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#26997 - thegreatphanact (02/26/2015) [-]
Any good exercises for your core? I can never feel the burn when I do mine.
#27055 to #26997 - KungFuZerO (02/27/2015) [-]
If you want to really feel a burn, you can try this compound set I've been doing.
10 crunches on the floor with a 10lb DB behind your head
10 cable crunches at 12-15RM
Hanging V-hold to fail (spine flexed, not just hips)
repeat x2-3

Finish up with planks and side planks
User avatar #27049 to #26997 - studbeefpile (02/27/2015) [-]
Front squats, yo.
User avatar #27017 to #26997 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
User avatar #27007 to #26997 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
Ab rollouts. Hanging leg raises.
User avatar #26955 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
Putting lots of weight on my chest is kinda uncomfortable. Anyone have any recommendations on how to do dumbbell crunches so that it's not uncomfortable?

Aside from just putting it up in the air...
#27010 to #26955 - KungFuZerO (02/26/2015) [-]
Lately Ive been doing weighted floor crunches to pre-fatigue before cable crunches, and I can't do more than 10-15lbs when its behind my head. Maybe try that?
User avatar #26971 to #26955 - Draigor (02/26/2015) [-]
Uncomfortable as in you don't really feel like it, or uncomfortable as in it may lead to injury? And how much weight are you talking about?
User avatar #26995 to #26971 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
Unconformable as in 60 pounds/2 metal bars pushing on my chest.
User avatar #27005 to #26995 - Draigor (02/26/2015) [-]
Here are my solutions:
-lower the weight and go for higher reps
-build arm strength so you don't have to rest the dumbbells on your chest so much
-lower the weight and do crunches with the dumbbell above/behind your head
-train your abs differently, there are alot of exerises

User avatar #26952 - defectivedetective (02/26/2015) [-]
Is it normal to completely hate running after 4 days each week for 6 weeks?
User avatar #26992 to #26952 - envinite (02/26/2015) [-]
Yep, there are always chance that you get bored of something and started to hate it.
#26949 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
>Looking through old pictures.
>find this one end of 2013
Holy fuk that's scary.
User avatar #26953 to #26949 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
And... now pics?
#26954 to #26953 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
Not the exact same pose but close enough.
User avatar #26957 to #26954 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
curious, wuts ur weight?
User avatar #26958 to #26957 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]

User avatar #26959 to #26958 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
Cuz. Also assuming your a Canadian like me, I prefer to use pounds and feet. It's just better in every way.
#27004 to #26959 - envinite (02/26/2015) [-]
> Not preferring metric
> Not preferring metric
#27002 to #26959 - europe (02/26/2015) [-]
You take that back
User avatar #27032 to #27002 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
height measurement in imperial uses feet which are organized in a nice way. 5 foot something, 6 foot something. You can identify quickly his height level and then where he lies on it. 6 foot something, he's for sure tall. 6 foot 7, damn he is really tall!

pounds are smaller then kgs so there is more room for separation and characterization. Also pounds sound better.
#26993 to #26959 - dehumanizer (02/26/2015) [-]
>its just better in every way
User avatar #26960 to #26959 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]

I'm French though.
User avatar #26961 to #26960 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
As in you live in France or you're from filthy Quebec?
User avatar #27074 to #26961 - klowserpok ONLINE (16 hours ago) [-]
>Filthy Quebec
You take that back, tabernaq esti.
Why do we have to be so damn liberal here .... and a leech on the economy of the rest of Canada... and by the rest of Canada I mean BC and Alberta, since they're pretty much the wealthiest provinces.
User avatar #27076 to #27074 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (16 hours ago) [-]
Yeah, you guys are a really big fucking shithole. I hate you guys a lot and wished you would just leave. No offense.

Ontario is shit-tier too compared to Alberta/BC but by not nearly as much and we aren't unappreciative of the rest of Canada like you are. Trying to get yourself to be a "special society" in the 90's and even almost succeeding. And then waving the Quebec and Canada flag separately, you fucks.
#27085 to #27076 - klowserpok ONLINE (14 hours ago) [-]
>Yeah, you guys are a really big fucking shithole. I hate you guys a lot and wished you would just leave. No offense.
Suuuure, none taken...

Its true though, most Quebecois don't appreciate that our social services and good and affordable Cegeps are only available because we're a parasite on the richer provinces.

If we weren't idiots our provincial government would follow BC's example and offer things like subsidies for mining/forestry operations to shift our economy away from the shitty service based cess-pit it is to a more production based one... though our leftists would freak out if forestry really started here again...

But no, all our parties have to be either separatist language-centric fanco-libruls or other liberals who think that the wanna be language police party are radically conservative.
User avatar #27078 to #27076 - compared ONLINE (15 hours ago) [-]
Thanks for using a comparison, hope you are well.
User avatar #26962 to #26961 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
As in I'm French and have never been to Canada in my life.
User avatar #26963 to #26962 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
Then why the hell are you up so late? It's 11pm here.

Oh and off topic an all but to be honest I hate your country. Just wanted to know your take on the whole muslim thing happening in France? In most of europe for that matter but especially in allah akhbar France.
User avatar #26964 to #26963 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
It's 5 am.
I'm on vacation, at my grandparents where there's nothing to do at all but go to the gym, talk to my friends on snapchat/facebook and shitpost on 4chan.
My sleep schedule is beyond fucked up.

The charlie hebdo thing?
Terrorists are dumb.
User avatar #26965 to #26964 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
>shitpost on 4chan.
What boards?

>The charlie hebdo thing?
No, muslims in general in your country. Slowly culturally invading and taking over.
User avatar #26966 to #26965 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
I'm starting to become a fucking meme there.

Oh, don't give a shit their girls are really pretty so bring on the arab bitches.
User avatar #26967 to #26966 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
I never fucking go on /r9k/, I don't even know what goes on there.

>Oh, don't give a shit their girls are really pretty so bring on the arab bitches.
Well, hopefully you'll change your mind when muslims fuck you up your liberal ass. Also muslim women aren't pretty.
User avatar #27001 to #26967 - senninn (02/26/2015) [-]
Mate, are you retarded or something? You know muslims aren't a race.
>Muslim women aren't pretty.
Dude, islam is so diverse, there are white muslims, arabs, africans.
User avatar #27033 to #27001 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
Oh oh here comes the libewal alert.

Islam is a disease on society just like communism is not that they are in anyway similar, just example , people who believe in it pose a threat to a society. Especially socially and culturally.

And you damn well know what I mean by muslims, it's implied we are talking about africa + the middle east.
User avatar #27035 to #27033 - senninn (02/26/2015) [-]
Mate, your literally stupid, not figuratively, but literally stupid. Not gonna even bother answering to you.
User avatar #27037 to #27035 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
*you're :^ )
#27006 to #27001 - anonexplains (02/26/2015) [-]
Muslim women, like any other religious group are diverse, and can be both beautiful and not so much. Check out the princess consort of Morocco.
#26969 to #26967 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]

politics are for adults.
They're pretty though.
User avatar #26956 to #26954 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
Started lifting september last year.
User avatar #26950 to #26949 - Draigor (02/26/2015) [-]
could be worse
User avatar #26951 to #26950 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
How? .-.
User avatar #26972 to #26951 - Draigor (02/26/2015) [-]
It could be from 2015
User avatar #26942 - nwbballplayer (02/26/2015) [-]
Anyone else going to The Arnold Classic next week?
User avatar #26947 to #26942 - studbeefpile (02/26/2015) [-]
I fucking wish.
User avatar #26943 to #26942 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
User avatar #26935 - teoberry (02/25/2015) [-]
not fitness, but my job will have me standing on concrete for ~6 hours at a time with only 15 minutes for break. what are some good stretches/exercises I can do either at my register or on break so i don't die?
#26936 to #26935 - baglesbites (02/25/2015) [-]
Buy a pair of good shoes and sit for your full break. It will take your body time to adjust but you'll get used to it. You might want to stretch out your calves but not much else I can think of. I work on stone floors for sometimes 9 hours a day with minimal breaks and just got used to it. Concrete is probably worse than what I put up with but you'll be fine.
User avatar #26946 to #26936 - teoberry (02/26/2015) [-]
sounds good. my brother worked at the same place, and he said that a pair of newbalance shoes i have will be perfect. thanks a lot
User avatar #26934 - rakaka (02/25/2015) [-]
I know what to do for exercise but i'm having trouble organizing a diet. All I've seen so far is chicken, rice, and broccoli. I'm in high school so what I really need is some meal(s) for breakfast and lunch.

I'm afraid of googling because I can't tell what is actually good and what is just trendy white girl bullshit
#26994 to #26934 - dehumanizer (02/26/2015) [-]
just eat plain oats out of the bag and drink water so you could swallow them easier, plenty of brotein inside
User avatar #27036 to #26994 - rakaka (02/26/2015) [-]
What kind? I've got steel cut oats but I've heard rolled oats are the best. Will it have an impact?
#27057 to #27036 - dehumanizer (02/27/2015) [-]
idk as far as i know the differance is that the steel cut oats get soaked and squished inorder to be turned into rolled oats, dont really know the differance but i think steel oats would be harder to chew
#26996 to #26994 - brotein (02/26/2015) [-]
God dammit man. WHY!
God dammit man. WHY!
#26998 to #26996 - dehumanizer (02/26/2015) [-]
implying oats and tap water isnt the best breakfast ever
implying oats and tap water isnt the best breakfast ever
#26999 to #26998 - brotein (02/26/2015) [-]
Not enough Brominium
#27000 to #26999 - dehumanizer (02/26/2015) [-]
not enough monium
#26939 to #26934 - baglesbites (02/25/2015) [-]
Generally just eat whole foods like meat, veggies and nuts as your primary sources of food because they keep you full for longer and are healthier than processed food. Also, is your goal weight loss or gain? If you're trying to gain you don't have to follow a stringent diet as long as you keep junk in moderation.
User avatar #26944 to #26939 - rakaka (02/26/2015) [-]
My main goal is to lower my fat to 12-15%. I was just wondering if there were some things I could eat for breakfast besides cereal every day. And I kind of doubt the healthiness of the meals served by the school.
User avatar #26945 to #26944 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
Calories, count them.
User avatar #26968 to #26945 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
There's more to it then just counting calories.
User avatar #26970 to #26968 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
I'm all ears, if you're willing to enlighten me?
User avatar #26974 to #26970 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
Quality of food, and eating the right kinds of food is just as important as the amount. Eating 2500 calories of junk and processed food will yield significantly different results compared to 2500 calories of lean meats, fruits, veggies and grains.
User avatar #26975 to #26974 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
I'm pretty sure as long as you get your macros in it doesn't matter whether it's processed or not..
User avatar #26976 to #26975 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
Not all calories are equal. 50 grams of protein from a powder shake, is not as good as 50 grams of protein from 5 eggs in the morning.

Now while on a bulk that is more true. You don't need to be as concerned with quality. But while dieting down, diet is vastly more important.
#26981 to #26976 - baglesbites (02/26/2015) [-]
50 grams of protein in 5 eggs? You live on an Ostrich farm?
User avatar #26982 to #26981 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
It was an example. One egg has 9 grams of super high quality protein, so 5 would actually have 45 grams.
#26983 to #26982 - baglesbites (02/26/2015) [-]
I eat grade AA large eggs and every brand is marked as having 6 grams of protein. Assuming its a chicken egg we're talking about, is it just a case of mislabeling the carton to lower calories?
User avatar #26985 to #26983 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
I went and checked to be sure. It's 6. Google also says 6. I don't know why I was thinking 9.
#26988 to #26985 - baglesbites (02/26/2015) [-]
You got me all excited that I was low balling my protein. I even posted a picture of the nutrition label
User avatar #26984 to #26983 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
You know, I have no idea. I just know what my egg cartons have always said, across various brands as well. 70 calories, 9 grams of protein. It's always the same so I have it memorized.
#26987 to #26984 - baglesbites (02/26/2015) [-]
Something seems off here. These are the macros of the Wegman's eggs sitting in my fridge. This is identical to other store brands and Eggland's best as far as I can tell. What brands do you generally keep around?
User avatar #26977 to #26976 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
Why would it matter what the source is?
They're just molecules aren't they?
#27003 to #26977 - anonexplains (02/26/2015) [-]
An egg is an egg is an egg. In theory, all eggs of the same size should be identical in composition, provided they come from the same type of animal. Hence why all macro-components are always essentially the same (you build a chicken the same way every time.) You may see differences at the micro nutrient level depending on the diet and life style of the producing animal but with a diet as generous as the western on it is unlikely to matter much.
User avatar #26978 to #26977 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
There are hundreds of kinds of proteins, fats, carbs, sugars, etc. Those are very broad categories.

Just think about it for a second. Is 2500 calories of sundae's, protein shakes, and chocolate cake every day going to yield the same results as 2500 calories of much more healthy food.
User avatar #26979 to #26978 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
There's no reason it shouldn't.
They're basic nutrients.
If you're eating that shit you're probably going to have way too many carbs from the sugar though so your macros will be all fucked up.
User avatar #26980 to #26979 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]

Read this article. Credible author, with lots of sources and links afterwards.
User avatar #26986 to #26980 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
Just read the article as well as the link in the middle.

It pretty much agrees with everything I've said.
it says protein is better than carbs for you, which is what I've said..
It doesn't say anything about what kind of protein you're putting into your body changing your results anywhere..
User avatar #26989 to #26986 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
I wasn't talking about protein being better than carbs. I know that's true for general muscle maintenance and growth. I'm talking about 2500 calories of processed food versus 2500 calories of healthy food.

"Another part of metabolic compensation is the way calorie combinations impact HEC. One emerging understanding is the way the combination of sugar, fat, and salt (the so-called fast food diet) short circuits your appetite centers. Research in animals is showing that these food combinations not only increase food consumption at the current meal, but also cause increased cravings for the same calorie-rich foods at future meals.

So that 250 calorie doughnut not only makes you want to eat more doughnuts now, but also crave more doughnuts later. There's no reason to suggest this isn't the case in humans. This may explain the frequent finding in my clinic of patients who engage in "cheat meals" who then find themselves on a cheat week, unable to regulate their hunger, energy, and cravings."

Eating shitty calorie dense food can cause craving and fuck with your metabolism.
User avatar #26990 to #26989 - leal (02/26/2015) [-]
I guess that's true, personally I don't eat junk when I cut anyway cause it's not filling enough but I guess for someone who wouldn't prepare their meals just telling them to count their calories isn't the best idea.
User avatar #26991 to #26990 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
The whole part of the article was that there is more to losing or gaining weight than counting calories, which was my entire original point.
User avatar #26938 to #26934 - leal (02/25/2015) [-]
Just count calories and protein.
#26931 - anonexplains (02/25/2015) [-]
Haven't had a kitchen for about a month. Forced to eat mostly fast food and drink water.
tfw I ended up losing a pound.
Fuck, I can't wait to have a kitchen again. Maybe then I can lose 5 or 7 pounds in a month.
User avatar #27018 to #26931 - swaqq ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
when you ate fast food for a month? some of your muscle mass turned into fat
User avatar #26926 - nimba (02/25/2015) [-]
Trouble developing in the last year: My left elbow can't press more than 50kg so I had to discontinue press-ups and even dips. I got the sensation reliably about halfway through those sets like the joint is about to break. I've broken that elbow twice ages ago so I think it's probably that, brittle bone scar. Any thoughts?
User avatar #26937 to #26926 - leal (02/25/2015) [-]
I think you should:
Ask a doctor????
User avatar #26922 - methylgroup (02/25/2015) [-]
Off the wall question, guys. I'm thinking of getting a motorcycle. All I do is make small commutes to and from work/class and I barely carry any luggage when I do.

Is riding a motorcycle known to affect your lifts, body, or fitness in any way?

nb4 you crash, you die
#26940 to #26922 - baglesbites (02/25/2015) [-]
From what I've heard the open air ride is anabolic as fuck.
#26929 to #26922 - anonexplains (02/25/2015) [-]
theres no point in getting a motorcycle unless you have a car. you can't carry groceries or anything of value with them and they only hold 2 people. they are purely aesthetic and hold little value unless you want to park it near a bike rack to save money on parking if you live in an area that functions like that.
User avatar #26933 to #26929 - methylgroup (02/25/2015) [-]
I have a car, too. And I totally live in a part of the US where it pays to own a motorcycle.
User avatar #26925 to #26922 - klowserpok ONLINE (02/25/2015) [-]
I've heard that they're bad for posture, don't know if that's true.
User avatar #26924 to #26922 - europe (02/25/2015) [-]
Deadness is known to have a bad effect on physical performance
User avatar #26923 to #26922 - leal (02/25/2015) [-]
You crash, you die.
#26915 - anonexplains (02/25/2015) [-]
So I've lost between 30-40 lbs within a year, and it seems I have quite a bit of loose skin/stubborn fat on my stomach. Is there any easy-ish way of fixing it?
User avatar #26921 to #26915 - methylgroup (02/25/2015) [-]
How old are you? Loose skin can fix itself to some degree as long as you are still growing. Building muscles will also help, as the additional bulk will fill out the skin but look much better than fat.

I've heard of some people using prescription topical HGH, but that and surgery are probably your last options, and don't do either without consulting your doctor first.
#26928 to #26921 - anonexplains (02/25/2015) [-]
16. My brothers are about 4 inches taller than me, so it's to be expected that I grow that much within a few years.
User avatar #26932 to #26928 - methylgroup (02/25/2015) [-]
I'd say have some patience and keep the weight off, and add muscle. It sounds like it might take care of itself.
#26919 to #26915 - anonexplains (02/25/2015) [-]
I forgot to ask: How do I tell the difference between loose skin and stubborn fat?
User avatar #26918 to #26915 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
You can help with that loose skin by building muscle, if you build muscle mass then your skin will fill out some. It may not fix all of it, but it could help. If it's too severe then it may never fully go away. And you can get rid of stubborn belly fat like that, but it's a lot easier if you have some muscle.
User avatar #26916 to #26915 - leal (02/25/2015) [-]
Loose skin= surgery
Fat= No.
#26917 to #26916 - anonexplains (02/25/2015) [-]
That's pretty inconvenient, but thanks anyway.
User avatar #26948 to #26917 - studbeefpile (02/26/2015) [-]
Uhh, don't listen to him. He's wrong.

Loose skin -for the most part- will take care of itself in time, and is also aided by building muscle like penguin said.

Getting rid of fat is easy. Reduce calories, increase activity.
User avatar #26908 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]

Funny how when I ask about forearm development, an article gets posted the next day.
User avatar #26910 to #26908 - leal (02/25/2015) [-]
>A weak grip can equal elbow pain. If you can't carry a load equal to your bodyweight in each hand for 15 meters, your grip sucks. Farmer's walks will help.

I'm supposed to carry 370 lbs 15 meters?

Is this thing for real?
User avatar #26911 to #26910 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
You can farmers walk with a ton of weight bro. But they said aim for more like 75% of your weight in both hands. Only issue I could see is actually getting the weight in a position to walk, if you can't deadlift that weight you'll have issues.
#26912 to #26911 - leal (02/25/2015) [-]
>TFW deadlifting 100kg 1x5
>TFW deadlifting 100kg 1x5
User avatar #26913 to #26912 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
I'd just set the weight up on some boxes or something beforehand. Easier to lift up.
#26900 - mobilebull ONLINE (02/25/2015) [-]
My str lvl is 99. am i cool know?
beefcake BEEFCAKE!
User avatar #26904 to #26900 - leal (02/25/2015) [-]
Fuck you I got banned from RS with 6000 hours on it.
#26889 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
Jesus I think I need to start incorporating more forearm work into my workouts. Either my arms are huge or my forearms are terrible.
#26890 to #26889 - studbeefpile (02/25/2015) [-]
Bad angle and also unflexed, just to be fair. However it can't ever hurt to have stronger hands!

My forearms are one of the few things about myself that I'm actually proud of. My forearms are comparable in size to my upper arms.
#26891 to #26890 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
Well it's all unflexed, I picked an unflattering angle on purpose. It also doesn't help that my forearms are long as fuck.

Regardless, I think I'll add in some kind of forearm movement every other day. I've noticed that my grip fails me more then my other muscle groups do.
#26906 to #26891 - anonexplains (02/25/2015) [-]
This exchange made me think of this.
User avatar #26941 to #26906 - leal (02/25/2015) [-]
Then they all look at Lindsay like N U??
User avatar #26892 to #26891 - studbeefpile (02/25/2015) [-]
damn, really? I never have problems with grip, as long as I have chalk (palms are sweaty, there's spaghetti on his sweater already).

Plate pinches are my #faaave

If you wanna be a boss, just add a few sets of plate pinches to failure at the end of every other workout. Forearms are small, and can be trained relatively frequently.
User avatar #26893 to #26892 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
What are plate pinches?
User avatar #26896 to #26893 - studbeefpile (02/25/2015) [-]
If you got them fancy plates that have spots where you can straight up wrap your fingers all the way around, then just do LSD farmer walks.
User avatar #26895 to #26893 - studbeefpile (02/25/2015) [-]
Seriously though, just grab a 45 - one in each hand - and hold onto it for a long ass time.
User avatar #26897 to #26895 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
Oh I gotcha. I was just like "how the hell do you pinch a plate?"

I'm also going to post this on tnation and see what they say. Those guys are seasoned lifters and always give me something awesome.
User avatar #26894 to #26893 - studbeefpile (02/25/2015) [-]
.....it's when you pinch the plate......
#26888 - denizisback (02/25/2015) [-]
Any one with ketogenic or/and ittermittent fasting experience?
Pic related. My last meal. I eat once a day with around 1600 -1700cals
User avatar #26927 to #26888 - klowserpok ONLINE (02/25/2015) [-]
I went ketogenic a year ago, now I'm eat whatever, just cut out shit foods like soda or Mcdonalds "food"
Going into ketosis from having mostly carbs everyday kills. No energy at all.
User avatar #27009 to #26927 - denizisback (02/26/2015) [-]
but how long were you in ketosis? you need to become adapted, which takes about 2 weeks to a month befor you feel like a god.
User avatar #27012 to #27009 - klowserpok ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
3 months. I felt better towards the end, but I prefer eating some carbs because they're tasty.
User avatar #27059 to #27012 - denizisback (02/27/2015) [-]
yeah i know what you mean
User avatar #26907 to #26888 - leal (02/25/2015) [-]
>once a day

That can't be healthy.
User avatar #26914 to #26907 - denizisback (02/25/2015) [-]
Well i have been doing this for 6 months and my bloodwork shows that im in perfect shape.
User avatar #27038 to #26914 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]



User avatar #26853 - darkbladept (02/25/2015) [-]
Hi /fit/ I'm trying to run a mile under 5 min.Any tips?
#26930 to #26853 - anonexplains (02/25/2015) [-]
That's like a dead sprint for 4.5 minutes. So practice your sprinting.
User avatar #26872 to #26853 - leal (02/25/2015) [-]
Run more.
User avatar #26871 to #26853 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
I used to run 800 repeats some days, and then ran miles on other days, while throwing in some Sprint work every now and then. But my fastest mile ever is 5:48. I ran a 2:08 800 though.
User avatar #27021 to #26871 - swaqq ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
I'm doing a qualification run for a race in April, the distance is 800 m. Any tips on how to train? seeing as you have a 2.08 800.
User avatar #27022 to #27021 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
The 800 is possibly the most mental race out of them all, it takes more sheer mental toughness in my opinion than physical ability.

But when I was in track we did combinations of mile runs, 800 repeats at a 2:45-3:00 pace, 400 repeats as fast as possible, and even 100 meter sprints on occasion. It's harder to train for because it not quite long distance, but it's also not quite a sprint. So the best way to get better is just to do it often and try to improve every race.
User avatar #27023 to #27022 - swaqq ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
I usually do 1000 meter intervals, down to 200. It's hard to get 100 meter sprints in the winter yaknow.
But did you do this every week, or did your training vary from week to week?
User avatar #27024 to #27023 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
It's been a few years so forgive me if I can't remember details. I think we did 800 repeats nearly every week, and we did different specializations each week on top of that. So one week I think we did miles to build endurance, then another week we would do Sprint work to build speed. The 800 repeats allowed us to sort of put them together.
User avatar #27026 to #27024 - swaqq ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
That's a respectable setup, thank you
User avatar #27027 to #27026 - marinepenguin (02/26/2015) [-]
No problem. Let me know how you do.
User avatar #27028 to #27027 - swaqq ONLINE (02/26/2015) [-]
will do, the qualification race is on saturday, so yah
#26864 to #26853 - baglesbites (02/25/2015) [-]
Im no pro when it comes to running but you probably need to prioritize sprinting for a little while. Work on your 40 and 100 yard speed for a while and then start progressing to a full mile.
#26855 to #26853 - anonexplains (02/25/2015) [-]
Watch and study how sonic the hedgehog runs
User avatar #26856 to #26855 - darkbladept (02/25/2015) [-]
Through extensive research I concluded that I gotta go fast
User avatar #26851 - SOUL CRUSHER (02/24/2015) [-]
Day two of my 12 week program. Turns out I'm a wuss and have no upper body strength.

anyways the real thing is I'm not sure I need to be eating all I am. aboy 3000 cal and 3-5 scoops of protein and junk. I just you need this to build mass... but is is really needed? Could I cut it out and still be jacked but just not as big?
User avatar #26873 to #26851 - leal (02/25/2015) [-]
User avatar #26868 to #26851 - nanako (02/25/2015) [-]
you've got a complete wrong attitude here. This is pretty trinary.

1. You don't eat enough, you go nowhere. you won't get stronger or bigger or anything. you will just waste time.
2. You eat enough, you will get bigger and stronger and probably slightly fatter
3. You eat too much, you will get bigger and stronger at exactly the same rate as #2, but you will also gain lots of fat

how big you get in the end is a matter of time and effort. lots of time. you will NOT get too big by accident
User avatar #26865 to #26851 - Draigor (02/25/2015) [-]
Eat big to get big. You're kidding yourself if you think you'll get too big, that shit takes hard work.
User avatar #26857 to #26851 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
Nope. You need lots of food to fuel your body and progress. If you don't, your progress will drastically slow and even possibly completely stagnate. You aren't going to be "jacked" overnight.
User avatar #26850 - studbeefpile (02/24/2015) [-]
Turns out cutting weight while trying to maintain/refine strength ends up having a pretty difficult balancing act with food intake. Been sitting at 210 for the past week, but I guess that's okay. I'm still 6lbs down from where I started, and I'm finding the balance now. Here's to hoping I get below 200 by the end of march!
User avatar #26866 to #26850 - Draigor (02/25/2015) [-]
From what I've heard, its common to lose strength initially on the cut, but once you reach your goal and keep your bodyweight steady, the gains return.
User avatar #26860 to #26850 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
That's because you are rarely going to get stronger while your weight goes down. Your bench especially and your OHP is going to suffer the most. Then squats suffer a little, and DLs don't usually suffer at all.
User avatar #26862 to #26860 - studbeefpile (02/25/2015) [-]
There are definitely ways to do it. I've seen it happen many times both with myself and others. With my current level of strength it's certainly within the realm of possibility to get stronger on a cut.
User avatar #26852 to #26850 - lulzformalaysiaair ONLINE (02/24/2015) [-]
10 pounds in 1.25 months. That's askin a lot.
User avatar #26854 to #26852 - studbeefpile (02/25/2015) [-]
No, it isn't. I've done this many times before.
User avatar #26858 to #26854 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
That was before you lost the 50 pounds and had more fat to lose. You are a lot slimmer now. If you want to lose solid fat you'll have to aim for a couple pounds a week at the most. Or else you risk just losing mostly water weight and glycogen stores, which you'll gain back as soon as you get back to eating normally.
User avatar #26861 to #26858 - studbeefpile (02/25/2015) [-]
I've gone from 250 to 200, back to 230, back down to 200, back to 220, etc. in the past 3 years now. I know what I'm doing.
User avatar #26863 to #26861 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
Goes against literally everything I've ever researched about weight loss. But I won't argue. You do your thing and if it works out, it works out. Same with the strength thing, with higher levels of strength you are actually more prone to fluctuations, not the opposite.
User avatar #26878 to #26863 - studbeefpile (02/25/2015) [-]
I don't have a high level of strength though. I'm like a super novice-intermediate. Since I'm not super duper strong, it's within the realm of possibilities to get stronger while cutting. I did a lot of Hypertrophy work of this past quarter, and now I'm just refining my nervous system with the muscle I already built.

Also worth noting, I wouldn't be saying any of this if I hadn't actually done it in the past. Maybe I have good genetics, but it definitely works for me.
User avatar #26881 to #26878 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
Or you had a decent amount of muscle mass while you were at a higher percentage of body fat. You can shed fat like clothes when you are like that. It's just that when you get under 200 pounds and you are decently muscular, losing body fat is a whole different ball game. For your lifts, Your lower body should be fine in my opinion. But I think you're underestimating how much your bench is effected by your weight. Even as a novice, you can be affected. I've seen 250 pound football players lose 80 pounds on their bench as they cut down. They recovered after they started bulking again, but for a few months they were really struggling. That's just one example, but it's one of the most extreme ones I've seen.
User avatar #26882 to #26881 - studbeefpile (02/25/2015) [-]
I think it's all a matter of how well it's done. There's only one way to find out, so we'll see.
User avatar #26884 to #26882 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
Well alright. I just don't want to see you lose some strength, get discouraged, then stop your cut early. That's one big reason most people stop a cut. I'm not wanting you to fail is all, if you make it and it works out, then perfect. But I'm still going to interject with my opinion if I think it'll help or improve something. Just like I'd hope you would do the same for me. So don't take any of my comments as shitting on you or your knowledge.
User avatar #26885 to #26884 - studbeefpile (02/25/2015) [-]
Absolutely man, I totally feel you. I enjoy breaking expectations of the norm though, so if people think it's difficult to maintain/gain strength on a cut, then dammit I'm going to do my best to do it.
User avatar #26886 to #26885 - marinepenguin (02/25/2015) [-]
That's a good mindset to have. Good luck bro.
User avatar #26841 - rhevol (02/24/2015) [-]
Hello /Fitness/ board... im asking for help... i want to improve myself and i dont know where to start... i want to get fit enough and i dont have cash for it.... (student and i have to travel 2 hrs everyday to reach my school)

Anyone know a diet or something i can do? anything is good... also i cant run (right now) because as far as i know you need at least sneakers to run... and i dont think that boots with 1.5 kgs each are good for it any good advice? Im new in this shit so be gentle (Also sorry for the english im practicing it)
User avatar #26849 to #26841 - derpityhurr (02/24/2015) [-]
What is your current weight/height
#26846 to #26841 - youregaylol (02/24/2015) [-]
im assuming this is about weight loss


input your height, age, gender, and weight and then log your caloric intake each day
make sure you have a caloric deficit
eventually you will lose weight
User avatar #26840 - marinepenguin (02/24/2015) [-]
The fj fitness post by admin is getting on my nerves a little. People posting about how you can gain 15 pounds of muscle in a month, how much they wanna "tone" themselves, and all the stuff that just makes me cringe a little. Obviously they can't help it, but the amount of fitness misinformation just kills me.
User avatar #26843 to #26840 - Draigor (02/24/2015) [-]
link to post?
User avatar #26847 to #26844 - Draigor (02/24/2015) [-]
I just left a comment asking admin to post here. idk if he ever has
User avatar #26848 to #26847 - marinepenguin (02/24/2015) [-]
I wish he did. That'd be cool.
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