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User avatar #13275 - Shiny (03/24/2014) [-]
If I replaced my soda fix with whole milk and non-light fruit drinks, would I actually see much difference in health?
User avatar #13317 to #13275 - heatmon (03/29/2014) [-]
I've quit drinking sodas and replaced with water, and you can feel a pretty good difference in health.
User avatar #13289 to #13275 - thisismyhandle (03/26/2014) [-]

If you can/want, drink just water. That would be the healthiest way to go.
User avatar #13290 to #13289 - Shiny (03/26/2014) [-]
Yeah, but I don't like just drinking water. Tastes like shit and it's a horrible appetite suppressant for me.
User avatar #13278 to #13275 - natanhiel (03/25/2014) [-]
I've only been off soda for two weeks and I feel wholely better

I'm drinking semi-skimmed milk though, not full fat
User avatar #13272 - natanhiel (03/24/2014) [-]
I have protein powder, just got some questions

Will it really assist my weight loss, or should I wait until I'm lighter to use it?
Before anyone mentions it, yes I am eating heathily and exercising regularly

How much should I mix up and drink?

Should I drink it before, after, or within the workout?

My workout so far is running home from work (About a mile, with small breaks.) then dumbells.

Also, not sure if anyone can help with this, but I run out of breath very, VERY quickly. It's never my legs that make me stop running, just always my breath. Is there any way I can help get over this?
User avatar #13303 to #13272 - badgerbaiting (03/27/2014) [-]
It won't effect weight loss, I use whey protein primarily for recovery after a work out. If you're working harder, have two shakes per day.

Mixing is to taste, water or milk. I tend to go with milk while bulking.

Guidelines on the package will have the recommended dose and how to mix it. I recommend a coil shaker, so much easier to clean than a mesh one.

I usually go after workout, but it depends. Some are intended for pre, some during, some prior to workout. Information should really be on the package.

If you are running, have it after but try to go bigger distances eventually.

Cardiac endurance increases through more cardio. Just go longer and longer. Try swimming. If you need to get your breath back put your hands on your head to open your lungs up and increase their capacity.

PM me any further questions.
#13274 to #13272 - anonymous (03/24/2014) [-]
Find a protein powder that's low in calories, but high in protein (there's plenty of them)
Use 1 scoop if its a 25-30 gram serving, if less than that use 2, I recommend using fat free milk, it tastes 1000000000x better than water,.
Always drink it after working out, helps muscle recovery, and high protein diets will curb hunger.

With the out of breath, I don't know. I'm in great shape, but my lungs suck when running. Never smoked (okay maybe a couple times but it wasn't tobacco), not fat.
Maybe it's just genetics.
#13267 - danield ONLINE (03/23/2014) [-]
#13304 to #13267 - badgerbaiting (03/27/2014) [-]
Green text because convenient.

>Had a huge crush on a girl 3 years back
>We fucked twice
>She friend zoned me
>She got a boyfriend
>I hung on, typical beta BS

Eventually she cut me out of her life completely on her BF's request.

3 years later
>Been lifting for a year, no longer beta
>Was a bitch for a year or so, but stopped myself from thinking about her
>Going for pb deadlift
>get 150kg no sweat
>160kg, struggling like hell

I like to think of a girl, any girl I like or want when I'm struggling with a lift, it helps me push through.

Thought of her, now really depressed. Fuck all kinds of duck.
Sorry Cat, I can't lift these feels...
#13332 to #13304 - anonymous (03/30/2014) [-]
Disregard bitches, if she didn't want you - why do you want her? Just flirt with everyone (not excessively - because you don't want to be a creep) the small kind, "you look good" air kiss them - Also just sometimes flex to yourself and say "damn i look good" they will look, and realise you're right.

Eventually they will flirt back - then you stop flirting with them, drives them crazy.
User avatar #13277 to #13267 - teoberry (03/25/2014) [-]
>having feels
User avatar #13265 - istartedthewar ONLINE (03/22/2014) [-]
So I've been taking creatine in my coffee, because it dissolves well and masks the taste. But I was researching recently and apparently caffeine neutralizes it (pretty much). So is there anything creatine actually dissolves in? The grittiness is so disgusting in most things.
User avatar #13271 to #13265 - connorjay (03/24/2014) [-]
Caffeine sort of neutralizes the effects and stops it from accessing your ATP pools I think (which give you energy). I was taking creatine (Monohydrate) for a few months. Two tips, cut back the caffeine to once a day, if that.
Also, drink a shit tonne of water or you will get HORRIBLE stomach cramps.

Add it to your protein shake, or just to a glass of water.
User avatar #13269 to #13265 - unncommon (03/24/2014) [-]
Fucking snort that shit.
User avatar #13305 to #13269 - badgerbaiting (03/27/2014) [-]
You mean you don't take it as a suppository? Casual.
#13266 to #13265 - anonymous (03/23/2014) [-]
Just take it to the dome. Literally has 0 flavor. Toss the teaspoon in your mouth and take a sip of water to wash it down
User avatar #13256 - eldeeko (03/22/2014) [-]
First Time I've been on FJ Fit for like 2 years.

Anyone remember me?!

Still Hench as fok m8
#13276 to #13256 - anonymous (03/25/2014) [-]
I remeber, post new pics m8

gotta see dem gainz
#13264 to #13256 - anonymous (03/22/2014) [-]
Yeah, you were the DYEL fatty with nogains
User avatar #13251 - nsfwcontent (03/20/2014) [-]
Poorfag here, managed to get a pair of 7kg dumbbells from a friend, is there any way I can use these to help me get a decent full body workout?
User avatar #13257 to #13251 - connorjay (03/22/2014) [-]
I'd say whatever the other guy said, but keep the dumbells just for very basic stuff:

Tricep extensions, bicep curls, shoulder press; lots of reps (3*10-15)
But cardio and bodyweight is much more important.
User avatar #13253 to #13251 - bababadsheep (03/20/2014) [-]
Give the 15 pounders back, just do cardio (running, swimming, cycling take your pick), and an assload of bodyweight exercises. Get a pull up bar and instal it somewhere, or if the area you live in is warm yet, just find a kids playground. Look up Barstarzz, their website(there is also a Youtube channel) will tell you how to do some intense calisthenics, and the progressions you need to do first.
If you are a poorfag, don't bother with weight training. You won't make it if you can't get a decent gym and diet, both of those are expensive.
User avatar #13273 to #13249 - natanhiel (03/24/2014) [-]
User avatar #13268 to #13249 - leal ONLINE (03/23/2014) [-]
User avatar #13260 to #13249 - teoberry (03/22/2014) [-]
User avatar #13252 to #13249 - unncommon (03/20/2014) [-]
Zyzz, he has drugs, parties, and 10/10 women.
#13250 to #13249 - anonymous (03/20/2014) [-]
Wow, it's like I'm on /fit/ 2.0

>Choosing anything other than Rippetoe
User avatar #13248 - ferrettamer ONLINE (03/19/2014) [-]
What's a way to get a nice ass aside from squats. My ass is phat and I don't want it to be
User avatar #13254 to #13248 - winners (03/21/2014) [-]
so phat as in fat? if thats the case do cardio and stiff leg deadlifts and stairs
User avatar #13255 to #13254 - ferrettamer ONLINE (03/21/2014) [-]
Yea, phat is fat. And like just running up and down stairs? And thanks.
User avatar #13262 to #13255 - winners (03/22/2014) [-]
stair master or incline walking. mixes cardio with butt workout
User avatar #13263 to #13262 - ferrettamer ONLINE (03/22/2014) [-]
Ok, thank you!
User avatar #13245 - loomiss ONLINE (03/19/2014) [-]
Any good at home legs exercises to build muscle?
I don't have many weight to work with, aroun 50 lb total in weights i could throw into a backpack if needed to add extra weight to myself.
5"10 140 lbs (scrawny as fuck)
#13237 - strigt ONLINE (03/19/2014) [-]
I have a year to drop to ~175 lb. from 220 lb.
I'm sure it's not that hard, but any advice would help.
User avatar #13244 to #13237 - suddenk (03/19/2014) [-]
Don't know how old you are but no more beer. Eat healthy, lots of cardio, drink plenty of water.
#13240 to #13237 - neednomnoms (03/19/2014) [-]
Eat clen and tren hard.
#13235 - unncommon (03/19/2014) [-]
I was recording myself doing a Snatch-grip Deadlift and I noticed that the center of my upper back is kinda red, I thought that it was pretty interesting and wondered if anyone else's muscles got red when they worked out? I know my biceps do and apparently my traps.
>inb4 it's because of increased blood flow
#13238 to #13235 - anonymous (03/19/2014) [-]
You mean to tell me that body parts become redder when there's more blood flowing through them than normal?
#13236 to #13235 - unncommon (03/19/2014) [-]
I've circled a few places that I've noticed that I know can't be a shadow.
User avatar #13224 - loomiss ONLINE (03/19/2014) [-]
Skinny fag here.
I am currently trying to put on some size but try and get a 6 pack.
I know those don't go together extremely well.
If anything I would be okay with a lot of lean muscle rather than size.
5'11 140 lb.
Can someone tell me a good diet to go by?
Terms of
Grams of protein:
Grams of Carbs:

And for abs what is a good workout for abs? I do bicycles for 1 minutes then 150 crunches. And some reverse crunches thrown in when i feel like it
#13309 to #13224 - axeybaxey has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #13243 to #13224 - bababadsheep (03/19/2014) [-]
You are sorta skeleton, but more skinnyfit or skinnyfat, can't tell which from the numbers. Just do what I did, eat everything that isn't nailed down, try and make sure all of it isn't garbage, and work out like a motherfucker. You aren't going for size like I am, but this approach sure as hell worked for me. Numbers: 135lbs to 149lbs in 4 1/2 months. Still dyel, but I'm gonna make it.

I live on the edge, high protein, high fat diet swag yolo swag, clogging my arteries with 4 eggs fried with olive oil erryday. And if you aren't getting around 4000 cal a day, I don't think you are eating "a lot". You probably have a small appetite like I did, and feel like you eat a lot.
User avatar #13225 to #13224 - winners (03/19/2014) [-]
I wouldnt worry too much about what to eat while you are 140lbs. but you need to start using weights and keep reps low with more weight. sounds like you need to eat more anyway
User avatar #13226 to #13225 - loomiss ONLINE (03/19/2014) [-]
I eat so much food.
I just cant big up.
Like Im pathetically weak.
User avatar #13227 to #13226 - winners (03/19/2014) [-]
maybe you are doing too much cardio. try not doing any cardio for a bit but still doing abs while still using weights
User avatar #13228 to #13227 - loomiss ONLINE (03/19/2014) [-]
You know any good lower ab workouts?
my upper part of my ab is a lot more defined than the lower half.
User avatar #13229 to #13228 - winners (03/19/2014) [-]
i just do all kinds mixed together. try mountain climbers also and leg raises using a pull up bar (if u can get to one)
User avatar #13230 to #13229 - loomiss ONLINE (03/19/2014) [-]
Should i get a gym membership or couldi most stuff from home?
User avatar #13231 to #13230 - winners (03/19/2014) [-]
if you want to get bigger you should get a membership. home workouts can only get you so far, mostly just leaner
User avatar #13232 to #13231 - loomiss ONLINE (03/19/2014) [-]
If i did that I would really like a lifting buddy
It is so much more motivation when youre with a freind.
User avatar #13233 to #13232 - winners (03/19/2014) [-]
i suggest starting off using the machines. NO EXCUSES
User avatar #13234 to #13233 - loomiss ONLINE (03/19/2014) [-]
How much do you lift and what not?
#13241 to #13234 - winners (03/19/2014) [-]
I have bee lifting for 10 years now. ill show u my stats on this thing i was sent on here. body fat is bout less than 7%. also strained my chest multiple times or it would be higher
User avatar #13258 to #13241 - connorjay (03/22/2014) [-]
You can shoulderpress 146kg?! FUCK man. How do you even?!

I've plateued at 50kg.

Same with Squats, I've plateued at 110kg and can't seem to do more than 1 or 2 sets of 8.
User avatar #13261 to #13258 - winners (03/22/2014) [-]
ive plateaued a lot. you have to listen to your muscles and dont go to your max unless you are competing or something. stay away from one rep max and going to failure. lifting is a science. i just raised my deadlift and squat like a day ago
User avatar #13242 to #13241 - loomiss ONLINE (03/19/2014) [-]
Jesus Hercules.
That's incredible!
User avatar #13217 - connorjay (03/18/2014) [-]
I fucking hate this time of year.
This is when I put on a load of fat and weight; revision season, and deadlines. I still go to the gym, but I eat more sugary foods and stuff just cause I can and I'm stuck indoors.

I can already feel myself putting on a couple of pounds.
It doesn't help that I'm too fucking self critical either. Tempted to do a before exams, after exams and after summer photo set.

Sorry, needed a bit of a self hating rant
User avatar #13204 - HURLEYSURFERDUDE ONLINE (03/18/2014) [-]
I ran a 12:01 Mile and a half today. What're /fitness' best run times/distances?
User avatar #13219 to #13204 - unncommon (03/18/2014) [-]
I didn't run in forever, then I ran the other day and got a 6:10 mile. I used to clock in under 6 minutes.
#13206 to #13204 - anonymous (03/18/2014) [-]
and ur gonna be in the military? god damn the US has low standards
User avatar #13239 to #13206 - teoberry (03/19/2014) [-]
That's an 8 minute mile dude. Not so bad
User avatar #13220 to #13206 - unncommon (03/18/2014) [-]
You're a fucking idiot.
#13221 to #13220 - anonymous (03/18/2014) [-]
why are u upset
#13205 to #13204 - anonymous (03/18/2014) [-]
6:30 mile
User avatar #13200 - winners (03/17/2014) [-]
Do preworkout supplements make anyone else break out? I feel like it has to do with the tingling you get when its working
User avatar #13202 to #13200 - unncommon (03/17/2014) [-]
No but it's shortened my attention span and made it to write my dick can't get hard.
But my muscles can.
User avatar #13189 - nsfwcontent (03/16/2014) [-]
Poorfag here, trying to build muscle but no money for gym/supplements and was wondering what the best way to build muscle generally all over was.
What i'm doing daily at the minute is below but it's been 2 months and there's almost no progression at all. I think i've got most general muscle groups covered by the exercises but am I doing something wrong or do I just keep at it?

30 push ups
30 sit ups
1 min front plank
5 x 5 second leg ups
1 min side plank on each side
#13203 to #13189 - anonymous (03/17/2014) [-]
Go to reddit body weight fitness for workouts without a gym membership
User avatar #13201 to #13189 - winners (03/17/2014) [-]
if youre trying to build muscle you are going to have to add some weight. what you are doing now is most likely just going to get you lean (but yea neednomnoms is right)
User avatar #13199 to #13189 - badgerbaiting (03/17/2014) [-]
Eat more as well. Plenty of protein, cut out all crappy processed food.
#13191 to #13189 - neednomnoms (03/17/2014) [-]
Increase that volume and change up the exercises. Do diamond pushups or do them with your feet up. Try to do 5 more every day. As for ab work, that's barely a workout. Try doing ab circuits of what you have and do it 4-5 times.
User avatar #13193 to #13191 - nsfwcontent (03/17/2014) [-]
Alright cheers, i'll try a few different ab exercises too
User avatar #13185 - lolpandas (03/16/2014) [-]
Used to be a supplement junky but cut the majority of it because of cost/waste of money but tigerfitness had a sweet deal on 1M.R. (free shirt) so I bought that shit. My tolerance for this type stuff was high. 2 scoops of C4 easy, 2 scoops of the original jack3d no problem, 3 scoops jack3d micro, cake. Took just 1 scoop of this and I'm done. What the fuck Fitness, how do you drink these pre-workouts? I got a head buzz and couldn't get through my workout.... and the itchy feeling man... too much.
#13184 - lolpandas has deleted their comment [-]
#13181 - hsm (03/16/2014) [-]
I'm trying to find new workout music. Recommend something please, but don't make it death metal songs, they just don't motivate me. I usually listen to stuff like 'The Distance by Cake', or normal rock songs such as 'Monster by Skillet' or 'Last Resort by Papa Roach', you know, stuff that focuses more on running rather than lifting heavy weights and feeling like an animal. Anything is appreciated though.
User avatar #13259 to #13181 - natanhiel (03/22/2014) [-]
I like Blind Guardian

I think someone described them as Power Metal tho
User avatar #13188 to #13181 - badgerbaiting (03/16/2014) [-]
Rocky soundtrack. Pure gold.
User avatar #13187 to #13181 - connorjay (03/16/2014) [-]
I like listening to Eminems new stuff, Rap God, So Far.. etc

Try AWOLNATION too, they're fun and happy but upbeat too.

Also, Young Guns really get me going for Cardio.
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