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User avatar #159466 - fruzzinoid (18 hours ago) [-]
I'm poor. My floors are old, and have begun falling apart under the feet of my family and I.
Living with grandparents until we can fix it.
He's drunk, throwing things, threatening to throw a chair.
If my father punches him, he could lose his job.
I need options.
I've never hit anyone, but I swear to absolute fuckign christ, if one of these chairs hits my mother or sister, I will.
Where can I go? We have very little money, but I think we can survive. Too young for a job, sorry.
User avatar #159499 to #159466 - nigalthornberry ONLINE (15 hours ago) [-]
Why is it so hard to repair floors?
User avatar #159504 to #159499 - fruzzinoid (15 hours ago) [-]
Takes money.
My floors are elevated, too.
I don't need to just repair the floors, I need to repair the floors, the supports, and everything. This house is old as tits.
User avatar #159472 to #159466 - letting (17 hours ago) [-]
If one of those chairs does hit your mother or your sister, unleash hell upon him. Do not hesitate, do not hold back, punch with every ounce of strength you can possibly muster. Break bones and draw blood. Worry about the consequences later.

There is nothing worse than living with somebody who behaves abusively, I would rather live under a bridge than with somebody like that. It is not his right to behave that way in front of his own family, no matter if they're offering you a place to go until you can repair your own home or not.
User avatar #159489 to #159472 - fruzzinoid (16 hours ago) [-]
He somehow managed to hurt himself with the chairs.
He's being driven in an ambulance, then he's going to have to pay a fine. A fine.
This asshole threatens me and my family, fuckin' tries to kick us out, breaks furniture, and all sorts of other things, and this fucker is just going to sit back while his wife pays for it.

I'm laughing right no
User avatar #159490 to #159489 - fruzzinoid (16 hours ago) [-]
Only because I'm so angry I don't know what to do.
I'm going to get a license, I'm going to get a car, I'm going to work my ass off and every dime of fmy paycheck that I don't need is going straight to my parents and my grandmother, because holy shit, they deserve it.
#159464 - nonbenderinlife (18 hours ago) [-]
Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows the origin of this pic. I've conducted a simple google search but I didnt get anything. Thanks in advance
User avatar #159476 to #159464 - sineztro (17 hours ago) [-]
Its definitely a shop b ut yeah idk
User avatar #159462 - ssheinrich (19 hours ago) [-]
need some info about #gamergate, one of the bigger news nettwork in norway are sputing lies about the whole GG and Anita Sharkisian

#159463 to #159462 - ssheinrich (18 hours ago) [-]
please, i'm planning to use factual feminist and Thunderf00t but i need something more that that
User avatar #159460 - theruinedsage (20 hours ago) [-]
How do I get colored text after getting a 500+ comment?
User avatar #159467 to #159460 - fruzzinoid (18 hours ago) [-]
Check your items, click the item that gives text.
User avatar #159468 to #159467 - theruinedsage (18 hours ago) [-]
And where are my items supposed to be? I can't see it on my profile
#159470 to #159468 - fruzzinoid (17 hours ago) [-]
The one that says "I" , to the left of "Pref" and to the right of "Subs"
User avatar #159459 - drastronomy (20 hours ago) [-]
How can one cope with your crush dating someone you already fucking despise?

Why i hate him: we used to be friends, but he made fun of my other friends, spread rumors about me as well as this little vietnamese kid struggling with english at our international school, AND he pulled this shit: www.funnyjunk.com/hating/326928#326928

i am trying to find someone else to like, but it is difficult...there are so many times i have wanted to punch the fucking nigger faggot in his cheeky fucking face
User avatar #159522 to #159459 - hoponthefeelstrain (12 hours ago) [-]
she's a bitch, she chose his side when he was clearly in the wrong. You don't want to get involved with someone like her. Just distance yourself and ignore them, find something else to occupy your time.
User avatar #159484 to #159459 - ScottP (17 hours ago) [-]
You don't have to like someone to be happy. At the risk of sounding cliche, you have to learn to love yourself first.
#159465 to #159459 - nonbenderinlife (18 hours ago) [-]
Like that other user in the hating thread said, ignore them. That girl might be going out with the guy who used to be your friend only to make you jealous or some shit. Now, thats not acceptable and the girl proved herself to be a dick as well but who knows.

Now, regarding finding a new girl to like, give it some time. You've been through a lot and you shouldn't worry about this as well.
#159445 - minutes ONLINE (23 hours ago) [-]
Any facebook pros here? Whenever I befriend someone new, my friends press the like button on the new friendship of me and person x. Now my question is, does that person get a notification about this? (caus I do) and how do I stop it?

It's a bit emberassing if you add some girl you just got to know and there are like 7 likes on it.
User avatar #159448 to #159445 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx ONLINE (22 hours ago) [-]
This may help:

> Privacy lock icon in the top right
> See More Settings
> Who Can See My Stuff > Use Activity Log
> Left side, click More
> Friends

Closest thing I can find. There may be other settings in there that could help.
#159449 to #159448 - minutes ONLINE (22 hours ago) [-]
Well they are my friends, it's not like there are strangers doing this.
#159451 to #159449 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx ONLINE (21 hours ago) [-]
This is the only way to hide it, really...
#159441 - xxxsonic fanxxx (23 hours ago) [-]
Hey guys I'm a college student that is pretty he has pink eye. I wanted to know first how long do y'all think I should not go to class. and what I should do in the meantime? (not interested in fapping).
#159442 to #159441 - xxxsonic fanxxx (23 hours ago) [-]
Sorry its hard to type with one eye. First sentence "I am a college student that is pretty sure he has pink eye." I wanted to know first how long do Y'all think I should not go to class". "And what I should do in the mean time".
User avatar #159480 to #159442 - sineztro (17 hours ago) [-]
okay man go for two weeks and if you can email your prof's and tell them you'll be out ask a friend in each class to see what content you missed and do your homework and play metal slug 3?
#159436 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/22/2014) [-]
My local cinema is now showing "autism friendly" versions of kid movies, what the fuck is that?
User avatar #159440 to #159436 - sugoi (10/22/2014) [-]
It means no sane individuals are permitted in those cinemas as there will be plenty of shit throwing.
Essentially it's a large daycare room.
#159434 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/22/2014) [-]
so I found this hot girl going to a party in a revealing cleavage shirt and shirt and she let me sit next to her then we kissed 4 times on the lips and she let me grab her boobs twice before she left and she gave me her number then we texted back and forth 8 times then for 3 hours she's at the party then comes back and I see her with but she then kisses another guy on the lips so advice does she want to fuck me because she's a slug or does she think she's getting anything out of it because she willingly gave me her number when she didn't have too so what do I do
#159435 to #159434 - dipples (10/22/2014) [-]
Yeah dude i call "slurry galore". Sorry but she sounds like a she's a bit loose with her affection if you dig, the fact that she was making out with another guy really displays that. Forget about her bud
#159475 to #159435 - xxxsonic fanxxx (17 hours ago) [-]
she gave me her number
User avatar #159481 to #159475 - focalanemo (17 hours ago) [-]
she kissed other dude
#159433 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/22/2014) [-]
does anyone remember the japanese equivalent of monty python? It was about some really lame "chosen one" swordfighter with really bad actors and excessively lame dialogues etc.
User avatar #159414 - pokemonstheshiz (10/22/2014) [-]
What's an easy Halloween costume that's not completely stupid.
User avatar #159455 to #159414 - drastronomy (20 hours ago) [-]
school shooter

just get a fedora
#159428 to #159414 - baitdoesnttalkback (10/22/2014) [-]
pirate costume
pale of fake butts

be a butt pirate
User avatar #159419 to #159414 - laky (10/22/2014) [-]
be a gay person
User avatar #159418 to #159414 - megasharkman (10/22/2014) [-]
A serial killer. They look lile everyone else.
#159416 to #159414 - saltybanana (10/22/2014) [-]
a ghost
a ghost
User avatar #159415 to #159414 - oborawatabinost (10/22/2014) [-]
Pick a movie or something that you like, and dress up as one of the characters. If it's not too difficult.
#159406 - nogzilla (10/22/2014) [-]
So today I broke up with my girlfriend of a year and a half, the spark just wasn't there and I tried fixing things but my feelings stayed the same. I don't miss her, but I do. I have mixed feelings about wether it was the right choice or not, I'm relieved but sad as shit at the same time, can anyone guide me?
User avatar #159443 to #159406 - herbolifee (23 hours ago) [-]
Might be that you don't miss her, but you miss what you had.
#159409 to #159406 - saltybanana (10/22/2014) [-]
bipolar ass nigguh

been there done that, your just confused in love bruhh. eventually it wuill hit you, and it will hit you harder than ray rice and Chris brown put together.

id keep her close, apologize cause you will eventually feel as if your gonna be alone in this world.

#159398 - ipostcp (10/22/2014) [-]
So, I'm considering recording my day z adventures and uploading them to youtube. Only if I'm bothered and not lazy enough to do it.

Anyone interested in seeing this posted here? Personally, I think I'm gunna record and stuff, but I wont post it here unless some people want it.
#159410 to #159398 - saltybanana (10/22/2014) [-]
id watch the shit out of it. i have no life
id watch the shit out of it. i have no life
#159407 to #159398 - thebroble (10/22/2014) [-]
I'd watch it
I'd watch it
User avatar #159399 to #159398 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx ONLINE (10/22/2014) [-]
Only upload if something crazy and spontaneous actually happens.
Nothing scripted. Not just you walking around forever before anything happens.
Cut to the chase, be quick, and only show the highlights.
User avatar #159400 to #159399 - ipostcp (10/22/2014) [-]
Well yeah, that's what I was going to do.
#159402 to #159400 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx ONLINE (10/22/2014) [-]
Go for it.
I'd watch it.
User avatar #159403 to #159402 - ipostcp (10/22/2014) [-]

I'm on the wrong board.
User avatar #159513 to #159403 - focalanemo (13 hours ago) [-]
Advice board isn't really hostile though like the other boards...
#159371 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/22/2014) [-]
I posted this on the hating board by accident, just copy-pasting it here

should i take the shsat? I studied last summer for like, 3 weeks and gave up because 1.) i hate studying during the summer and 2.) all the schools are either too far away or don't have much relating to computer repair

I want to go to one of those public vocational high schools because you know, muh careers, but all my classmates are stressing that going to schools like Stuy and Brooklyn tech is the most crucial thing in their lives. what do?
User avatar #159377 to #159371 - letting (10/22/2014) [-]
I don't see a downside to taking it? I suppose the choice is if you really need to get into a technical high school or not, I'm not from the New York area so I can only go by what I just read online, but it sounds like a really good career opportunity, so why not?
#159387 to #159377 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/22/2014) [-]
well, i'm having my doubts because i read this article that 60-80% of students who were accepted to stuy and brooklyn tech chose non-specialized high schools. Plus the vocational hs has A+ computer repair, which i'd like very much. When i research the specialized high schools all i find are robotics and networking. I also feel ill just embarrass myself when i take the test since i barely know half of what i'm supposed to for the test and it's in 4 days. What do you think of vocational high schools?
User avatar #159390 to #159387 - letting (10/22/2014) [-]
I currently attend a "vocational" high school part time (although we prefer to call it a technical education and career center) and I have my IC3, PCPro, and Strata certifications. It is an incredible opportunity, at least where I go. I'll have six college credits by the time I graduate and that much of a jump into the workforce.

Robotics and networking are great skills as well, but if you're more-so interested in the hardware portion of it, I understand, I'm the same way. A vocational school is usually aimed at teaching you skills that will get you a job, and honestly, you'll be so much more passionate about it because you're around what you enjoy, not being force-fed 18th century English literature because you need a credit to graduate.

If you can do it, I say go for it, with everything you've got.
#159391 to #159390 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/22/2014) [-]
THANK YOU. ive been thinking about this for a while now
THANK YOU. ive been thinking about this for a while now
User avatar #159393 to #159391 - letting (10/22/2014) [-]
No problem. Good luck!
User avatar #159358 - burnswhenipee (10/22/2014) [-]
Just found out my girlfriend whom I loved more than anything, and who "loved" me back has been cheating on me. She told him she loved him

She's asleep right now and her phone is turned off, she doesn't know I know yet

Kill myself or nah?
#159456 to #159358 - drastronomy (20 hours ago) [-]
appreciate what you had and move on

its worse to have never had a gf at all....
User avatar #159450 to #159358 - ihaveablackfrend (22 hours ago) [-]
Guilt trip her. Lead her to confess

"So how's your friend [insert person she's cheating with]?"
User avatar #159446 to #159358 - gomugomuno (22 hours ago) [-]
get nudes post them on the internet
#159437 to #159358 - dehumanizer (10/22/2014) [-]
welcome to the real world, normalfag
#159429 to #159358 - baitdoesnttalkback (10/22/2014) [-]
kill herself
User avatar #159426 to #159358 - shoryuken (10/22/2014) [-]
fuck and chuck her
not worth it to keep going
User avatar #159422 to #159358 - laky (10/22/2014) [-]
Cheated once? Or consecutively cheated? Big difference.

Regardless, that's disrespectful. Dump her immediately. Get some information out of her an maybe make her feel extremely guilty about it.

Then just carry on with life. Life continues after a shitty relationship. There will be other chicks whom you will have better and more fruitful relationships with. You will also 'love' them and they will love you. Losing is just a natural part of life
User avatar #159420 to #159358 - megasharkman (10/22/2014) [-]
Don't let her know you cheated. Leave her for a small reason like her nose is too big, she's getting kinda chunky, her friend is hotter, a mole, ear size, etc. That way she is self concious for the rest of her life.
User avatar #159421 to #159420 - megasharkman (10/22/2014) [-]
*she cheated
#159412 to #159358 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/22/2014) [-]
if you kill yourself you can't beat the shit out of the other guy. provided he knew she was dating you.
#159408 to #159358 - thebroble (10/22/2014) [-]
I've been there before man. Nothing can soothe that pain. But please don't kill yourself. That won't solve anything. I say just confront her in the morning. You can do something spiteful, or tell her how much that hurt you. I'm so sorry man. I'm honestly sad that you have to deal with that pain.
#159376 to #159358 - youregaylol (10/22/2014) [-]
crawl into bed with her
tell her you love her
tell her that shes the only one for you
romance the shit out of her
then fuck her

in the morning tell her you know and that you just wanted to use her body one last time
then dump the bitch
she'll feel like a cheap whore
User avatar #159375 to #159358 - ScottP (10/22/2014) [-]
Nah. No killing. Just tell her you know and break it of. No matter if she makes a sad scene, you have to walk away from her. You might even get some satisfaction out of it.
User avatar #159368 to #159367 - logickid (10/22/2014) [-]
Don't kill yourself, death is perma, and a problem is temporarily

Go seek help irl
#159362 to #159358 - saltybanana (10/22/2014) [-]
man only cowards kill them selfs.

confront her bruhh! be the man in the relationship be like "BITCH! dah fuck is jakwan? better explain yo self before i become ray rice on yo ass!" im joking dont say that , shit will get reeeaaal ugly

just be like "hey whats going on? whos this guy? and why are you saying i love you to him??" be a man, man up bruhh
User avatar #159363 to #159362 - burnswhenipee (10/22/2014) [-]
That's the plan for tomorrow, but I don't know what to do after that...
User avatar #159397 to #159363 - ScottP (10/22/2014) [-]
But at the same time, understand that she is still human and that human beings change how they feel about things.
User avatar #159411 to #159397 - saltybanana (10/22/2014) [-]
man das ghey, so if your girlfriend slept with some dude cause she wanted his mushroom tip deep inside her.

do you think she did that by mistake???
User avatar #159447 to #159411 - ScottP (22 hours ago) [-]
Of course it's not by mistake. It's very much intentional. But that's life. People lie. People change how they think about things. People change their mind about how they feel about you. She might have told you that she loved you with all of her heart, then a few months later - after you have a nice evening with her at a local carnival - she might tell you that she no longer loves you.
User avatar #159396 to #159363 - ScottP (10/22/2014) [-]
You move on to better things with your life. No need to limit yourself because of some girl.
User avatar #159364 to #159363 - saltybanana (10/22/2014) [-]
just tal;k to her, and if she doent wanna let this dude go. just leave her man. you can do better than that shit
#159356 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/21/2014) [-]
inb4 you ask that's not me that's GEARBOY    
I have trouble talking to people that I have some sort of love appeal to...   
And it doesn't help I have Aspergers...   
Tips & tricks?
inb4 you ask that's not me that's GEARBOY

I have trouble talking to people that I have some sort of love appeal to...

And it doesn't help I have Aspergers...

Tips & tricks?
#159438 to #159356 - dehumanizer (10/22/2014) [-]
Just BEE yourself anon.
#159430 to #159356 - baitdoesnttalkback (10/22/2014) [-]
stfu and be normal
#159359 to #159356 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/22/2014) [-]
To give (hopefully) better advice I'll need you to go into more detail about:
1. How exactly your Aspergers affect you (since I know some people from school that have it and they deal with certain social stuff differently. One curls up and rocks and the other bolts to the nearest bathroom possible no matter what might be going on.)
2. How long you've known this person and what they are like
3. If you've ever tried to talk to this person in the past and how it turned out.
#159354 - mitchimusk (10/21/2014) [-]
Don't know where else to put this...I'd put it in philosophy but there is no board for that. I'd go to reddit, but I love this community so much...anyway details are boring. So I need a source on a quote, or something like this. I don't have the exact quote, I saw it on twitter a while ago and I can't find the real thing. It's something like "You always know when it's your first time, but you never know when it's your last". Any source or explanation as to where it originated is greatly appreciated.
User avatar #159457 to #159355 - drastronomy (20 hours ago) [-]

#159360 to #159355 - mitchimusk (10/22/2014) [-]
Yeah google isn't much help for this one
#159351 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/21/2014) [-]
Holy FUCK it's hard to ask for advice. I've been spending about 10 mins now trying to write but I keep deleting everything. OK for the past few weeks (7ish weeks I think) I've had no motivation in college, and in life. Every morning I wake up and I feel like shit. Sometimes I think about walking in front of a bus and close my eyes. I feel like am losing control of everything in life. I've been through a depression before, and I'm afraid I might be going back into one. I think to myself all the time "I'm a total fucking loser" I really don't know what to do anymore. I've got no one to talk to and I'm a poor fucking cunt. I think maybe I got to get motivate again and maybe things can work out for me. I'm not the kind of guy to write about my feelings and shit so I apologize if it's hard to read.
#159453 to #159351 - xxxsonic fanxxx (20 hours ago) [-]
I don't think you're whining and I kinda know how you feel.
For the past 6 years I've had no motivation for anything in life.
I dont feel like doing homework, I dont feel like working, I dont feel like socialising,
I dont feel like watching anime, I dont feel like drawing (even though drawing is/should be what I love doing most) I dont feel like doing anything. And days just seem empty an useless, even when I do a lotta shit on a day.

I do have a handfull of good friends, most of the time I feel to shitty to hang out with them. But I will say this.
Make friends with whom you can laugh till you drop from time to time. Manage to make these friends. When u spend a day laughing your ass off, you'll feel motivated and less depressed for some hours or even days after. Give yourself a moment to be with people and act crazy in a while. You have no time to think and be lonely, enjoy those moments.

Good friends, fucking find them and spend time with them having just FUN.
#159452 to #159351 - nagziss has deleted their comment [-]
#159366 to #159351 - saltybanana (10/22/2014) [-]
bruhh, calm the fuck down. eat a sneakers   
maaan quit whinning. you got so much to live for you just dont know it man. your in college now, so be very social man. theyre hundreds of people in that bitch.    
just be very social, i know it may seem hard, but its better to live in that knowing that you tried to make friends, than thinking "dayum i should of talked to that person."   
when i first started college i didnt have any friends alot of my friends dropped oput or became mothers or fathers  so i started to make friends, thru study groups at the gym, or at participating at the basketball games late at night.   
stop thinking so negative and get your shit straight
bruhh, calm the fuck down. eat a sneakers

maaan quit whinning. you got so much to live for you just dont know it man. your in college now, so be very social man. theyre hundreds of people in that bitch.

just be very social, i know it may seem hard, but its better to live in that knowing that you tried to make friends, than thinking "dayum i should of talked to that person."
when i first started college i didnt have any friends alot of my friends dropped oput or became mothers or fathers so i started to make friends, thru study groups at the gym, or at participating at the basketball games late at night.

stop thinking so negative and get your shit straight
User avatar #159353 to #159351 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx ONLINE (10/21/2014) [-]
Why do you think that you're a loser?
User avatar #159352 to #159351 - megasharkman (10/21/2014) [-]
Watch The Lego Movie on loop until you feel better.
#159343 - mendelevium ONLINE (10/21/2014) [-]
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 25 of them.
second hottest pepper in the world at 2 million scoville.
the hottest is the Carolina Reaper at 2.2 million.

What should I do with these bad boys?
User avatar #159454 to #159343 - nagziss (20 hours ago) [-]
Halloween is around the corner.
And I know we all hate kids.
You see where this is going because I do.
User avatar #159423 to #159343 - laky (10/22/2014) [-]
Use them as lube
User avatar #159383 to #159343 - youngneil (10/22/2014) [-]
Definitely make hot sauce with them.
Or salsa.
Or chop em up into really tiny pieces and put them in some cheese dip.
Or eat one whole.
User avatar #159384 to #159383 - mendelevium ONLINE (10/22/2014) [-]
far too hot to be enjoyable.

trust me. Just had one.

Its horrifying.
User avatar #159388 to #159384 - youngneil (10/22/2014) [-]
That's why I was saying to put them in things that would dilute it or something.
Like, one time I had some chocolate that had ghost pepper in it, and I only cried for 15 minutes. it definitely made it a lot less hot than it should have been.
User avatar #159389 to #159388 - mendelevium ONLINE (10/22/2014) [-]
these are 4 times hotter then a ghost pepper.

Not even kidding.

Ghost peppers are 500k these are 2mil

There is no diluting the heart of satan.
User avatar #159394 to #159389 - youngneil (10/22/2014) [-]
They are only twice as hot (still hot as hell).
Ghost peppers are rated at over a million on the scoville scale.

Maybe turn those things into some sort of home defense thing or something? Put them in a blender, blend them to a liquid, and put that in a spray bottle. Spray your dog when he is acting up. Your dog will now either die or hate you forever.
User avatar #159348 to #159343 - ferrettamer (10/21/2014) [-]
shove em up your ass
User avatar #159349 to #159348 - trapuke (10/21/2014) [-]
User avatar #159342 - closothehomosexual (10/21/2014) [-]
seriously though

my dick

sister's vagina

how do i do
User avatar #159444 to #159342 - herbolifee (23 hours ago) [-]
Stick it inside her and pee
User avatar #159346 to #159342 - makotoitou ONLINE (10/21/2014) [-]
#159345 to #159342 - xxxsonic fanxxx (10/21/2014) [-]
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