers. Plus someone else might be able to understand other dimensions like string theorists.
User avatar #111058 to #111057 - revengeforfreeze (01/10/2014) [-]
Ya, but you get the poitn
User avatar #111059 to #111058 - thebritishguy (01/10/2014) [-]
Well I think if we see ourselves as rising apes then what we have accomplished in such small amount of time is extraordinary. We only learnt to write in the past, say 9000 years out of the 250,000 years that homosapiens existed. To control evolution by creating new animals like dogs to be our companions and manipulate genes. We are very lucky to be living in this time where we have real answers to our questions.
I remember Niel De Grasse Tyson said something like this though when he said about how there is only a 1% difference in DNA of a human and chimpanzee and that makes a hell of a difference. So if there was a 1% difference to an alien and human the human may be a chimp to the alien. They could have Stephen Hawking at a circus and say "Look he can do cool tricks, he can do quantum mechanics in his head! just like my little 7 year old Lucy" .So I get why it's a concern.
User avatar #111062 to #111059 - revengeforfreeze (01/10/2014) [-]
Yeah, I guess that's true. We are impressive compared to what we have been.
User avatar #111035 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
Could anyone give me some advice about staying awake in class?
User avatar #111063 to #111035 - advicedude (01/10/2014) [-]
Drink lots of cold water periodically.
User avatar #111045 to #111035 - lotengo ONLINE (01/10/2014) [-]
melatonin pills before bedtime

coffee when u get up
User avatar #111047 to #111045 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
no dwugz plz
User avatar #111049 to #111047 - lotengo ONLINE (01/10/2014) [-]
its not drugs, its a hormone your own body produces to make u sleep. But a lot of people need a bit extra

Its not addicting, its not bad for u and u wont get dependent on it.

User avatar #111051 to #111049 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
I need a perscription in sweden. So i probably won't get that
User avatar #111052 to #111051 - lotengo ONLINE (01/10/2014) [-]
Sweden is part of the EU am i right?

By EU law u are allowed to buy it online without prescription in higher dosis.
Dutch law only allows dosis of 0,1 miligram but that is way to low for anybody.
U need at least 2,5 MG for a good effect.
I buy them at a site that sells nutritional supplements for fitness.
User avatar #111053 to #111052 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
Well i don't think i have a problem with insomnia. Just takes me a while to fall asleep. Maybe i just need some sort of ritual
User avatar #111050 to #111049 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
Do i need a perscription?
User avatar #111043 to #111035 - infamoustrapper (01/10/2014) [-]
stick a knife in your leg
User avatar #111046 to #111043 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
Well now i need advice for something to do about all the blood
User avatar #111048 to #111046 - infamoustrapper (01/10/2014) [-]
Leave it. Blood builds character
User avatar #111054 to #111048 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
Well i thought about drinking it
User avatar #111039 to #111035 - hawaiianhappysauce (01/10/2014) [-]
Get a good night sleep before class?
User avatar #111040 to #111039 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
I can't fall asleep untill like, one. I go to bed at around eleven
User avatar #111041 to #111040 - hawaiianhappysauce (01/10/2014) [-]
Turkey makes you tired, try sleeping pills, or maybe getting a lot of exercise in a day. Or you can try to stay up all day and be exhausted and sleep at a normal time.
User avatar #111042 to #111041 - gabemczombie (01/10/2014) [-]
I do stay up all day.
User avatar #111025 - lazercaval (01/10/2014) [-]
It might not fit here exactly, but what if we had a board for helping people with stuff? Not giving advice, but helping. Say someone is having trouble with math homework. Boom help board. Needs a good song for a date or some shit. Boom help board.
User avatar #111088 to #111025 - roliga (01/10/2014) [-]
Don't need a board for homework help, I literally used this website to get through 11th and 12th grade math

User avatar #111153 to #111088 - ihatecarltonbanks (01/11/2014) [-]
used the same one in college.
User avatar #111064 to #111025 - advicedude (01/10/2014) [-]
This is a 'help' board.
User avatar #111028 to #111025 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (01/10/2014) [-]
What I meant was that that sort of stuff sort of falls into the "advice" category.
User avatar #111027 to #111025 - thedudeistheman ONLINE (01/10/2014) [-]
But people already come to this board for things like that.
User avatar #111026 to #111025 - makotoitou (01/10/2014) [-]
We need to get rid of a faggot? Boom you leave.
User avatar #111020 - Rigel (01/10/2014) [-]
Does anyone know if it is possible to clear some of the noise from a poor recording without redoing it? I have some old cassettes that were recorded and I want to clean them up as a surprise and wanted to know if it was possible to do so.

Any help or advice would be amazing, thanks in advance.
User avatar #111022 to #111020 - nippuhl (01/10/2014) [-]
Fart on his face.
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