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#116251 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
Alright, niggers, this is the first half of a recording contract for anyone who is interested in seeing how the economical gears rotate behind the music industry.
#116252 to #116251 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
And the second half
User avatar #116267 to #116252 - shibe (06/10/2014) [-]

also i wanna hear ur music bestpie
User avatar #116268 to #116267 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
I haven't got any recordings from back then. I've got the lyrics and I remember some of the melodies, but no recordings.
I did record something around 2 weeks ago, but I burned it into a CD and I didn't keep that CD.
User avatar #116269 to #116268 - shibe (06/10/2014) [-]
What do you usually make? Singer/Songwriter folk stuff or what?
User avatar #116270 to #116269 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
Anything from little piano ballads to Thrash Metal. I made a few synth songs here and there as well.
User avatar #116271 to #116270 - shibe (06/10/2014) [-]
huh neat
User avatar #116272 to #116271 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
Not with my band that got signed, though. That was Hard Rock and power ballads with a dash of alternative and Punk. Think Guns N' Roses having a baby with The Clash yet the clash raised the baby with The Foo Fighters.
User avatar #116273 to #116272 - shibe (06/10/2014) [-]
Great, three bands I don't really like. I don't think I'd like that, because I don't like Hard Rock.
User avatar #116274 to #116273 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
I know, you don't like anything that's mildly complex yet still calculated.
User avatar #116275 to #116274 - shibe (06/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #116277 to #116275 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
I didn't imply anything, I said it.
User avatar #116279 to #116277 - shibe (06/10/2014) [-]

whateva m8o dor8to

www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESO6cNDjxpI This sounds p complex to me and I think it's pretty fucking great
User avatar #116281 to #116279 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
It's fairly standard funk infused jazz instrumentation. It's got a lot a lot of layers but that doesn't make it complex, it's just dense. It is cool, though.
User avatar #116283 to #116281 - shibe (06/10/2014) [-]
Fairly standard? Are you sure about that m8, it's pretty avant-prog if you ask me.

How is it not complex if there is a lot going on with a lot of layers and shit??
User avatar #116284 to #116283 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
If I fill a page with mathematical operations similar to 2+2 and 8+6 that doesn't make it a complex page, it makes a very densely populated it yet very simple page, it's the same. And really, recreating any one of the melodies there wouldn't be a problem for anyone who's studied said instrument for a week. Well, maybe the vocals 'cause those are pretty deep and high respectively.
#116285 to #116284 - shibe (06/10/2014) [-]
I really want to make an argument against that, but it's kinda hard to because music is a lot like math. But ugh.

Autechre - Gantz Graf
Clark - Ted it's kinda complex right????
Venetian Snares - Hajnal ??????

idk I guess I'm just a minimal person, less is more right?
User avatar #116288 to #116285 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
Megadeth - Sudden Death The first one is kind of complex, yes. To the ears, at least, making music in computers is kinda different than an actual instrument.
The second one isn't, the percussive side is a bit hard, but nothing above intermediate level.
The last one is basically the top of intermediate level.

Look, you're not gonna like it, I know that, but listen to this. You don't have to sit through all of it, but I'd advise it. Or at least the first 1:30. See how it is a bit of a mess? That's not a mind blowingly complex solo and rhythm section either, depending on how you look at it it's either the top dog of medium or the lowest echelon of masters of their instrument. But the deal is, when you're out to make very complex pieces it's always going to be fast, full of odd intervals and most likely than not end up it's gonna have some wonky scales in it. Because well, that's what it takes to make a very odd, comples composition.
User avatar #116253 to #116252 - kaisakuenkou (06/10/2014) [-]
I'd like everyone to take notice of Definition E
User avatar #116254 to #116253 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
Yeah, well, it's been broken already, and I've already been sued over it.
User avatar #116255 to #116254 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
Not that, just other parts of the contract.
User avatar #116256 to #116255 - kaisakuenkou (06/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #116257 to #116256 - thebestpieever (06/10/2014) [-]
Parts? Dunno, I really didn't read it again.
But I quit the band and soon after that it feel apart, so we got sued for not delivering a record and not repaying the label's expenses on us. Plus, I'd been co-writing some songs with a dude in another band and apparently that was a no-no as well under something or other supposedly specified in the contract.
User avatar #116245 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
I was looking around old hard drives a couple of weeks ago and I found a contract. Specifically, scans of the contract my band and I got when we got signed back in 2010. Would any of you guys be interested in me sharing it?
User avatar #116250 to #116249 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
Aight, let me finish doing some censoring because I don't know if I'm allowed to disclose this.
User avatar #116234 - ilikethisusername (06/09/2014) [-]
i seriously know nothing about death metal...but i love any song that has a nice melody in it. such as this: Mechina - Anathema [HD]
User avatar #116235 to #116234 - ilikethisusername (06/09/2014) [-]
so if anyone has anything similar, please share
User avatar #116259 to #116235 - charac (06/10/2014) [-]
Well you already found a pretty good channel for melodeath with the video you just posted. I used to get a lot of new stuff rom there.
Bur Scar Symmetry and Solution.45 are always worth a mention. And Sylosis.
User avatar #116260 to #116259 - ilikethisusername (06/10/2014) [-]
alright, thanks!
#116213 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
User avatar #116238 to #116213 - kaisakuenkou (06/09/2014) [-]
zeppelin 3
User avatar #116244 to #116238 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
Bit late about that...
User avatar #116246 to #116244 - kaisakuenkou (06/09/2014) [-]
That's a stupid statement
#116247 to #116246 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
Your face is a stupid statement, you dummy.
User avatar #116248 to #116247 - kaisakuenkou (06/09/2014) [-]
It felt as if though you're implying if i don't get an album at the very first opportunity i can, I'm late?
User avatar #116233 to #116213 - ultrablue (06/09/2014) [-]

From Badminton Club to Peace of Soul.. those are all things I've bought in the last month or so.
User avatar #116239 to #116233 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
User avatar #116230 to #116213 - teoyeezy (06/09/2014) [-]
Louis Logic - The Blight Side
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Angles
Explosions in the Sky - Suddenly I miss everyone

those are all on cd. i also ordered the 100 dollar pre order for sadistiks new album
User avatar #116240 to #116230 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]

Isn't that a bit too much???
User avatar #116241 to #116240 - teoyeezy (06/09/2014) [-]
no bc grinder, shot glass, shirt, hoodie, vinyl, cd, his book of lyrics and some other thing hes sending for ppl who ordered it but he wont say what it is

i luv him and support my bae
User avatar #116242 to #116241 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
Is he your husbando?
User avatar #116243 to #116242 - teoyeezy (06/09/2014) [-]
hell yes he is bro
User avatar #116215 to #116213 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
>Physical media.
User avatar #116216 to #116215 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
Well I can't eat digital files.
#116217 to #116216 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
You can't eat media either if you want to live to the end of said day.
But I digress, I actually bought physical media this year. The first one in 4 years
User avatar #116218 to #116217 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
I eat records all the time you don't???
User avatar #116219 to #116218 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
So you've got shit taste in music, food, and meh taste in movies. You're a complete disappointment, Shib.
User avatar #116220 to #116219 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
i don't even watch a lot of movies, not until recently actually, i've probably watched more movies in the past 3 months than I have my whole lifetime.
User avatar #116221 to #116220 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
Shut up, Shibe, now go and listen to Killing Joke.
User avatar #116222 to #116221 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
after i listen to 1996
User avatar #116223 to #116222 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
What is that, the shitty audio sequel to 1984?
User avatar #116229 to #116223 - awesomerninjathing (06/09/2014) [-]
are you referencing the book?
User avatar #116231 to #116229 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
No, Theodore, the famous leather jacket brand 1984. What do you think?
User avatar #116232 to #116231 - awesomerninjathing (06/09/2014) [-]
I dont know how your taste in books is m8
User avatar #116224 to #116223 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]

Right now I'm on the last song on Eccojams i ain't goin for it babe , after that I'm gonna listen to 1996, and after that Killing Joke.
User avatar #116225 to #116224 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
>Modern Classical.
These people don't understand how words work, do they?
User avatar #116226 to #116225 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
Well what else should we call classical music made post-1940? Modern music?

It's basically classical music made post-1940, it's usually more experimental and minimal.

'Opening' - Part 1 of 'Glassworks' - Philip Glass
Terry Riley: A Rainbow In Curved Air (1969) [HD 1080]
Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians (1978) [Full Composition]
User avatar #116227 to #116226 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
Except, you know, anyone with a degree of basic culture understands that ""classical" is not the type of composition but the era. The type of composition is things like Chamber music or Orchestral music. It makes as much sense as making "2000s 70s rock"
User avatar #116228 to #116227 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
True, that does make more sense.
User avatar #116201 - skeptical (06/09/2014) [-]
Turned out somebody else had a nicer recording
There were a few issues (namely my god-awful trombone solo) but all of them were due to relatively drastic last-minute changes made to the music a day before (see if you can spot all three!)
What do you guys think?
User avatar #116208 to #116201 - wertgf (06/09/2014) [-]
Ah i remember when you wrote this, sounds much nicer in an actual recording.
#116197 - msthvnderfvck (06/09/2014) [-]

does anyone know the name of the song in the background?
#116204 to #116197 - msthvnderfvck (06/09/2014) [-]
thanks gentlemen
User avatar #116203 to #116197 - wertgf (06/09/2014) [-]

It's in my club dance collection somewhere, give me a few minutes
User avatar #116202 to #116197 - nimba (06/09/2014) [-]
pjanoo - eric prydz
#116205 to #116202 - wertgf (06/09/2014) [-]
Lol, couldn't find the album in time.
User avatar #116195 - tuckthisphit ONLINE (06/09/2014) [-]
xXxXx [MLG] [420] 360HD l337 qu1kScOpEz Montage pr0 Le ePiC TrOll xXxXx so yeah,what is the name of that song ?
User avatar #116196 to #116195 - tuckthisphit ONLINE (06/09/2014) [-]
the one that starts at 0:38
User avatar #116207 to #116206 - tuckthisphit ONLINE (06/09/2014) [-]
did just got le troled ?
#116194 - pronprofile (06/09/2014) [-]
Anyone know any good operatic metal, i.e. like Therion?
perferably without growly voices.
User avatar #117391 to #116194 - drewshadow (06/16/2014) [-]
Try maybe Hammerfall, Blind Guardian, Dio?
User avatar #116322 to #116194 - drldrl (06/10/2014) [-]
I haven't really found any operatic metal, but there's a lot of symphonic metal, and they get some opera in there sometimes.
EPICA - Unleashed (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Kamelot - Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) [Official Music Video] Within Temptation - Paradise (What About Us?) ft. Tarja
User avatar #116321 to #116194 - finalfaptasy (06/10/2014) [-]
Maybe Dol Ammad. Dol Ammad - Supernova [2012]
#116323 to #116321 - pronprofile (06/10/2014) [-]
hmm yes this is perfect thank you.
User avatar #116236 to #116194 - dragonskeepsake ONLINE (06/09/2014) [-]
>No Growls
choose ONE you casual
User avatar #116326 to #116236 - kaisakuenkou (06/10/2014) [-]
Metal is best without growls
#117387 to #116326 - drewshadow has deleted their comment [-]
#117388 to #117387 - drewshadow has deleted their comment [-]
#116237 to #116236 - pronprofile (06/09/2014) [-]
Therion does it fairly well, except with the Theli album, and it's not as rough so it's not that bad.
#116193 - thebestpieever (06/09/2014) [-]
Did anyone pick up casualties of cool?
I'm just about to listen to it.
User avatar #116187 - gandaalf (06/09/2014) [-]
we got smoking , blue dream
drinking , cocaine
User avatar #116179 - thewulfman ONLINE (06/09/2014) [-]
I'm hoping you can help me find this out, Funnyjunkanians.

What's the music used in this flash? thebest404pageever.com/swf/becauseyouarenew.swf

Thanks a million in advance.
#116183 to #116181 - thewulfman ONLINE (06/09/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#116184 to #116183 - anonymoose (06/09/2014) [-]
It was pretty easy, I just searched "becauseyouarenew.swf" and got this.
User avatar #116186 to #116184 - gandaalf (06/09/2014) [-]
i was going to use shazam
i'm so pleb tier
#116178 - anonymoose (06/09/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#116177 - anonymoose has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #116176 - pankikilord (06/09/2014) [-]

For any Tool fans.

Any of y'all got anything on the supposed puzzle found within Lateralus? Where the songs are rearranged? Any theories, whatever?
User avatar #116307 to #116176 - darksideofthebeast (06/10/2014) [-]

For real, it's supposed to be the Fibonacci sequence, only Lateralus (song itself) has the fibonacci sequence in it.
The band said that the whole album had nothing to do with the fibonacci sequence.
User avatar #116310 to #116307 - pankikilord (06/10/2014) [-]
I know about the fibonacci sequence in Lateralus.

Apparently, it's a hint towards how the whole album is SUPPOSED to be played. The order, according to this theory, is all wrong, and using the hint in lateralus you can figure out how the album is supposed to flow.

I'd explain the whole thing to ya, but it'd take a while to type, I'd have to use vocaroo or somethin'.
#116311 to #116310 - darksideofthebeast (06/10/2014) [-]
Tool - Maynard Talks About The Fibonacci Sequence
This might be the video.

But the band did say that the whole album was in no way a reference to the fibonacci sequence.
Only the Lateralus song is, but knowing tool, it still could be but they like to fuck with their fans.
They're barely never serious about what they say, we can only base it on fact. The only fact there is that Lateralus is in the fibonacci sequence from the 9/8 to 8/8 to 7/8 time signature at the beginning to the drums in a certain signature (although this one I'm unsure of too, I've just never heard them disagree) and that Maynard sings in 1,1,2,3,5,8,5,3,13 pattern in Lateralus, thus constructing the Fibonacci sequence.

Side note: do you like psychedelics? Just curious seeing as you're a tool fan and usually you either love them or are indifferent as a tool fan. You can't really hate drugs too much. But I was just wondering.

Pic related, blame Hofmann for not knowing and never knowing.
Cause we don't know and won't know the truth from Tool.
User avatar #116313 to #116311 - pankikilord (06/10/2014) [-]

I think it was a half truth. See, thing is, the new order is based off of a spiral, starting at Parabol and parabola, and moving the songs around based off of this spiral.
The spiral itsels isn't technically the fibonacci sequence, but the sequence is a hint to how you're supposed to rearrange the songs.

and I do have skype
User avatar #116162 - obedientflyer (06/09/2014) [-]
So the new death grips album sucks ass

What did the rest of yall think
User avatar #116212 to #116162 - themagicwizard (06/09/2014) [-]
10/10 Best New Death Grips
User avatar #116180 to #116162 - dubstoiz (06/09/2014) [-]
Every death grips album sucks ass
User avatar #116165 to #116162 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
ultrablue is right
User avatar #116171 to #116170 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
you have finally climbed mt. wrong opinion
User avatar #116172 to #116171 - obedientflyer (06/09/2014) [-]

Is this how it all ends, shibe?
#116173 to #116172 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
Listen to this and tell me what you think of it, then we'll see if this is how it ends.
User avatar #116174 to #116173 - obedientflyer (06/09/2014) [-]
I listened to December and I quite enjoyed it. Probably gonna download the album later
Not much else to say at the moment
User avatar #116175 to #116174 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]

#116163 to #116162 - ultrablue (06/09/2014) [-]
All of their stuff sucks ass   
All of their stuff sucks ass

User avatar #116164 to #116163 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
well you're not wrong
User avatar #116166 to #116164 - ultrablue (06/09/2014) [-]
I thought you liked Deaf Grapes though
User avatar #116167 to #116166 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
i disliked them, then liked them, now i dislike them again
User avatar #116156 - theugandanhero (06/09/2014) [-]
ITT: What does your best Chillstep list consist of? I'll start.

Epiphany - Two Thirds, Veela, Feint
Born-Original Mix - Mitis
Give My Regards-Original Mix - Mitis
Spirit of Life - Blackmill
Let It Be (Ft. Veela) - Blackmill
Lucid Truth - Blackmill
A Reach For Glory - Blackmill
Japan - Plastician
All Or Nothing - Blu Mar Ten
Memoirs(Ghosts of Paraguay Dubstep) - Ramses B, Ghosts of Paraguay
North - Ramses B
Miracle - Blackmill

P.S. Could you tell that I like Blackmill? Lol
User avatar #116155 - swagasauruss (06/09/2014) [-]
So Im looking for bands like Caravan Palace www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sBZdSHAIZI and Parov Stelar www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRtHYiWmsoA

Anyone have any recommendations?
User avatar #116328 to #116155 - lolwtfme (06/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #116329 to #116328 - swagasauruss (06/10/2014) [-]
Thanks listening to Addicted right now
User avatar #116330 to #116329 - lolwtfme (06/10/2014) [-]
try make my day too
User avatar #116209 to #116155 - nimba (06/09/2014) [-]
the nymphs do some cool stuff, they're aussie chicks I think
User avatar #116161 to #116155 - vladmir (06/09/2014) [-]
Lyre Le Temps are an Electro Swing group which incorporate a lot or Hip-Hop , it sounds pretty good if that's what you're into! Otherwise I suggest using Spotify suggestion lists and this website here, it's fantastic for finding new music! audiomap.tuneglue.net/
User avatar #116153 - teoberry (06/09/2014) [-]
French Montana- Fuk What Happens Tonight Ft. Snoop Dogg, Ace Hood, Mavado, Scarface Lyrics Scarface's verse tho
User avatar #116150 to #116148 - shibe (06/09/2014) [-]
Is it an entire album or what???
User avatar #116154 to #116150 - themagicwizard (06/09/2014) [-]
1/2 of a double album, so yeah
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