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#61203 - majinooo has deleted their comment [-]
#61202 - inuyuru (09/17/2014) [-]
Bored, watching Law and Order, can't sleep.

Drew this because reasons.
#61200 - inuyuru (09/17/2014) [-]
In between finishing this comic commission, I decided to draw Amethyst.

Es mai waifu
#61199 - equisespada (09/17/2014) [-]
I've been working on my webcomic DragonGod and would like some feedback on it!
Here's a link to start reading it: tapastic.com/episode/26502
#61196 - ThatFatMummy (09/17/2014) [-]
Can you guys replace this girl's face with a soccer ball?
#61201 to #61196 - dig (09/17/2014) [-]
Here you go.

A board for photoshops/photoshop requests would be cool imo.
User avatar #61198 to #61196 - ThatFatMummy (09/17/2014) [-]
is this not the right board or something?
User avatar #61190 - Nahyon (09/17/2014) [-]
How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes HOW TO DRAW BETTER IN 2 MINUTES

A friendly reminder mostly for myself
User avatar #61191 to #61190 - alleksi ONLINE (09/17/2014) [-]
>draw what you see, not what you know
>proceeds to draw what he knows
a better wording would be "draw what you see, not what you think you know". If you know something, If you understand it, Then yes you can draw what you know. That's the base for drawing without reference.

>the background is usually lighter than the foreground
Correct me if I'm wrong here but my understanding is that the backgrounds, or "less important areas" should have lower contrast, not lighter colors.

Also I don't like how he used overlays for texture and stuff but that's just me
#61227 to #61191 - groulgarigon (09/17/2014) [-]
Lighter colors doesn't necessarily mean higher contrast.

Though I do tend to agree with the draw what you know if you know it statement.
User avatar #61192 to #61188 - ohmeghon ONLINE (09/17/2014) [-]
changing up your style a tad?

I like it
User avatar #61195 to #61192 - energytwinkie (09/17/2014) [-]
i think its more like hmm
evolving ??
or maybe its just this character whO KNOWS thanks tho
#61187 - energytwinkie (09/16/2014) [-]
art trade w/ someone on insta
User avatar #61197 to #61187 - trisketthebiskit (09/17/2014) [-]
you have a great style man
#61206 to #61197 - energytwinkie (09/17/2014) [-]
thank you very much!!
User avatar #61186 - gabek (09/16/2014) [-]
Taking computer games development. I need to design a character. Can barely draw smiley faces on stick men with out making them look homicidal. Any tips?

I have paint sai 1.10 Photoshop cs6 and Corel draw x7
#61210 to #61186 - anonymous (09/17/2014) [-]
Welllll, references are always helpful. Got any ideas for the character yet? Would make giving tips easier :@
User avatar #61221 to #61210 - gabek (09/17/2014) [-]
I had one for a girl with short purple hair in a black coat, jeans and with some kind of berret in her hair.
#61184 - shadowfireball (09/16/2014) [-]
i really need to learn to keep up
anyways the ace pilot pikacube is ready to fly once again
sept 16, Jet Plane
#61185 to #61184 - shadowfireball (09/16/2014) [-]
a Bird Rocker
doesnt rock very well but that may be my fault
User avatar #61183 - ishallsmiteyou (09/16/2014) [-]
Any graphics designers interested in creating a logo for me?
#61189 to #61183 - Nahyon (09/17/2014) [-]
Post specific information about the thing you want so people know what they'd be up to. makes it easier for everyone
User avatar #61193 to #61189 - ishallsmiteyou (09/17/2014) [-]
I was waiting for a response first, this board is typically slower than a slug crawling through salt.
Basically it's a flat black background, with the McDonalds arches covering the majority of it. Under the left arch is a long haired guy in full nazi garb, and on the right is an Irish guy with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and doing the nazi salute with the other. Preferably done in a cartoony style with the words McReich on top of the arches.
#61181 - theflamingfire (09/16/2014) [-]
Can someone draw this in a bigger res?
#61179 - alleksi ONLINE (09/16/2014) [-]
spooki booki
spooki booki
#61180 to #61179 - alleksi ONLINE (09/16/2014) [-]
boopidibup bam
boopidibup bam
#61174 - hsm (09/16/2014) [-]
Working on yet another Attack on Titan drawing.
#61170 - mikimowse (09/16/2014) [-]
Okay so I need some advice on a prop that I'm making for halloween. I'm going to cosplay as Chell from Portal and I need to make a portal gun (and long fall boots). Now I don't have many tools and I want the projects to be fairly cheap, but not look like shit. Can someone tell me what materials I should use? Difficulty is not an issue, its tools. I only have tools you'd find at home.
User avatar #61175 to #61170 - alleksi ONLINE (09/16/2014) [-]
Tape spoons to your ankles.
#61176 to #61175 - mikimowse (09/16/2014) [-]
Was gonna use split pop/soda cans. Hurrhurrhurr
User avatar #61194 to #61176 - rokkarokkaali (09/17/2014) [-]
Imagine if the tin cut your achilles heel
#61224 to #61194 - mikimowse (09/17/2014) [-]
Haw haw no I meant as the piece of metal that goes behind the shoe
User avatar #61173 to #61170 - sugoi (09/16/2014) [-]
Portal gun.

As for boots you're on your own. Gunna have to buy a lot of shit.
#61177 to #61173 - mikimowse (09/16/2014) [-]
Yeah I know . The boots I wanted tp make vs the boots I can afford don't look that bad, just so complicated....
User avatar #61172 to #61170 - trisketthebiskit (09/16/2014) [-]
there are some great cardboard paper craft tutorials out there i don doubt theres ones for the things you need
#61178 to #61172 - mikimowse (09/16/2014) [-]
Surprisingly, I found a papercraft for both the gun and boots! I just have to follow through... not going to be easy
User avatar #61182 to #61178 - trisketthebiskit (09/16/2014) [-]
nope but they will be very inexpensive
#61169 - trisketthebiskit (09/15/2014) [-]
character design first sketch
#61165 - thumbsdenied (09/15/2014) [-]
photoshopped a face on a schnitzel
#61204 to #61165 - majinooo (09/17/2014) [-]
Radda radda?
User avatar #61171 to #61165 - skydiving (09/16/2014) [-]
That's pretty great.
#61163 - crimsonuruzuki (09/15/2014) [-]
I made the mistake of drawing in a low resolution
User avatar #61164 to #61163 - instalation (09/15/2014) [-]
Still looks good though!
#61154 - alleksi ONLINE (09/15/2014) [-]
Sketching. Gotta figure out some bigger project to draw but shit man I'm not made of ideas.
User avatar #61158 to #61154 - flybager (09/15/2014) [-]
Can I get a larger version of the girl?
#61159 to #61158 - alleksi ONLINE (09/15/2014) [-]
It's Chihiro from Spirited Away I just copied her from here. www.pinterest.com/characterdesigh/character-design-kids/
User avatar #61160 to #61159 - flybager (09/15/2014) [-]
I like your version more it reminds me of those story-with-moral dutch comics
User avatar #61156 to #61154 - newbrony (09/15/2014) [-]
Hey look, it's Chihiro!
#61157 to #61156 - alleksi ONLINE (09/15/2014) [-]
Sure is! I copied her hard.
#61144 - ingrain (09/15/2014) [-]
I'm trying different styles, and I think I should work on this one.
#61149 to #61144 - flybager (09/15/2014) [-]
I'm digging the sketchyness.   
I like it.   
 Personally, after looking at the whole picture for a solid 3 minutes for a fault, I'd only find the feet small-ish. Then again they look perfectly fine closer up. Incase you wanted to hear my opinion. I might just be getting desperate to find a fault, though.
I'm digging the sketchyness.
I like it.
Personally, after looking at the whole picture for a solid 3 minutes for a fault, I'd only find the feet small-ish. Then again they look perfectly fine closer up. Incase you wanted to hear my opinion. I might just be getting desperate to find a fault, though.
User avatar #61151 to #61149 - ingrain (09/15/2014) [-]
It's always useful to hear opinions man! Just let it out.
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