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User avatar #130154 - gingershavetrolls (09/28/2014) [-]
Ok guys, so it's been a while since I've been on here but I hope the few people that follow my music are still here.

I've just released a new music video for my latest release. The song is entitled 'Break It Down' and I would greatly appreciate any feedback and support that you guys can give. Kali Peace [ Break It Down ] Video by @RAPCITYTV @KaliLovesPeace

Here is another one of my songs from my first mixtape: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTfcGVgTD9o

And my soundcloud is www.souncloud.com/kali-peace

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from some of you!
User avatar #130157 to #130154 - misticalz ONLINE (09/28/2014) [-]
nice m8
User avatar #130155 to #130154 - teoyeezy (09/28/2014) [-]
reminds me of nocando
im excited for the next release
good work brah
#130150 - noooooooo (09/28/2014) [-]
hai /music/, im starting to learn guitar.
i can play about a girl by nirvana now, and id like a new song to practice that is slightly harder than about a girl. im into shit like rise against, any suggestions?
#130173 to #130150 - jippythebandit ONLINE (09/28/2014) [-]
Check out the best youtube guitar teacher ever:

User avatar #130159 to #130150 - dudeheit (09/28/2014) [-]
maybe sweet home alabama?
pull offs, new chords and a little riff - getting to know more techniques
#130160 to #130159 - chords (09/28/2014) [-]
trust me guy im nothing new
User avatar #130152 to #130150 - sveti (09/28/2014) [-]
dont really know many rise against songs,hope these help
#130151 to #130150 - sveti (09/28/2014) [-]
howdy and congratz on your new hobby

depends on what kind of music your are into

here is a list

-Knocking on Heavens door(GnR cover) easy breezy G,D,am7 / G,D,C chord progression AND a easy solo that introduces you to some bending

-Nirvana Come - ass you are(Kek)
-Nirvana swoles - like teen spirit

-AC/DC - Highway to hell
-Clapton - Wonderful Tonight
-Clapton - Sunshine of your love
-Judas Priest - Breaking the Lawn
-Danzig - Mother

if you are into drop D tuning and like your churches crispy i suggest some amorphis song

Amorphis - Drowned Maid
Amorphis - Mayhem and Magic
(Not really black metal but the riffs are easy,catchy and let you learn some steady scale movement)
any song you want to learn check on youtube channels Martyzsongs and Youcanlearnguitar the guy is a AWESOME teacher and makes some intermediate alot easier to play.PLUS he has lots of scale lessons with riff bits that fend of the typical guitar practice frustration

#130153 to #130151 - noooooooo (09/28/2014) [-]
isnt come as you are too easy?
but thanks, i will look into these
User avatar #130149 - mrselfdestruct ONLINE (09/28/2014) [-]
Hey /music/
Got an acoustic craving?
Check out this shit I just made.
all original
User avatar #130163 to #130149 - godamnitcarlos (09/28/2014) [-]
Great job Dude this is pretty great
User avatar #130164 to #130163 - mrselfdestruct ONLINE (09/28/2014) [-]
thanks man.

did a little hydration reference there.
I'm guessing only FJ users will get that.
#130148 - sequel (09/28/2014) [-]
"Digital Gridline" - CRM (Christoph Rauch) Anyone know music that sounds similar to this?
User avatar #130227 to #130197 - sequel (18 hours ago) [-]
Already aware of them, but thanks. Listening again.
User avatar #130147 - badmotorfinger (09/28/2014) [-]
ITT: First concert

Desert Uprising 2013
Alice in Chains
Jane's Addiction
Coheed & Cambria
User avatar #130161 to #130147 - haydentheviking (09/28/2014) [-]
skindred 2014
with soil and viza

8/10 great show besides soil
User avatar #130158 to #130147 - misticalz ONLINE (09/28/2014) [-]
Full Flex Express 2012
KOAN Sound (Got autograph)
Toki Monsta
Pretty Lights
#130168 to #130141 - misanthrizzle (09/28/2014) [-]
le little kid swinging
#130169 to #130168 - misanthrizzle (09/28/2014) [-]
le accusatory volleyball
User avatar #130145 to #130141 - bananarchy (09/28/2014) [-]
lol theyre celebrating their latest school shooting
User avatar #130140 - bananarchy (09/28/2014) [-]
So which relatively-unknown artist do you think is going to become big?
My choice is Spark Master Tape
Do you think his anonymity and gimmicks are keeping him from making it big?
User avatar #130146 to #130140 - nigeltheoutlaw ONLINE (09/28/2014) [-]
I hope groundislava do. Good shit.
User avatar #130142 to #130140 - awesomerninjathing (09/28/2014) [-]
he's literally only known on reddit
#130143 to #130142 - bananarchy (09/28/2014) [-]
I want him to succeed so badly
I've seen him discussed on /mu/ too
User avatar #130144 to #130143 - awesomerninjathing (09/28/2014) [-]
because it's most likely the reddit fambruhs going on there to discuss the latest gucci mane release lol
User avatar #130138 - sexybraeburn (09/28/2014) [-]
soundcloud.com/lolgan-bush/death-wobble-radio-guest-mix Here's a mix I made for an online radio station. I got to do a live mix and broadcasted it and alot of producer's that I am a huge fan of tuned it and gave me a bunch of compliments. It was super rad, alot of the producers contacted me on facebook and skype and have asked me about maybe doing vocals or collabing with them in the future and it was just a really cool experience.
User avatar #130136 - ptolomeus ONLINE (09/28/2014) [-]
Helly everyone, seeing as funnyjunk has a lot of different nationalities, i thought "why not ask FJ".
You see for some years, i have tried figuring out the language and or song name+artist of the first song in this video.
I have tried music forums and even yahoo, nothing. So i thought as we have so many different nationalities i might get a hit here.

In the beginning i thought the song was from the caucasus, which it might be, but i really have no idea.
I hope someone will know something. Have a good day.

#130127 - oldmoldy (09/27/2014) [-]
So I haven't really listened to music in a while, had a lot of stuff to do for a long long time which has prevented me from having any time to actually discover music I like.   
I like loud, any suggestions?   
I quite like anything as long as the n-word isn't every second word and it's not country!   

So I haven't really listened to music in a while, had a lot of stuff to do for a long long time which has prevented me from having any time to actually discover music I like.

I like loud, any suggestions?

I quite like anything as long as the n-word isn't every second word and it's not country!

User avatar #130130 to #130127 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (09/27/2014) [-]
Get updated with some 2014 albums then.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQidzKOrj10 Clipping - CLPPNG (noise rap)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvW0szXNq0A Crosses LP (electronic/alternative)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4JP1bIr1Vw Rise Against - The Black Market (punk rock)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDjSDnMxFME Mastodon - Once More 'Round the Sun (progressive metal)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgniPyIVtx4 Aphex Twin - Syro (electronic)
www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FSaKz4srh0 Linkin Park - The Hunting Party plz, it ain't something terrible

It's the quickiest thing I could think of right now.
User avatar #130139 to #130130 - sexybraeburn (09/28/2014) [-]
The new Aphex twin release is great. It's nothing that makes the wait for it worth it, but new Aphex twin is grr8.
#130132 to #130130 - oldmoldy (09/27/2014) [-]
Thanks, much appreciated! (:
Thanks, much appreciated! (:
#130133 to #130128 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (09/28/2014) [-]
great jam, kai
great jam, kai
User avatar #130134 to #130133 - kaisakuenkou (09/28/2014) [-]
closest thing to the criteria off the top of my head
User avatar #130124 - dramakid ONLINE (09/27/2014) [-]
In case you need some headbang. Ideal for gym MESHUGGAH - Bleed (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
User avatar #130135 to #130124 - haydentheviking (09/28/2014) [-]
MESHUGGAH - Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) i prefer this one out of all the songs they've made
User avatar #130120 - mobilebull (09/27/2014) [-]
hey music board. do some of you know any good house songs?
User avatar #130122 to #130121 - mobilebull (09/27/2014) [-]
Really not what i have Expected, but its pretty good
User avatar #130119 - bigleaguechew (09/27/2014) [-]
Not sure how long it's going to be up, but You're Dead! leak
#130117 to #130116 - mr skeltal (09/27/2014) [-]
#130113 - alcoholicsemen (09/27/2014) [-]
Daffy D.only loses is mind on dance floor.
Vote Daffy D. 2016
#130114 to #130113 - mr skeltal (09/27/2014) [-]
See me become the one
Who sees behind your eyes
User avatar #130100 - falgabird (09/27/2014) [-]
Hey bitches, since DJ Admin can't raise our dongers anymore, why not we be our own DJ?

#130099 - danrmanalt (09/27/2014) [-]
I just spent 8 euros on a rekord
but I'm pretty sure it ships from inside the US
why is this nigga charging me in euros
fucking hipsters
#130094 - sylvanio (09/27/2014) [-]
Tell me why this isn't the dopest shit you've heard      
 Free Gif.
Tell me why this isn't the dopest shit you've heard Arctic Monkeys - Teddy Picker

Free Gif.
#130081 - SpankThePanda (09/27/2014) [-]
what does /music/ think of this album?
User avatar #130125 to #130081 - dramakid ONLINE (09/27/2014) [-]
Lightbringer and Ohmwrecker
User avatar #130123 to #130081 - drldrl (09/27/2014) [-]
Love the bass parts in Lightbringer & Ohmwrecker.
Vocalist is pretty awesome.
User avatar #130096 to #130081 - ljxjlos ONLINE (09/27/2014) [-]
I dunno why, I enjoy Nerdcore and I like some game soundtracks - but whenever I see gaming and metal together, I fucking hate it from the first second on.

Not to mention that a friend of mine hyped them and everything I heard up to now was pretty bad.
User avatar #130085 to #130081 - awesomerninjathing (09/27/2014) [-]

automatic shit
#130118 to #130085 - mr skeltal (09/27/2014) [-]
meme expert
#130083 to #130082 - SpankThePanda (09/27/2014) [-]
its metal. classic metal vocals with more modern sounding guitars and drums Pentakill - Deathfire Grasp
#130075 - theannoyingFJguy (09/27/2014) [-]
The greatest performance of all time   
Holy shit

The greatest performance of all time

Holy shit
User avatar #130097 to #130075 - ljxjlos ONLINE (09/27/2014) [-]
Saw him life earlier this year. It was quite sad. Amazing show, actually, but it was too obvious that he´s seriously ill and won´t make it any longer:/
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