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User avatar #34184 - tepidteal ONLINE (7 minutes ago) [-]
I finally joined the gym down the way. What's a good weightlifting routine to do?
#34180 - lordketchup (1 hour ago) [-]
Does anyone else think that SS is really lacking any vertical pulling? zero rows

Basically the only back work you get done is from deadlifts and cleans, it sounds unbalanced
User avatar #34182 to #34180 - Draigor ONLINE (49 minutes ago) [-]
True, but as a cookie cutter program for beginners it works great. For most people new to lifting, it is important to give them something precise and simple to follow. Once the beginner learns more and gains experience, he or she will be able to modify the program accordingly on their own.
#34173 - swigs (8 hours ago) [-]
**swigs used "*roll picture*"****swigs rolled image** my gainz
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**swigs rolled image** my gainz
User avatar #34172 - marinepenguin ONLINE (9 hours ago) [-]

Blasphemous article, though very interesting. Thoughts?
#34175 to #34172 - baglesbites (3 hours ago) [-]
I may have just been tired when I read it, but I thought the author made it clear he liked and used the big 3. I understand his point that doing nothing but s/b/d won't build a balanced physique the same way someone who does a mix of compound and isolation work that hits the muscles from different angles. I personally base my workouts off of the big 3 and ohp useing minimal isolation work (1-2 exercises per workout) because a barbell row is more challenging than a pull over and stiff leg deadlifts are better for my hamstrings. If you're a powerlifter, specify, if you're a gym rat just do what you have the most fun doing that gets you results.
User avatar #34181 to #34175 - marinepenguin ONLINE (49 minutes ago) [-]
He isn't against them. He was basically just saying that they're good, but do other stuff with them to get a balanced physique.
User avatar #34177 to #34175 - Draigor ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
oops, meant to reply to mp no you bagelman
User avatar #34176 to #34175 - Draigor ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
I read this yesterday. Seems we always come back to what big actually means, as in, there is a difference between powerlifter big and bodybuilder big. Can't say I agree with the article wholeheartedly. Movements that place an emphasis on a muscle will always engage the muscle. This is obvious, and pretty much what I got out of the article. Squats, deads, and bench will still give you size.
Dare I say it was bordeline click bait...especially for powerlifting style trainers.
I've starting reading Juggernaut Training Systems articles. Idk if you know about them already, but its another great source for lifting info.
User avatar #34183 to #34176 - marinepenguin ONLINE (48 minutes ago) [-]
He wasn't saying that they didn't, just that when they came to putting on size, they weren't the best. And that there are better options when you combine them with a few other movements.
User avatar #34168 - fukinitech (9 hours ago) [-]
alright so my legs are very long and my torso is fairly short. will my torso grow out or will i be stuck as a short torso mongrel?
User avatar #34171 to #34168 - marinepenguin ONLINE (9 hours ago) [-]
If you are older 17 or older, your proportions probably won't change, and there's nothing you can really do about it.
#34167 - asotil has deleted their comment [-]
#34166 - asotil has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #34164 - roflstorm (11 hours ago) [-]
I need your opinions.
Does this sound good for basic excersize?

5 & 10lb arm curls in 5-15-5-10-5.
3 x 10 10lb squats.
2 x 25 sit ups
2 x 15 dips

Does this sound good? What can i improve on?
User avatar #34158 - studbeefpile (13 hours ago) [-]
Skwaats are moving back up. This workout is pretty short, but I'm squatting 3 times a week now, so the volume on individual workouts is a bit smaller, while overall volume is increased.

265, 1x5

225, 3x6 (focus on speed)

Deficit Deadlifts:
225, 3x5 (focus on speed+low hip position&leg drive)

Nothing special, definitely not as strong as I've been before, but I'm coming back, and my form and depth is better than ever.
#34155 - kavrick ONLINE (14 hours ago) [-]
I don't know how relevant this is but the link said weight loss also so I wanted to ask for help, I've been working out for about a year now to lose weight, 50 sit ups and 10 squats with weights, ive also recently started dieting, nothing special because im uncreative as fuck when it comes to eating, basically no crap food like crisps and chocolate, no carbonated drinks and no bread, pasta or cheese, for a while now it seems like I haven't been loosing weight at all, its extremely important to me and I get depressed when I see myself, so id seriously appreciate the help, also when it comes to cardio im terrified of gyms and my area is shitty for walking
User avatar #34156 to #34155 - studbeefpile (13 hours ago) [-]
"seems like I haven't been losing weight at all". Seems? Make sure you're weighing yourself regularly to measure your results. Body dysmorphia is a bitch, I couldn't tell a difference looking in the mirror after losing 50lbs, but obviously I'd made tons of progress.

As far as diet goes, I would go for a lower carb approach. It sounds like you're kinda doing that already, but I'd get a bit more strict about it. Definitely only drink water, and drink lots of it.

As far as cardio goes, I generally recommend going on walks for literally everyone, but if you legitimately can't because of where you live, try to get your hands on an exercise bike, and just do that for 30-45 minutes a day.
User avatar #34148 - studbeefpile (16 hours ago) [-]
Who is your favorite bodybuilder, and why is it Jason Genova?
#34159 to #34148 - anon (13 hours ago) [-]
I watched one video and felt so bad for him that I turned it off
#34149 to #34148 - anon (16 hours ago) [-]
#34146 - asotil ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
Thank you based Marinepenguin for making me go to the gym and stop being a huge pussy. Now explain why my upper body got stronger despite doing nothing for a week

255 5x3 paused Because I know he's going to start talking about why you should pause every exercise or else you're just lazy, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE on bench with super wide grip. I cold barely do 225x3 with that grip a week ago

Log press I got 205x5, first 3 were strict press. Normally they are all with some leg drive

I curled with fucking 45s on the curl bar. I don't even know how much that is but fuck it we made it

And my Deadlift went to absolute shit. Got a 375 triple, barely
User avatar #34150 to #34146 - jokerjack (15 hours ago) [-]
Rest is beautiful. I often had PR days my first lift after thanksgiving break in college, or my second week back after Christmas break

As Anderson Silva would say, is normal
#34157 to #34150 - studbeefpile (13 hours ago) [-]
Fuck Anderson Silva. I hate that guy.
User avatar #34161 to #34157 - loomiss (12 hours ago) [-]
He is arguably one of the best fighters ever
not my favorite don't get me wrong, i like georges st pierre and jon jones
User avatar #34162 to #34161 - studbeefpile (12 hours ago) [-]
In a large capacity I just hate all the hype. For the longest time everyone was gay for Anderson Silva, and all he did was drop his hands a few times, and get in a few nice knockouts. After that the hype defeated most of his opponents for him because they were all so scared of 'the greatest of all time'. Chael Sonnen - who isn't even that amazing -fucking REKT him for all but 5 rounds, and just happened to get caught in a triangle, but of course no one wants to talk about that....The moment someone (Chris Weidman) who wasn't a pussy about fighting him stepped up, Silva lost his title.

Talented? Absolutely. Greatest of all time? Not even.
User avatar #34163 to #34162 - loomiss (12 hours ago) [-]
He is definitely top 5 of all time.
I still think Pierre is better.
He is over hyped though you right
User avatar #34147 to #34146 - cptmongtard ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
Rest is beautiful
#34136 - trolljunkusa (17 hours ago) [-]
Started 4 months ago at 140Lbs

I'm 5'11"

#34165 to #34136 - marinepenguin ONLINE (11 hours ago) [-]
Haven't done this site in a while.
User avatar #34160 to #34136 - Draigor ONLINE (13 hours ago) [-]
Nice progress dude. Gain that weight!

Although I find this site to overexaggerate the ability to reach advanced and elite levels.
#34151 to #34136 - jokerjack (15 hours ago) [-]
Fuck my squat. It used to be my best lift too

And fuck me for being so fat. The goal is to have these numbers at 170 pounds morning weight
User avatar #34154 to #34151 - jokerjack (15 hours ago) [-]
Also, I'm not the biggest fan of this site. I DO NOT think I could bench 300, nor pull 485 (at least without my back looking like a rainbow)

Should we be using training weights for the entries, or max effort first set while fresh numbers? Only true max was my ohp. Fuck I wanted 200
#34144 to #34136 - loomiss (17 hours ago) [-]
5'11 here also
Pic is me now,
when i started i weighed 135
bench 8 reps of 65
squat 6 reps of 95
OHP 8 reps of 45
been lifting for 8 months
#34137 to #34136 - studbeefpile (17 hours ago) [-]
Been lifting for about 3 years, but I never had any real coaching, and I made a lot of stupid mistakes along the way.

Are you running any specific program?
User avatar #34140 to #34138 - studbeefpile (17 hours ago) [-]
hmmm, I think there are better ways to advance as a beginner. Have you considered hoping on the Starting Strength routine?
User avatar #34141 to #34140 - trolljunkusa (17 hours ago) [-]
Well I just finished the 4 week starting strength program on bodybuilding.com
User avatar #34142 to #34141 - studbeefpile (17 hours ago) [-]
Have you had any issues hitting numbers, or are you just taking things slow?
User avatar #34143 to #34142 - trolljunkusa (17 hours ago) [-]
I'm just focusing on form a lot of the time. I also go for hypertrophy when I'm lifting so I'm doing 12 to 17 reps per set
User avatar #34145 to #34143 - studbeefpile (17 hours ago) [-]
Okay, that's good. Don't forget to up the weight from week to week though.
User avatar #34134 - cptmongtard ONLINE (18 hours ago) [-]
TFW want to bulk and get hooge but joining the army so can't
User avatar #34118 - asotil ONLINE (20 hours ago) [-]
I haven't worked out besides swimming in a week and have been eating shit and playing vidya during that time because of flu

I need to go to the gym but holy shit I am terrified of seeing the results
User avatar #34129 to #34118 - rossthomson (19 hours ago) [-]
So many excuses
User avatar #34123 to #34118 - marinepenguin ONLINE (19 hours ago) [-]
Don't be a bitch. Go to the gym.
User avatar #34124 to #34123 - asotil ONLINE (19 hours ago) [-]
bruh I don't wanna give everyone else the flu was the problem I'm going tonight with gymbro before date with gril
User avatar #34126 to #34124 - marinepenguin ONLINE (19 hours ago) [-]
Everyone needs to test their immune system every now and then.

You'd be doing them a favor for them white blood cell gains.
User avatar #34127 to #34126 - asotil ONLINE (19 hours ago) [-]
But that takes away their muscular gains

And what if their White Blood Cell gains are fine?
User avatar #34128 to #34127 - marinepenguin ONLINE (19 hours ago) [-]
If they can't train through sickness, they don't deserve those muscular gains.

I've been throwing up from the flu between sets in the winter. You obviously don't train super hard during those days, but you get a sweat in and some form work.
User avatar #34122 to #34118 - trolljunkusa (20 hours ago) [-]
Just go and don't worry about it, within a week you'll be back to normal.
User avatar #34113 - nimba (22 hours ago) [-]
Been away for three weeks, eating out every meal, no working out, drinking loads of lager. Came back today, had a shit session at the gym where I failed almost every set. I go to get my stats afterwards and find that
a) mass lower than during my best cut
b) body fat lower than during my best cut
I anticipated losing weight by stopping training but not lower body fat, shit had me confused. Not looking forward to spending all of summer just to get back to where I was mid-June though.
User avatar #34121 to #34113 - ghettograndpa (20 hours ago) [-]
How do you ''fail'' a set?
User avatar #34125 to #34121 - marinepenguin ONLINE (19 hours ago) [-]
Not getting the desired amount of reps.

Like if you are trying to get 6-8. But only get 4.
User avatar #34135 to #34125 - ghettograndpa (18 hours ago) [-]
Lose a bit of the weight and keep going nigga
User avatar #34139 to #34135 - marinepenguin ONLINE (17 hours ago) [-]
Thats exactly what I do. I'm not the one who had the issue. I'm just saying that's what people consider a failed set.
User avatar #34116 to #34113 - Blackrain (21 hours ago) [-]
What is your weight and height?

How did you have it measured?
User avatar #34131 to #34116 - nimba (19 hours ago) [-]
93.8kg, 193cm.
Bioelectrical impedance
User avatar #34132 to #34131 - Blackrain (19 hours ago) [-]
That weight at that height isn't entirely bad stats. What was the bf% reading?
User avatar #34133 to #34132 - nimba (19 hours ago) [-]
11.2, I know BIA isn't a perfect measure but I always measure it all scientific like so that, even if absolute readings are off the relative change should be consistent.
User avatar #34178 to #34133 - Blackrain (1 hour ago) [-]
My guess, and it's only a guess, is even though you ate light shit, your caloric and macro wasn't high enough to keep your muscle mass and with the lower muscle mass, the impedance read it through and said you were a lower bf% than when you had more muscle but were cut.
User avatar #34109 - meierme (22 hours ago) [-]
so are you supposed to be able to deadlift more than you squat or vice versa? because i can do 335 for both and i'm not sure if i'm going wrong somewhere
User avatar #34152 to #34109 - jokerjack (15 hours ago) [-]
I used to have the same deadlift as my squat, then I started focusing on it more and forcing myself to keep moving the weight up. Deadlift grew a lot faster than my squat at that point. It was just undertrained for me cuz squatting is the shit
User avatar #34117 to #34109 - Blackrain (21 hours ago) [-]
I've seen it go both ways.

Some people actually freak out with a high weight on their back versus picking it up off of the ground.
User avatar #34114 to #34109 - marinepenguin ONLINE (21 hours ago) [-]
Usually you squat less than what you deadlift. But there are lots of people who have deadlifted less than their squat sometimes due to different limb lengths.

With your numbers it's hard to tell. Personally my deadlift has only barely exceeded my squat, but I've spent much more time on the squat.
#34101 - anon (07/06/2015) [-]
Where's a legit site that sells SARMS? Blackstone Laboratories seems good. Sarms1 seems like a ripoff.
#34103 to #34101 - KMD ONLINE (07/06/2015) [-]
They also have kick ass / informational radio shows/ podcasts on that site.
#34102 to #34101 - KMD ONLINE (07/06/2015) [-]
Blackstone Labs is legit AF.
If you still want to get your hands on peptides go to Evolution peptides
You can find the links to the websites as well as discount codes here
User avatar #34108 to #34102 - marinepenguin ONLINE (22 hours ago) [-]
This stuff seems insane.
#34105 to #34102 - anon (07/06/2015) [-]
I really don't want to go to jail.
User avatar #34106 to #34105 - methylgroup (07/06/2015) [-]
It's just something they list so that they can cover their asses. The FDA has neither approved nor forbidden the use of SARMs. So, technically, they're available for sale, but they don't have a so called "intended use" and there isn't a great deal of long term research for them. A few years down the road, we could find a link between them and specific diseases and disorders.

SARMs have always interested me though. They used to be shady as fuck, and ostarine was the only one available. They were hard to get and crazy expensive. Now there's several kinds, they're available online, and they're cheaper (still not that cheap). People call them "the steroid killers." They've become so much more effective in the last few years.
User avatar #34107 to #34106 - methylgroup (07/06/2015) [-]
Gear is still MUCH more potent and effective, but SARMs don't have nearly the same amount of negative side effects.
#34104 to #34102 - anon (07/06/2015) [-]
How's ceretropics? They seem legit, and they're a hair cheaper.

Also, what's it mean when it says that all these products are for "research purposes only"? Am I going to jail for buying LGD-4033 solutions online?
#34093 - anon (07/05/2015) [-]
Just injected 20 insulin and not feeling well.
When I will get hella ripped?
User avatar #34090 - blucheese (07/05/2015) [-]
Does any one have an advice on strength training. I just started and was wondering if there was any advice you guys could give me.
User avatar #34100 to #34090 - studbeefpile (07/06/2015) [-]
Uhh, don't listen to malkovo.

As a beginner you need to build a solid foundation, and solid movement patterns. You should be starting out with many repetitions at easily manageable weights to facilitate this. Once you have the movement patterns down, you need to build a foundation of muscle to refine into strength. You can't get very strong if you don't have much muscle. So work in the 6-10 rep range a lot, and this will continue to reinforce good movement patterns, as well as build a good foundation. Once you've done that for a while, you can start peaking into some heavier weights and eventually test your 1RM. This whole process will take about a year, but it's the best way to go about it.

Also, yes to barbells and compounds.
User avatar #34099 to #34090 - Draigor ONLINE (07/06/2015) [-]
Barbell training is best for strength training. Find a reputable beginner program and do a ton of research. Here are a few to get you started: Strong Lifts 5x5, Starting Strength, and Greyskull LP. Following any of these will 100% yeild results.
#34092 to #34090 - trolljunkusa (07/05/2015) [-]
Do not use the smith machine, stay away from most machines in fact. Free weights are your friend. When just starting out avoid the barbell for everything except squats and deadlifts. You should do lots of neutral grip rows as those are extremely good for you, also lots of pic related.

Another good excercise I reccomend are landmine 180s. Check out r/fitness on reddit, that's a great place to start

also remember, training is 40% in the gym 60% in the kitchen
User avatar #34091 to #34090 - malkovo (07/05/2015) [-]
do few reps with heavy weight, short brakes and remember to let your body rest from each workout, also do big muscle groups
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