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User avatar #130378 to #130377 - ultrablue ONLINE (10/10/2014) [-]
Ya brah, I just got an email about it. Sounds good.
User avatar #130384 to #130374 - ljxjlos ONLINE (10/10/2014) [-]
>hating on Gesaffelstein
User avatar #130373 - ferrettamer (10/10/2014) [-]
Spotify came to Canada. Fuck yeah nigga. And for whatever reason it has albums that I can't find on the /mu/ archive nor on popular torrent sites. I love this shit
User avatar #130375 to #130373 - awesomerninjathing (10/10/2014) [-]
lol really? ive still been using Hola unlbocker
User avatar #130364 - shibe (10/10/2014) [-]
Klaus Mitffoch - Jezu, jak się cieszę (HD)
Republika - Biała flaga

Cool! We're back! I can finally start posting all the polish post-punk I've been listening to recently! DDDD
#130380 to #130364 - viviannjames (10/10/2014) [-]
I love post  punk thanks for adding more music to my list.
I love post punk thanks for adding more music to my list.
User avatar #130381 to #130380 - shibe (10/10/2014) [-]
I'd say around 70% of all 10,078 tracks in my library are post-punk

i sure do know a lot about it, if you have any specific artist you like, I can recommend you quite a bit of new artist you may not know of
User avatar #130410 to #130381 - viviannjames (10/10/2014) [-]
Your comment disappeared! =o
but yer. what some of the dancey / punkish post punk bands?
User avatar #130412 to #130411 - viviannjames (10/10/2014) [-]
Thanks luv.
User avatar #130358 - misticalz (10/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #130371 to #130358 - misticalz (10/10/2014) [-]
theodore pls listen
teo u too my boi
User avatar #130359 to #130358 - shibe (10/10/2014) [-]
those vocals sound so weird
User avatar #130360 to #130359 - misticalz (10/10/2014) [-]
which ones
like do they sound weird
or do they sound outta sync
User avatar #130361 to #130360 - shibe (10/10/2014) [-]
sound way too close together, like they don't seem to flow naturally
User avatar #130363 to #130361 - misticalz (10/10/2014) [-]
Can we still make Dreampop pal???
User avatar #130365 to #130363 - shibe (10/10/2014) [-]

soundcloud.com/alternative-numbers/end-game i finally got around to making something, it's terrible but it's something
User avatar #130366 to #130365 - misticalz (10/10/2014) [-]
wow why not

cool synth
hipster of u
User avatar #130367 to #130366 - shibe (10/10/2014) [-]

User avatar #130362 to #130361 - misticalz (10/10/2014) [-]
the chicks? kk I'll see if I fucked up the warping
ableton's weird
User avatar #130357 - yutdollacwwwthree (10/10/2014) [-]
great, now that fj is back up, i've been looking for a beginner's guitar for $200 or so. (or under... preferably under)

www.amazon.com/Epiphone-Special-Electric-Guitar-Eb and this is what i was looking at.
now someone tell me if this guitar is worth it, or if someone has a better recommendation
User avatar #130495 to #130357 - nimba (10/11/2014) [-]
Yeah it depends. If you literally can not play then this is going to take you some time before it comes into its own against something you bought at the pawn shop for a quarter of that.
User avatar #130370 to #130357 - tomahawkkit ONLINE (10/10/2014) [-]
what style of music do you want
#130354 - darksideofthebeast has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #130353 - darksideofthebeast (10/10/2014) [-]
So good to see you! I have missed you so much! I'm so glad it's over. I have missed you so much!
User avatar #130351 - themagicwizard (10/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #130352 to #130351 - ultrablue ONLINE (10/10/2014) [-]
Shut up, shibe
User avatar #130355 to #130352 - themagicwizard (10/10/2014) [-]
shut up, theo
User avatar #130356 to #130355 - ultrablue ONLINE (10/10/2014) [-]
Ok, now that's just plain mean
User avatar #130369 to #130356 - themagicwizard (10/10/2014) [-]
Wow, it's like we're really on the FJ music board!
User avatar #130372 to #130369 - ultrablue ONLINE (10/10/2014) [-]
Just like old times!
User avatar #130350 - ultrablue ONLINE (10/10/2014) [-]
Kool & The Gang - Celebration
#130349 - ultrablue has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #130348 - PEDOBEARKIDS (10/10/2014) [-]
I missed you guys
#130347 - PEDOBEARKIDS has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #130344 - onkii (09/30/2014) [-]
blink 182 - I Miss You (Covered by Lost Righteous Egos) What do you guys think of this blink 182 cover my band mate and I made? Any support or feedback would be greatly appreciated We did all the instrumentals and singing ourselves, and it took us a decent amount of time to complete. So, we are just looking for feedback. Thank you so much!
#130345 to #130344 - kaisakuenkou (09/30/2014) [-]
Everything Is Green - The Essex Green Reminds me of E6 stuff, I really dig your sound
User avatar #130346 to #130345 - onkii (09/30/2014) [-]
Thank you! We are recording some more stuff now, and we are working on some originals as well. We're just trying to get a little bit of attention and feedback because we wanna know what people think.
User avatar #130340 - yanksfan (09/30/2014) [-]
Father Electricity - Julian Casablancas+The Voidz
So what does /music/ think of the new Julian Casablancas+ The Voidz album?
#130318 - kinggucciswagman (09/30/2014) [-]
When is Kendrick Lamar coming out with a new album?
When is Kendrick Lamar coming out with a new album?
User avatar #130341 to #130318 - awesomerninjathing (09/30/2014) [-]
yes, ask us, because we're directly affiliated with TDE and their marketing department and are able to give out undisclosed information to some random guy who asked on the music board of funnyjunk
#130322 to #130318 - themagicwizard (09/30/2014) [-]
as soon as you finish your vegetables
User avatar #130333 to #130322 - kinggucciswagman (09/30/2014) [-]
...Is this some kinda inside joke because I don't get it..
User avatar #130336 to #130335 - kinggucciswagman (09/30/2014) [-]
Nigga I never roam around the music board..
Just what the fuck is going on?
User avatar #130306 - poutinesalad (09/30/2014) [-]
Any rappers out there submit sommin for ra the ruggedman's definition of a rap flow contest?

Post em up! I wanna hear it.

Heres mine
#130313 to #130306 - thebestpieever (09/30/2014) [-]
That's it.

That's it.
User avatar #130302 - drldrl (09/30/2014) [-]
I know most of you here probably hate Slipknot, but man, Knotfest sounds like fun. And there's some decent bands there. MMA fights, fire performers, zipline, carnival rides, they even have a petting zoo.
The oil drums of flaming camel dung doesn't really appeal to me though.
User avatar #130304 to #130302 - ljxjlos ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
I honestly don´t get why music festivals need all that stuff...I was already weirded out when I saw it at Download...When I go to a Festival I barely have enough time to see all the bands that are worth seeing, how do people see bands, party AND look fights and this shit? It just seems a bit unneccessary to me.
User avatar #130305 to #130304 - drldrl (09/30/2014) [-]
The thing is open for 26 hours total, you're not gonna want to stand in a pit the entire time lol
User avatar #130310 to #130305 - thebestpieever (09/30/2014) [-]
Just... stand somewhere other than the pit, then? Maybe sit down a couple of miles away.
User avatar #130328 to #130310 - drldrl (09/30/2014) [-]
Have fun seeing hands and cameras then.
User avatar #130334 to #130328 - thebestpieever (09/30/2014) [-]
A stage is usually taller than people's hand-reach.
User avatar #130338 to #130334 - drldrl (09/30/2014) [-]
Maybe a the main stage, but that will only be part of the fest.
The outdoor stages are about head level, and people can reach above that.
#130339 to #130338 - thebestpieever (09/30/2014) [-]
Sounds like a pretty shitty stage. Even my shitty old school that was built around and old convent had a stage higher than hand reach. Even then, I wouldn't be that interested in seeing the musicians' footwear.
User avatar #130242 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
C.C.C.P. Curami
Allo Darlin' - My Heart Is a Drummer
Pg.99 - My Application to Heaven

What's everyone been listening to recently?
User avatar #130300 to #130242 - masterofmuffins ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
Release date is today. Feels good man.
User avatar #130259 to #130242 - kaisakuenkou (09/30/2014) [-]
Current 93, it's not very pleasent
User avatar #130273 to #130259 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
or should i say his music is pleasant

i forgot is it a group or one person

dont hurt me
User avatar #130277 to #130275 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
ya i've heard this, it's pretty cool

more pleasant than a lot of stuff i've heard
User avatar #130278 to #130277 - kaisakuenkou (09/30/2014) [-]
I don't doubt that
User avatar #130280 to #130278 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
i'll see if i can find it, but there is this one thing i find, it's like some super obscure tape of some schziophrenic guy talking about his trip to the supermarket or something with some weird noise in the background,
User avatar #130281 to #130280 - kaisakuenkou (09/30/2014) [-]
I need this
User avatar #130282 to #130281 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
i cant find it in the /mu/archive where i first found it ;_;
User avatar #130283 to #130282 - kaisakuenkou (09/30/2014) [-]
You raised my hopes, then hurled them towards the ground.
User avatar #130284 to #130283 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-WzMovyzUA i tried finding it, but instead found this

dis my jam
User avatar #130292 to #130285 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
Jon Rose - Techno Soap FOUND IT

it's different from what i remember, i thought it was noise not just random shit
User avatar #130293 to #130292 - kaisakuenkou (09/30/2014) [-]
thanks based shibe
#131335 to #130293 - fefe (10/21/2014) [-]
the music machine
Mighty baby
savoy brown hal blaine
the prisoners the buzzards
dr hooker
david hemmings
jean le fennec
cold sun - darkshadows
User avatar #130286 to #130285 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
User avatar #130270 to #130259 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
idk dude they're fairly pleasant
User avatar #130250 to #130242 - ferrettamer (09/30/2014) [-]
the sound of my tears hitting the ground
User avatar #130256 to #130250 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
I love that band
User avatar #130263 to #130256 - ferrettamer (09/30/2014) [-]
yea so do i, very powerful emotional statements
User avatar #130251 to #130250 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
hahaha faggot
User avatar #130262 to #130251 - ferrettamer (09/30/2014) [-]
first i hear the sound of my tears. it's quiet, i don't show much and don't sob violently. yet still audible. glug glug glug. that's what i hear next. the bottle hits the floor and shatters. fuck im drinking again.oh well. no more alcohol left. now just me and my thoughts. i'm a fucking waste. even in my drunken state i realize this. i wont ever achieve anything. why am i even alive. huh why am i alive. i open the top drawer. violently. it's loud. but there it is. my .22. why even live. im crying again. louder this time. i dont give a fuck. press the barrel to my temple. nothing but my heartbeat now. but i can smell the gunpowder and feel the pressure. finger on the trigger. should i do it. why not. what is there on this god forsaken earth. BAM! i slump and hit the floor. the gunshot echos off the room walls. that's all there is. and then. nothing but silence. silence
User avatar #130269 to #130262 - kaisakuenkou (09/30/2014) [-]
how can you smell gunpowder before it's fired?
User avatar #130272 to #130269 - ferrettamer (09/30/2014) [-]
it was a leaky gun. idfk i've never held a gun in my life
User avatar #130279 to #130272 - kaisakuenkou (09/30/2014) [-]
guns are scary
User avatar #130291 to #130279 - ferrettamer (09/30/2014) [-]
too tru
User avatar #130267 to #130264 - ferrettamer (09/30/2014) [-]
IMDABES haha just kidding. this is what i've been listening to for the past 3 minutes
User avatar #130268 to #130267 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes im da bes
User avatar #130288 to #130268 - ferrettamer (09/30/2014) [-]
"The Other Side" - Woodkid (An Unofficial Music Video) HD Le Diktat - 1984 Food For Animals - Tween My Lips I guess I should take this seriously cause you haven't been as active and we want you to still feel comfortable on this board
User avatar #130244 to #130243 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
I'm loving this Chrysalis song! You can tell there's some shlohmo influence, I was looking for more music in his style.


wtf is this ending

User avatar #130245 to #130244 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
All their stuff was name your price like a week ago, but here limalo.bandcamp.com/

I'll gift you both albums if you wish though.
User avatar #130246 to #130245 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
get themagicwizard to send me a link
User avatar #130247 to #130246 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
lol why. I don't even think he has the new album yet
User avatar #130249 to #130247 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]

just listen to me blue
#130255 to #130249 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
Whaddaya think I have him on call or sumthin? I suppose he'll see the mention and appease you.

Or maybe not. Guess we shall see.............


User avatar #130265 to #130255 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
also i'm really mad at you and magic for not telling me you're dead leaked

this shit is so good
User avatar #130287 to #130265 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
Don't look at me, I haven't heard it yet
User avatar #130290 to #130287 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
User avatar #130294 to #130290 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
Alright fine geeze I'm dling it now, happy?
#130319 to #130294 - themagicwizard (09/30/2014) [-]
Snoop Dogg's appearance on the album lasts exactly 30 seconds.
User avatar #130332 to #130319 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
Heh, well I guess I'm already on my way then.

Anyway, I think I filtered all the crap out with my second statement, so all is well in the land of gumdrops.
User avatar #130337 to #130332 - themagicwizard (09/30/2014) [-]
good job mang, I'm sure the sugarplum people will appreciate your efforts
User avatar #130320 to #130319 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
Just enough time for him to spit a classic mediocre verse *sniff* Brings a tear to my eye.
User avatar #130321 to #130320 - themagicwizard (09/30/2014) [-]
good ol' D-O-Double G
User avatar #130323 to #130321 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
I listened to the whole thing twice last night. It's pretty good. Pretty jazzy at some parts.

What be the themagicwizard's thoughts?
User avatar #130324 to #130323 - themagicwizard (09/30/2014) [-]
I really like it, I just wish the songs weren't so short. I guess that's what you're in for with FlyLo, though.
User avatar #130326 to #130324 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
I don't mind the short songs. Maybe cause my attention span is so small lel.

But then again, I do like long ambient songs. Whatever. Maybe I'm just odd heh.

As long as there are a lot of songs on an album they can be short I suppose.
User avatar #130327 to #130326 - themagicwizard (09/30/2014) [-]
Short songs don't bother me because they're short, it just seemed like FlyLo had more up his sleeve than he used. It all sounded excellent, though.
User avatar #130330 to #130327 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
I guess what I mean is this feels more akin to Cosmogramma. I feel Until the Quiet Comes is more electronic sounding and frankly, while good, a bit bland/typical. I think You're Dead is a return to that off the wall abstract unique stuff like on Cosmo.
User avatar #130329 to #130327 - ultrablue ONLINE (09/30/2014) [-]
Well, I think it was still a bit refreshing if not in that way. It's a lot more organic sounding I feel than previous works.

I think... I should probably listen to it a bunch more before making bold statements lol.
User avatar #130331 to #130329 - themagicwizard (09/30/2014) [-]
Nah, just say whatever uninformed shit comes to mind, that's how I operate, but at least I'm aware of it.
User avatar #130289 to #130287 - shibe (09/30/2014) [-]
User avatar #130298 to #130289 - themagicwizard (09/30/2014) [-]
User avatar #130241 - thisistheguy (09/30/2014) [-]
Calling out saxophone players/musicians - I have played guitar for years but now want to start playing saxophone I feel like I got the pipes for it so my question to you guys is 1 - where do I buy a good saxophone/what's a good price for one and 2 - where's a good place to start learning?
User avatar #130248 to #130241 - thebestpieever (09/30/2014) [-]
Yamaha and Yanagisawa sax above the 350 line should give you a good bang for your buck during your beginner period. The other two questions sound like they're way too dependent on where you live for me to answer them.
User avatar #130254 to #130248 - thisistheguy (09/30/2014) [-]
I mean online obviously I wouldn't expect you guys to refer me to some local place I guess
User avatar #130257 to #130254 - thebestpieever (09/30/2014) [-]
I really wouldn't know, I just learnt sax by fucking about next to my old boombox.
User avatar #130258 to #130257 - thisistheguy (09/30/2014) [-]
Cool thanks for the info
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