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User avatar #61450 - arenaferox (1 hour ago) [-]
Latest users goes past the first line? What a sight.
#61449 - krumpeach ONLINE (1 hour ago) [-]
The Falconer I've forgotten about the art board!
#61448 - 4chan refugee (1 hour ago) [-]
yo I posted this in Advice. thoughts?
it was a ten-minute thing

also I know the file is huge. forgive me.
#61447 - soulknitter (2 hours ago) [-]
Way past cool!
#61444 - thegrohltroll (2 hours ago) [-]
sketching faces
#61440 - stetsonthehat (3 hours ago) [-]
i should start putting more realistic elements with fantasy elements more often
User avatar #61443 to #61440 - arenaferox (2 hours ago) [-]
Is it an understatement if I say that that is pretty fucking nice?
User avatar #61437 - nethj ONLINE (3 hours ago) [-]
poorfag here, anyone know where to get an illustrator crack?
#61436 - alleksi ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
>Being so sick that you can't even draw

Thank god that's over.

New project: at least one complete (color, background, if animation then color not required.) piece per week so I don't get stuck doing these my whole life.
#61435 - braggaboom ONLINE (4 hours ago) [-]
Cause reasons.
#61427 - ajrin (6 hours ago) [-]
new banner admin
new banner admin
User avatar #61438 to #61427 - chupifruit (3 hours ago) [-]
this is gud
User avatar #61439 to #61438 - ajrin (3 hours ago) [-]
I drew it
#61426 - kingofunnyjunk (7 hours ago) [-]
Ok guys what do you think of this? still WIP
#61445 to #61426 - 4chan refugee (2 hours ago) [-]
Yeah, I got Source film-maker too.
Yeah, I got Source film-maker too.
User avatar #61446 to #61445 - kingofunnyjunk (2 hours ago) [-]
its not source film maker tho
User avatar #61434 to #61426 - alleksi ONLINE (5 hours ago) [-]
I know nothing of 3DCGI. I guess it's cool
User avatar #61428 to #61426 - kingofunnyjunk (5 hours ago) [-]
Why did you thumb it down guardianatreyu?
User avatar #61429 to #61428 - guardianatreyu (5 hours ago) [-]
It's a tired concept of a "badass" Red Riding Hood.
User avatar #61430 to #61429 - kingofunnyjunk (5 hours ago) [-]
what would you suggest then?
User avatar #61431 to #61430 - guardianatreyu (5 hours ago) [-]
Anything but that.
User avatar #61422 - learmy (8 hours ago) [-]
How do you draw a comic? Did you sketch it on a paper first or draw it straight away in computer using software? I'm thinking of producing my own comics.
User avatar #61423 to #61422 - Nahyon (8 hours ago) [-]
Well, you need panels and a coherence between those panels. Besides that, what is the difference between drawing like you normally do ?
User avatar #61425 to #61423 - learmy (8 hours ago) [-]
I normally draw something on paper first and overlay it using software. I'm actually don't really know how to draw comics or characters.
#61421 - Nahyon (8 hours ago) [-]
FJ - Drawing & Art banner

Guys, I'm not ok with those banner, c'mon we can create better ones!
User avatar #61433 to #61421 - alleksi ONLINE (5 hours ago) [-]
I made the one with the desert.

There weren't many submissions when admin asked for them.
User avatar #61432 to #61421 - hsm (5 hours ago) [-]
i wanna create some but i dunno where to submit them
#61399 - ronjeremysweiner (13 hours ago) [-]
writing a short story for fun and want a picture to go with it

a huge maple tree surrounded by pines and oaks, other maples, basically trees you would find in american midwest
the tall maple tree, about 6 feet before where the trunk stops 4 branches grow out and upwards kinda like a cupped hand
User avatar #61404 to #61399 - freaksonleash (11 hours ago) [-]
The story was too confusing for me to read, and please don't use kinda or basically because what else is it suppose to be? This rough draft is 1/10
#61405 to #61404 - ronjeremysweiner (11 hours ago) [-]
this isnt a rough draft at all
just hoping someone get me an inage to go with story if not then so be it
i use better words for an actual writing piece, sorry if im not putting as much thought into comment on funnyjunk
and ya im having some trouble writing out the imagery for this tree.
but i also just got this short story idea
User avatar #61406 to #61405 - freaksonleash (11 hours ago) [-]
just telling you how it is, before the world would speak of it.
#61408 to #61406 - ronjeremysweiner (11 hours ago) [-]
and the best way to learn a skill is to either get ur ass kicked in it again and again, or told that it sucks again and again
#61407 to #61406 - ronjeremysweiner (11 hours ago) [-]
ya well this is gonna be my first time going all the way through hope i didnt jinx it with writing something and putting it out somewhere
it's most likely going to suck, but i gotta develop the skills somehow
User avatar #61409 to #61407 - freaksonleash (11 hours ago) [-]
just keep on reading poetry that's the best thing ever, because my senior english teacher only taught us poetry, and god damn there is some secret details along the lines. My personal favorite poet is William Blake.
#61410 to #61409 - ronjeremysweiner (11 hours ago) [-]
all religions are one came up first
it was interesting
#61400 to #61399 - ronjeremysweiner (13 hours ago) [-]
use picture for reference, the 4 branches each fork once and major branches should be symmetrical
i sound picky but im not the artist so im sure whatever you do will turn out better.
ill probably post story to fj when im done, and ill remember to credit where it's due
User avatar #61398 - RexxT (15 hours ago) [-]
Alright guys...SO. Been given a theme for drawings and stuff for a little competition...and the theme is James 1 v 23-25 For if you listen to the word and don't obey, it is like glancing at your face in a mirror. You see yourself, walk away,and forget what you look like. But if you look carefully into the perfect law that sets you free, and if you do what it says and don't forget what you hear, the God will bless you for doing it. from the Bible in case you didn't know . It has to be a portrait of sorts... Thing is...I'm not a Christian, so this verse doesn't give me much inspiration. So I was wondering if you guys could help out with ideas for this, cuz pretty much everyone is gonna do a basic portrait and I've been trying to come up with something different.

Please and thank you
#61397 - oxeos (17 hours ago) [-]
Could someone photoshop this so that the shields have the fj logo on them?
User avatar #61418 to #61415 - hsm (9 hours ago) [-]
that's lovely
#61388 - redninjaa (18 hours ago) [-]
quick hour doodle/coloring practice
Haven't had much time to draw on my tablet since I have low access to my laptop during school days. Nyeh. Also haven't posted here in a while...Hi!
User avatar #61413 to #61388 - alleksi ONLINE (10 hours ago) [-]
reminds me of oreinonaut (spelling?) a bit
User avatar #61424 to #61413 - Nahyon (8 hours ago) [-]
I thought about that too :s
User avatar #61403 to #61388 - citruslord ONLINE (12 hours ago) [-]
like the style, reminds me of cave story.
User avatar #61396 to #61388 - ohmeghon (17 hours ago) [-]
very cool.
User avatar #61389 to #61388 - protectron (18 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #61390 to #61389 - redninjaa (18 hours ago) [-]
#61380 - hsm (23 hours ago) [-]
Okay guys, tell me how you like them lines. I think i improved a bit.
User avatar #61401 to #61380 - doctorpoo (13 hours ago) [-]
looks really clean and lovely, good job.
User avatar #61412 to #61401 - hsm (11 hours ago) [-]
Thanks man.
User avatar #61387 to #61380 - protectron (18 hours ago) [-]
How do you people do your lines? Is it just reworking the lines and erasing or like a one stroke thing?
User avatar #61411 to #61387 - hsm (11 hours ago) [-]
In the beginning i used to do chicken step lines but now i draw them in one stroke. Of course i don't get them right the first time, each line is erased like 5 to 10 times before the stroke seems to fit but the outcome is way better. Also i rotate the page a lot so i can stroke in the direction i find most comfortable.
User avatar #61419 to #61411 - hsm (9 hours ago) [-]
i didn't mean each line is erased 5 to 10 times, i meant i ctrl+z it a few times before a i get a good stroke.
User avatar #61381 to #61380 - uve (22 hours ago) [-]
User avatar #61382 to #61381 - hsm (22 hours ago) [-]
#61370 - thegrohltroll (09/20/2014) [-]
I had fun drawing this
#61375 to #61370 - 4chan refugee (23 hours ago) [-]
why is she smiling?
User avatar #61376 to #61375 - thegrohltroll (23 hours ago) [-]
she's one of the 55%
#61378 to #61376 - 4chan refugee (23 hours ago) [-]
oh ok. I just thought you hadn't seen the results or something.
User avatar #61379 to #61378 - thegrohltroll (23 hours ago) [-]
actually when i first started drawing her it was just a work out sketch, but i loved it so i coloured it. I then put in the flag just because she was a red head
#61362 - hsm (09/20/2014) [-]
I've recently drawn so much anime shit that people have forgotten that that's not what i actually do.

As far as this piece goes, i've fallen in love with Ty Burrell because my friend forced me to watch Modern Family. Other than the fact that i fucked one of his eyes up a little, i'm pretty satisfied with piece.
User avatar #61414 to #61362 - alleksi ONLINE (10 hours ago) [-]
You're really good at observational drawing, dude. The contrast between your referenced work (this, some of the animuu drawings) and your works from imagination is massive. You should definitely spend more time doing more heavily referenced pieces, and study them, to help you get your original stuff look better.
User avatar #61417 to #61414 - hsm (9 hours ago) [-]
I've always listened to good advice from you and i'm gonna do it again. You helped me a lot in that line stuff. Thank you.
User avatar #61371 to #61362 - thegrohltroll (09/20/2014) [-]
User avatar #61364 to #61362 - arenaferox (09/20/2014) [-]
I'm surprised honestly.
User avatar #61365 to #61364 - hsm (09/20/2014) [-]
in a nice way? or is it that bad?
User avatar #61366 to #61365 - arenaferox (09/20/2014) [-]
No its pretty good. I'm surprised because the anime style really contrasts with this realistic style.
User avatar #61369 to #61366 - hsm (09/20/2014) [-]
thanks mah nigga.
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