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User avatar #104053 - ferrettamer ONLINE (03/17/2014) [-]
Highlonesome - Devil at the Door Guys it's happening, I think I'm starting to like country
User avatar #104059 to #104053 - teoberry (03/17/2014) [-]
Keith Urban - Cop Car ferret can we fall in love in the back of a cop car
User avatar #104074 to #104059 - threeeighteen (03/17/2014) [-]
Not Keith Urban, that cunt is a parasite that needs to be burnt.
User avatar #104125 to #104074 - teoberry (03/18/2014) [-]
you're mad that you didn't in love inthe back of a cop car
User avatar #104060 to #104059 - ferrettamer ONLINE (03/17/2014) [-]
I no longer like country
User avatar #104061 to #104060 - teoberry (03/17/2014) [-]
you'll slay mad poon if you play that
User avatar #104063 to #104061 - ferrettamer ONLINE (03/17/2014) [-]
Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun Yeah maybe in redneck Alberta, I'd need to play something like this to get puss
User avatar #104065 to #104063 - teoberry (03/17/2014) [-]
Tunak Tun is the universal song of sex. You will get pussy anywhere if you blare this and dance along
User avatar #104067 to #104065 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/17/2014) [-]
I actually kinda like the song.
User avatar #104064 to #104063 - ferrettamer ONLINE (03/17/2014) [-]
in Ontario I mean
#104046 - lorkhan (03/17/2014) [-]
**lorkhan rolled a random image posted in comment #177132 at ADMIN'S WEIRD SEXUAL PLAYHOUSE, DON'T ASK QUESTIONS JUST READY YOUR BODY ** Why do you people only listen to metal shit and not quality music?
#104152 to #104046 - 4chan refugee (03/18/2014) [-]
Seriously. There's only rap everywhere
User avatar #104066 to #104046 - shibe (03/17/2014) [-]
i agree too many faggots here
User avatar #104100 to #104066 - darksideofthebeast (03/17/2014) [-]
Says the one that listens to crazy obscure hipster bands.
#104068 to #104066 - 4chan refugee (03/17/2014) [-]
But metal so good
you just envious cause you can't
#104051 to #104046 - foxes **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #104049 to #104046 - teoyeezy (03/17/2014) [-]
cuz metal is the only genre that is decent

fuck rap because its all ignorant bullshit
fuck dubstep its just noise
fuck pussy indie music lol
#104037 - defone (03/16/2014) [-]
so do any of you guys listen to Ben Howard?
#104034 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
3x3 thread
barely listened to anything this week because I've had Pinata on repeat
tapmusic somehow made me a 2x3

#104052 to #104034 - foxes **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#104048 to #104034 - ultrablue ONLINE (03/17/2014) [-]
Been tough since I've been out of town and busy the last week. But here's a rough estimate.
#104047 to #104034 - revengeforfreeze (03/17/2014) [-]
Same old, same old
#104043 to #104034 - ferrettamer ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Ugh why does Laff Trax always show up in these
#104054 to #104043 - foxes **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #104055 to #104054 - ferrettamer ONLINE (03/17/2014) [-]
Why would you want to? Shibe probably has a link, I don't right now though
User avatar #104044 to #104043 - themagicwizard (03/16/2014) [-]
Clearly because it's AOTY 2014
#104036 to #104034 - themagicwizard (03/16/2014) [-]
I passed 10,000 Linkin Park plays today.

God bless Chester and his boys :,)
User avatar #104039 to #104036 - teoyeezy (03/16/2014) [-]
you should listen to the dark souls II ost
User avatar #104041 to #104039 - themagicwizard (03/16/2014) [-]
I feel like I should play it first
User avatar #104042 to #104035 - teoyeezy (03/16/2014) [-]
nice 3x3 bro!
User avatar #104033 - teoyeezy (03/16/2014) [-]
post yer fav rainy day artists :^)

Sadistik and James Blake are de bes
User avatar #104038 to #104033 - teoberry (03/16/2014) [-]
Sanctified is my one and only rainy day song
User avatar #104031 - robertdylan (03/16/2014) [-]
Best Social Distortion album?
User avatar #104024 to #104023 - misticalz (03/16/2014) [-]
Game Grumps is stupid
User avatar #104026 to #104024 - ultrablue ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
So's your momma's clit
User avatar #104045 to #104026 - themagicwizard (03/17/2014) [-]
User avatar #104027 to #104026 - misticalz (03/16/2014) [-]
holy shit lmfao
that was probably the worst insult ever.
User avatar #104028 to #104027 - ultrablue ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]

Come on son.
User avatar #104030 to #104029 - ultrablue ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Can't tell if actually taking me seriously right now...
User avatar #104025 to #104024 - takemythumb (03/16/2014) [-]
I don't really watch the video's, but i found the song pretty neat.
User avatar #104016 - wisewords (03/16/2014) [-]
check out my facebook music where I post demos, full songs, and take any ideas and suggestions, I make all types of music, not any specific genre. Check it!


#104010 - wisewords has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #104022 to #104010 - ferrettamer ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
What is this shit
#104006 - 4chan refugee (03/16/2014) [-]
queen is shit
User avatar #104021 to #104006 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Eh. Kind of. They're so eclectic that it's hard to tell what exactly is queen.
User avatar #104019 to #104006 - shibe (03/16/2014) [-]

User avatar #104012 to #104006 - kaisakuenkou (03/16/2014) [-]
you're shit
User avatar #103988 - LifeIsADisease (03/16/2014) [-]
okay I am terribly sorry, but could anyone tell me what song is at 1:58 to 2:02 in this vine video, it has been killing me and I have already tried all the music recognition programs I could think of
User avatar #104011 to #103989 - wisewords (03/16/2014) [-]
Lol. Fuckin hate when that happens! I swear before I saw this comment, I was making SURE I didn't do that this time xD
User avatar #104014 to #104005 - misticalz (03/16/2014) [-]
Sounds Like |Talk Dirty To me| Ripped this off
User avatar #104009 to #104005 - LifeIsADisease (03/16/2014) [-]
Fucking Christ, Thank you very very much, it was driving me crazy
User avatar #103982 - thewellhungarian (03/16/2014) [-]
I'm not one for music like this usually, but one of my superiors showed this to me and I cant stop listening. Its so god damned catchy.

#103984 to #103982 - 4chan refugee (03/16/2014) [-]
The instrumental was good but then they started singing....
#103924 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Hey funnypunkers.

I chickened out getting a straight up mohawk. Got scared of how my headshape would be. Anyways, what do you think of this alternative?

Will post picks of side view if requested.
#103987 to #103924 - 4chan refugee (03/16/2014) [-]
User avatar #103985 to #103924 - teoberry (03/16/2014) [-]
a) go to social board or some shit
b) no one cares
c) that's not a mohawk
User avatar #103986 to #103985 - teoberry (03/16/2014) [-]
read your comment again

c) it looks shittier than a mohawk would
User avatar #103970 to #103924 - ljxjlos ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Don´t get a mohawk - mowaks are amongst the worst haircut possible, right beside the Vokuhila
User avatar #103971 to #103970 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Like I said, though. I ended up chickening out and got that instead.
User avatar #103972 to #103971 - ljxjlos ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Yeah, but like - banish the thought of ever getting one out of your mind, it will change your life for the better.
User avatar #103973 to #103972 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
I like them better on girls.
User avatar #103974 to #103973 - ljxjlos ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Nah, even worse. Undercut or bangs are the best things a girl can do with her hair.
User avatar #103975 to #103974 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
I just think girls with shaved/partially shaved heads are sexy as fuck.
User avatar #103976 to #103975 - ljxjlos ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
It differs. If it´s done in a good way, it´s cute as fuck, if it´s done in the ugly-ass dirty punk way, it looks like shiet, tho. Like well...every aspect of punk other than the music exception: crustpunk looks rad as fuck if done right.
User avatar #103977 to #103976 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Crustpunks are just people who listen to punk rock and don't shower.
User avatar #103978 to #103977 - ljxjlos ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
>Implying crustpunk and punkrock aren´t two COMPLETELY different genres, soundwise.
User avatar #103980 to #103978 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
But don't listen to me. I'm ska-punk biased.
User avatar #103979 to #103978 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
No, no. You're right.

But forming a whole genre of grindcore ripoff and being dirty is just kind of a bad idea.
User avatar #103981 to #103979 - ljxjlos ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
It´s not really a total grindcore-ripoff, tho, that´s like saying Post-Hardcore is a Hardcore-ripoff.

Also, not to mention that being dirty /the fashion at all are bound to the music. the music is only the music, nothing more, you can dress how you want and shower how often you want, no matter what music you like.
User avatar #103983 to #103981 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Generally, crustpunk artists are what the name implies though.
User avatar #103933 to #103924 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
How is this related to music?
User avatar #103936 to #103933 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
And besides, this board isn't limited to talking about music. It's a place where lovers of music can commune.
User avatar #104015 to #103936 - misticalz (03/16/2014) [-]
lol bruh we r the patrons of this board we know r shit
User avatar #103939 to #103936 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
It is only about music. Not the style of the music.

User avatar #103941 to #103939 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
You guys are blowing this way out of proportion.
User avatar #103942 to #103941 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
No we're not.
We love music for the sound of it, not the fucking style and the fashion of it.

I don't like metal because everyone has glorious hair, I like metal because it rapes my ears and makes me like it.
User avatar #103943 to #103942 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Where on earth did I say I like music for the fashion. All I said was that the style was relative to the music. And yes. It is. There is absolutely zero arguing that.
User avatar #103944 to #103943 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
#103934 to #103933 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (7 minutes ago) [-]
Punk rock fashion goes hand in hand with the music.

Hand in hand with the music.

No, no it doesn't.
User avatar #103946 to #103944 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Hand in hand is a term that shows relevance between two subjects.

Not that you believe they are the exact same thing.
User avatar #103947 to #103946 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]

User avatar #103948 to #103947 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
It's a fucking mohawk, man.
User avatar #103949 to #103948 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
What's your point?
This isn't the fucking hair cut board, this is a music board.
Now, post music or GTFO.
User avatar #103950 to #103949 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
You're contributing to this non-music thread. So "post music or gtfo"
User avatar #103951 to #103950 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
Tool - Rosetta Stoned
Here you go.
Currently listening to this, I wonder what the artist is currently wearing, maybe I should copy their looks!
User avatar #103952 to #103951 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
You'd have to take your fedora off first.
User avatar #103953 to #103952 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
hahahahaha, oh God. You're sinking so low.

User avatar #103954 to #103953 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
User avatar #103955 to #103954 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
Are you angry because I told you the truth?
Does it hurt that bad?
User avatar #103956 to #103955 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Lol, you're the one caps lock raging at a guy for posting a picture of himself.
#103967 to #103956 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
Let that butthurt flow through you.
Let that butthurt flow through you.
User avatar #103968 to #103967 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
I'm out, man.
Good luck with the asperger's.
User avatar #103965 to #103956 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
I figured you did because of the "Fashion"

User avatar #103966 to #103965 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
You've gotta be kidding me now, dude.
#103963 to #103956 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
Panic at the disco?
Says the one that likes pop punk...
User avatar #103964 to #103963 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
I don't see where in any of my comments I ever said I like pop punk.
User avatar #103961 to #103956 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
Did I say too big of a word for you?
Like "emotions"?
User avatar #103962 to #103961 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Stop commenting already and finish listening to Panic at the Disco or whatever.
User avatar #103959 to #103956 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
What you said in the first line.

Oh God, don't you know that's the whole point of music? You do know music is pure emotions, right?

Oh wait, that's right. You like it because they "look kewl, the fashion is nice"
#103960 to #103959 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
User avatar #103957 to #103956 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
Because I was trying to get my point through your head.
User avatar #103958 to #103957 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
You've yet to make a single point other than "lol im so original even though i look exactly like every other tool that listens to tool i like music because it makes me feel lol XD"

We all like music. I don't think there's a single person on this planet that doesn't.
We all have our styles. There is no such thing as not having a style.
You've made no valid/intelligent argument this entire conversation that I've had the displeasure of sharing with you.
User avatar #103935 to #103933 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
In other words, I'm seeking validation for my decisions over the internet.
User avatar #103934 to #103933 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Punk rock fashion goes hand in hand with the music.
User avatar #103938 to #103934 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
If you are -and I say this quite honestly- a poser, it does.
The punk ethymology has always been about the music without frilly frou frou stuff. Punk was created to get rock back in line after Billy Joel made it soft and Zeppelin gave into the excesses of solos and over instrumentation. No showy stuff, no pretentiousness, just hard rocking tunes.
Also, no big punk band wears a mohawk so there's that...
User avatar #103940 to #103938 - fuccthedevil ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
The statement was worded incorrectly.
User avatar #103937 to #103934 - darksideofthebeast (03/16/2014) [-]
You can fuck right off if you think music is fashion.
User avatar #103922 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Does anyone have any spooky music?
I just came back from a ghost tour and I'd like to get more of that vibe.
User avatar #104017 to #103922 - fistoftheaxis (03/16/2014) [-]
Kinda old timey spookey.

The Residents-Sinister Exaggerator
User avatar #104020 to #104017 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
That's really nice. I really enjoy The Residents, but I haven't had the time to go through all their stuff because it's a fucking massive discography.
User avatar #103994 to #103990 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Not an fx track. Y'know, with melody and shit.
User avatar #103995 to #103994 - shibe (03/16/2014) [-]
it is music you idiot


is dark ambient 2spooky4u?
User avatar #103996 to #103995 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Final Sunset Grand Bay No, it is not. It is a bunch of fx's thrown together into an editing track. This is music, y'know, the type of things that you would ask of a musician and not of an fx aficionado. And yes, I am drawing quite a bit of emphasis to that because I feel ripped off that they didn't even make their own effects.
User avatar #103997 to #103996 - shibe (03/16/2014) [-]
It's not a bunch of FX thrown around

It's pads being played at an extremely low note

The same is going on your song, except the pads are being played at a higher note

www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HR6LxHtLas You're the kind of person to say this isn't music either
User avatar #103998 to #103997 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Without getting into quality. No, that is music. Also, please do tell the musical profficiency that went into unforgettable segments like the one at the 3:00. Dragging something to the timeline?
User avatar #103999 to #103998 - shibe (03/16/2014) [-]

dude a fuck ton of ambient has FX thrown over the pads

Field Recordings, recordings of shit like birds in a forest, qualify as music

ANY SOUND, qualifies as music

User avatar #104000 to #103999 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Any sound qualifies as music.
Well, then, I guess we've arrived at the bottom of this, haven't we?
I wholeheartedly disagree. I am a writer, and would never for the life of me call this conversation "literature". I am not a musician-not in a technical, student in the craft kind of way- but I afford people that understand and dedicate their time to it the same respect I do to my craft.
For that same reason I wouldn't call a blurry video from a cellphone where the audio clips "a short film" and why I wouldn't call spit on a canvas "a painting".
#104002 to #104000 - shibe (03/16/2014) [-]
spit on a canvas can qualify as art

Art can be anything

User avatar #104018 to #104002 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Huh. I didn't get a notification.
As I said. This isn't written anywhere. It's just opinion, and I completely disagree with your interpretation.
User avatar #104003 to #104002 - shibe (03/16/2014) [-]
what i posted this twice

#104001 to #104000 - shibe has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #104008 to #104007 - kaisakuenkou (03/16/2014) [-]
you like either of those?
User avatar #103926 to #103925 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Mah niggah. You know I love Sabbath.
#103930 to #103926 - dehumanizer (03/16/2014) [-]
but that exact song man,

i mean DAT RIFF,DAT BASSLINE, DEM lyrics! Im honestly shocked it was from Cross purposes
User avatar #103931 to #103930 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
I dunno man. I insist that Cross Purposes is a pretty sweet record.
But yeah, the bassline is amazing. As if we expected anything else from Geezer. They certainly bring a great feeling there.
#103945 to #103931 - dehumanizer (03/16/2014) [-]
"Trapped inside my dreams, I know you're there
Thoughts of happiness you destroyed them all
First inside my head then inside my soul"
User avatar #103920 - DrCake (03/16/2014) [-]
Anyone have any really odd and obscure music i can check out? No extreme metal, please.
User avatar #104179 to #104143 - DrCake (03/18/2014) [-]
lmao holy crap this is certainly odd. Interesting very interesting thanks
User avatar #104220 to #104179 - kattbajs (03/18/2014) [-]
igorrr is awesome :3
User avatar #103991 to #103920 - shibe (03/16/2014) [-]
Jason Lescalleet (Noise, EAI) www.youtube.com/watch?v=irZoMyXztmY
Chuck Person (Vaporwave) www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTa6KEE9cZU
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company (Progressive Electronic) www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYEYYVdsj6g
Whitehouse (Power Electronic, Noise, Industrial(?) ) www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CTbycx2Pfo
Autechre (IDM, glitch) www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFuIB9hsI1s
User avatar #103969 to #103920 - alvinruss (03/16/2014) [-]
Olivia Tremor Control - - Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume One (Full Album)

check it out, it's great
User avatar #103993 to #103969 - shibe (03/16/2014) [-]
so great
User avatar #103921 to #103920 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
They're not that odd or that obscure, but I really like the paper chase.
Or you could try the last Xiu Xiu album, but that gets boring after a while because it's exactly the same flavour of oddness and obscurity all throughout the album.
#103917 - cookiecoketwo has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #103915 - teoberry (03/16/2014) [-]
Big KRIT Ft ASAP Ferg - Lac Lac
User avatar #103911 - furryflava (03/16/2014) [-]
Breakdancing on Red bull be like... - Vine by Kevin Meneses anyone know the song from this?
#103899 - HolyArachnid (03/16/2014) [-]
So.......my local radio station has been playing the heck out of this one single from Miley's new album, and I've got to admit, I REALLY like it. It actually has a positive message about working hard for one's living and staying humble, and it's done in a style that pays tribute to classic blues rock; the vocals actually put me in mind of Robert Plant at times. I can't help but turn up the volume whenever it comes on.


(For those who don't get the joke, the band's drummer and co-songwriter is named Mike Miley. Yeah, I'm a cheap bastard, but admit it.....I had ya going there for a second, didn't I.)
User avatar #103912 to #103906 - HolyArachnid (03/16/2014) [-]
Shameless plugging, huh.....I see how it is ;)

I really like where you're going with this one. It's calming and soothing, but with a kind of primal energy to it that provides a nice contrast. I'm looking forward to hearing the finished product.
User avatar #103913 to #103912 - misticalz (03/16/2014) [-]
I'll post it on your profile once it's done I guess. : D
User avatar #103901 to #103899 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
I... don't get the joke. Yes I read the spoiler.
#103903 to #103901 - HolyArachnid (03/16/2014) [-]
*sigh* Assuming you're serious here, and not just being a dick:

The joke was, I'm leading people to expect a new Miley Cyrus song, when the song I'm describing is pretty much the opposite of everything she stands for. People would be reading the paragraph thinking "what the fuck?", and then they'd click the link and be pleasantly surprised.
User avatar #103904 to #103903 - thebestpieever ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
Ah. Miley Cyrus. She exists so far outside my radar that I never once thought of her.
On the good side: it's actually a pretty good song. The Vocals don't remind me of Robert Plant, though, they remind me of Roger Daltrey. Now, the guitar, that does remind me of Jimmy Page.
User avatar #103905 to #103904 - HolyArachnid (03/16/2014) [-]
Yeah, now that you mention it, I can hear the Daltrey resemblance in Jay Buchanan's voice. Either way, he's one of the better rock vocalists I've heard in recent years.

One of the things I find really remarkable about Scott Holiday's guitar work is his innovative use of effects pedals, which he's supposedly spent years collecting and tinkering with. I hear a lot of guitarists get flak for using pedals as a crutch, but Holiday uses them as a weapon: there are a lot of the band's songs where you'll hear two or three totally different guitar sounds going at once, and it's all Holiday, no rhythm guitarist and no multitracking.
#103897 - haydentheviking ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
screwed it up once with the wrong link Whats your newest discovery? Mine would have to be Graveyard train like dayum countrys never felt so dark idk if it has i dont normally listen to country Graveyard Train - End of the World
User avatar #103900 to #103897 - ferrettamer ONLINE (03/16/2014) [-]
The Pirate Ship Quintet - Lost Science This is really good shit. I now have multiple country songs I like, it may not be that hard of a genre to get into after all.

As for recent discovery, I recently discovered these guys, a UK based post-rock group, they are pretty decent. No idea why the video is in French though
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