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User avatar #111916 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
Flatbush zombies - Thug Waffle Lyrics on screen decent
User avatar #111931 to #111916 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Rappers like this are what make people think rap is shit. It fits the generalization perfectly. Nigga said a million times, weed, sex, gang violence. Pls go away.
User avatar #111991 to #111931 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
And nigga is said twice. I take it you didn't listen to the song.
User avatar #111992 to #111991 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
He still rhymes nigga with nigga. Sorry I didn't want to hear an idiot talk for 3 minutes.
User avatar #111995 to #111992 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
No, he rhymes 'dead' with 'red', and just adds nigga to the end of it. Maybe you should actually listen to it before you judge. Also, it's two people, not one. What music do you listen to?
User avatar #111997 to #111995 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Anything with decent songwriting behind it.
All it is, is the two idiots bragging about things they have never done, nor will do. How is that entertaining?
User avatar #112009 to #111997 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
I think you mean Instrumentation, not song writing
User avatar #112010 to #112009 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Part of writing a song, is writing the instrumental parts, if that's what you have.
User avatar #112012 to #112010 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
I look at it like
Instrumentation: musical aspect, or, the sounds I hear.
Lyricism: the story, or poetic aspect of the vocals(if any).
Song Writing: the cohesion of the two.

I think you prefer instrumentation, since you picked instrumental based genres. Of course it is part of writing the song, but I'm a bit more specific
User avatar #112014 to #112012 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
The Count Of Tuscany is one of my favorite songs for the part at the end. Just the way he sings the two sides, I love it.
There's some songs I love just because of the vocals. Shinedown's Brent Smith is one of my favorites because how much emotion he can put into a song.
User avatar #112018 to #112014 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
I'm not saying you don't like song writing as i define it, im just stating you prefer instrumentation, generally.
User avatar #111998 to #111997 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
Most of the song is about weed, and I'm pretty sure they've smoked weed....

Give me your favorite bands. Also, do me a favour and look up what 'subjectivity' is.
User avatar #112000 to #111998 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Dream Theater - The Count of Tuscany (Full song) Just listen to this, sums my music taste up pretty well.
User avatar #112002 to #112000 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #112003 to #112002 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
And what you posted is better?
I said it sums it up. Prog music, classical, metal, rock, etc.
User avatar #112047 to #112003 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
hahahahahha holy shit don't make fun of my music if you listen to that shit.
User avatar #112057 to #112047 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
Dream theater isn't shit, brah.
But this guy shouldn't have said anything about your taste either.
But still.
User avatar #112050 to #112047 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
I'm sorry that I like music that actually has thought put into it's creation?
User avatar #112051 to #112050 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
And what makes you think this has no thought in it?
User avatar #112053 to #112051 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
As long as you know how to rhyme and know slang, you could make a song like that pretty easily.
User avatar #112054 to #112053 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
There's a thing called 'beat' and a thing called 'flow'. I'd like to see you produce a song by yourself, and have a decent flow (hint: you couldn't, and you're a fag)
User avatar #112055 to #112054 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
I'm pretty sure that he didn't make the backing track to that. 99% of rappers don't. And no, I couldn't flow because I've never put effort into it. But the lyrics themselves? There was a kid in my eighth grade class that wrote shit like this, and got signed. It's child's play.
And by the way you use fag, I'd guess you aren't much older than 13.
User avatar #112062 to #112055 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
Cat got your tongue, faggot?
User avatar #112056 to #112055 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
Nope, they produced it. There are 3 members in the group, one of whom produces everything. And I highly doubt your story. You can't flow because you probably have a stutter and mumble a lot. Also, I never knew words used could accurately be used to tell someone's age. Mind citing some sources for that?
User avatar #112058 to #112056 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
How the earth's rotations around the sun correlate with anyone's maturity is the real question
User avatar #112008 to #112003 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
Prog music
lol, k
User avatar #112011 to #112008 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Are you mad that I didn't like your moaning with a drum music?
User avatar #112037 to #112011 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
If you really like "prog music" you'd like that song
User avatar #112013 to #112011 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
Its still the same as Great Gig
User avatar #112015 to #112013 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
No it is not. Great Gig has an actual song behind it, instead of someone hitting a drum here and there.
I never liked Pink Floyd much though. Not because I think they suck or anything, I've just never really listened to them. Maybe I will now though.
User avatar #112017 to #112015 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
they're both female vocal improv... on art rock albums...
User avatar #112021 to #112017 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
They may be art rock as a whole, but the song you posted was not rock in any form. All it had was a drum. That's like saying Korn's dubstep album isn't dubstep because they're a nu metal band.
User avatar #112022 to #112021 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
Bonzo's montreux this isn't rock?
User avatar #112023 to #112022 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
It is, because of how he's playing.
You can play many genres with the same instrument, you know.
User avatar #112024 to #112023 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
yeah, even Rock, you know
User avatar #112033 to #112024 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Hit the reply limit woohoo.
I think you're thinking of death metal, if we're combining sex and mocking Christianity. Cannibal Corpse has some of that stuff.
User avatar #112034 to #112033 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
Drugs, Sex: Rock & Roll, well sounds like she's having sex, and Karl Marx stated religion as the Opiate of the masses (a drug), so?
User avatar #112029 to #112024 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
But what you posted wasn't rock lol
It was more akin to a tribal song.
User avatar #112030 to #112029 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
What isn't rock about mocking jesus christ in an orgasmic tone
User avatar #112019 to #112017 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
my song also happens to consist of a double entendre, while Great Gig only has piano (sounds like instrumentation>songwriting (^
User avatar #111989 to #111931 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
Oh fuck off, it's an excellent song. Sorry I'm not a stuck up prick like you who can't have fun
User avatar #111906 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
Eternity: Memory of Light and Waves - Final Fantasy X-2 / 久遠 ~光と波の記憶~ - FFX-2
What do you think of this?
User avatar #111964 to #111906 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
Pretty neat. FF has some of the best music in gaming either way, tho, as far as I can say.
User avatar #111932 to #111906 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Remove the chick and it's 10 times better.
User avatar #111937 to #111932 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Oh wait she actually starts singing halfway through instead of just moaning. Remove that shit at the beginning.
User avatar #111966 to #111937 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
more like humming
User avatar #111914 to #111906 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
i think it's pretty cool
User avatar #111910 to #111906 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #111911 to #111910 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
ur just jelly
User avatar #111912 to #111911 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
no. that sucked
User avatar #111897 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
So, I heard a song yesterday and I can´t find it for the hell of it.

I heard it on some kind of internet radio station that a friend had running in his car, but he doesn´t even remember the stations name, anymore.

It was some kind of La Dispute, Defeater or Modern Life is War-ish Post-Hardcore-Stuff but with heavy Dubstep-stuff instead of Drumms and a refrain in a voice that did sound kinda like Burials Archangel. It was weird but kinda cool.

Does anybody have any idea what band that could have been?
User avatar #111893 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Halo 4 Complete Soundtrack Why didn't they let Marty do it? Why? He's so much better.
User avatar #111927 to #111893 - themagicwizard (05/11/2014) [-]
You leave Neil alone, you bully.
User avatar #111929 to #111927 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
But it's true. Halo has always had a soundtrack that reminds you of the unknown, charging into alien worlds and not knowing what to expect. This is just too...epic. There's no wondrous aspect. It's just some war. Just listen to Ascendancy, it's more techno than anything else, and it reminds me of a fighting game.
User avatar #111945 to #111929 - themagicwizard (05/11/2014) [-]
It's not like Neil is chained to the Halo series for life. I liked a lot of what Neil did, Haven and Immaterial are two of my favorites. It definitely does sound more like a big budget cinematic soundtrack than Marty's Halo scores, but that's kinda the direction the soundtracks were already heading.

Halo 4 itself was even different from the previous ones, and I think Marty's music would have felt out of place. It felt like you just got thrown into Requiem and all this random stuff started happening.
User avatar #111950 to #111945 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Halo 3 ODST Full Soundtrack (1080p HD) Marty would've adapted, but still kept the same feeling, as he did with ODST. A lot of it makes you feel alone, which you were a lot of the time.
User avatar #111954 to #111950 - themagicwizard (05/11/2014) [-]
I disagree. I did like the ODST soundtrack though. I wish they made a 2nd one.
User avatar #111874 - xxjohnnyxx (05/11/2014) [-]
Would any one happen to remember the ghost buster remix dj admin usually plays in his parties, ive been searching for a while now,help a brother out
User avatar #111844 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Why do Metallica even bother keeping Hammett around? He's a mediocre guitarist at best and Hetfield can play circles around him anyway.
User avatar #112067 to #111844 - krizz (05/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #112069 to #112068 - krizz (05/11/2014) [-]
then ur just retarded
User avatar #112071 to #112069 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
>Thinking Kirk isn't the worst guitarist in the big four.
User avatar #111847 to #111844 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
Are you joking?
The real issue is lars shitty drumming.
The rest of the band make decent music, lars ruins it with his trash drumming.
User avatar #111849 to #111847 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Lars just doesn't show off, how does that make him bad? He keeps the beat, that's all that matters.
User avatar #111850 to #111849 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
Lars made that stupid nappster shit.
Complained and cried over money.
Shitty drummer, to the max. If you are a metallica fan, fine I don't care. But to say that lars is there to just keep a beat is stupid.
You should be creative with your ART.
User avatar #111857 to #111850 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Metallica - All Nightmare Long - DRUM COVER with FishEye He seems about average. Sure he isn't the best but to say he's trash is idiotic. There's far, far worse out there.
User avatar #111901 to #111857 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
B-but he is trash. By definition. They play.. you know.. trash metal D:
User avatar #111921 to #111901 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
I can't tell if you're trying to make a joke, or you really don't know that it's thrash.
User avatar #111925 to #111921 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
I've seen both spellings
User avatar #111928 to #111925 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
It's thrash, trash was just how foreigners mispronounced it.
User avatar #111934 to #111928 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
Do you mean... misspell it?
User avatar #111936 to #111934 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
No, they mispronounced it. Then it was put into text.
User avatar #111861 to #111857 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
'Cept that dude ain't playing like Lars. Lars does all his fillings with a china cymbal since St. Anger.
User avatar #111860 to #111857 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
That wasn't bad.
Danny Carey - Lateralus
But with the many years that lars has had, he could have progressed to something like this video.

Or even this Danny Carey & Brann Dailor duet at Guitar Center's Drum-Off 2009 Finals

But he chose to stay simple and in my humble opinion, terrible.
User avatar #111862 to #111860 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
You're comparing prog drummers to a basic metal drummer, of course the prog ones will be far, far better, they have more room for it in their songs.
User avatar #111864 to #111862 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
Why not take metal to a new level and advance your skills to make better music?
Why does it need to stay to one simple beat? Why can't they change it up?
User avatar #111865 to #111864 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
The same reason Trujillo doesn't do the amazing slap he has done with Suicidal or Infectious, it doesn't fit the music.
User avatar #111867 to #111865 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]

Metallica has not changed their music much since the black album.
Which is also a terrible aspect of metallica.
User avatar #111869 to #111867 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Well, going from Heavy Metal to Country and Hard Rock to Nu Metal to Thrash again is changing quite a bit, if anything can be said for Metallica.
User avatar #111872 to #111869 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
Als, IDK why I said metallica, because I do agree with that.
User avatar #111870 to #111869 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
True, but I'm talking about lars mostly, I think metallica themselves make decent music.
I think lars is just terrible.
User avatar #111868 to #111867 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Because then more people would complain that they're sellouts. It's probably the reason that they've released only one album in the last ten years, too many people whine about it.
Death Magnetic actually sounded really different to me. Fantastic album imo.
#111852 to #111850 - Womens Study Major (05/11/2014) [-]
>You should be creative.
>Likes the band with Nicko McBrain in it.
User avatar #111854 to #111852 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
What? Nicko is a creative ass drummer. Quit talking to me you pathetic anon.
User avatar #111859 to #111854 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Nicko's a pretty square dude when it comes to drumming. He's actually a pretty good lyricist, though.
User avatar #111863 to #111859 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
Eh, he is not the best. But he is underrated for his drumming. Honestly.
His kick pedal work is fantastic.

User avatar #111848 to #111847 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Lars was good at one point, though.
User avatar #111851 to #111848 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
No, he really wasn't. And he never tried to get better.
He's pathetic.
User avatar #111855 to #111851 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Yes he was, he didn't implode until after the black album when they started playing, like, country and hard rock and shit.
User avatar #111856 to #111855 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
his drumming was always bad.

He wasn't a bad person to me until the nappster shit.

That was fucking stupid and everyone knows it.
User avatar #111903 to #111856 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
Aw fuck, nvm. I was so certain it was 1996.
User avatar #111902 to #111856 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
So, before you were born you didn't think he was a bad person? xd
User avatar #111858 to #111856 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
I don't care about that. I don't even bring it up, I couldn't care less about the Nappster shit. But his drumming was pretty all right. Especially on the slower tracks.
User avatar #111904 to #111858 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
You've got a point there. I love his drumming on don't tread on me
User avatar #111846 to #111844 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Trujillo is better than him at guitar. I've always found it funny, just look at his face around the one minute mark. He has so much trouble keeping up. At least Hetfield learns it. Robert Trujillo of Metallica playing an acoustic guitar(Rare)
User avatar #111883 to #111846 - haydentheviking (05/11/2014) [-]
This video is one of the funniest around

"how how did you do that?" kirks face makes it all
User avatar #111866 to #111846 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Kirk was always a mediocre guitarist. The best that can be said about him is that his solos are always pretty clean.
User avatar #111843 - powerglove (05/11/2014) [-]
my jazz band i playing the direct arrangement of this on friday. the hype is real, its so hard. i have the second trombone duet with the second trumpet half way through.
User avatar #111833 - garymotherfingoak (05/11/2014) [-]
Castlevania - Bloody Tears

bloody beautiful.
User avatar #111905 to #111833 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
Makes me feel like I've only felt while listening to music. Music, never fail me.
Also, this
Seriously, hot damn. Holy shiiiiiiiiiiit
User avatar #111830 - daryldixon (05/11/2014) [-]
twenty one pilots are soo good
User avatar #111900 to #111830 - infamoustrapper (05/11/2014) [-]
been to two twenty one pilots concerts. soo good
User avatar #111814 - cosmicapprentice (05/11/2014) [-]
Toundra (III) [FULL ALBUM] So, for anyone who know/likes Toundra, they announced how they finished composing their new album "IV", release date hasn't been announced yet.
#111802 - theseventhmirror (05/11/2014) [-]
So I just listened through The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony.
No Idea why I haven't listened to it until now.
User avatar #111760 - daryldixon (05/10/2014) [-]
Magic Man is awesome
User avatar #111762 to #111760 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
The song?
User avatar #111763 to #111762 - daryldixon (05/11/2014) [-]
the band.
User avatar #111756 - ferrettamer ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
ITT: Musical confessions
It doesn't have to be an unpopular opinion, like you think the Beatles are bad (which they are) just something that is out of the ordinary for you or something people wouldn't expect from you. Like if you are a die hard hip-hop fan and hate metal, but really dig that new metal album, then post that.

Mine: I liked Because the Internet more than Southsiders (I've only listened to two semi-recent hip hop albums, i haven't been listening to much new music)
User avatar #112042 to #111756 - gandaalf (05/11/2014) [-]
i don't like any of 2pac's songs
#111986 to #111756 - ellaguru (05/11/2014) [-]
I think that despite the many great bands it created, in the long run punk rock gave rise to accepted mediocrity in popular music and hindered true progress in the musical mainstream.
User avatar #111994 to #111986 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
I think people would make shitty music even if it weren't for punk, but I agree with you ;)
User avatar #111968 to #111756 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
Punk: People to poor to get into politics, so they write a few shitty songs about it
Rap: Poets to poor to buy instruments, so they write a few shitty songs about it
Electronic: People too lazy to play an actual instrument, so they make shitty tracks.
Metal: Man Children afraid of growing up, so they write a few shitty songs about it
Pop: They write a few shitty songs about nothing
User avatar #111908 to #111756 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
I can't stand music about sex. It's not because I'm an 18 year old virgin although I am soon, but because music to me is supposed to be relatively clean, especially if I can hear the lyrics. I mean, gore and that is fine, like "You, My Masterpiece" they sing
"With a rusty razor as a paintbrush, and your skin as my canvas, I will draw yet another masterpiece, everything that was beautiful will now become ugly", it's like.. symbolically defiling the things people hold sacred, without being too obscene.
Like, I can listen to "I Cum Blood", but then I only admire the guitar and drums and I can't hear what Corpsegrinder sings anyway so whatever. Stripped, Raped and Strangled is alright because they don't sing about it in detail, it's more atmospheric.
User avatar #111938 to #111935 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
"i am i am tokameiwoz"? wtf
wtf is this
User avatar #111943 to #111938 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
I am to come, i was
its art
sexy art
User avatar #111957 to #111943 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
It's shitty art.
User avatar #111961 to #111957 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
I bet you don't even like Great Gig in the Sky either, kinda sad
User avatar #111960 to #111957 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
stay pleb
User avatar #111896 to #111756 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Pop punk should not exist. By being pop, you are not punk.
User avatar #111951 to #111896 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
wouldn't that make them a punk punk?
User avatar #111952 to #111951 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
No, it would make them pop rock. You're still pop, which goes against everything punk is.
User avatar #111953 to #111952 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
i'm saying by going against everything punk, they become twice as punk
User avatar #111956 to #111953 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
No, you're still pop. It's like a light switch, it's either on or off.
User avatar #111962 to #111956 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
It´s music, man. I mean, I don´t know what classifies as pop punk but as long as the music is punk, it´s punk.
User avatar #111969 to #111962 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
You can't go halfway on punk though. When you take out one element, it stops being punk. When you add vocals that are meant to sound nice, you are not punk. When you add lyrics that aren't dealing with social issues, you aren't punk. When you take out the high-energy guitar playing, you aren't punk.
User avatar #111973 to #111969 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
Nah, that´s kinda bullshit. You don´t have to sing about socially issues to be musically punk. Always wondered why punk, the fucking genre that´s all about tolerance and all that stuff is one of the most intolerant scenes around.
User avatar #111976 to #111973 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
But that is punk. It all ties together. The vocals, shouted and not meant to sound beautiful or anything, add to the lyrics, these are problems that need to be heard and not romanticized. When you go into pop, no one gives a shit about their message. They just like the hair or how the voice sounds. No one cared about any message Green Day had, they were just what was cool.
User avatar #111978 to #111976 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
Meh, look at Crustpunk/core. It sounds nothing like normal punk but it still definitely is. Music isn´t all about message. To be honest, in my eyes saying that something isn´t punk if it wants to be punk is pretty un-punk. If you get my drift. not sure if I even get my drift right now.

I mean, I personally listen to a load of punk but I hate the whole Anarchy/fuckeverything-mentality that punk (at least in germany) has going on. It´s fairly annoying.
User avatar #111979 to #111978 - drldrl ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Anarchy is fucking stupid and any decent punk band knows it. But there are problems that should be dealt with.
Even crust punk has political and social meaning most of the time.
User avatar #111882 to #111756 - haydentheviking (05/11/2014) [-]
So musical confessions eh

I hate dat hippedy hopedy music!
nah seriously i have a spoft spot for abba

User avatar #111933 to #111882 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #111970 to #111933 - haydentheviking (05/11/2014) [-]

User avatar #111873 to #111756 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
- I hate Rammstein. Seriously, most overrated band ever, only second to:
- Neutral Milk Hotel. Boring as fuck and even more overrated, can´t stand them.
- I like ReLoad
- I really like Death Grips. Like, not as a joke, like seemingly everybody does, but I really love their stuff.
- I don´t even bother talking about music to people who limit themselves to one genre, it honestly pisses me off.
User avatar #111939 to #111873 - dubstoiz (05/11/2014) [-]
- Neutral milk hotel is a great band and In an aeroplane over the sea is an amazing album
-Death Grips is so overrated it makes me puke

User avatar #111946 to #111939 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
NMH is p good
User avatar #111947 to #111946 - dubstoiz (05/11/2014) [-]
NMH is love, NMH is life
User avatar #111942 to #111939 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
...that didn´t even make sense.
User avatar #111944 to #111942 - dubstoiz (05/11/2014) [-]
Why doesn't that make sense?
User avatar #111948 to #111944 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
I ment my own comment.
no idea why I commented on your comment again
I´m not of sound mind right now

what even are opiniontops
User avatar #111949 to #111948 - dubstoiz (05/11/2014) [-]
It's all cool here brother.
What bands do you like?
User avatar #111955 to #111949 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
Too much to list.

From Rap like Sage Francis and K.Flay over indie-ish stuff like O´Death, Kraftklub and Kills to Black Metal like Darkthrone or Blasphemophager and electrostuff like Chvrches and all that. I really don´t have a defined taste in music.
User avatar #111958 to #111955 - dubstoiz (05/11/2014) [-]
Nice, to be honest I don't know an of the first bands you listed :/
I like chvrches as well, they are great but don't talk about them on this board tho, you'll get hated on
User avatar #111959 to #111958 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
I know, I´ve been on here since the beginning I honestly don´t care, tho, a shitload of the bands I like will be hated on, on here. Happens.

What kind of stuff are you into?
User avatar #111963 to #111959 - dubstoiz (05/11/2014) [-]
I have a broad taste in music I think. I really like Pink Floyd, they are my favo band. But there are so many other bands I like so much such as Animal collective, Intergalactic lovers, Foals, Tame Impala, Stromae, The Cure, King Krule and so on...
Too much to list here.
User avatar #111965 to #111963 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
Yah, Floyd are pretty damn neat, one of the few Bands where I own the complete discography physically. Intergalactic Lovers are great, too, never heard of the rest, tho. Okay, obviously I heard of Animal Collective, but I never really cared too much about them, tbh
User avatar #112001 to #111980 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
I honestly just wanted the collection complete once I had everything but darkside, so I bought the re-print.

On tape? Must be damn expensive, is it?
The only stuff on tape that I have is Black Metal. All that "limited to 30" stuff and all that.D
User avatar #112004 to #112001 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
nah, on CD, when i started my collection, i inadvertently kept buying the RR editions of their albums, (some have the album cover on the spine) so i have the compete set sans darkside
User avatar #112005 to #112004 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
Ah, okay, didn´t even know that there was an edition like this, tbh. I guess it wasn´t sold in Germany...
User avatar #112006 to #112005 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
Well, they Remastered, and Reissued their albums in the mid 90s, and said reissues all have the same aesthetic. I'd simply like to complete the set of that aesthetic
User avatar #111981 to #111980 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
Not everything. Got the Dark Side, Piper, Atom Heart Mother, Wall and Division Bell on Vinyl, rest on CD. I think my father has most of the others on vinyl, too, tho.
#111982 to #111981 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
You have Relics? or this bad boy?
User avatar #111984 to #111982 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
>rest as in major studio albums.

my father got relics, tho, so I´ll probably have it too, one day.
User avatar #111985 to #111984 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
>rest as in major studio albums
So no More or Zabriske? Man, I love More
User avatar #111987 to #111985 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
We have ancient VHS of the movies at home, not the soundtrack albums, tho. I honestly haven´t seen the soundtrack records yet, nowhere.
User avatar #111988 to #111987 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
My collection is all CD, and I have them both, plus that bad boy up there, but the only album i'm missing is Darkside
User avatar #111993 to #111988 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
I have a shitload of LPs because we have a LP-Store right next to University. They sell stuff pretty cheap and I just can´t say no when I find stuff that I want.

I don´t have the darkside as original, either, tho. I bought the re-print gatefold-thingie that came out some years ago.
User avatar #111996 to #111993 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
honestly, i'm just looking for the mid 90s RR edition, but i have yet to find it in-store
User avatar #111990 to #111988 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
well, i have the Wall on a cassette too
User avatar #111967 to #111965 - dubstoiz (05/11/2014) [-]
Yeah AC is kinda special and it's not for anybody I guess. And you know about Intergalactic lovers? That's great yet surprising since they are a 'small' belgian band.
Nice dude
User avatar #111971 to #111967 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
They were touring in Germany recently and I was supposed to go to a concert with a friend who didn´t want to go alone, so I listened into the bands that were playing. Didn´t like Thees Ulman who was headlining, but IL where supporting and I found them to be pretty great.

Ended up not going, tho, sadly, because I fell ill at that weekend.
User avatar #112036 to #111971 - dubstoiz (05/11/2014) [-]
That's so stupid, I hate when omething like that happens
User avatar #112040 to #112036 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
Yeah, kinda annoying, especially since I´m ill all the time. I missed so much good shit because of illness.
User avatar #112041 to #112040 - dubstoiz (05/11/2014) [-]
You need to eat some more vitamins man
User avatar #112043 to #112041 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
I do, man, I train, eat healthy, etc. It´s just that my immune system is a faggot.
User avatar #111941 to #111939 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
>Shit stains your opiniontops
Seriously, tho, I respect your opinion but it´s kind of a shit opinion.
User avatar #111917 to #111873 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
are you mad that semen didnt stain your mountaintops?
User avatar #111920 to #111917 - ljxjlos (05/11/2014) [-]
Nah, my mountaintops like staying unstained.
User avatar #111922 to #111920 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
not for long
User avatar #111845 to #111756 - themagicwizard (05/11/2014) [-]
I think The Beatles are good.
User avatar #111841 to #111756 - iridium (05/11/2014) [-]
I listened to mostly metal and hard rock while playing in a shitty pop-rock band for awhile.

It's partly why I left that band, but even still.
User avatar #111832 to #111756 - theawkwardbros (05/11/2014) [-]
I really really love Power Metal.

Dragonforce is my favorite band.
User avatar #111826 to #111756 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
I sorta like metal. I guess.
User avatar #111898 to #111826 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #111813 to #111756 - cosmicapprentice (05/11/2014) [-]
I'm more of an underground guy in general, I incline mostly for post-metal/crust and black metal. I do divide things by genres but just because I like to tell different bands apart when it comes to style, aside from that, I just listen (and keep following) whatever catches my ear.
User avatar #111808 to #111756 - cosmicapprentice (05/11/2014) [-]
I like four Megadeth songs at most, the rest suck.
User avatar #111809 to #111808 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Y'know. They're my fifth favourite band and that's fine. But which ones? Don't say it's fucking Vortex.
User avatar #111811 to #111809 - cosmicapprentice (05/11/2014) [-]
Hangar 18, Symphony of Destruction, Holy Wars, Peace Sells.
User avatar #111842 to #111811 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Wait, you don't like A Tout Le Monde.
User avatar #111930 to #111842 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
Angry Again tho
User avatar #111974 to #111972 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
you're meh
User avatar #111975 to #111974 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Angry again is a pastiche of things Megadeth have already tried and done better, in my opinion.
User avatar #111977 to #111975 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
I agree its a pastiche, but thats what i love about it, and Countdown
User avatar #111907 to #111842 - revengeforfreeze (05/11/2014) [-]
It's cliché man
User avatar #111812 to #111811 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Fair enough.
User avatar #111807 to #111756 - masterofmuffins (05/11/2014) [-]
"I'm With You" from Red Hot Chili Peppers is just not Chili Peppers.

I like all the albums from Incubus, even when each one is so different from the other. "If Not Now When?" has his special thing.

How to Destroy Angels should be more popular.

David Guetta is a great electronic music artist.
User avatar #111803 to #111756 - ultrablue ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
I like Green Day

Early Owl City is amazing

I un-ironically/ un-sarcastically like the first two Linkin Park albums

That Freddie Gibbs and Madlib album is meh as fuck

I've never watched that "The Needle Drop" guy because I think listening to random people's internet reviews on albums is stupid

Come at me, faggets

#111805 to #111803 - ultrablue has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #111804 to #111803 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Don't care
Meh, I think they're shit but don't care for that (how can you sarcastically like something)
I've watched and something about the way he looks and speaks makes me want to punch him in the face.
User avatar #111806 to #111804 - ultrablue ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
You sarcastically like something when you say you like it just to make fun of people who like it cause you actually don't like it
User avatar #111770 to #111756 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
No but seriously: If you think songs are bad because of the subject matter, or the guy making them, you're a fucking idiot. A lot of my friends think Vinnie Paz is a God amongst men because he throws out obscure references to how America is bad and how whites are rly evil people. What's funnier is that one of them is a Serbian wigger who's not going to graduate because he dropped every subject. He thinks that because he's decent at football he's going straight to the CFL, no college. He hasn't played for any special teams, he's just aggressive. And if that doesn't work "I'll just keep working at kfc" to quote him
User avatar #111819 to #111770 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
Subject matter doesn't matter?
User avatar #111918 to #111819 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
not as much as some people make it out to be
User avatar #111926 to #111918 - kaisakuenkou (05/11/2014) [-]
but its still important Elf Power - The Frightened Singer
#111810 to #111770 - kaisakuenkou has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #111786 to #111770 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
He also dickrides every single sports team. He literally switched from Broncos to Seahawks after that first touchdown.
User avatar #111785 to #111770 - ferrettamer ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
what a hero.
And Vinnie Paz is okay sometimes. Most of the time he's not very good though
User avatar #111788 to #111785 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
hes + jmt + aotp are trash lol
#111821 to #111788 - awesomerninjathing ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #111919 to #111821 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
plus opinions can change you retard
User avatar #111909 to #111821 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
I said earlier that God Particle was okay, and I forgot about the Ultimatum. They still suck lol
User avatar #111822 to #111821 - ferrettamer ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #111789 to #111788 - ferrettamer ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
>saying a group with like 20 rappers is trash
opinion disregarded
User avatar #111790 to #111789 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
theyre so pretentious its annoying.
User avatar #111791 to #111790 - ferrettamer ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
" If you think songs are bad because of the subject matter, or the guy making them, you're a fucking idiot"
User avatar #111793 to #111791 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
like god particle is the only half decent song i have ever heard from them
User avatar #111792 to #111791 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
That is part of it, the other part is that they all suck
User avatar #111795 to #111792 - ferrettamer ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Jedi Mind Tricks Presents: Army of the Pharaohs - "Suicide Girl" [Official Audio] This song is pretty dope. I prefer a lot of their solo work over the group thing though
User avatar #111775 to #111770 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Nigger. We need people without ambition in this world. Otherwise reaching the top would be even harder.
User avatar #111768 to #111756 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
This is for the nigga that said hip hop was dead i went to hell to resurrect it
User avatar #111767 to #111756 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
I'm not joking when I say over three fourths of what Shibe listens to is shit.
User avatar #111771 to #111767 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #111769 to #111767 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
i feel the same for you
User avatar #111772 to #111769 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Shame I'm the one who can vote, both legally and with my wallet. Sorry, it's hot and I'm miserable.
User avatar #111761 to #111756 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Loveless is a pretty bad album

Dark Side Of The Moon is also a pretty bad album

#111983 to #111761 - ellaguru (05/11/2014) [-]

I'm sorry I got carried away.
User avatar #111764 to #111761 - ferrettamer ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
I listened to your cereal stuff, it was ok
User avatar #111765 to #111764 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]

#111741 - nippuhl (05/10/2014) [-]
3x3 thread.
User avatar #111836 to #111741 - garymotherfingoak (05/11/2014) [-]
are these just album covers?

and how do you keep getting unpermabanned, honestly?
User avatar #111837 to #111836 - nippuhl (05/11/2014) [-]
Yeah they are.
User avatar #111838 to #111837 - garymotherfingoak (05/11/2014) [-]
what's the point, just to show favorite artists?
User avatar #111839 to #111838 - nippuhl (05/11/2014) [-]
I suppose.
User avatar #111840 to #111839 - garymotherfingoak (05/11/2014) [-]
alrighty then
User avatar #111742 to #111741 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #111743 to #111742 - nippuhl (05/10/2014) [-]
Go to hell.
#111744 to #111743 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
well at least hell has good music

unlike your 3x3
User avatar #111745 to #111744 - nippuhl (05/10/2014) [-]
Lets see yours.
User avatar #111746 to #111745 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
wait 6 hours
User avatar #111747 to #111746 - nippuhl (05/10/2014) [-]
Go to hell.
User avatar #111748 to #111747 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
www.funnyjunk.com/music/111657#111657 here is my 5x5 from earlier
User avatar #111773 to #111748 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
danny brown's the only artist there who doesn't suck cock
User avatar #111776 to #111773 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
>hating music from the penguin cafe

you and thebestpieever don't know shit

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - The sound of someone you love who's going away and it doesn't matter it's perfect
User avatar #111778 to #111776 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
hovs asking where the record that the radio could play
User avatar #111780 to #111778 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
User avatar #111781 to #111780 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
FUCK THE LABEL put it out
User avatar #111783 to #111781 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Is this your radio song?
User avatar #111784 to #111783 - teoberry (05/11/2014) [-]
please let this be my last essay
User avatar #111777 to #111776 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
Oh, look. Someone just learned how to do arpeggios. How cute.
User avatar #111779 to #111777 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Oh, so suddenly music has to be technical?
User avatar #111782 to #111779 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
To be "perfect" yes, I expect it to be more than what an 8 year old could do with 2 hours of practice.
User avatar #111787 to #111782 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Hm... Not to me. I don't really care about technicality, as long as it sounds good.
User avatar #111794 to #111787 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
I'm sorry, I forgot sitting on my arse for 4 minutes makes me a musician in your eyes.
User avatar #111796 to #111794 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Well it makes you a shitty, pretentious, lazy, someone who will never get anywhere, musician, but you're still a artist, however I wouldn't say anyone who only makes silent compositions a musician. More of a artist.
User avatar #111797 to #111796 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
didn't mean to add that musician thing there in the beginning
#111798 to #111797 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
"silent compositions"
User avatar #111799 to #111798 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
not silent but you can't predict the sound because it changes every time compositions
#111800 to #111799 - thebestpieever (05/11/2014) [-]
> you can't predict
> compositions
User avatar #111801 to #111800 - shibe ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
ok so we're back to silent compositions because there is nothing there except a blank page that or a really long rest
User avatar #111749 to #111748 - nippuhl (05/10/2014) [-]
The only album I recognize is from the Beatles.
The rest looks like garbage IMO.
User avatar #111750 to #111749 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
its all meme music like your chart

you should check them all out
#111755 to #111750 - Womens Study Major (05/10/2014) [-]
Meme music.
User avatar #111751 to #111750 - nippuhl (05/10/2014) [-]
Ok link me.
User avatar #111752 to #111751 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
you can search for music on your own dumbo
User avatar #111753 to #111752 - nippuhl (05/10/2014) [-]
I can't tell what that underground stuff is.
User avatar #111754 to #111753 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
there is text on the top left corner of each album telling its name
#111723 - crowd (05/10/2014) [-]
Currently working on a new song.   
Got some good advice here before.   
So? anything?   
i already know, flow, quality, and bridge to chorus

Currently working on a new song.
Got some good advice here before.
So? anything?
i already know, flow, quality, and bridge to chorus
User avatar #111835 to #111723 - garymotherfingoak (05/11/2014) [-]
not bad as in pretty decent n good
#111895 to #111835 - crowd (05/11/2014) [-]
Thanks man, appreciate it
User avatar #111834 to #111723 - garymotherfingoak (05/11/2014) [-]
not bad, keep at it
User avatar #111827 to #111716 - darksideofthebeast (05/11/2014) [-]
The first one looks a lot better.
User avatar #111828 to #111827 - misticalz ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
yeeaa I ordered that one
User avatar #111740 to #111716 - teoberry (05/10/2014) [-]
not pink u fary
User avatar #111829 to #111740 - misticalz ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
I got green
User avatar #111731 to #111716 - ferrettamer ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
They both look hideous
User avatar #111739 to #111731 - misticalz ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #111724 to #111716 - haydentheviking (05/10/2014) [-]
the cyan one!
User avatar #111725 to #111724 - misticalz ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
Yeah I got that one. It'd stand out a lot more on my white wall.
User avatar #111726 to #111725 - haydentheviking (05/10/2014) [-]
Yeah pink would be a bit odd on white
User avatar #111719 to #111716 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
pink looks a lot nicer
User avatar #111727 to #111719 - misticalz ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
I feel like the cyan one looks better on white, and it fits the album a lot more.
User avatar #111728 to #111727 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #111738 to #111728 - misticalz ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #111701 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
S.maharba - For Someone (Abandonment) ultrablue, themagicwizard
User avatar #111831 to #111701 - ultrablue ONLINE (05/11/2014) [-]
Purty gewd for shibecore
User avatar #111702 to #111701 - themagicwizard (05/10/2014) [-]
I have the album that's on, and saw another guy that's on it live 2 nights ago.
User avatar #111703 to #111702 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
wow neato
User avatar #111704 to #111703 - themagicwizard (05/10/2014) [-]
thanks, man!
User avatar #111695 - saturated (05/10/2014) [-]
Can anybody recommend really good music in foreign languages?
User avatar #111712 to #111695 - dubstoiz (05/10/2014) [-]
Stromae is really good, I think everybody on this board needs to check him out
#111706 to #111695 - Womens Study Major (05/10/2014) [-]
Steinjo - Friday Fahrenheit HIGH QUALITY
User avatar #111700 to #111695 - istrollid (05/10/2014) [-]
Bubbi Morthens - Afgan Ásgeir Trausti-Dýrð í dauðaþögn sum gud shit icelandic music
User avatar #111708 to #111700 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook don't forget these guys
User avatar #111757 to #111708 - istrollid (05/10/2014) [-]
but they sing in gibberish
User avatar #111759 to #111757 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
but they're icelandic

the only bands i know that actually sing gibberish are like a lot of the bands under some prog rock scene, forgot the scene name
User avatar #111698 to #111695 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot - Bonnie And Clyde (1968)
Françoise Hardy - Comment te dire adieu? (1968)
User avatar #111699 to #111698 - shibe ONLINE (05/10/2014) [-]
i dont know shit about foreign music btw these are just two pop artist i know and like
User avatar #111696 to #111695 - istrollid (05/10/2014) [-]
are you down with metal?
User avatar #111681 - revengeforfreeze (05/10/2014) [-]
I'd like we begin now so we have some time because I have a timer that shuts off my internet at 23:30
User avatar #111669 - mcquiston (05/10/2014) [-]
So, Pearl Jam. One of the best out there.
#111687 to #111669 - Womens Study Major (05/10/2014) [-]
their one song even flow is good
User avatar #111774 to #111687 - mcquiston (05/11/2014) [-]
For real, great tune.

Personally into ALIVE especially tonight.
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