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User avatar #29671 - nyawgga (04/17/2015) [-]
I like to keep my workouts short and intense, never past an hour.

therefore I usually never have enough to do abs or calves. Would it make sense to group them together for their own workout day? Throw in some cardio too?
User avatar #29691 to #29671 - MatthewsGauss (04/18/2015) [-]
if you dont want to work abs then just do deathlifts everyday :^)
User avatar #29692 to #29691 - marinepenguin (04/18/2015) [-]
You need more then just squats and deadlifts to have a good core. You still need to implement direct core training.
User avatar #29693 to #29692 - MatthewsGauss (04/18/2015) [-]
nah man you only need to do deathlifts to get the maximum contraction of you core :^)
User avatar #29694 to #29693 - marinepenguin (04/18/2015) [-]
Oh okay
User avatar #29687 to #29671 - pwnagraphy ONLINE (04/18/2015) [-]
Even better idea take the extra 15 minutes it takes to throw them in and stop complaining you lazy fuck
User avatar #29695 to #29687 - nyawgga (04/18/2015) [-]
Cortisol starts to accumulate by around an hour after your workouts. My workouts last usually exactly that long. Not to mention I have fuck all for energy left by that point, so my form would be retarded for ab workouts.
User avatar #29696 to #29695 - marinepenguin (04/18/2015) [-]
Its a bit early to be worrying about cortisol levels and other hormone stuff at this stage don't you think?
User avatar #29698 to #29697 - marinepenguin (04/18/2015) [-]
If you say so.

I'd be more worried about lifting right and eating enough of the right foods. Not my cortisol levels. Unless you are eating so shitty and working out so hard and at wrong times that your cortisol levels are sky high and your testosterone levels are low, cortisol levels won't fluctuate enough or reach high enough levels to be damaging.

Higher level athletes need to worry about them a little more, but even they don't need to be concerned with it much.
User avatar #29699 to #29698 - nyawgga (04/18/2015) [-]
That's exactly what I mean, I'm eating right, and working out intensely. I was in the gym for about two hours minimum per workout, 4 times per week, and saw little results! I want to switch it up and be in there with less volume but more intensity
User avatar #29700 to #29699 - marinepenguin (04/18/2015) [-]
And how long were you doing that for? Were you focusing mostly on compound movements or doing movement after movement of isolation?

When people don't see results, it's because they either:

1. Don't eat enough
2. Aren't working out properly
3. Aren't progressing every workout.
User avatar #29668 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
>everyone wants abs
>everyone wants big arms

Abs and arms are nice, but what really shows that you lift is a nice thick set of traps.
User avatar #29714 to #29668 - shedinja (04/18/2015) [-]
"But chix don't care about legs bruh" i hear this so often i want to scream
User avatar #29709 to #29668 - lordketchup (04/18/2015) [-]
massive traps aren't very attractive, though
User avatar #29711 to #29709 - marinepenguin (04/18/2015) [-]
I hope that's a joke.
User avatar #29713 to #29711 - lordketchup (04/18/2015) [-]
abs and arms are generally more attractive than traps

a defined back is sexy af for women, but just large traps not so much
User avatar #29715 to #29713 - marinepenguin (04/18/2015) [-]
Well I disagree.
User avatar #29688 to #29668 - pwnagraphy ONLINE (04/18/2015) [-]
My traps are completely flat and non-existent.....

.....until I flex and my shoulders suddenly grow 5 inches taller, frightening women and children
User avatar #29685 to #29668 - fuzzybutt (04/17/2015) [-]
I'm surprised as many people adhere to the "Most lifters skip leg day" cliche. Most I've met don't do any lower body workouts at all, and pretty much only work arms and back.

I'm curious as to how they'd look a couple of years down the line with this routine..
User avatar #29686 to #29685 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
I know a guy in his late 40s who benches well over 4 plates and never does legs for whatever reason. Awesome dude, super nice. But he looks like he's gonna collapse under his own weight when he wears shorts.

If you are a serious lifter you never skip legs, it's a priority.
User avatar #29681 to #29668 - Draigor (04/17/2015) [-]
I can always appreciate a nice set of traps on a man....
User avatar #29684 to #29681 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
N-no homo
User avatar #29679 to #29668 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Back too yo. Massive back = massive man.
User avatar #29683 to #29679 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
Well, you don't normally see a guy with big traps and a slim back. Although a guy with a wide thick back can have lagging traps.
User avatar #29689 to #29683 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/18/2015) [-]
There seems to be a direct correlation between having thick lumbar erectors, and big traps. You often see guys with wide backs, but no traps. But you rarely see guys with thick backs and no traps. It's the difference between a pull-up hero and a deadlift monster.
User avatar #29690 to #29689 - marinepenguin (04/18/2015) [-]
I could definitely see the correlation between the lumbars and the lower traps, but not the upper traps.

And I would agree about the pullups, but not weighted pull ups, doing a set of ten with two plates hanging from your waist is gonna take a thick back.
User avatar #29669 to #29668 - nyawgga (04/17/2015) [-]
All I want to do is fill my sleeves

User avatar #29670 to #29669 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
On your journey to a large and intimidating back made of stone, you'll reach your goal of arms like tree branches.
#29664 - europe (04/17/2015) [-]
#29659 - leal (04/17/2015) [-]
So I started lifting in september and I finally decided to do it.

I just ate 10g and suddenly I have 16 inch biceps and a 48 inch chest.

Nah just kidding, but seriously baby's first creatine.
#29663 to #29659 - dehumanizer (04/17/2015) [-]
>taking supplements
User avatar #29680 to #29663 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
what a stupid username that guy has.....

User avatar #29642 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]

Draigor, Studbeefpile

It's interesting how after our long discussion on aesthetics and powerlifting, this article is posted on tnation just one day later.
#29651 to #29642 - baglesbites (04/17/2015) [-]
This article basically tells us that people need specificity of training. It amazes me that people have trouble with this idea that an advanced lifter like a competitive bodybuilder can get away with little to no mid- high rep work when their goal is to build a large, detailed body.
I respect bodybuilders, strong men, and powerlifters but the average person needs to realize if they don't compete, they should try and incorporate a little of everything to get fit and avoid the over use injures that long time competitive lifters get.
User avatar #29662 to #29651 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
No, the article is saying that bodybuilders have begun to use powerlifting methods too much, and should resort to going back to bodybuilding methods, with only a few powerlifting methods involved.
#29652 to #29651 - baglesbites (04/17/2015) [-]
Wow that was jumbled and I kind of contradicted myself. Excuse me while I go to sleep
User avatar #29640 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Body weight bench for reps! I got 9 at 210 (paused), give it a shot!
User avatar #29665 to #29640 - europe (04/17/2015) [-]
Should be hitting my bodyweight in a month or two with bench
User avatar #29658 to #29640 - MatthewsGauss (04/17/2015) [-]
finally hit 2pl8 on bench so I think I can get 6 or 7 of 200 out.
User avatar #29677 to #29658 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
I dunno, I max 275 and I only got 9 of 210. If you can do it, more power to you!
User avatar #29672 to #29658 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
>not paused

Does that even count?
User avatar #29673 to #29672 - MatthewsGauss (04/17/2015) [-]
why would I pause for trying a new max, that's just retarded.
User avatar #29678 to #29673 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
what? You mean you guys don't always pause your maxes.....
User avatar #29674 to #29673 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
>not recognizing a joke
User avatar #29643 to #29640 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
I think I've got about 3-5 reps with my bodyweight. I'll be finding out for sure next chest day. Been rocking that 5-4-3-2-1.
User avatar #29613 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Finally got new wrist wraps. Can't wait to start Barbell OHP'n again.
User avatar #29657 to #29613 - Draigor (04/17/2015) [-]
what kind?
User avatar #29676 to #29657 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Shitty Gold's Gym brand.

Good enough for me, though.
User avatar #29682 to #29676 - Draigor (04/17/2015) [-]
As long as they don't unwrap/pop off they're good enough. I got a pair of Titans max rpms last year, they're great quality and work great.
User avatar #29616 to #29613 - MatthewsGauss (04/17/2015) [-]
You bet be joshing me m80
User avatar #29614 to #29613 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
Straps for OHP?
#29617 to #29614 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Wrist wraps are not straps, ya doof. I don't believe in using straps.
User avatar #29622 to #29617 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
Ohhhhhhhhh, I've never used those so I'm not familiar with them.
User avatar #29624 to #29622 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
They're super useful if you have issues with wrist support. I generally don't need them for benching (although I like to use them if I'm going heavy), however the wrist angle OHP puts me in hurts quite a bit without straps.

User avatar #29627 to #29624 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
I can touch my thumb and ring finger around my wrist.

And don't you generally OHP with the same grip width as bench?
User avatar #29632 to #29627 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
I can too, but I have super short, stout fingers.

No, but it isn't just about grip width. The wrist angle is also influenced by the position of the forearm and elbow in relation to the shoulder.
User avatar #29635 to #29632 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
Ah. Well my forearms and my wrists line up to where they aren't in an awkward position, luckily.
User avatar #29637 to #29635 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Yeah, it's mostly about the weight distribution. In the bench, my wrists remain aligned with my humerus and chest, with the OHP, they're over just my forearm, in the bottom position.
User avatar #29619 to #29617 - MatthewsGauss (04/17/2015) [-]
Why do you need those?
User avatar #29620 to #29619 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Because I get wrist pain if I don't use them...

I have small wrists, the angle with OHP hurts them. I can't even curl with a straight barbell.
User avatar #29621 to #29620 - MatthewsGauss (04/17/2015) [-]
poor guy
User avatar #29618 to #29617 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
#29605 - envinite (04/17/2015) [-]
I skipped abs day so I can go to my uni party last night.   
 Mistake was made
I skipped abs day so I can go to my uni party last night.

Mistake was made
#29650 to #29605 - baglesbites (04/17/2015) [-]
>having a dedicated abs day
that's the only problem I see here.
User avatar #29656 to #29650 - envinite (04/17/2015) [-]
I have altered my workout routine until the next few weeks because I have to train as a cheerleader team, no homo.

So really, if that day I trained my back & biceps too like usual, I will feel like old, chippy shit on my training.
User avatar #29604 - thispuckingguy (04/17/2015) [-]
most of you are/were fat once
#29710 to #29604 - lordketchup (04/18/2015) [-]
no i was skelly
User avatar #29666 to #29604 - europe (04/17/2015) [-]
I'm just fluffy
User avatar #29634 to #29604 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Still am, bro!
User avatar #29607 to #29604 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
User avatar #29706 to #29607 - europe (04/18/2015) [-]
Started skinnyfat, now I'm buildfat
#29599 - leal (04/17/2015) [-]
Are big biceps the key to looking good in shirts?
#29648 to #29599 - itszyzzbrah (04/17/2015) [-]
not wearing a shirt is the key.
User avatar #29649 to #29648 - leal (04/17/2015) [-]
Nowhere near zyzz big yet..
User avatar #29602 to #29599 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
The key to looking good in shirts is having a barrel chest, iron back, and tree branch arms.

You gotta have an appreciable amount of muscle.
#29611 to #29602 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
>tfw short humerus gib big chest and tricep gainz
User avatar #29612 to #29611 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
Tfw longer lifts make me larger easier
#29615 to #29612 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
>tfw my arms are only 15in.....
User avatar #29626 to #29615 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
And you don't really focus on stuff like that anyways.
User avatar #29628 to #29626 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
No, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice to have big arms!

That may or may not be a small part of the reason I started doing Tricep Push Downs so much....
User avatar #29631 to #29628 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
Train more like a bodybuilder for a few months then.

You may find that it ends up helping your lifts when you go back to your regular training.
User avatar #29633 to #29631 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
Imma let you in on a secret about my training for the past month.

I've been starting the session with only 1-4 heavy sets of the main compound (1 for deadlifts, 4 for bench, etc), then doing 3-5 accessory movements for 3+ sets in the 10-20 rep range.
User avatar #29636 to #29633 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
That's a nice middle ground. I have have lots of 4x12 or 5x15 in my program.
User avatar #29625 to #29615 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
I'm sure you knew what I meant
#29601 to #29599 - baglesbites (04/17/2015) [-]
Triceps are a bigger muscle, therefore fill out the sleeves better. But to look good in a shirt you need big traps, arms, chest, and an upright posture- big shoulders finish the look but are probably the least necessary
User avatar #29595 - pwnagraphy ONLINE (04/16/2015) [-]
Reverse gains thread: The Downsides of being /fit/

Chest too big, pulls up shirt and reveals part of stomach

Too poor to buy pre-fit clothes. Pants keep falling down

Biceps stretch sleeves too much and look retarded

Thighs too muscular, running is uncomfortable because of standing friction

Run 2 miles in the morning, lift 5 times a week hard, 100 Russian Twists for 3 sets every other day, 1300lb maxes, Certified powerlifter, only capable of producing visceral fat "Lol go run fatass I bet you've never been to a gym in your life" from people who do nothing but stay home doing nothing then go to parties

"Anon why won't you drink with us?" It hurts muscular growth. It's also illegal because I'm a minor. "Ugghh you're too obsessed with your stupid workout shit you can never have fun


>Got fit
>Women ignore because too fit
>Men attracted because fit
User avatar #29667 to #29595 - europe (04/17/2015) [-]
Let's see
>can't fit into most of my clothes anymore
>Largest pants that I can buy at a certain store, still tight around my thighs whenever I'm cycling
>Can't comfortably button up/unbutton my coat due to the lack of room in the sleeves ever since I started lifting
>Can't work on certain days because I gotta lift on these days while also making sure I follow my diet
>Get all the jobs and chores that involve lifting because "anon is strong anyways"
User avatar #29629 to #29595 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
Women ignore cuz too fit?

Hanging around the wrong women. I get complimented all the time.
User avatar #29630 to #29629 - pwnagraphy ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
No it's "Anon leave me alone you can do WAAAAAAAAAY better" Or because I'm so into fitness and nobody else around me is they don't want to get involved

Life is complicate
User avatar #29638 to #29630 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
Oh my, Those sound like girls not wanting to hurt your feelings by turning you down.

Girls will not turn a guy down because they deserve better.

Most girls want the strong, rippled, handsome guy with a nice butt. And they become more prevalent the older you get. Before your 20s, girls like long haired ladyboys with band tattoos.
User avatar #29639 to #29638 - pwnagraphy ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
But I'm not a strong, ripped, handsome guy. I train for World Strongman, meaning I'm hella stronk but somewhere between bearmode and fat guy
User avatar #29641 to #29639 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
Then you probably won't ever fit the definition of "ripped", you'll just be "giant". Which isn't a bad thing I'd say.
User avatar #29598 to #29595 - leal (04/17/2015) [-]
If you're fat you're doing something wrong.
User avatar #29596 to #29595 - Draigor (04/16/2015) [-]
Definitely all the new pants and gym shorts I had to buy
#29590 - Ken M (04/16/2015) [-]
Shoo shoo gains goblin
#29583 - lunch (04/16/2015) [-]
yeah im on that 3x8 preacher doughnut curl routine. How about you?
User avatar #29585 to #29583 - nyawgga (04/16/2015) [-]
Wtf is a doughnut curl?
User avatar #29586 to #29585 - lunch (04/16/2015) [-]
its where you curl a doughnut into your mouth
User avatar #29588 to #29586 - shedinja (04/16/2015) [-]
I like you
User avatar #29582 - connorjay (04/16/2015) [-]
Just booked an off the cuff holiday to Cuba.

I've got 5 weeks to lose the fat and look fucking awesome...

Wish me luck guys!
User avatar #29597 to #29582 - MatthewsGauss (04/17/2015) [-]
how much you planning on losing?
User avatar #29647 to #29597 - connorjay (04/17/2015) [-]
No specific plan, just going to run a few times a week and carry on hitting the gym 4 days a week.

I can't go too nuts as I still have four essays to write within the next 3 weeks...

Probably a couple kilos?
User avatar #29654 to #29647 - MatthewsGauss (04/17/2015) [-]
When I was cutting I found that walking/jogging for 30 minutes when you first wake up without eating food to be the best way to lose weight.
User avatar #29655 to #29654 - connorjay (04/17/2015) [-]
Yeah, that's a plan. I need to find a strap for my phone or iPod or something...
User avatar #29591 to #29582 - pwnagraphy ONLINE (04/16/2015) [-]
>TFW American
>You will never get to see somewhat exotic women bouncing on your dick while praising a 104 y/o dictator
User avatar #29584 to #29582 - lunch (04/16/2015) [-]
good luck!
User avatar #29574 - nimba (04/16/2015) [-]
How do you guys manage breathing on things like squats/lunges/chest press? I've become self-conscious about it either through overthinking it or increasing my weight and having to actually breath during sets and can't remember what I used to do (
User avatar #29578 to #29574 - lordketchup (04/16/2015) [-]
breath in, push/pull, breath out during eccentric movement, it works best for me
#29568 - europe (04/16/2015) [-]
Full grain pasta or brown rice, which is best to eat daily?
User avatar #29569 to #29568 - Draigor (04/16/2015) [-]
Brown rice. Full grain pasta is still processed food. But thats if you want to be nitpicky
#29554 - dehumanizer (04/16/2015) [-]
No...j-just.... no....
#29579 to #29554 - lordketchup (04/16/2015) [-]
if they don't make her the cover they'll get alot of hate so it's a nobrainer this
if they don't make her the cover they'll get alot of hate so it's a nobrainer this
#29644 to #29579 - dehumanizer (04/17/2015) [-]



User avatar #29566 to #29554 - europe (04/16/2015) [-]
"More visibility" sounds an awful lot like "more attention"
User avatar #29572 to #29566 - nimba (04/16/2015) [-]
surely trans people want less visibility; you know... so they can be more convincingly the target gender?
User avatar #29558 to #29554 - marinepenguin (04/16/2015) [-]
>Not a man
#29567 to #29558 - dehumanizer (04/16/2015) [-]
speak of unnatty
#29645 to #29570 - dehumanizer (04/17/2015) [-]
she's so unnatty she has to get not only steroids but male hormones and a fake dick
User avatar #29646 to #29645 - marinepenguin (04/17/2015) [-]
Well I'm not sure if she's taking more testosterone than what the average man would produce, but I see what youre saying. She wouldn't be building that much muscle with her natural hormones.
#29553 - thtguyfromwork (04/16/2015) [-]
Ive always been on and off with lifting but for the last three months Ive been pretty consistent. Ive been seeing improvement, and I went from 140 lbs to 150 lbs.

Problem is, my lower back is starting to feel really uncomfortable, especially when I sit down. I never work out lower back and I don't do dead lifts. Im taking a break from squating since I'm pretty sure that's what's causing it.

Does anyone recommend anything? Swimming, Yoga?

Thanks in advance
#29603 to #29553 - baglesbites (04/17/2015) [-]
Start doing lower back work. Deadlifts are the best, but back extensions, stiff leg deadlifts an romanian deadlifts are all good too. Without hitting your lower back, the rest of your body is growing but your spinal erectors are turning into dust. Avoiding a muscle is just going to cause imbalance
User avatar #29592 to #29553 - pwnagraphy ONLINE (04/16/2015) [-]
You're subconsciously leaning forward in your squats and hurting your back. Record a few sets and watch. It also might be you're not going to parallel or too far down

Or your mattress could just be shit and needs to be flipped. Either way get surgery as it fixes most problems
User avatar #29589 to #29553 - Draigor (04/16/2015) [-]
Do you do any sort of mobility work or stretching?
User avatar #29587 to #29553 - nyawgga (04/16/2015) [-]
I do hot yoga once a week. Im not getting any special benefits yet, because I dont go enough. But its fun, definitely recommend. Slash everywhere
User avatar #29573 to #29553 - nimba (04/16/2015) [-]
what sort of sore? Sharp-stabbing or more like a spicy ache or what?
#29575 to #29573 - thtguyfromwork (04/16/2015) [-]
it's just getting really uncomfortable. Feels tight man. But it's been happening for a while and it's almost non stop throughout the day
User avatar #29660 to #29575 - loomiss ONLINE (04/17/2015) [-]
I have the same problem.
How much you squat
#29661 to #29660 - thtguyfromwork (04/17/2015) [-]
Im 5'6, 150 lbs and I squat up to 2 plates, so 225
User avatar #29546 - marinepenguin (04/16/2015) [-]
Finally hit the big 200 for 5 on pause bench.

Also I've been recently tallying up all the weight I do in a training session to more accurately measure volume, and I plan on at the very least increasing my total poundage every workout. This bench day for example, I did well over 12,000+ pounds throughout the workout, compared to around 10,000 last week. I'll slowly add reps, weight, and sets and see where that takes me for a while.
User avatar #29556 to #29546 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/16/2015) [-]
Nice dude. Getting up there for sure.

I did the body weight for reps challenge the other day and ended up getting 210 for 9 (paused of course).....so damn close to 10....
User avatar #29557 to #29556 - marinepenguin (04/16/2015) [-]
You ever try the 50 weight squat challenge? Throw 185 on a bar and try to rep out 50. Not paused, no stops at the top. Just try to rep 50 in a row.

You discover that you're a little bitch most of the time.
User avatar #29559 to #29557 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/16/2015) [-]
There's no fucking way I could get 50 with 185. 135 maybe...
User avatar #29561 to #29559 - marinepenguin (04/16/2015) [-]
I tried it maybe 3 or 4 months ago and got 35. It's a mental thing just as much as a physical thing.
User avatar #29562 to #29561 - studbeefpile ONLINE (04/16/2015) [-]
Yeah, I know all about that. I just don't think I could get that many without stopping at the top. Gotta breathe, yo.

*When asked about breathing: "It varies with the length of the set. 5s or fewer get a breath to reset. Longer sets might take 2 breaths. During the last few reps of a true 20RM squat, just do what Jesus tells you." -Jesus H. Rippetoe
User avatar #29564 to #29562 - marinepenguin (04/16/2015) [-]
Well sure, I'm not saying hold your breath the whole time. But you don't want to wait for 5 seconds between reps.

I like that quote
User avatar #29537 - lunch (04/16/2015) [-]
17, 6'4" 280 lbs around 28% body fat
changed diet
eating -500 to -600 calories a day from resting
changes are so fucking slow
what can i do to speed this shit up, im tired of being fat kid
User avatar #29593 to #29537 - pwnagraphy ONLINE (04/16/2015) [-]
Lift more in line with a Bodybuilding routine because I'm the exact same as you except 18 and 23%

Embrace Bear Mode
User avatar #29606 to #29593 - lunch (04/17/2015) [-]
Become the Bear
User avatar #29539 to #29537 - loomiss ONLINE (04/16/2015) [-]
Change your username away from lunch. Forget lunch exists, eat less, profit.
But whats your current routine on top of dieting?
User avatar #29540 to #29539 - lunch (04/16/2015) [-]
just whatever i feel like, if i want to sprint a mile ill do that then fuck around with some weights, i usually keep it centered on one muscle area. My upper body is weak as fuck so I usually train that more often then legs or core.
User avatar #29541 to #29540 - loomiss ONLINE (04/16/2015) [-]
Well if you wanna get shit done I'd recommend not "whatever i feel like"

I'm sure people of this board can give a good routine if you're willing to stick by it, no skipping.
I would say do some weight training + hard cardio. It will give a little more muscle while cutting fat. Obviously your strength gains won't be incredible because carido will mess with em. But it's better than 0 muscle.
Let me get this fella in here
marinepenguin i think is the man
I don't know enough to give amazing advice. I'd say some good compound lifts 3 times a week + 4-5 times a week. That with your deficit will probably help you cut real quick, from there you're probably gonna wanna bulk back up with some good muscle I presume.
User avatar #29542 to #29541 - lunch (04/16/2015) [-]
Yeah, I want to drop to about 8% then bulk to 15%. Rinse and repeat. I really dont know a good routine because the past exercise i've gotten was football practices and games. I was d-line and special teams so my legs are amazing compared to the rest of my body.
User avatar #29545 to #29542 - marinepenguin (04/16/2015) [-]
Pretty much just lift 3 days a week or so. Usually some full body training with big movements. Then do sprints and hard conditioning work on your off days. That along with a 400-500 calorie deficit should do ya some good after several months. If you aren't losing around a pound or two a week on average, drop another hundred calories, but don't go crazy.
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Okay, so what should I do when lifting and on what days?
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You can decide between all sorts of three day splits. Lets say you go Monday (A day), Wednesday (B day), Friday (C day), with the weekend off of lifting.

You could do a p/p/l split.
A - Push
B- Pull
C - Legs

An upper lower split
A - Upper body
B - Lower body
C - Upper body
(You'd obviously do lower body twice the week after this one, to keep it even)

Full body split
A - Full body
B - Full body
C - Full body

Those are the main three I'd recommend, keep it around 4-6 movements, with 3-5 sets of 8-15.
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Thanks man, I'm glad I could get some help on where to start.
User avatar #29552 to #29551 - marinepenguin (04/16/2015) [-]
No problem. Feel free to get a hold of me if you have any questions.
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Might as well start with Strong Lifts or Starting Strength and use the off days for cardio.
User avatar #29549 to #29543 - loomiss ONLINE (04/16/2015) [-]
Google the routine, there are some variations. Definitely don't change it too much.
User avatar #29548 to #29543 - lunch (04/16/2015) [-]
where can I read up on Starting Strength
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