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User avatar #149643 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
In respect to my previous question, if you don't think a Law Degree will help, what will?
I've realised a degree in business is useless, so anything else would help, i've been told CS is very valuable, and I don't disagree, but CS is very very hard and boring.
User avatar #149633 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
Does anyone know the advantages of a law degree, not just how it's advantage but the kinda work surrounded around it.
User avatar #149647 to #149633 - supertanto (08/13/2014) [-]
what country?
User avatar #149649 to #149647 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
Well I'm living in London atm, but I plan to study in America.
User avatar #149638 to #149633 - thatnigger (08/13/2014) [-]
There are lots of different types of law firms. If you go into law, you can work your way up to being lawyers for businesses and such, but I don't think law gets you into many other places besides law unfortunately but I could be wrong.
User avatar #149641 to #149638 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
Well I know it helps for politics, equally for business it helps to know how to comply by the law, but I don't know if it would help to much. I'm going into business, but I know a business degree is some stupid shit to do. So I'm wondering what degree to take?
If it helps I'm not taking on a start-up, i'm supposed to be inheriting a business, but don't know the kind of schools that would help me.
User avatar #149639 to #149638 - thatnigger (08/13/2014) [-]
Like you can work in legal departments for businesses as well, if that's something you're interested in doing, but it's mostly either lawyer or consultant for a company.
User avatar #149619 - nigalthornberry (08/13/2014) [-]
Is it possible for me to lose the deepness in my voice
User avatar #149648 to #149619 - supertanto (08/13/2014) [-]
embrace your inner Zonday
User avatar #149650 to #149648 - nigalthornberry (08/13/2014) [-]
I'm alright with having it but something happened and I feel like I'm losing it
User avatar #149657 to #149650 - supertanto (08/13/2014) [-]
ooooooooooohhhh you're worried about actually losing it. I thought u wanted to lose it
User avatar #149689 to #149657 - nigalthornberry (08/13/2014) [-]
No why would I want to
User avatar #149691 to #149689 - supertanto (08/13/2014) [-]
that's why i was confused
User avatar #149704 to #149691 - nigalthornberry (08/13/2014) [-]
Now you know
User avatar #149621 to #149619 - ipostcp (08/13/2014) [-]
You just fake it. Literally the voice you have will not change ever in your life.
User avatar #149627 to #149621 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
But I guess we're assuming he's hit Puberty, which would actually make his voice deeper assuming he hadn't hit puberty.
Ok I'm sorry, carry on.
User avatar #149628 to #149627 - ipostcp (08/13/2014) [-]
Have you hit puberty?
User avatar #149630 to #149628 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
Of course, now you can't add me to your gallery of cp.
User avatar #149631 to #149630 - ipostcp (08/13/2014) [-]
I still would like to have it.
#149632 to #149631 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
User avatar #149620 to #149619 - thatnigger (08/13/2014) [-]
I mean, if you faked it probably.
If you mean like non drug methods and stuff, you could try and get an accent or something by traveling to a country and living there for a while or something. G-Good luck with that.
User avatar #149640 to #149620 - nigalthornberry (08/13/2014) [-]
No like I got hit in the throat and now it feels higher
User avatar #149642 to #149640 - thatnigger (08/13/2014) [-]
It'll probably pass by, unless it was serious.
#149607 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
Life is inherently worthless, since there is no objective purpose or value. Thus I am troubled by why anyone would choose to live. Happiness, procreation, advancement of the species are all empty answers. Especially happiness, since that is only a delusion that gives an evolutionary advantage. Now, I see everywhere people who delude themselves in thinking that subjective meaning gives something to life, or that life is inherently meaningful and beautiful. And that confuses me, as I see no reason anyone would want to be alive, nor try to remain so.
User avatar #149707 to #149607 - dcmp (08/14/2014) [-]
Just because life doesn't have an objective meaning or purpose, does not mean there isn't a subjective meaning or purpose that differs from person to person.
People will attach a meaning and purpose to life, because that is human nature to do so, and it will be right to them.
I believe life is meaningless, that there is no divine purpose to life, that there is no intrinsic reason why life even exists other than that is just the way it happened. But that doesn't mean I want to end my life, or not live. I like living and even if it doesn't mean anything that doesn't matter to me. The world in which we live and the cosmos are beautiful and wonderful to me, and I'm glad I'm alive even if I don't serve a purpose. But my life has meaning, subjectively, to those that care about me, even if they are few.
Just because there isn't an objective purpose or value to life does not mean you can't enjoy it, and other people aren't deluding themselves, it's just their subjective reality
User avatar #149635 to #149607 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
That in itself, is a subjective view on not only a subjective matter, but also an objective matter.
Therefore your argument is invalid.

I already know you are TheWillow.

Silence is depressing
Keeping yourself confined in your house all day will only make such thoughts worse.
You're not living life. How would you know what you're missing out on if you've never actually been out there to fully experience it?
Get out of your parents' house, make some friends, and stop crying for attention.
User avatar #149626 to #149607 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
Advancement isn't as much an "empty answer" as it is a mystery. In 50 years you don't know, maybe it will no longer be an empty answer. Space Exploration begins heavily in 2020, that may unveil some answers? I don't know what your looking for, but there has never been a good reason to die. well there have been tons, but you get what I mean.
#149622 to #149607 - minutes (08/13/2014) [-]
Happiness is not an illusion, It's a feeling. And do you know what feelings are? Right, chemicals in your brain, therefore they are just as real as anything else.
#149616 to #149607 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
ey, dont talk like that ,we all gotta get that qt 3.14 gf
#149617 to #149616 - thatnigger (08/13/2014) [-]
I know how much you love your frog, so here. I found this and was instantly reminded of you.
#149618 to #149617 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
>tfw no gf
>tfw i dont get that referance
#149636 to #149618 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
#149615 to #149607 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
just kill yourself already
User avatar #149570 - chupifruit (08/13/2014) [-]
Today i've been freed from women evil hands, i was kinda obsessed with this girl for over 6 months now, So Today i find out she was after another guy but I dont feel sad or heartbroken in any way. Should i be worried?
#149578 to #149570 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
I see another soul in Elliot's steps.
#149583 to #149578 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #149573 to #149570 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
It's somewhat common.
Especially if you were purposely hovering over that 'kill-switch' in preparation of her rejecting you.

For future reference, you shouldn't be as willing to end all feelings for someone quickly.
It'll make things awkward/ bad. Trust me, nothing is worse than getting into a relationship and suddenly feeling nothing for them.
I would rather be heartbroken than jump into a dead/ one-sided relationship.
Make yourself gullible; Shine out as much of yourself as possible, and if anyone is drawn in by that then you've found a great friend. If you do that and you find a girl, then you won't ever have to hover over that 'kill-switch.' Because then you'll truly know that she likes you. There'd be no guessing games involved.
User avatar #149605 to #149573 - chupifruit (08/13/2014) [-]
thank you this really help me out
User avatar #149571 to #149570 - thatnigger (08/13/2014) [-]
Was probably just a crush and if you're getting over it, it's fine yea?
User avatar #149608 to #149571 - chupifruit (08/13/2014) [-]
Sometimes girls make you think they feel the same way as you, but then is a dead end with nowhere to go, everytime I give her time and space she comes back ''missing me'' but then repeat from start.
User avatar #149629 to #149608 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
A girls mind is continuously on some weird loop, it's really repetitive, and when the loop breaks for you it starts for another guy. The right women is the one who doesn't have that continuous, I need my space, I miss you loop. It will be pretty obvious who and who does not have this loop.
User avatar #149759 to #149629 - chupifruit (08/14/2014) [-]
I really thank you all guys for the answers it really helped me out of this hole.
User avatar #149760 to #149759 - dragx (08/14/2014) [-]
happy we could help.
User avatar #149613 to #149608 - thatnigger (08/13/2014) [-]
First of all, some girls are just naturally kind or are just being kind because that's what they've always done and they actually don't necessarily like being kind. This doesn't mean they like you, they just want to be kind.
That being said, this girl probably does have slight feelings for you, but that's not nearly enough. I know a girl that I'd probably like to be in a relationship with, but she's taken and we don't necessarily have the most in common or same life goals, so I'd probably not go any further with her. It doesn't mean I don't have feelings for her or wouldn't miss her if I was given space, but I'm not interested in a relationship with her.
Even if it hurts you, she's not actually doing anything wrong and she doesn't feel like she's doing anything wrong so it'll always continue like this. You should really just give her space until you're fully over her and just don't think about possibilities of getting together.
User avatar #149614 to #149613 - chupifruit (08/13/2014) [-]
thank you sir
User avatar #149557 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
So based on my previous question about what to do with my life.
If I were to inherit and continue to run a business, how would it help to have Law Degree?
User avatar #149564 to #149557 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
It would help in more ways than you could think.
For instance, finding ways to take down competitors.
Or simply finding ways to keep everything that you do legal.

So a few examples would be:
• Monday the police arrived and found a discrepancy with your building; They are fining you $1,500.
Why did they do this? Those in the local police force are well acquainted with people who despise you and your business.
Or something similar; If your business is ever at trouble with the law, you could use your knowledge of the law to combat it.

• Co-owner starts embezzling money. Burned many bridges with countless companies. Sold everything worth anything in the business' buildings. Started up quite a few loans in the business name, took the money, and ran.
You would surely need the law degree there to help get yourself out of that mess.
It's what happened to my family; To this day, we're still paying off our lawyer. It's been well over 10 years since. Not saying that you wouldn't need a lawyer; You still would, but it'd at least help the situation out.

• A local, opposing, business is doing many wrong things. Everything about their business screams "bad," but no one seems to really care enough to do anything about it.
Using your knowledge you could take them down with ease.

• A customer is threatening to sue you for something outlandish.
Again, with the knowledge gained from the law degree, you could easily squash them for the money-grubbing bottom feeders that they are.
Trust me, this happens more often than you think.

• A patent troll sues your business.
There's many 'a patent trolls out there, and this is bound to happen to everyone.

It'd be great to have for general situations that involve scummy people. Getting rid of them would be easier with a law degree.
User avatar #149623 to #149564 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
That's really helpful ty.
#149526 - theotherwhiteguy (08/13/2014) [-]
So my only way of getting on the internet is through my smartphone which makes me look like a new user even though I've been on this site for years before I even made an account. How can I make content solely from my phone?

Btw what should I get my little sister for her b day that is >$50?
User avatar #149541 to #149526 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
Android or iOS?
Either way, I suggest using Photoshop. There is a mobile app from Adobe that is pretty good.
#149546 to #149541 - theotherwhiteguy (08/13/2014) [-]
Its an Android
User avatar #149547 to #149546 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
Then I would highly recommend Adobe Photoshop Touch. (It costs money, but it's well worth it.)
#149549 to #149547 - theotherwhiteguy (08/13/2014) [-]
My phone tells me I have insufficient memory every time I try to install an app but I figure that's a question for the technology board.
User avatar #149550 to #149549 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
Which phone?
Could just be running out of space. Uninstall any unnecessary apps, man.
#149553 to #149550 - theotherwhiteguy (08/13/2014) [-]
Its a Huawei acsend i think. I don't know which apps are unnecessary other the ones I myself installed.
User avatar #149554 to #149553 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
The P6 looks decent, everything else looks mehh.
I would suggest getting a Micro SD card for that. They're pretty cheap now. A 16gb Micro SD card will run you about $15-$20.
#149556 to #149554 - theotherwhiteguy (08/13/2014) [-]
That's what has me confused. It has a 16 gig card in it now but it saves apps to the phone and won't let me move some of them.
User avatar #149560 to #149556 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
If you tell me what Android version you're running, I could probably help you find the exact setting.
Settings > Storage > Storage Settings
#149562 to #149560 - theotherwhiteguy (08/13/2014) [-]
Its running version 4.0.4
User avatar #149565 to #149562 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
Settings > Storage; Fiddle around here and look for somewhere to change the default storage location to the SD card.

User avatar #149559 to #149556 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
Ah, then go into settings and fiddle around with the memory options.
You just have to set it so everything will install on the SD card instead of your phone.
User avatar #149542 to #149541 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
As far as birthday gifts go, maybe just a Starbucks giftcard.
Or find something she really likes and create something from scratch, or find something awesome on Etsy.
#149528 to #149526 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
Maybe some big ass bean bag chair or something, depends how young she is.
#149531 to #149528 - theotherwhiteguy (08/13/2014) [-]
She's turning 16 and she's into mainstream teen girl crap.
#149533 to #149531 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
Oh, well my sister's older than me by seven years and my oldest niece is ten so I'm out. My best guess would be just some blouse or some shit.
#149525 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
How do you deal with being in love with someone four years older than you, when you're a minor?
User avatar #149545 to #149525 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
I've been in a similar scenario.
18 years old with someone who was 25. (Twas all online... Not my proudest moment in time.)

If she's that old and seeking for someone younger, then that should probably raise red flags.
Standard creepiness-age-gap is your age, divided in half, and then you add 7 to it.
So the lowest it'd be for her to date would be 16. For you? 14.
It would look like she'd be taking advantage of you, if you two were to date.
Other than that, check that she's not crazy/ extra clingy.

Be sure you know someone full and well before attempting to dive into a relationship with them.
Be sure that you know their feelings for you. Be sure that you know not only who they are, but what they are/ how they are. Make sure that you know how they react to certain things.

Anyhow, so long as you both share the same feelings for each other, and it's not about gaining attention, then I say go for it.
Some key things to look for to see if she likes you:
1) Nicknames. If she gives you a nickname, you've ascended far up the friendship ranking.
2) Long conversations. If you and her are alone often and just talk and talk for hours on end, then she likes you.
3) If she asks you about your previous dating history. If a girl does this, she's literally minutes away from expressing her feelings for you; She wants to know where you stand at the moment, and if you like her.

Those are the largest things to look for when you start to like a girl. If she hits two of three, then she's close to hitting that third key element before she expresses her feelings. Now, I could be mostly wrong, although in my dating experience those were the largest factors leading up to relationships. (Only once did a girl hit all three, and still decline me; Although this was the same girl who used her best friend to date me, and had her best friend be a surrogate. Essentially I was dating her, through her friend. She was cray.)
User avatar #149537 to #149525 - nachoiscool (08/13/2014) [-]
Probably but don't get your hopes up. She could technically be considered a sex offender if anything happened with you two. If it's really bugging you then get it off your chest but just know that' it's probably not a good idea to start anything .
#149538 to #149537 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
I'm not even sexually attracted to her, if she did say she felt the same, which I seriously doubt she will, I wouldn't even go there.
I'm just afraid that if she doesn't feel that way about me, it'd probably make future interactions very awkward, more so than it would be for someone in my age group. I suppose that's pretty much all I have to lose, though...
User avatar #149539 to #149538 - nachoiscool (08/13/2014) [-]
Then tell he how you feel, if worst comes to worst at least you can still hold your head high .
#149540 to #149539 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
Alright. Thanks, man.
User avatar #149534 to #149525 - nachoiscool (08/13/2014) [-]
Ave you talked to her about it?
#149535 to #149534 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
No. Do you think I should? We're good friends and I feel like that would hurt the friendship.
User avatar #149529 to #149525 - nachoiscool (08/13/2014) [-]
How old are you and how old is the person your going after?
#149532 to #149529 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
14, 18.
I know it seems a classic case of teenage girl gets womanized by some adult douchebag, but she's very clearly not the type to get me pregnant(not even possible since I'm a guy) and leave after we're in a relationship for two days.
#149522 - indulge has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #149521 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
Man, I don't know if there is any point in asking, but this is the advice board so I'm about to ask for your finest advice. I'm soon approaching a point where I need to decide my college career and life career really. Heres the thing though, I'm not worried about which uni I get to, let's say for the sake of this advice I could get into any university in the world.
What the fuck should I do with my life..
I want to be a software engineer for the soul reason that I like making a product and with times how they are the future for software engineering is looking pretty good, but.
I could sharpen my math skills which aren't amazing, but I don't really like math, of course i have no idea how software engineers apply that math but I don't really like it that much.
I'm really good at English and Literature, I'd be a fucking amazing Lawyer but I don't really like Law that much either, I could never be a fucking Doctor either.
Every relative I have works in business however, and in all honesty I love business, my parents own a pretty successful college and brand, but business is just a word for advancing your profession, so like a lawyer could hold a law firm n'shit.. my point being, could I live off inheriting a business? On top of which I hear a business degree is fucking stupid, literally the words of my parents. I dunno man, I have good ideas but I don't have the math skill to advance them, neither do I like math enough to care to advance them. On the topic of business what do you think I should do? Should I start now? Try make the business more profitable? If you're wondering what the business is, my grandfather started the first cigarette company in Persia, my father owns a series of colleges through Africa, London, Dubai, America, and China, and I really dunno the rest... what do with life, help?
tl;dr wondering what to do with life
User avatar #149660 to #149521 - Timmietim (08/13/2014) [-]
Nigga you ain't even done GCSE
User avatar #149665 to #149660 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
Irrelevant. I have to choose a higher ed subject and career and spend 3 months in extra classes on them. Imma make sure that what I put down isn't gonna suck the life out of me.
User avatar #149568 to #149521 - thatnigger (08/13/2014) [-]
I'm doing Mechanical Engineering, only because I can do it and probably get the degree. Don't really know what I'll do afterwards, nobody really does.
Let me tell you something though, your degree only helps you do your job better, but you can do any job without a degree. If nothing goes wrong, anyone can do anyone's job and only when a problem comes about is when you use your prior knowledge to solve it. Engineers do use Maths, but not too much of it honestly, it's mostly about just making you think and solve problems because Engineers face a lot of problems. The degree itself doesn't do too much, it's mostly the mindset that they want.
Honestly though, go into something that you know you'll enjoy. If you become an Enigneer or a Lawyer, you'll make a lot of money regardless. It then comes down to what are you happy doing, sure money is money but there's way more to life then that. I just say do a degree you enjoy and see where it goes from there.
User avatar #149624 to #149568 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
Thanks, was thinking the same thing, wouldn't want to do a degree in something I'd hate cause It'd be stupid and I'd probably hate my life every day after.
User avatar #149548 to #149521 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
Disney's Frozen   A Material Point Method For Snow Simulation projecteuler.net/
Math has everything to do with the programming world.
Math has everything to do with engineering.
If you can get through the first 25 questions in ProjectEuler, you'd fare well in the programming world. It took me 6 hours, with the help of a friend, to complete the first challenge...

Engineering, in general, is a really math-heavy pursuit. The classes are extremely hard, there's lots of work involved, and you have to be prepared for it all. If you're not good with math, honestly you wouldn't do well for most degrees in engineering.
My brother is changing paths from Electrical Engineering to something else, just because it's so freaking hard. He's failing all of his classes now, and the combined stress makes it worse.
Engineering is a grand feat to take on. You need to 'make friends' with math before taking such a leap. I'd talk to ThatNigger about it more, since he is going for engineering after all. If you can't go to a community college and take general studies and improve your math skills there, then tough it out and go through Khan Academy's courses: www.khanacademy.org/

Anyhow, from personal experience, getting a job sucks. Family businesses is where you really want to be, man. Especially if it's already prosperous.
You can always pursue to become a software engineer/ lawyer route and if that falls through, then go into the family business. Just don't burn any bridges. I've seen it happen; Local owner of a prosperous franchise was retiring, offered his two sons to take control of the locations. The older son declined. The younger son took it. The younger son is now very, very wealthy. The older son now works as a waiter, and every night he mops his younger brother's stores to make the extra cash to provide for his family. That older son is in his late 40s now, and that's his life. He's reaping what he sowed.
User avatar #149555 to #149548 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
Funny you should have mentioned Khan Academy, that's actually around the business, It's a company that owns different education systems, including TheEducators and not fully, but partially Khan Academy. But Nigguh, I don't know how to teach people, don't get me wrong, I love business and working and running one, but shit, I dunno. Do you think it would be beneficial to get a Law Degree? I mean, it would help for business, and shit if that didn't work out I could easily transfer into Politics, or even be Lawyer. Man I dunno, do you think it would be wise to try get the business to invest in start-ups, you know, expansion n'shit?
User avatar #149558 to #149555 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
For you, I would suggest trying Software Engineering.
It's worth a shot.
If that falls through, go towards a business degree and a law degree. Maybe talk it over with your family, and see what they think would be best that you do.
If you have an interest in being a part of the family business, then express it. If you don't, then try and do your own thing.
Although if they ever do give you an offer to be part of it, don't decline. Just express your thoughts, maybe tell them that you want to help out but don't know where you would be of assistance.

Most importantly, keep your options open.
Don't be quick to ditch one when you've yet to try the rest. And don't ever discredit the family business.

Growing up, my family owned a very reputable dry cleaners. The most popular dry cleaners in three counties over. It was -- legit -- popular in counties that were over an hour away; We'd do pick-up and delivery for those places. We were in the newspaper quite often. Having been in there about every day until closing made me hate it. It was only when I grew up and started working different jobs did I realize how great the family business truly was.
Although by then the co-owner started embezzling money, sent it into thousands of dollars in debt, and ran. It killed off the business him and my dad created from scratch. So for me, I'll never have that choice again of being a part of the family business. Since it doesn't exist anymore...
User avatar #149561 to #149558 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
Shit man, I feel your story and I'll do my best to make sure shit doesn't go down the drain and to keep my options open. And hear me out, I'd love to do software engineering, you know, I mean a lot of work can be done with those skills.. but as you said, engineering=heavy maths
And I neither do good with heavy maths, nor do I enjoy it, mostly cause I'd suck at it.
User avatar #149569 to #149561 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
That's the thing, though.
Ditch the "I'm not good at maths, I suck at it" mindset, and hit the books.
Go through Khan Academy.
Maybe pick up a Basic College Mathematics book. Such as: www.amazon.com/Basic-College-Mathematics-Margaret-
Also, the App Math Ref is really good: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.happymaau.MathRef&hl=en

Math is kinda like working out. You won't get anywhere if you pick it up every so often. Do it everyday and take breaks often.
User avatar #149625 to #149569 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
That's the thing though.
Some people can't stand working out everyday, and a lot of people don't want to workout forever, but I see your point, and in my current situation I guess it would be optimal to study, however, a course in CS is heavily on maths, something I could do if I study, but I just don't think I'd have the drive to.
User avatar #149524 to #149521 - durkadurka ONLINE (08/13/2014) [-]
Only go to college if you think it'll make you better off in the long run. There's no point if it'll just put you in debt and keep you from working for four years without having gained something that will improve your career.

You don't necessarily need a four year degree to run a business. With enough of a drive, you can teach yourself a lot. Most people are going to college for the piece of paper that says they're qualified for something. Most are not learning things which cannot be learned independently, especially with so many sources on the internet.
If you already have a business, is a piece of paper saying you know how to do business really necessary? Could you learn the skills you need on your own?

You could even try getting into business and going to school part time. Either way, it sounds like you have plenty of options.
User avatar #149536 to #149524 - dragx (08/13/2014) [-]
Man my options are open and my paths are clear but I don't know which route to take.
Yeah, business is an easy option, but business is risky, always. I need something to fall back on, and thus I don't need a piece of paper to say I know how to do something if I can learn to do it through experience, right? I feel you. But, equally, in this bullshit world, experience only gets you somewhere on your own, if I come to a point where I need something to fall back on, saying I ran a business won't do shit, especially when I have the options. With my current career in school, it shouldn't be hard at all to get easy ivy league, I got my self an IB diploma from the best school in England, wouldn't it be a waste NOT to go to Uni? I dunno man, you seem pretty knowledgeable about this shit.
#149519 - ipostcp (08/13/2014) [-]
So my sister has some really distorted thinking from talking to her.

So she is living with a pretty shitty situation. From what I hear her boyfriend wont let ehr leave the house and made her lose several jobs cause he would barge in and freak out about her going to cheat on him. Like a maniac. The guy sells drugs, like coke around and uses it himself. Apparently tearing up most of her clothes. (like 2 large suitcases full). She has very noticeable scars on her wrists and he beats her too. Like what the fuck, why would she leave sooner?

She says she doesn't want to go back yet keeps saying she will. Like she says he treats her like shit, yet she still wants to go back to it. The way those types of relationships work with natives is that the lady keeps coming back until they are killed. Heard it a million times from my time with them.

She won't budge on wanting to go back though. I'm not really sure what I should be doing. I'll probably force her to stay if she doesn't change her mind, but honestly it's ridiculous that she still wants to go back to it.

Any advice?

BTW my sister lives on the other side of the country and she is visiting. Only way back is the return flight I'm paying for. Frankly I don't really want to pay something that will make my sister potentially commit suicide.
User avatar #149580 to #149519 - makotoitou (08/13/2014) [-]
don't do dick. she gotta want to do it herself, so she'll either wise up or end up a drunk ass whore.
User avatar #149574 to #149519 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
Don't pay for the flight back, not yet.

Your sister is comfortable with her situation.
Even if she hates it to oblivion, she's still comfortable in it.
She needs to make herself uncomfortable before she can move on.
You need to be there for her, man.

Maybe confront her about it.
I'm honestly not entirely sure what to advise you, because frankly I've yet to be in a situation close to this.
Confrontation will only go so far. Physically stopping her from going back will go much further than just talking to her.
Appending to what Anon said: Most people don't leave their comfort zone until they've hit their extreme.

For instance, my sister didn't stop doing drugs until she found out she was pregnant.
Before that, she had even overdosed twice, and died both times, and that still didn't stop her.
Yet becoming pregnant is what changed her life around. She stopped and re-evaluated her situation. From that point on she chose to change her life for the better.
People are stubborn. Your sister especially. Don't pay for the ticket, be there for her, and just wait it out. Also, make sure she doesn't try to run away...
Be the greatest brother you can be to her. Take her out to do fun stuff, watch movies, etc. Spend lots of time with her.
Doing so will hopefully make her more comfortable with you, and not her horrid situation with her boyfriend.
#149527 to #149519 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
My old step dad used to be pretty hysterical too, the cheating shit only came up like once but rare was the week where there wouldn't be a screaming match in my house. The shit went on since my mom was in her early thirties into her mid forties so, in my experience, it probably won't right itself with age. I'm guessing the legal system in Canada works the same way as here in that you can't just call the police and have them do something unless your sister herself presses charges so I guess the best you can do from a legal standpoint is maybe hope he somehow finds his way over to you and starts causing a scene or some shit.

Seriously, I don't know how long it's been going on but if it's been longer than a few years, someone's probably going to have to intervene to pry those two apart since your sister may not do it herself. My step dad had to get his fucking head caved in in a car crash to finally leave the picture, pretty sure my mom would still be with him if it wasn't for that.
User avatar #149520 to #149519 - ipostcp (08/13/2014) [-]
Oh yeah, her boyfriend is so obsessed with this cheating shit he moved to the shittiest spot in canada. There isn't hydro there or even basic plumbing. Way out in the boons.
#149511 - anonymous (08/12/2014) [-]
So this anti brony/furry group surfaced on Facebook the other day.
Now im not too fond of bronies but i happen to be a furry and know shit tonnes of decent normal people who are also furries. Now i know the internet is half porn and 45% troll attemps but i just dont understand how it can get 13,000 likes in a couple of days.

They're even joining furry forums know to rant about furries. I mean i've been on the internet for yonks and know all about trolls, and no doubt this is just a typical troll, the only thing im worried about is the thirteen thousand people who have know liked it and back them, cant hate groups on FB be deleted?

User avatar #149581 to #149511 - makotoitou (08/13/2014) [-]
link? i need science
#149577 to #149511 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
>normal people

#149551 to #149511 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
It's bait, man.   
People get a kick out of the responses.   
Same reason why, for the longest time, FunnyJunk was in a religious bashing spree.   
People thought it was hilarious to rustle someone's jimmies.   
Ignore it, and it will go away.
It's bait, man.
People get a kick out of the responses.

Same reason why, for the longest time, FunnyJunk was in a religious bashing spree.
People thought it was hilarious to rustle someone's jimmies.

Ignore it, and it will go away.
#149991 to #149551 - anonymous (08/15/2014) [-]
I thought it would be, but it just seemed a bit too excessive for trolling, crawled up to 16,000 followers of that page in days, and even for a troll they are taking it too far now, they are making digusting posts about furries who have died for whatever reason and how thats wonderful, not to mention they are continuely creating new accounts on the forums whenever they get banned from them. Plus they are now singling out individual users posting all their details and making a long ass post attacking them, latest one is even bashing this furry just for being gay.

I reported it for that but i have no idea if it can be taken down. I know the whole reason to troll is for attention but posting details and links to expose people and saying shit about people who've died is fucking disgusting regardless of whatever fandom they're a part of.
User avatar #149543 to #149511 - mondominiman (08/13/2014) [-]
Stop caring about shit like that, people are gonna hate no matter what you do.
#149993 to #149543 - anonymous (08/15/2014) [-]
I dont care about people casually hating, but they're taking it too far, posting details and exposing people with a huge following to give them grief isnt right.
#149513 to #149511 - dronenortle (08/12/2014) [-]
Why do you give a flying fuck? There are always going to be people that disagree with a hobby or something you are interested in, you being upset over it is only going to fuel them. Do you.
#149992 to #149513 - anonymous (08/15/2014) [-]
Just because of the sheer size of it, i mean one or two trolls yeah whatever, but 16,000 people all being fed links and details of innocent people is a bit much.
User avatar #149510 - braindeadmetalhead (08/12/2014) [-]
guys, i know this is a dick thing to say, but i can't even land the desperate chubby chicks.

What do?
User avatar #149724 to #149510 - awesomerninjathing (08/14/2014) [-]
why not dawg
User avatar #149582 to #149510 - makotoitou (08/13/2014) [-]
tape a twinkie to your dick
#149576 to #149510 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
>lowering your standarts


they aint worth it amigo
#149637 to #149576 - anonymous (08/13/2014) [-]
User avatar #149552 to #149510 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/13/2014) [-]
It's because you're trying too hard, man.
Some advice from a friend of mine:
"... Thing with the first girl is, if something is taken from you, it leaves a hole. The only way to fill up that hole is to replace it with a stronger bond. Many young girls respond to that by constantly forming a new bond. Before the 'comedown' of the current one. (IE constantly chasing the 'rush' of a new love) Once the 'new' wears off, she needs more. It's a wound that's created when you form a bond with someone, and it doesn't go the other way.

... If you're just isolated from your surroundings like most regular people, you'll never know what you're missing...

... I'm not Chad from across the street catching tins of diet coke mowing the lawn. I'm [just some scrawny white kid]. The thing is, such things make no difference in the first place if you have that kind of connection [with someone]...

... Look for that feeling of "too good to be true," The feeling you'd get when a really hot girl gives you her phone number and you think there must be something behind it. Instead of shutting it all out, try being absolutely gullible. Just assume lies do not exist. It'll leave you vulnerable and exposed, but also completely open to anyone truly looking for you and no-one else.

So in any case, if someone catches you 'off guard;' you won't want to shield yourself from those around you, neither should you shield off yourself. (As in, hold yourself back) If you think "I shouldn't say that" or "That'll just sound weird," just dump it all out; It's like natural selection, anyone that you DON'T scare off right away is nothing if not valuable to know. It's like the "be true to yourself" gag, but take it up a notch. Say it anyway.

Main thing is, try to shine out as much of 'you' as you possibly can. And if anyone at all is drawn in closer by that, you've at least found a valuable friend. You know, the kind that just sticks around without any "expiry" date."
User avatar #149567 to #149552 - braindeadmetalhead (08/13/2014) [-]
That actually helps a lot. Thanks a ton, dude. i appreciate it.
User avatar #149544 to #149510 - mondominiman (08/13/2014) [-]
Work out I guess?
#149514 to #149510 - dronenortle (08/12/2014) [-]
Stop being a cock
User avatar #149518 to #149514 - braindeadmetalhead (08/13/2014) [-]
im not though. i know what i said was a cockish thing to say, but in general im not.
#149504 - creepyfapper (08/12/2014) [-]
Just finished the ricky gervais show. Does anybody know of other funny podcasts either free or on tbp?
User avatar #149652 to #149504 - mrvalane ONLINE (08/13/2014) [-]
I enjoy watching pka, not really for everyone but thats over 190 episodes and is usually weekly. Here is an ok one if I remember www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EhyPZ2F4rg
User avatar #149507 to #149504 - newvein (08/12/2014) [-]
Is that show cringy?
User avatar #149486 - unicornmangina (08/12/2014) [-]
can anybody recommend any sites like creepypasta i love reading things like that
User avatar #149509 to #149486 - pokemonstheshiz (08/12/2014) [-]
scp foundation. Not quite as much scary, but very interesting in a sometimes creepy sort of way. Some are just funny though.
#149490 to #149486 - anonymous (08/12/2014) [-]
Read the dehumanizer story, its scary as fuck.
Read the dehumanizer story, its scary as fuck.
User avatar #149491 to #149490 - unicornmangina (08/12/2014) [-]
ummmm link?
User avatar #149495 to #149491 - derpityhurr (08/12/2014) [-]
its some super beta who posts on this board
#149492 to #149491 - anonymous (08/12/2014) [-]
its all scattered around here
#149483 - valax ONLINE (08/12/2014) [-]
Suggest me movies I should be watching.
Maybe something that'll make me feel nice and happy.
Non-stressful stuff'd be nice.
User avatar #149530 to #149483 - nachoiscool (08/13/2014) [-]
Cinema paradiso, although it hits you hard on the feels in the end.
User avatar #149508 to #149483 - ainsley (08/12/2014) [-]
darude - sandstorm
#149487 to #149483 - anonymous (08/12/2014) [-]
User avatar #149460 to #149459 - newvein (08/12/2014) [-]
All different movies and some interviews. I recognize one of them as Drive, however.
#149437 - anonymous (08/12/2014) [-]
Hey guys. I'm a female looking forward to entering the field of biological science. I'm wondering though, does anyone have any ideas on how to motivate more females to pursue STEM careers? Because at this point, we have every right to do so and the only thing preventing us from making up a larger proportion of professionals in those fields is our own lack of interest. How do we get girls interested in this stuff and why aren't they interested already?
User avatar #149464 to #149437 - drastronomy (08/12/2014) [-]
girls are already interested in biology

the biology of my dick :^)

i am so lonely

good on you for trying to motivate more girls to go for science careers.
#149463 to #149437 - drastronomy has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #149456 to #149437 - thatnigger (08/12/2014) [-]
I'm doing Mechanical Engineering and in my class there's like 100 guys and maybe 7 girls or something like that. Honestly the girls are quite good, not like we're doing manual labour in Uni or anything anyway so gender isn't really a problem. The reason girls aren't going into Engineering though is usually just lack of interest and being told that it's a man dominated field by people in general, not just mean say that.
Honestly, if people enjoy things like Mythbusters, they'd probably enjoy being a Mechanical Engineer because that's pretty much the basics of Engineering, it's probably just some girls don't watch shows like that while they're younger and grow up with a lack of interest. I think it's similar for all fields with women being the minority, they're just not interested at a young age so they don't care so much as they grew older.
User avatar #149451 to #149437 - Mortuus (08/12/2014) [-]
If they're not interested, they're not interested. As for possible biological reasons behind it, men are better at math and therefor have an easier time in those subjects. Onto sociological reasons... Society doesn't expect women to want to go into those fields. While it doesn't actively attempt to dissuade it, it's just not pushed upon them as possible career choices.

The question now is, why do you only want to introduce women to these fields? Everyone should be exposed to the sciences and show, properly, how it both affects their daily lives and how going into the fields can improve not only their own, but also the lives of others across the world.
#149474 to #149451 - anonymous (08/12/2014) [-]
Oh, I'm not interested in introducing it to only women. Far from it, I think that all people should express more interest in the sciences, even if it's just that's all it is- interest. The thing is that women make up a big part of the population but you see so few actually pursuing these interests. That's a lot of people that I personally feel are just plain missing out on a lot of cool stuff like biology, chemistry, physics, etc. and I want to know why.
#149445 to #149437 - minutes (08/12/2014) [-]
May I ask why you care at all? What does it matter if girls are interested in a job or not?
#149439 to #149437 - anonymous (08/12/2014) [-]
>contributing anything meaningful to civilization
User avatar #149449 to #149439 - Mortuus (08/12/2014) [-]
>Creating humans
#149454 to #149449 - anonymous (08/12/2014) [-]
they will become obsolete with aritficial woombs and virtual reality
User avatar #149455 to #149454 - Mortuus (08/12/2014) [-]
You certainly have a firm grasp on how sexual reproduction works.
#149457 to #149455 - anonymous (08/12/2014) [-]
das just gross
#149434 - mislavcro (08/12/2014) [-]
Hello board I hope you can help me out because I'm pretty much desperate. I have a sever diarhea, I'm severly dehydrated and pale. I lost around 10kg this past 3 days and I haven't slept for 3 hours straight in the last 3 days. Doctor said that I need to cut the fats, sugars, proteins and that shit, and only need to drink salted water and eat baked bread but it's not helping I'm afraid. Does anybody know what will help me.
User avatar #149484 to #149434 - unicornmangina (08/12/2014) [-]
powerade? I would've said have lucozade but that has a shit ton of sugar in eat. eat some toast with just athin layer of butter or margarine on it and cereals that have a lot of fibre in them theres also some sort of mediciene called deoralyte I think that stops you from getting dehydrated avoid anything that's spicy/hot and especially avoid liquorice.drink diluted cordial
User avatar #149465 to #149434 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/12/2014) [-]
Gatorade might help here.
Also, maybe look into Stool Hardeners?

Also, the weight you lost was mostly water weight.
#149466 to #149465 - mislavcro (08/12/2014) [-]
What is gatorade? We don't have this in my country.
And I don't want to fuck with stool hardeners
#149468 to #149466 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/12/2014) [-]
Gatorade is a hydrating sports drink, per se.
It's like a serious version of Kool-aid.
Flavored water with electrolytes and stuff. (Somewhat like VitaminWater.)
#149469 to #149468 - mislavcro (08/12/2014) [-]
Is it carbonated like coca cola?
User avatar #149470 to #149469 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/12/2014) [-]
It basically is just flavored water.
It's extremely popular among athletes.
#149471 to #149470 - mislavcro (08/12/2014) [-]
Oh, so a sport juice like this one?
User avatar #149563 to #149471 - youngneil ONLINE (08/13/2014) [-]
Does that drink have what plants crave?
User avatar #149472 to #149471 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (08/12/2014) [-]
That's Croatian; Never heard of it/ seen it until today.
#149473 to #149472 - mislavcro (08/12/2014) [-]
Yep! I've never seen gatorade either, just heard about it via the internet.
User avatar #149441 to #149434 - greyshirt (08/12/2014) [-]
Is there any chance you may have caught salmonella or any other kind of disease that may induce diarrhea?
#149442 to #149441 - mislavcro (08/12/2014) [-]
I have no idea, what are the symptoms?
User avatar #149443 to #149442 - greyshirt (08/12/2014) [-]
"Symptoms of salmonellosis include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. They develop 12 to 72 hours after infection, and the illness usually lasts 4 to 7 days. Most people recover without treatment. But diarrhea and dehydration may be so severe that it is necessary to go to the hospital. Older adults, infants, and those who have impaired immune systems are at highest risk."

Got that off webmd, I could see abdominal cramps being lumped in with bad diarrhea so do you have some fever symptoms too?
#149444 to #149443 - mislavcro (08/12/2014) [-]
Not excatly, only feel a little bit sick because I haven't eaten something for like 3-4 hours. I don't have higher temperature either, only 35°C.
#149446 to #149444 - greyshirt (08/12/2014) [-]
Hmm, the next paragraph on that page seems to imply that some people only get the one symptom of diarrhea so I'd check the snip I have to see if you might have run across anything.

There's probably a myriad of other infections and diseases that may cause it and salmonella's just the first thing that came to mind. I'd say if you make it to the five day mark, it's time to go back to the doctor for a more thorough checkout.
#149447 to #149446 - mislavcro (08/12/2014) [-]
Thanks man, I'll try and endure.
User avatar #149420 - thedudeistheman (08/12/2014) [-]
There's some tab playing audio and I can't figure out which tab it is. I have Adblock Plus for Firefox, and I only turn it off for YouTube sorry admin . I know it's not YouTube because I don't just load a bunch of random videos and let ads play all the time. The audio is very low, and I know what websites it would be coming from if I didn't have ABP.

Unless my understanding of how the plugin works (it should just block every ad, right?) is wrong, then I don't know what the problem is. It seems like a string of new ads has just been loading for at least the past forty minutes. Any ideas, short of inspecting every page I have open? That's more of my last resort.
User avatar #149433 to #149420 - thegamerslife (08/12/2014) [-]
can you explain to me how to open it up to youtube. I had to break down and add ad block plus cause of this site, but I don't know how to open it up to youtube. I really don't want to block those ads anymore.
User avatar #149588 to #149433 - thedudeistheman (08/13/2014) [-]
Not sure if you're serious, but if you are:

With mine, when I click on the extension (it shows up as an icon on my menu bar), it gives me three options:

- Disable on thiswebsite.com
- Disable on this page specifically
- Disable everywhere

So when you're on the YouTube homepage, you would click on the icon and click disable for YouTube. I would've preferred to just disable it for the people I actually watch, but you win some and you lose some. All in all, ABP does a pretty great job of blocking stuff.

If you have a different ad block program, I'm sure the process would be similar. Try seeing if you can find an "exceptions" or a "customize" option when you left- or right-click on the icon, assuming there is an icon at all.
User avatar #149612 to #149588 - thegamerslife (08/13/2014) [-]
ran out of replies. My friend is that asshole you know, who can eat and eat and eat and he never gains a fucking pound... he's a twat about it too.
User avatar #149590 to #149588 - thegamerslife (08/13/2014) [-]
dude you are awesome. other people were telling me I had to make a white list. never told me it was that easy. lol
User avatar #149591 to #149590 - thedudeistheman (08/13/2014) [-]
No problem. I don't know what you're using, so it could end up being a little more complicated than that, but I don't think it will be. I think that if you do need to make a whitelist, you'd see an option to add exceptions, or just something titled "Exceptions" or something like that. In that case, you click that, type in the address of the website you want to add, click "OK," and you're done.
User avatar #149592 to #149591 - thegamerslife (08/13/2014) [-]
I use firefox and have the small icon, but all the advice I was getting was to go somewhere in settings and create a fucking text file and while I could do that with some time, I was like " nah, to much work". since it's as easy as clicking the icon then one more click... that is doable. so thanks again. I like supporting youtubers whenever I can.
User avatar #149593 to #149592 - thedudeistheman (08/13/2014) [-]
No problem. And yeah, that's why I disabled it for YouTube. Especially for some of the less popular channels.
User avatar #149594 to #149593 - thegamerslife (08/13/2014) [-]
I miss google money. but then again, I would have to not take these long breaks from uploading. lmao
User avatar #149595 to #149594 - thedudeistheman (08/13/2014) [-]
Yeah, those long breaks really seem to do it to ya.
User avatar #149596 to #149595 - thegamerslife (08/13/2014) [-]
yeah. ammo is just too much, and my firearms collection is... small.

then had to many issues with the gaming channel (recording methods constantly fucking up recordings).. and I lost steam on those as well...

I always think about doing them again, but I hold myself to too high of a standard i guess and nothing is ever good enough in my eyes... fucking stupid, and I hate myself for it.
User avatar #149597 to #149596 - thedudeistheman (08/13/2014) [-]
I infrequently make short scripted videos, but it really takes me a while to get to writing something, so I feel you when it comes to losing steam. And having standards you can't meet.
User avatar #149598 to #149597 - thegamerslife (08/13/2014) [-]
Fuck up one sentence... whole thing is worthless.

I also have issues with speaking in front of people.. in front of a camera, not so much. so whenever my wife is home, I can't do shit. knot in my stomach won't let me.

I am planning on taking my gopro with me on my next hike around some waterfalls. thought about doing a sped up time lapse, and slowing it down when I get to each waterfall.
User avatar #149599 to #149598 - thedudeistheman (08/13/2014) [-]
That's a good idea, because if you don't like whatever audio you produce at the waterfalls, you can replace it with music.

I tried doing a movie review once, recorded it all in one go, but didn't like the way my voice sounded.
User avatar #149600 to #149599 - thegamerslife (08/13/2014) [-]
I slowly bought better and better mics.... now I have a BLUE Yeti and not much drive... I feel a little guilty since my wife makes the majority of money. oh well, I guess.
User avatar #149601 to #149600 - thedudeistheman (08/13/2014) [-]
One day you might feel the drive to do it again. If not, I'm sure there's other stuff you like.
User avatar #149602 to #149601 - thegamerslife (08/13/2014) [-]
I will. mostly I find drive when I'm exhausted, right before bed. wtf is with that.lol
User avatar #149603 to #149602 - thedudeistheman (08/13/2014) [-]
I don't know, but I think that's common. Some writers keep notepads by their bed so if they wake up in the middle of the night, they can write it down for later. Something about unwinding gets people inspired.
User avatar #149604 to #149603 - thegamerslife (08/13/2014) [-]
Liking pooping and having an epiphany.

I use to keep a notepad by my bed as a teen when I wrote raps... that dream came into perspective real quick though... though my brother never grew up, sucks at it and thinks he's still got a chance at being as big as tupac (he's as white as fresh snow).
User avatar #149606 to #149604 - thedudeistheman (08/13/2014) [-]
There are some good white rappers out there. But if there's no talent, that's another story.
User avatar #149610 to #149606 - thegamerslife (08/13/2014) [-]
as a sorry for you watching that (if you did) here is my friend on his way to being fat. (also audio spikes so turn audio down a little) diabetes this whole thing
User avatar #149611 to #149610 - thedudeistheman (08/13/2014) [-]
That was a lot of whipped cream. I mean, I like it as much as the next guy, but I can only stomach so much.
User avatar #149609 to #149606 - thegamerslife (08/13/2014) [-]
let me show you a not very old video I uploaded for him, as a favor. lol

(not gun related) A favor for my brother. Terry no beet.
#149428 to #149420 - awesomerninjathing (08/12/2014) [-]
thats why I'm glad chrome has the little speaker thing
User avatar #149432 to #149428 - thedudeistheman (08/12/2014) [-]
I like that about Chrome, but one reason I use Firefox is because I tend to have a lot of tabs open at the same time, and Firefox's tabs don't get that much smaller the more tabs you open. In Chrome, if you open too many tabs, each tab is so small that it's more of a guessing game to figure out where each tab is.
User avatar #149589 to #149467 - thedudeistheman (08/13/2014) [-]
Thanks for this.
User avatar #149429 to #149428 - teoberry (08/12/2014) [-]
bon iver sucks
User avatar #149431 to #149430 - teoberry (08/12/2014) [-]
titty ass hands in the air
#149425 to #149420 - anonymous (08/12/2014) [-]
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