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User avatar #11898 - mondominiman (12/17/2013) [-]
I once lost 20 pounds in 1 week. I ended up in the hospital though
User avatar #11899 to #11898 - mexicandudeinsd (12/17/2013) [-]
how teach me your secrets
User avatar #11902 to #11899 - mondominiman (12/17/2013) [-]
I only ended up losing so much because I worked in the fields some years back. It was around 95 degree weather I was lifting 50-60lbs every few seconds carrying it some few years and repeat. Do this for 8 hours 7 days a week. I was incredibly overweight at the time too. I almost ended up fainting at home since I had an asthma attack. When I got to the hospital they weighed me (after a bunch of other stuff) and I was 20 lbs lighter.
User avatar #11903 to #11902 - mexicandudeinsd (12/17/2013) [-]
so go outside and pick up 50 lbs for the whole day in a week
too much work haha plus i got school
User avatar #11904 to #11903 - mondominiman (12/17/2013) [-]
I would have chosen school instead. No, my parents dragged me during summer vacation to help out so I wouldn't be sitting at home all day. No, but I finished school and college now I get to relax in an air conditioned building earning 4x what I did out there and doing 1/4 the work.
User avatar #11905 to #11904 - mexicandudeinsd (12/17/2013) [-]
that sounds nice, what do you work as?
User avatar #11906 to #11905 - mondominiman (12/17/2013) [-]
I'm a telecomm tech at a hospital.
User avatar #11907 to #11906 - mexicandudeinsd (12/17/2013) [-]
so you manage tech?
User avatar #11908 to #11907 - mondominiman (12/17/2013) [-]
I work on servers and switches from time to time or fix problems that happen within the network because some nurse forwarded some chain mail.
User avatar #11909 to #11908 - mexicandudeinsd (12/17/2013) [-]
hahaha wow forward their mail sounds cool better than being out in the sun
User avatar #11911 to #11909 - mondominiman (12/17/2013) [-]
I don't think there are many mexicans on this site. If i remember correclty we were one of the bottom percentages during that survey some guy did a few months back
User avatar #11910 to #11909 - mondominiman (12/17/2013) [-]
They're still norma people and they still tend to screw things up that I have to fix
#11897 - anon (12/17/2013) [-]
I'm trying to get used to breathing through my nose when I run, but it sucks during this time of year because when I first start going it feels like I'm sniffing ground ice cubes.
User avatar #11890 - pandation ONLINE (12/15/2013) [-]
Worked out for the first time in 3 years since I played football high school. I can't fucking extend my arms I'm so sore. I'm walking around like a goddamn T-rex
User avatar #11891 to #11890 - unncommon (12/15/2013) [-]
Epsom Salt bath.
User avatar #11893 to #11891 - pandation ONLINE (12/16/2013) [-]
Already tried that. Looked up some symptoms and found that it might be DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and that I just need to let it rest. Guess this is my body punishing me for making excuses for all those years
User avatar #11894 to #11893 - unncommon (12/16/2013) [-]
DOMS usually occurs 24 - 48 hours after working out. If you're hurting the next day then it's not DOMS. But the reason why I say to take an Epsom Salt bath is because it reduces soreness.
User avatar #11895 to #11894 - pandation ONLINE (12/16/2013) [-]
I worked out on friday at 10 pm and it started hurting last night. I'd actually say the time frame is perfect
User avatar #11888 - daryldixon (12/15/2013) [-]
hey fitness

do you know any good diet mealplans to follow that'll keep me under 1200-1500 calories a day?

User avatar #11950 to #11888 - nimba (12/28/2013) [-]
I heard semen is low in calories
seriously, nobody should live on that much
#11928 to #11888 - anon (12/22/2013) [-]
I heard suicide is a great way to stay in shape
#11927 to #11888 - anon (12/22/2013) [-]
Kill yourself
#11926 to #11888 - anon (12/22/2013) [-]
#11889 to #11888 - anon (12/15/2013) [-]
Intermitting fasting
User avatar #11901 to #11889 - mexicandudeinsd (12/17/2013) [-]
whats that?
#11868 - whatevermanitslike **User deleted account** (12/13/2013) [-]
Is hay a good thing to eat all the time?
#11870 to #11868 - yeahhey (12/13/2013) [-]
No you likely have cancer now kill yourself before it spreads
#11872 to #11870 - whatevermanitslike **User deleted account** (12/13/2013) [-]
wow, r00d

I am just a filly
#11878 to #11872 - anon (12/13/2013) [-]
I hear that it is treatable with 9mm rounds.
#11873 to #11872 - yeahhey (12/13/2013) [-]
I'm sorry you've been stricken with this terminal affliction so early
I truly am
#11864 - citrusmath (12/13/2013) [-]
Evening fit, are you jealous you'll never have the body of a REAL MAN

#11988 to #11864 - anon (01/01/2014) [-]
how old r u.? u have tha body ov a prepubescent child...thats y ur hiding ur face.?
User avatar #11916 to #11864 - astraea (12/18/2013) [-]
I cringe looking at this.
User avatar #11896 to #11864 - alstorp (12/16/2013) [-]
User avatar #11887 to #11864 - defender (12/15/2013) [-]
start chugging weight gain shakes
#11884 to #11864 - anon (12/14/2013) [-]
holy fuck eat something please
User avatar #11880 to #11864 - rokkarokkaali (12/13/2013) [-]
You have nice bulge
User avatar #11881 to #11880 - shibe (12/13/2013) [-]
just say you're gay already

just quit denying it
User avatar #11882 to #11881 - rokkarokkaali (12/13/2013) [-]
Im straighter than the dildo in my ass
User avatar #11874 to #11864 - unncommon (12/13/2013) [-]
This hurts me in the sternum area /:
#11865 to #11864 - yeahhey (12/13/2013) [-]
Fag do you even lift
User avatar #11866 to #11865 - citrusmath (12/13/2013) [-]
ye m8 step of i curl 5 tons b4 brekki wht of it m8
#11867 to #11866 - yeahhey (12/13/2013) [-]
Shut up fag i bench 420 every day u pump chew toys
User avatar #11869 to #11867 - citrusmath (12/13/2013) [-]
bitch u wona fite ill bop ye in the noggin rite swer on me mum
#11871 to #11869 - yeahhey (12/13/2013) [-]
u cheeky lil kunt y dont u say that to my face not on the internet ill fuckin reck u m8
User avatar #11850 - connorjay (12/10/2013) [-]
Unsure what to think of this guys:

September: 12.3% body fat (9.2kg), 87.7% lean muscle (65.8kg) weighing in at 75.05kg

Today: 13.9% body fat (11kg), 86.1% muscle (68kg) weighing in at 79.05kg

Should I be happy with this or not?
I mean I put on 2.2kg of muscle, but at the same time I put on a lot of fat.
User avatar #11935 to #11850 - sommerli (12/25/2013) [-]
I really hope youre not thinking that your body consist of pure lean muscle and fat.
#11863 to #11850 - anon (12/12/2013) [-]
What exactly did you expect to happen when bulking?
User avatar #11851 to #11850 - mrnappy (12/10/2013) [-]
Depends what you're going for (body type)

It's pretty good for BB 'cause during the winter people usually 'bulk' and in the summer they 'cu't
User avatar #11853 to #11851 - connorjay (12/10/2013) [-]
Yeah, I think I just skimped on the cardio too much.

On the very bright side, I'm a hell of a lot stronger.
I was happier too, but just realising I put on that much fat is a bit disgusting to me!
User avatar #11854 to #11853 - mrnappy (12/10/2013) [-]
Meh, i'm trying to gain weight I hate chocolate and junk food but i'm trying to overeat and eat a lot of junk food. I wanna gain 15 lbs by January and then stay that weight till Spring.

For cardio, do HIIT sprints (every other day) as regular cardio will actually burn protein stores making you less bigger (not necessarily weaker).

It's probably your eating, watch what you eat and you should be fine.
User avatar #11843 - waitingformydeath (12/10/2013) [-]
do you guys drink water? I feel like when I drink water I just get slower and tired faster, also my heart beat gets higher faster
User avatar #11951 to #11843 - nimba (12/28/2013) [-]
There's a point when water steals good things from your body, like salts and shit. You'd have to drink quite a lot though for that. I try not to drink water during a workout, but drink most other time
User avatar #11957 to #11951 - waitingformydeath (12/28/2013) [-]
maybe I'm thinking about it too much either way, it might be for other reasons for all I know
I usually get really thirsty anyway and I could try not downing a 16 ounce bottle of water before and after working out, but I don't really know what would happen after that
#11879 to #11843 - anon (12/13/2013) [-]
You might just be thinking about it too much; being paranoid, if you will.

Plus, water is fucking great for you. I doubt it actually does that to you.
User avatar #11844 to #11843 - wydell (12/10/2013) [-]
I drink a minimum of 1 liter a day, do you regularly drink water?
User avatar #11845 to #11844 - waitingformydeath (12/10/2013) [-]
yea, i'm thinking I drink too much actually
User avatar #11848 to #11845 - wydell (12/10/2013) [-]
do you mean when you work out and drink water?
#11847 to #11845 - anon (12/10/2013) [-]
How much do you usually drink? That shit's pretty weird to be honest.

I drink more than a gallon a day, sometimes up to 1.5 gallons, and none of that happens to me
User avatar #11839 - domitius (12/09/2013) [-]
>need to gain weight fast
>piss poor budget
>any suggestions?
#11846 to #11839 - anon (12/10/2013) [-]
Whole milk, brown rice, chicken breasts, eggs, peanut butter, olive or coconut oil

That, and fast food. Not exactly the healthiest shit, but it's great for bulking on a budget. Make it happen brah
User avatar #11840 to #11839 - newposterintown (12/10/2013) [-]
lol, having a piss poor budget is pretty conducive to gaining weight, it couldn't possibly be too hard
User avatar #11838 - minialice (12/09/2013) [-]
So after I had my son I gained like 180 lbs. I don't eat bread or grease or sugar, I haven't for like almost 4 months,I've only lost like 20 lbs. I work out every other day, and I walk a lot.

As a 21 year old female I feel like I should be losing weight faster than this.

You guys have any suggestions?
User avatar #11841 to #11838 - newposterintown (12/10/2013) [-]
Jog, every day or if you aren't following a work-out schedule that is specific, every day. Should help
User avatar #11852 to #11841 - mrnappy (12/10/2013) [-]
More like do HIIT sprints, drink more water, work on core/abs. If you have fat in a certain spot (say glutes) do squats it'll make the fat less 'showable' / obvious to see. Also women generally have more bodyfat than guys so even 20% is a fine goal.
#11833 - gosh (12/08/2013) [-]
Alright so I'm thinking about switching things up for three weeks so I can get over my plateau here.
1st week - 5x5 (Strength)
Sunday/Thursday: Pecs., Delts., Traps.
Monday/Friday: Legs, Back
Tuesday/Saturday: Bi's, Tri's, Forearms

2nd & 3rd weeks - 10x4 (Hypertrophy)
Monday: Chest and Tri's
Tuesday: Legs and Abs
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Back and Bi's
Friday: Shoulder, Traps, and Abs
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

I've been doing Pyramid to Drop-sets for a couple weeks, figured that I'd switch things around.

User avatar #11831 - wydell (12/08/2013) [-]
do you guys believe in the "eat what you want, just work out" idea
User avatar #11842 to #11831 - newposterintown (12/10/2013) [-]
Yeah, as long as you are eating horrid shit like fast-food or take-out you should be fine. I try to eat healthy foods, but it is a bit hard when others you live with do not follow that way
User avatar #11837 to #11831 - delphine (12/09/2013) [-]
Noooo. My body feels gross when I eat poorly. No matter how much you exercise, you are still what you eat. I can't eat greasy food or high-sugar foods anymore or I'll get sick. Plus, I feel like empty calories are a waste of my food intake.

I still consume a lot of calories because I run so much, but my calories come from unprocessed and whole foods like avocados, almonds, chicken, fish, red rice, etc. I also will make my own pizza from scratch with whole wheat crust and it is delicious.

The only exception is wine and ice cream, which are my favorite sources of empty calories and the only ones that I will still indulge in.
User avatar #11836 to #11831 - connorjay (12/08/2013) [-]
I was eating what I wanted and carried on working out, and my only difference was that I had more fat, obviously. I was probably around 16%, whereas when I stopped and was on a 3 day a week then got down to 12.3%

Now I have biscuits and some crap foods on weekends, but very little in comparison (Well this weekend I've had two packets of biscuits and a pizza...) and I'm on a 5 day a week plan, so I think I've got down to 9-10% (find out tuesday)

It depends on your goal. If you want to lose weight, then no, I don't believe eat what you want will work. If you're being a bit more casual, fuck it, why not!
User avatar #11832 to #11831 - unncommon (12/08/2013) [-]
I believe in controlled eating...
...Don't "Calorie Count" just be 'Calorie Conscious'.
Ya'knaw I-meen?
User avatar #11834 to #11832 - wydell (12/08/2013) [-]
si, si I do
User avatar #11830 - tittentei (12/07/2013) [-]
>at a gym where old people socialize while doing endless amounts of leg extensions and curlbros do curls
>be there with 2 gymbros
>we start deadliftan
>we warm up with 2plate
>people already staring
>see some girl doing retarded dumbbell work
>seriously her ass was fucking huge
>we start doing our working sets
>only at 4plate but basically everyone is staring
>old ladies are shitting bricks
>old men are jealous
>dat ass girl sees us and starts obviously mirin
>after we finish she does bent over rows
>blatantly accentuates her ass as much as possible towards us
>tfw my gymbros and i are making it
#11936 to #11830 - anon (12/25/2013) [-]
>4 plaet
>making it

User avatar #11826 - unncommon (12/06/2013) [-]
So I had to take some time off this week from working out, yesterday I did arms (first workout in like 3 days). I was sick and my body what ex-haus-ted from continual training. So I decided to work the weakest-link in my routine which happens to be my grip (as is with most people to my understanding).
When I do Dead lifts the first thing to go is my grip...same with shrugs and any other exercise of the sort.
Anyways this is what I did for forearm/grip (and I can fucking feel that it works)
Wristcurls: (reps) 50-40-30-20-10-5-5-10-20-30-40-50 (45sec. - minimal rest)
Weight-Walk: basically picking up weights (only plates) and holding it with your fingers. I wanted from one end of my hall to the living room three times, for three sets.
Pull-up hangs: basically just hung from the pull-up bar for as long as I could three times
User avatar #11955 to #11826 - brendantheferret (12/28/2013) [-]
Do you lift with a hook-grip?
User avatar #11956 to #11955 - unncommon (12/28/2013) [-]
Nah, the weights are so light that it's not necessary.
#11827 to #11826 - anon (12/06/2013) [-]
Jizzing in your palms, then letting it dry before the set is a great way to improve grip stability when deadlifting. It's like using chalk, but better

Try it out
#11828 to #11827 - unncommon (12/06/2013) [-]
I actually have a thick layer of semen on my hands from previous ejaculations, however I haven't masturbated prior-to my set so that way the semen is still fresh...I'll definitely consider that though.
User avatar #11818 - hawaiianhappysauce (12/05/2013) [-]
Embarrassing story for you guys that happened yesterday.

> Use smith machine for squats (don't feel safe without a spotter)
> Also use pad on the bar for comfort
> Usually do 200 lbs to start, then end with 300 lbs
> Once I try 300 lbs the pad falls off and the bar starts rolling off my shoulders
> Lose balance
> Tried to use back strength to secure the bar
> Since the smith machine is old as fuck it won't secure itself.
> fail and fall
> back is in real pain.
#11823 to #11818 - anon (12/05/2013) [-]
>Squatting in the Smith machine

You're more likely to get a serious injury using a Smith machine than squatting alone without a spotter.

>Using a pussy pad when squatting
User avatar #11817 - davisdamen (12/05/2013) [-]
hey yall, need some critiques and suggestions
i've got a little routine i do every other night (please bear with me here, i know jackshit about fitness)
>25 push-ups
>30 second plank
>20 second -that thing that's like a plank but sideways- (one for each side)
>20 crunches
>15 roaches? (like bicycle crunches but you bring both legs up at once and do the elbow-opposite knee thing)
>25 -lift the little dumbell thing out to the side to about shoulder height- (this little 5lb thing is all i have when it comes to weights)
>20 jabs, straights, left and right hooks, left and right uppercuts

so that's what i've got, how can i improve with a $0 budget?
and yes, i know i need some lower body exercises too, suggestions?
User avatar #11953 to #11817 - nimba (12/28/2013) [-]
Squats, definitely squats
#11825 to #11817 - anon (12/05/2013) [-]
Here ya go.
User avatar #11824 to #11817 - unncommon (12/05/2013) [-]

Should help a little.

Also for a lower try:

1). Jumping Jacks (for seconds)
2). Squats
3). Calf Raises (Single or both)
4). Jumping Squats(12" - 24")
5). Walking Lunges

I've also got an ab workout somewhere that actually works pretty fuckin' good.
User avatar #11812 - traffy (12/04/2013) [-]
I need to 6 pullups. Now I can only do 2 corectly.
Someone told me that I can get better at it by doing reverse pullups. Do you know any other tips? I have like 3 months for my goal.
User avatar #11814 to #11812 - unncommon (12/05/2013) [-]
You gotta Android phone?
User avatar #11816 to #11814 - traffy (12/05/2013) [-]
no, I used to have and saw those who made the run keeper app had the same one for pullups, pushups and situps. That would've been handy now
#11819 to #11816 - unncommon (12/05/2013) [-]
Well in that case if I were you I'd fucking kill myself because you're a failure.
I'm just kidding bro. The best way to get better at pull-ups is by...well...doing pull ups. But on top of that you can work it in other ways to help even further advance yourself.
Here goes an example workout:
Part I: 'Push'
1). Incline Close-Grip Push-Up (your upper body on a chair)
2). Shoulder-Width Push-Up (elbows vertical with body)
3). Decline "Flare" (i.e. elbows pointed out) (face-down ass-up)
Part II: 'Pull'
4). Close-Grip Pull-Up (palms towards you)
5). Shoulder-Width Chin-Ups (palms in again)
6). Wide-Grip Pull-Ups (palms out)
Part III: Coordination
7). Dive-Bombers
8). Hindu Push-Ups (if possible)
Part IV: Failure
9). Burpees 'till failure
Note!: The reps will vary but do a working amount (about 60% of your max [e.g. if your max is 20 push-ups do 12 reps] do 3 - 4 sets).

Questions? Comments? Concerns?
User avatar #11820 to #11819 - traffy (12/05/2013) [-]
yes... having a nokia is really bad, but I don't need to recharge it ever second
User avatar #11821 to #11820 - unncommon (12/05/2013) [-]
Scroll your mouse over that little eye there and hold it.
The answer is under that.
User avatar #11822 to #11821 - traffy (12/05/2013) [-]
I am blind. Thanks!
User avatar #11811 - insulation (12/04/2013) [-]
how are your workouts going?
everything alright?
are you succeeding?did you hit any blunders?
User avatar #11815 to #11811 - lolpandas (12/05/2013) [-]
Haven't been able to workout consistently because of my new job and finals, but just hit a 315 deadlift on my second day back. Pretty stoked.
#11813 to #11811 - gosh (12/04/2013) [-]
Made aesthetic advancements in the name of exhaustion.
On a side note I feel like I fucking tore my lat from Monday's workout. I've been laying in bed all day watching cartoons because I just can't do it.
Might take an Epson Salt (probably not how you spell it) later and that should help.
#11937 to #11813 - anon (12/25/2013) [-]
thank you hungry skeleton.
User avatar #11994 to #11937 - gosh (01/01/2014) [-]
#11855 to #11813 - anon (12/10/2013) [-]
damn nigga mirin hard

n-no homo though
#11993 to #11855 - gosh has deleted their comment [-]
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