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#111022 - zhooker (05/05/2014) [-]
This playlist is all the planned songs for an upcoming album i'm working on.
At least 3 of the songs have people writing vocals for them, one already has vocals.
I'd really appreciate anyone checking it out and letting me know what you think
User avatar #111029 to #111022 - kaisakuenkou (05/05/2014) [-]
Neil deGrasse Sampling? you are on your way
User avatar #111030 to #111029 - kaisakuenkou (05/05/2014) [-]
>but the novelty wears off
User avatar #111161 to #111030 - zhooker (05/06/2014) [-]
Thanks man!
I didn't sample any Neil DeGrasse Tyson on there lol
I appreciate you checking it out though
User avatar #111184 to #111161 - kaisakuenkou (05/06/2014) [-]
who is speaking at the start?
#111021 - kkKhris (05/05/2014) [-]
did any one go to Carolina Rebllion.
User avatar #111016 - leonhardt (05/05/2014) [-]
So my dad has a band, called Habitual.
He plays the drums.
This is my favorite song by them.
User avatar #111005 - mcquiston (05/05/2014) [-]
Electro House mix for May is up Funnyjunkers. Just under 40 minutes but fucking hell it's bouncy!


User avatar #111015 to #111005 - mcquiston (05/05/2014) [-]
Also, give me a fucking follow and ill be sure to return it, i'm really into listening to new, underworld underground unsigned music. so fucking send some my way? God damn....
User avatar #110997 - volero ONLINE (05/05/2014) [-]
tfw you hear a good song...then they start singing and it's just ruined.
User avatar #111096 to #110997 - iridium (05/06/2014) [-]
I rarely find myself with that problem, actually. As I've gotten into extreme metal all the way up to Black Metal, I find that usually the voice matches the song and it's rarely the case of a bad vocalist in a good band that causes me to get turned off from the band; usually they match and it's a good vocalist in a decent or better band or vice-versa, or all of them are mediocre to bad.

For example, even though I really like the bands Vanden Plas, X-Japan, and Dream Theater this mainly applies to post-Images and Words stuff I don't particularly like the vocals from those bands but am able to forgive it because of the rest of the band.
User avatar #111006 to #110997 - thebestpieever (05/05/2014) [-]
Every song by Death ever.
#111023 to #111006 - xxxsonic fanxxx (05/05/2014) [-]
how can you say that, chuck's voice is different on each album and their all good
User avatar #111027 to #111023 - thebestpieever (05/05/2014) [-]
I don't enjoy shitty vomiting sounds passed off as vocals.
User avatar #111009 to #111006 - kaisakuenkou (05/05/2014) [-]
Death - Voice Of The Soul Not really a song, but Death is too good
User avatar #111011 to #111009 - thebestpieever (05/05/2014) [-]
If only his vocals weren't so unpleasant I could listen to all their also very cool stuff.
User avatar #111031 to #111011 - kaisakuenkou (05/05/2014) [-]
I just imagine them as over the top thrash metal vox, works for me
User avatar #111033 to #111031 - thebestpieever (05/05/2014) [-]
I can't stand them. The're just unpleasant to me.
User avatar #111093 to #111033 - iridium (05/06/2014) [-]
I used to hate Death because of the vocals, and I still don't like the vocals off The Sound of Perseverance, but they grew on me once I got more into the genre of extreme metal, especially the earlier stuff. He's not the best voice in Death metal, but it's more tolerable to me now, he had a distinct sound and was one of the easiest vocalists in the genre to understand.
User avatar #111100 to #111093 - thebestpieever (05/06/2014) [-]
I've been trying to get into Death Metal since I got into Thrash, more specifically Megadeth so... for about 9 years. And I just can't.
User avatar #111104 to #111100 - iridium (05/06/2014) [-]
And there's no real need to get into it either, whatever you like is whatever you like.
User avatar #111103 to #111100 - iridium (05/06/2014) [-]
I sort of bridged my way into it, which unfortunately meant I crossed through Metalcore. Admittedly, there are some good Metalcore bands, but not many. But that allowed me to get into stuff like Scar Symmetry, Hypocrisy, Persefone, Opeth, Ensiferum and Eluveitie, melodic death metal bands with other influences, all of which I still like, and allowed me to get into heavier stuff. That said, I don't prefer death metal and only listen to it sparingly anyways. There's only so many ways I can listen to Necrophagist and Obscura or other stuff like Behemoth before it all just kinda sounds same-y to me.
#110989 - skelther (05/04/2014) [-]
I mean seriously, a tad of 4/4 won't hurt sometimes...
#110988 - techniik (05/04/2014) [-]
Very VERY impossible that anyone on this board went to Underground last night, but just thought I'd check. The crowd was FUCKING SICK, oh my god my brother and I had a blast playing
#110986 - mrsonic (05/04/2014) [-]
This is almost too good.
Planet Wisp Map - Sonic Colors Music Extended
This is almost too good.
User avatar #110992 to #110986 - thebestpieever (05/04/2014) [-]
That sounds an awful lot like something out of the last few Final Fantasies.
User avatar #110993 to #110992 - mrsonic (05/04/2014) [-]
I dunno about that, I just know I freaking love the Sonic Team composers and their insane diversity of awesome.
#110991 to #110986 - thebestpieever has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #110984 - givememoarpony (05/04/2014) [-]
Shostakovich Symphony #10 Shostakovich is the shit.
User avatar #110973 - deandrummer ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
there hasnt been a long song thread in a while

The Mars Volta - Cassandra Gemini (32 min version)

User avatar #110987 to #110973 - sexybraeburn (05/04/2014) [-]
www.youtube.com/watch?v=St6lJaiHYIc Not the longest song but it manages to keep my attention the whole time.
User avatar #110981 to #110973 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
Sleep - Dopesmoker The Best
Bongripper - The Great Barrier Reefer Longer, yet.
Rush - Cygnus X-1: Books I & II (Full Song - HQ) This count?
User avatar #110982 to #110981 - deandrummer ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
>Cygnus X-1

mah nigga
User avatar #110983 to #110982 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
>Not the other two
not mah nigga
User avatar #110980 to #110973 - shibe ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
Robert Rich - Somnium Part I - 1 Of 4 (Somnium) oh boy
User avatar #110970 - thisisbait (05/04/2014) [-]
I just realized.

Fleetwood Mac never made a bad song.
User avatar #111000 to #110970 - badmotorfinger (05/05/2014) [-]
really? because i really despise that band
User avatar #110962 - arsenymous (05/04/2014) [-]
Do you guys have a best website for listening to music?
User avatar #110971 to #110962 - awesomerninjathing (05/04/2014) [-]
User avatar #110969 to #110962 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
#Canadian Problems
User avatar #110998 to #110969 - teoberry (05/05/2014) [-]
which provie bae
#111010 to #110998 - kaisakuenkou has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #111008 to #110998 - kaisakuenkou (05/05/2014) [-]
Best provie
User avatar #111012 to #111008 - teoberry (05/05/2014) [-]
so you're in alberta
User avatar #111019 to #111012 - kaisakuenkou (05/05/2014) [-]
>worst province west of Quebec
User avatar #111025 to #111019 - teoberry (05/05/2014) [-]
you're just mad that you have PST and/or HST and we dont
User avatar #111028 to #111025 - kaisakuenkou (05/05/2014) [-]
>Red Necks complaining about taxes
Doesn't bother me too much
User avatar #111078 to #111028 - teoberry (05/06/2014) [-]
Nigger I'm not complaining
User avatar #111079 to #111078 - kaisakuenkou (05/06/2014) [-]
Did you listen to that Mystic Roots song?
User avatar #110968 to #110962 - thisisbait (05/04/2014) [-]
I use pandora, find things i like then buy the mp3's on amazon.

Seems like a good system so far.
User avatar #110956 - thisisbait (05/04/2014) [-]
There will be many more songs, bands and even genres for years to come. But no song on earth tops Heart of Glass, in my opinion.

Blondie - Heart Of Glass
User avatar #110960 to #110956 - danrmanalt (05/04/2014) [-]
That's how I feel about Gotta Make The NBA by Lil B.
#110952 - bigleaguechew (05/04/2014) [-]
Let's post what we listened to and not actually talk about it.
#111017 to #110952 - themagicwizard (05/05/2014) [-]
Brothers in Gonjasufi

How is Songs About My Cats? I've basically only listened to Rossz and Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding.
#110994 to #110952 - ferrettamer (05/05/2014) [-]
I actually have no idea why I still post in these
#110978 to #110952 - awesomerninjathing (05/04/2014) [-]
havent listened to mastermind or pinata this week but whatevs
User avatar #110999 to #110978 - teoberry (05/05/2014) [-]
doesnt matter because pinata was gay
User avatar #110979 to #110978 - bigleaguechew (05/04/2014) [-]
Woah, why didn't you list all the other albums you listened to, Theodore?!
#110977 to #110952 - ultrablue ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
I've listened to two of the albums on your list.

There, I did it.
User avatar #110959 to #110952 - thisisbait (05/04/2014) [-]
Pandora Stations:
Ice Cube Radio

My phone:
Hilltop Hoods
More Savant
So much fucking random EDM its not even funny.
User avatar #110975 to #110959 - shibe ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
>Ice Cube

amazing taste my good friend : D
User avatar #110995 to #110975 - thisisbait (05/05/2014) [-]
>1880's lol
User avatar #110996 to #110995 - shibe ONLINE (05/05/2014) [-]
stfu i love the 1880s
User avatar #110957 to #110955 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
Mad Season, Audioslave, RHCP, very nice, Im listening to Californiacation right now
User avatar #111001 to #110957 - badmotorfinger (05/05/2014) [-]
Audioslave is a fairly loaded album
#110954 to #110952 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
Top and bottom left are the wrong covers...
User avatar #110966 to #110954 - thebestpieever (05/04/2014) [-]
Man or Astroman. I want you to have my babies.
User avatar #110967 to #110966 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
one of those rare occurrences of vocal surf rock
User avatar #110948 - thebestpieever (05/04/2014) [-]
Favourite genre?
User avatar #111099 to #110948 - iridium (05/06/2014) [-]
Metal Prog > Power > Thrash/Speed > Folk > Heavy > Death > Groove >>>> Other Kinds , then Rock, Folk, Jazz, Trance, and Classical.
User avatar #111007 to #110948 - ferrettamer (05/05/2014) [-]
Hip-hop and post rock
idgaf if you only asked for one
User avatar #110976 to #110948 - shibe ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
User avatar #110953 to #110948 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock > Psychedlic Rock > Surf Rock > Thrash Metal
User avatar #111003 to #110953 - badmotorfinger (05/05/2014) [-]
my favorite psychedelic song is Time of the Season by The Zombies
User avatar #110951 to #110948 - masterofmuffins (05/04/2014) [-]
Grunge, Industrial, Stoner ...rock and Nu.
User avatar #110961 to #110949 - danrmanalt (05/04/2014) [-]
haha thats funnty
User avatar #110900 - bluzzerstream (05/04/2014) [-]
I have two questions for you guys.
1. What's in called when several instruments for example travel along a scale upwards and one or a part stops on a note (could be two/three intervals as well) letting it ring as the other parts continue? Often this is repeated even higher on the scale and then the first "stoppers" join in again on the high part taking advantage of as much power as possible. Don't know any great songs atm but it's used frequently in classical music.
2. What's in called when all instruments mute and only the song is left. Sometimes they ring out or maybe leave in a guitar or something... It's used in pop/rock and so on (don't even know if there is a musical term for it...) have several examples of it here:
Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor (2005)
Bloc Party - Positive Tension (THIS ONE IS LIKE AN ORGASM)
Lorde - The Love Club (lyric video)
User avatar #110920 to #110900 - awesomerninjathing (05/04/2014) [-]
1 might just be a crescendo where a few instruments hold the last note
User avatar #110924 to #110920 - thebestpieever (05/04/2014) [-]
Crescendo means an augment in volume.
User avatar #110930 to #110924 - awesomerninjathing (05/04/2014) [-]
so whats it called when you start at the deepest note and go to the highest? my teacher used to call that a crescendo lol
User avatar #110931 to #110930 - thebestpieever (05/04/2014) [-]
It's called ascension.
User avatar #110932 to #110931 - shibe ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
Glenn Branca - The Ascension I can't tell if there is an ascension in this

is there

because if not the song IS A FUCKING LIE I HATE OYU GLENN BRANCA
User avatar #110937 to #110932 - thebestpieever (05/04/2014) [-]
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.
User avatar #110909 to #110900 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
1. thats pretty cool, but i don't think it has a specific name, its just an accompaniment
2. by song, do you mean singing? like when just the vocals keep going, while the instruments have stopped? "A cappella" maybe
User avatar #110911 to #110909 - bluzzerstream (05/04/2014) [-]
But A Capella is more of a term for marking that no instruments are allowed. As the guy below me said it's a paus if something. But I figured it would have a name since it's used so often in music. A very rapid build up for something big. Almost gives you vertigo
User avatar #110915 to #110911 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
well, you can say "going A Cappella" which implies a change from "Non A Cappella" (Singing, with instrumental accompaniment) into A Cappella. Obviously Custard is correct in saying the instruments "pause"
User avatar #110903 to #110900 - thebestpieever (05/04/2014) [-]
I have absolutely no idea what you're describing on the first case. The second one I don't think has a name, it's just a pause.
User avatar #110906 to #110903 - bluzzerstream (05/04/2014) [-]
Pity, but on second thought would be kind of dumb having one...

Here's an example of scale thing.
Final Fantasy VII - Fighting [HQ]
Listen as the synths go up, at about 0:13 they stop and ring out while another part continues up.

User avatar #110927 to #110906 - thebestpieever (05/04/2014) [-]
It's uh. Well, it's nothing, once again. It's just instrument entering and leaving. When an instrument imitates another on a higher pitched it is sometimes called "requinto" but it's not a widely used term.
User avatar #110935 to #110927 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
just the instrument themselves, or the timbres they make?
User avatar #110940 to #110935 - thebestpieever (05/04/2014) [-]
Metallica-Battery It's called both. You can make a requinto guitar as an instrument but the guitar that comes in at 0:24 is making a requinto of the first lead guitar as well.
User avatar #110941 to #110940 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
Cool, i didn't need an example, but you chose an excellent one, also, is their an inverse of requinto?
User avatar #110943 to #110941 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
to make Lower and Bigger
User avatar #110944 to #110943 - thebestpieever (05/04/2014) [-]
If there is I'm not familiar with it. I'm not really a trained musician so this is just stuff I've picked up over the years.
User avatar #110945 to #110944 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
That's fine, I was just hoping you had picked up that term too, since it practically means "to make music heavier"
User avatar #110902 to #110900 - bluzzerstream (05/04/2014) [-]
And sorry for messy writing

Supposed to be (When only vocals are left)
Might be hard to understand
User avatar #110901 to #110900 - bluzzerstream (05/04/2014) [-]

but it's the Bloc Party one which is orgasmic hue
#110899 - thebestpieever (05/04/2014) [-]
Tool have announced their first three singles for their upcoming album: "Something about weed" "We're so tough we talk about rape" and "Mental Sickness".
#110990 to #110899 - skelther (05/04/2014) [-]
I'm sure it will be the best thing ever.
User avatar #110934 to #110899 - shibe ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
: ^ {

#110936 to #110934 - kaisakuenkou has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #110938 to #110936 - shibe ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]


#110926 to #110899 - lightarcanine (05/04/2014) [-]
Never seen this post before.
User avatar #110917 to #110899 - kaisakuenkou (05/04/2014) [-]
I cant tell whats edgier, Tool, or this post
User avatar #110907 to #110899 - darksideofthebeast (05/04/2014) [-]
Oh fuck yes.

God I can't wait to get some of that mental sickness.
User avatar #111004 to #110907 - badmotorfinger (05/05/2014) [-]
their music is so... abstract.
it's pretty cool.
User avatar #110898 - shibe ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
The Caretaker-All You Are Going to Want to do is Get Back There 9/10 great sleep music
User avatar #110916 to #110898 - themagicwizard (05/04/2014) [-]
Something about it seems too active for me to fall asleep to. Like all the instrument attacks are just punching my ears. I know it sounds relaxed when I'm not trying to go to sleep, but it doesn't really work for me for that.
User avatar #110918 to #110916 - shibe ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
I don't go to sleep with music at full volume, I have it at like low volume just so I can make out every sound but still not let it keep me awake
User avatar #110939 to #110918 - themagicwizard (05/04/2014) [-]
I always put the volume as low as possible. I just prefer things with slow attacks like strings and dreamy synths and stuff.
User avatar #110910 to #110898 - ultrablue ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
He makes music that's pig noises on the side you know
User avatar #110912 to #110910 - shibe ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]
User avatar #110896 - teoberry (05/04/2014) [-]
SchoolBoy Q - Hell Of A Night I need stupid bangers like this. no miley tho
User avatar #110947 to #110896 - eight ONLINE (05/04/2014) [-]

Not rap or hip hop, but a good hook. Could easily see this in a club if it were more mainstream.
User avatar #110923 to #110922 - teoberry (05/04/2014) [-]
slob on my nob bae
User avatar #110904 to #110896 - thisismyhandle (05/04/2014) [-]
I'm gonna assume you've heard the rest of Oxymoron, so I'll skip songs on there.

ASAP Ferg - Work (Remix w/ Trinidad James, French Montana, Schoolboy Q)
Game - Ali Bomaye
Mac Miller - Lucky Ass Bitch (and anything else produced by Lex Luger)
Mac MIller - Watching Movies
Meek Mill's entire discography

User avatar #110905 to #110904 - teoberry (05/04/2014) [-]
shoutout 2 dat mothaland

i have the first two but i'll check out the rest. and ive only really skimmed (as in listening to the 1st minute or so) of oxy so idk if it's quality. any others like hell of a night?
User avatar #110913 to #110905 - thisismyhandle (05/04/2014) [-]
None sound that much like Hell of a Night, but Studio, What They Want, Break the Bank, Man of the Year, and Collard Greens and Los Awesome are all bangers. Californication is another one, but idk if it's a bonus track or what. They're all different kinds of bangers, if that makes any sense.


Wiz Khalifa - I'm On My Level
Logic - 5AM, On the Low, Walk on By, The Come Up, Ballin',
Drake - Underground Kings, We'll Be Fine
Childish Gambino - Sweatpants
A$AP Rocky - Goldie, Ghetto Symphony
User avatar #110897 to #110896 - teoberry (05/04/2014) [-]
also that q song that samples cudi is pretty sick
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