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User avatar #185730 - friedflounder ONLINE (6 minutes ago) [-]
anyone know any good apartment sites? i live in pennsylvania, lehigh valley to be exact. I went on craigslist and found some but they were in the shitty part of a close by city. Also some were just locatorsonline scam things and i cant find good information on others without sending an email requesting info.
please and thank you
#185725 - anonymous (32 minutes ago) [-]
So I might've fucked up bad. My gf and I are a long distance and she came down with her family to see me and it was a complete surprise for me. As such it being a surprise I was completely unprepared, so when things got hot and heavy I didn't have a condom. Now I didn't cum inside or anything like that, but there is now a chance she is pregnant and her period is getting late. It's a few days late from when it was last month and has been irregular before, but she also has shown one other sign of pregnancy. Neither of us are ready for a child, and her family is kinda batshit about intimacy and I'm more worried about what'd they do to her than me if she turns out to be pregnant. So guys how fucked am I?
User avatar #185731 to #185725 - womanexplain ONLINE (6 minutes ago) [-]
Go to planned parenthood and get the plan b pill.
#185732 to #185731 - anonymous (4 minutes ago) [-]
It's already been past 72 hours since this has happened. Not to mention she has already gone back to where she lives
User avatar #185735 to #185732 - womanexplain ONLINE (2 minutes ago) [-]
Sorry I wasn't thinking when I put that
why didn't you get the plan B pill if you were worried?
Get her to go to the doctor, if she is pregnant you're probably looking at an abortion.
Planned parenthood is the place to go.
User avatar #185734 to #185732 - womanexplain ONLINE (3 minutes ago) [-]
ask her to get the plan b pill
User avatar #185720 - advicedude (1 hour ago) [-]
I love logging into this board although I seem to read the posts a few hours too late haha! we need to have a system the notifies us any time someone posts onto this board.
#185716 - anonymous (1 hour ago) [-]
In Memorial Day, I was having an intellectual conversation with my family about my hatred towards feminazis and modern feminism at the dinner table. I was informing everyone about all the wrong feminists were doing and how they should all be murdered. My grandma then interrupted me and said I should be nicer to girls and no wonder I was still a 27 year old virgin. I called her a bitch and then my dad punched me in the face in front of everyone. He then sent me to my room without eating. I’m not allowed to go to /pol/ anymore. What should I do funnyjunk?
User avatar #185724 to #185716 - makotoitou ONLINE (37 minutes ago) [-]
just bee yourself :^)
User avatar #185722 to #185716 - yologdogtwo ONLINE (41 minutes ago) [-]
You should apologize to your grandmother. Understand that General opinions on the internet are ones that people keep to themselves in everyday life. So "Feminism is bad" opinion is a few years ahead of it's time.

Also understand that she was in the wrong, there are many reasons why you don't have a girlfriend. Funnyjunk loves you.
User avatar #185711 - confusedasian (2 hours ago) [-]
I craft with origami. I want to do other things though as a new hobby. Give me some ideas like wood sculpting, blacksmithing, I don't know really. Or if anyone here does origami, what would you recommend going into? Jewelry?
User avatar #185733 to #185711 - womanexplain ONLINE (4 minutes ago) [-]
you have the ideas already
#185706 - anonymous (6 hours ago) [-]
I think I made it out of the friend zone.
User avatar #185705 - alucord ONLINE (6 hours ago) [-]
Does anyone have any legal background, specifically singing a contract under duress?
#185697 - anonymous (9 hours ago) [-]
Need to be awake for another 17 hours. What should I do in the mean time?
User avatar #185719 to #185697 - advicedude (1 hour ago) [-]
A brisk walk outside for 15 minutes should help if you can.
User avatar #185713 to #185697 - makotoitou ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
#185707 to #185701 - anonymous (6 hours ago) [-]
This is probably the best game I've ever played.
User avatar #185708 to #185707 - sugoi (5 hours ago) [-]
Happy to help.
#185698 to #185697 - yourdonutz has deleted their comment [-]
#185693 - hotdogg (14 hours ago) [-]
Taking up four hours of my time or four hour's.
User avatar #185714 to #185693 - makotoitou ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
User avatar #185702 to #185693 - sugoi (6 hours ago) [-]
Four hours tends to do that.
User avatar #185691 - lolwtfbbqryan (15 hours ago) [-]
yo anyone on

i need advice on what i should put as starting expected pay

im 17, but i have experience in sales and such.

sales associate at a pool store. what should i put?
User avatar #185723 to #185691 - yologdogtwo ONLINE (39 minutes ago) [-]
A little above minimum wage. always shoot for a little above what you actually want.
User avatar #185715 to #185691 - makotoitou ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
minimum wage
User avatar #185689 - thatoldhorse ONLINE (15 hours ago) [-]
any advice for not being so critical of the actions i take?
User avatar #185703 to #185689 - sugoi (6 hours ago) [-]
Hang out on anime board and realize everyone's opinion is shit.
User avatar #185692 to #185689 - bobvonbobby (14 hours ago) [-]
Go up to random girls and start off with some rap lyrics, then act like a normal conversation. You'll find that they won't give a shit really what you started off with.

Go do push ups in public or a busy place.
User avatar #185690 to #185689 - hoponthefeelstrain ONLINE (15 hours ago) [-]
do something spontaneous, don't die. Repeat 6 times and realize you can do spontaneous stuff and not die.
User avatar #185694 to #185690 - thatoldhorse ONLINE (14 hours ago) [-]
no, like if someone criticizes me for anything thing i do i feel kinda, idont know.... worthless?
#185717 to #185694 - anonymous (1 hour ago) [-]
"Everybody makes mistakes, everybody as bad days

Everybody knows what what I'm talkin' 'bout, everybody gets that way..."

Learn to laugh at yourself.
The world isn't trying to punish you or make you feel bad.
Most people usually think about themselves and not what their actions/words have on other people.
The trick is to not take everything seriously.
Throw some humor in and you should be fine.

User avatar #185721 to #185717 - thatoldhorse ONLINE (50 minutes ago) [-]
i throw humour at pretty much everything i do its the only way to not feel like i want to slit my wrists
User avatar #185687 - nought (15 hours ago) [-]
any tips to concentrate on doing something
User avatar #185726 to #185687 - yologdogtwo ONLINE (23 minutes ago) [-]
Exercise every morning. And make sure you can feel the burn while you do it.

Feeling like you go something done before the day even begins everyday will help self esteem and motivation. And it has the added bonus of giving you that beachbody you want
User avatar #185704 to #185687 - sugoi (6 hours ago) [-]
Just Do It
There is no magic trick, unless you use ADD drugs, and I have no idea what they're called.
User avatar #185688 to #185687 - unforgivenfive ONLINE (15 hours ago) [-]
masturbate, get off the computer, take a quiet walk. get back to what you we're doing
#185685 - hotdogg (16 hours ago) [-]
sending files back late will effect my chances of your chances in the future

sending files back late will affect my chances of your chances in the future

whats right?
User avatar #185686 to #185685 - nought (15 hours ago) [-]
affect (v)
#185668 - notred (17 hours ago) [-]
A dude is going to be visiting me for a week at the end of june. I'm trying to figure out things we can do to make the most out of the week. So far I've figured Canada's wonder land and a beach trip.

I live fairly close to the city of london in canada. Anyone wanna help me out?
User avatar #185728 to #185668 - yologdogtwo ONLINE (21 minutes ago) [-]
Fuck that. Buy paint ball gear and spend the week in some trenches trying to kill each other while surviving off combat rations.
#185700 to #185668 - unitedabominations (8 hours ago) [-]
So did my idea win or nah
User avatar #185673 to #185668 - ferrettamer ONLINE (16 hours ago) [-]
If you're going to Toronto, the ROM and science center?
User avatar #185675 to #185673 - notred (16 hours ago) [-]
We may do toronto. I was considering Niagara falls as well since he hasn't seen it.

Although gas is expensive so we may not do that crap either.

#185669 to #185668 - unitedabominations (17 hours ago) [-]
Touch his wiener.
User avatar #185670 to #185669 - notred (17 hours ago) [-]
I'm not going to touch his wiener for 7 days straight.
#185671 to #185670 - unitedabominations (17 hours ago) [-]
Not with that attitude you aren't.
#185666 - nought (17 hours ago) [-]
**nought used "*roll picture*"**
**nought rolled image** i've been thinking about nihilism recently

and the idea is that there is no meaning to life but you can invent and create your own
#185667 to #185666 - unitedabominations (17 hours ago) [-]
Sounds pretty gay.
User avatar #185672 to #185667 - nought (16 hours ago) [-]
think about it
there is literally no purpose to living
there is no reason other than biological
there's no reason to do anything
#185674 to #185672 - unitedabominations (16 hours ago) [-]
You come off as a man with little friends, no job (or low-end job), and no significant other.

Try obtaining one or all of these things and stop being so edgy.
User avatar #185676 to #185674 - nought (16 hours ago) [-]
it is more than being edgy
i'm stealing right from Nietzsche here , without purpose people are left ultimately wondering and unhappy
ofc there are obligations in the real world (the purpose is job, supporting family friends) but that is not a purpose. you are the one who decides I will assign this meaning and society does too but I want more. that is the idea of creating purpose, saying this is why i exist?

sorry for being rant i am trying to write right now and it is spilling out
#185677 to #185676 - unitedabominations (16 hours ago) [-]
When is the last time you had a pp touch
User avatar #185684 to #185677 - nought (16 hours ago) [-]
if that means what i think it does, it's been several days now i need to get back
#185658 - anonymous (19 hours ago) [-]
Thinking of getting a job online as a transcriber, do I need PI insurance for that? the site isn't very professional and I only want it for a few months. Thanks for the help.
User avatar #185657 - thatoldhorse ONLINE (19 hours ago) [-]
i have no one to talk to my friends are all busy and i dont know where to go to meet people who actually want to talk to me (who are also my age)( 17)
User avatar #185665 to #185657 - sugoi (17 hours ago) [-]
Stick with talking to people online until some fancy event comes to town for you like a convention or some kids day or something.
User avatar #185679 to #185665 - thatoldhorse ONLINE (16 hours ago) [-]
i mean like it would kind of help to get out there and meet people in like,say a retail environment, right?
User avatar #185680 to #185679 - sugoi (16 hours ago) [-]
Then get a retail job.
Though I'm pretty sure it'll just make you loathe humanity since 90% of the time you'll be interacting with insufferable customers.
User avatar #185681 to #185680 - thatoldhorse ONLINE (16 hours ago) [-]
its better than wallowing in my own hate of myself
User avatar #185682 to #185681 - sugoi (16 hours ago) [-]
Maybe, self-hate or hate of others? but hey you might have a good time so I guess try finding a retail job.
User avatar #185683 to #185682 - thatoldhorse ONLINE (16 hours ago) [-]
i hate myself just because i care WAY too much of what others think.
User avatar #185659 to #185657 - fukkentyranitar (18 hours ago) [-]
Go outside. The mall maybe? idk, I'm on the same boat as you until I get my license.
User avatar #185660 to #185659 - thatoldhorse ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
i as thinking the mall but i find it reall odd to just talk to perfect strangers (irl) im super good at it on the internet. but in real life i talk like im having a stroke
User avatar #185661 to #185660 - fukkentyranitar (17 hours ago) [-]
Its really as simple as saying hi and asking how someone's day has been. I still kinda struggle myself but I just tell myself that its not that serious and power my way through it. Just don't pull a beta move and vomit or some shit like that. Maybe you should pretend as if you need directions to break the ice.
User avatar #185678 to #185661 - thatoldhorse ONLINE (16 hours ago) [-]
i just dont want to come off as creepy or anything and im very self-critical.
User avatar #185695 to #185678 - fukkentyranitar (14 hours ago) [-]
When in doubt, say fuck it. You have to force yourself out of your comfort zone. As soon as you get the ball rolling, it gets easier and easier. Eventually it becomes natural. As it should be.
#185656 - anonymous (19 hours ago) [-]
why is it everytime someone says i did something wrong i always feel so worthless about myself. (yes i know i have severe self worth and esteem isues.)
User avatar #185662 to #185656 - sugoi (17 hours ago) [-]
Because you have severe self worth and self-esteem issues.
I mean you pretty much got it figured out there buddy. When you do something wrong it usually isn't that big of a deal unless you messed up something like heart surgery. Gotta learn to brush it off, alternatively, learn from what you did wrong and just don't make mistakes again.
User avatar #185653 - silverzepher (20 hours ago) [-]
i'm broke and need to get a updated resume, anyone have a link to a free resume creator ?
User avatar #185663 to #185653 - sugoi (17 hours ago) [-]
Just google a template and write it yourself.
You got MS word? If not an open-source equivalent will do as well.
#185646 - anonymous (22 hours ago) [-]
I feel like shit guys
Have a horrendous cold.
the girl I took on a date yesterday is aloof to me like we never hung out in the first place.
Plus I failed a test.
Life really blows sometimes.
User avatar #185648 to #185646 - xXThatxOnexGuyXx (21 hours ago) [-]
I would suggest grabbing some DayQuil and NyQuil for that bad cold.

As far as the date went... Any further context you'd like to give?
#185650 to #185648 - anonymous (21 hours ago) [-]
It went great she seemed really invested in conversation! Thats why I dont understand why she was more distant than usual today. Practically avoided almost.
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