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#1109311 - qwertyjr (01/28/2015) [-]
Hey guys, can someone photoshop this for me?
I want everything the same but instead of it saying "My Soul, Your Beats!"
Make it say "My Dick, Your Ass!" and on the bottom where it says "Angel Beats"
Make it say "Anal Beads"
Pls do.
User avatar #1109591 to #1109362 - qwertyjr (01/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #1109320 to #1109311 - andyyy ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
Fo real tho
User avatar #1109315 to #1109311 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
That would be such a pain in the ass to do properly. Fuck off lolicon.
User avatar #1109317 to #1109315 - qwertyjr (01/28/2015) [-]
Don't call me false names
#1109295 - anonymous (01/28/2015) [-]
Is Glasslip going to be dubbed anytime soon?
User avatar #1109435 to #1109295 - awesomedewd (01/28/2015) [-]
ha, probably not
User avatar #1109305 to #1109295 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
As soon as out grand lord and master of hell, Satan, rises up and commands his forces of darkness unleash that grand weapon.
User avatar #1109303 to #1109295 - qwertyjr (01/28/2015) [-]
The anime is pretty bad anyways
User avatar #1109296 to #1109295 - mnmzg (01/28/2015) [-]
If only our prayers our answered
User avatar #1109272 - ayumu (01/28/2015) [-]
Alright guys
Was anime a fucking mistake?
User avatar #1109352 to #1109272 - afrogeist (01/28/2015) [-]
I really don't know bud, sometimes I'd say yes, but I'm quite content with giant robots and anime tiddies. Can we settle on a "maybe?"
User avatar #1109304 to #1109272 - kothaex (01/28/2015) [-]
only if you watch Evangelion or Madoka
#1109313 to #1109304 - fargfive ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
oh shit he's right
User avatar #1109307 to #1109304 - ayumu (01/28/2015) [-]
Make the fucking contract, Shinji
User avatar #1109306 to #1109304 - redclover (01/28/2015) [-]
oh shit, I watched both
User avatar #1109312 to #1109306 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
This is what you get for the crimes of "liking things", "having fun", "not being buttblasted because someone disagrees with you", and "watching anime".
Burn in heck fugger.
#1109298 to #1109272 - Rei ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
Only if you're a cynical asshole like Anno or Miyazaki.
User avatar #1109310 to #1109298 - ayumu (01/28/2015) [-]
You'd make a good mother Rei
User avatar #1109354 to #1109310 - Rei ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
Damn right
User avatar #1109290 to #1109272 - DmOnZ ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
Buy and large, no. You can't have good without a lot of bad, that's just the way things go. Everything good in the consumer market is going to be outweighed by the bad. There's still good stuff being made, but you have to sift through the generic, pandering, populist crap to get to it.
#1109282 to #1109272 - pirgh (01/28/2015) [-]
Not only is anime not a mistake, But the direction the industry is headed in is also good so long as they don't forget to make actual quality anime

Call me a otaku faggot, But I could watch the same kind of shitty generic anime forever. I have shit taste, my favourite genre is harem and I fucking love an anime where there are a bunch of attractive girls all after one OP'd motherfucing badass who knows hoe to handle his bitches. Yes it's escapism, yes there's a huge portion of people doing it in some form nowadays, but watching shitty anime aimed at making a male viewer feel awesome is sure as hell a better form of escapism than alot of things. Anime is good. I will always love both a serious/action/drama anime and a shitty/generic/harem/fantasy anime. Since anime is such a huge thing now even netflix has many popular anime titles on it. If anime can become even more readily available in the rest of Europe and America, I can seriously see it replacing western cartoons as the dominant animated style. Here's hoping lads.
User avatar #1109289 to #1109282 - herecomesjohnny (01/28/2015) [-]
the direction the industry is headed?

moeshit, harems, fanservice, not to mention dropping anime series after a cour and switching to potentially more juicy prospects. Meanwhile, basic principles of storytelling are down the drain.
Miyazaki was right, otakus were deleterious to anime.
User avatar #1109291 to #1109289 - pirgh (01/28/2015) [-]
I didn't consider the dropping after a cour. So let me rephrase, The moe/harem shit is the part I don't mind, the fact that actual new ideas are so rare is disappointing and that when they are actually shown, People show so little interest in them that they get a single season. The direction I meant was spreading to the west and the moe shit.

But I certainly think that if storytelling can improve and animes can get dedicated animators who will finish the show to at least some kind of ending that there's enough room for both quality anime and fanservice anime.
User avatar #1109299 to #1109291 - yusay ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]

They don't have to, because if they can pander they can get more money than a risky venture.
#1109286 to #1109282 - anonymous (01/28/2015) [-]
>fave is harem

cuz u can't get ur dick wet in real life
User avatar #1109287 to #1109286 - pirgh (01/28/2015) [-]
I was in a relationship for 15 months, Got dick wet plenty of times.

It just so happens that harem animes gave me plenty of good feels when I was down on my ass after the break-up and when I was a fat little shit before said relationship
#1109285 to #1109282 - communistlover (01/28/2015) [-]
Now I've really seen it all.
User avatar #1109283 to #1109282 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
I wish I could ban you for being such a massive faggot. I want OrangeCrush back.
#1109284 to #1109283 - pirgh (01/28/2015) [-]
Hahahahahaha You fuckers are stuck with me till I get bored
User avatar #1109278 to #1109272 - kairunkun (01/28/2015) [-]
Thank you anime you may be a mistake but a good one the kind where you say "i'm glad that fukin condom broke"
User avatar #1109277 to #1109272 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
depends, is your name anime
#1109263 - kairunkun (01/28/2015) [-]
Any one watching this???
User avatar #1109461 to #1109263 - tormain (01/28/2015) [-]
Yeah, is hawt.
MC is a bit of a dull cunt though
User avatar #1109389 to #1109263 - ishegura (01/28/2015) [-]
My main signed up for it but was never mentioned. so I guess not.
User avatar #1109302 to #1109263 - sarcasticrunner (01/28/2015) [-]
i mean it is shaft food porn
User avatar #1109300 to #1109263 - redclover (01/28/2015) [-]
I meant to start it but never got around to it because it's low on my priority list
User avatar #1109297 to #1109263 - badsamaritan ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #1109275 to #1109263 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #1109269 to #1109263 - Rei ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #1109267 to #1109263 - spleed ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #1109271 to #1109265 - kairunkun (01/28/2015) [-]
Wow is it that bad that there isnt one person who watched it???
User avatar #1109273 to #1109271 - communistlover (01/28/2015) [-]
Duh, the name just screams that the show is shit.
User avatar #1109276 to #1109273 - kairunkun (01/28/2015) [-]
The World of Narue
Not a soul came back
#1109255 - groundzero ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
#1109397 to #1109255 - maguitox (01/28/2015) [-]
Oh boy, when they get together and/or when she realizes his dead gf is just like her... well... it's gonna get really fucking good
Oh boy, when they get together and/or when she realizes his dead gf is just like her... well... it's gonna get really fucking good
User avatar #1109370 to #1109255 - yeorgh ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
Wait what? this bitch is back?
#1109281 to #1109255 - animango (01/28/2015) [-]
Do you even understand mothafucka. The girl's name is fuuka just like the title of the manga and the same name as the previous girlfriend.
#1109201 - synchron has deleted their comment [-]
#1109194 - pirgh (01/27/2015) [-]
So! 3 questions for you all, First, what's your favourite mechanics/elements for any VN to have? e.g. RPG gameplay elements, vastly branching plot with choices having a huge impact on story, New content after your first playthrough.

Second, What's your preferred length of VN? Under 2 hours? 10-30 hours? Huge VN series with over 100 hours?

And third, If you had to, How long, all in all would you say you've spent playing VNs?

1. Loads of heroines and loads of routes, preferably without any "main" heroines who get a longer route

2. The longer it is the better, anything under 10 hours is too short to even enjoy

3. If not 3000 hours then certainly 2500. I read slow as fuck and spend ages playing the actual game if there is one available
User avatar #1109624 to #1109194 - octaviano (01/28/2015) [-]
I'm a newbie to VNs, don't rek me.

1. Connection between different routes, and some sort of cool story. Especially a fan of these multi-routes with one gigantic fucking plottwist final route that resolves everything.
2. Depends. If I feel like a snack or just some relatively short-time enjoyment, it can be ~2 hours. If I want to get invested into something, give me ALL the hours I can get.
3. Not counting any Ace Attourney games (Excluding Investigations 2 and Dual Destinies, which I havn't touched at all), I'd say 100+.
User avatar #1109394 to #1109194 - iridium ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
1: Really just an interesting story. Don't care if it has a lot of gameplay or not much at all.

2: 10-40. More than that starts to drag a bit, less than that and it often doesn't really stand out.

3: 300-400 range if Ace Attorney and Zero Escape are included.
#1109309 to #1109194 - lgninjaleetful (01/28/2015) [-]
1. multiple routes and branching plot, i like a few h scenes too with each route.   
2. 30-50 hours+ at least   
3. I'm still kind of new to VN's but i'm slowly but surely getting some hours into them.  100 hours+   
also, if you have anything to suggest to me i would love to hear it.  I need more novels to add to my library.
1. multiple routes and branching plot, i like a few h scenes too with each route.

2. 30-50 hours+ at least

3. I'm still kind of new to VN's but i'm slowly but surely getting some hours into them. 100 hours+

also, if you have anything to suggest to me i would love to hear it. I need more novels to add to my library.
User avatar #1109396 to #1109309 - pirgh (01/28/2015) [-]
Anything in particular you're looking for? If not I'll give you the 3 general ones I give most people.

The Muv-Luv series: 1st game is a pretty generic albeit well written VN with 5 heroines, 2 main and 3 side but each route is roughly the same length. The next 2 games are both single routes with you choosing what girl you prefer among the available options. Single route it may be, but because they don't have to focus on other routes, it's over 50 hours and my favourite VN series of all time. not many H-scenes but well written ones.

Alchemy Meister: About 15 heroines all with at least 6 H-scenes each with the main 3 having about 20. You follow one of 3 main routes but you can do the side routes during the main route. Basically no choice system but makes up for it with the single best RPG game I've ever seen in a VN. It's actually so good, the game itself could be a standalone.

Little Busters: No h-scenes in the original (expansion came out with h-scenes but I haven't played it) but brilliant characters with a vastly branching plot and a choice system which you must get exactly right to get the good endings. Each route connects in a way that doesn't make sense until the very last route. Amazing story.
User avatar #1109402 to #1109396 - lgninjaleetful (01/28/2015) [-]
also, not all of the muv-luv series is translated i believe?
User avatar #1109403 to #1109402 - pirgh (01/28/2015) [-]
Only Altered Fable is untranslated out of what I've read, I haven't read any of the chronicles. Muv luv extra, Unlimited and Alternative are all translated and Altered Fable is more just a nice little wrap up to the emotional climax and finish of Alternative where every single character from the series makes an appearance. It's 65% translated And I been waiting for nearly 3 years so far..........

Defiinetly look at Majikoi, It's only half translated but it's got some serious Slice of Life and romance in it. 4 main routes are translated and the rest are being done at a good rate.
User avatar #1109404 to #1109403 - lgninjaleetful (01/28/2015) [-]
yeah I have majikoi on my list, looks promising.

also, have you heard anything about anyone doing anything with dracu-riot? I'm done with the only translated route and its a really good visual novel too.
User avatar #1109405 to #1109404 - pirgh (01/28/2015) [-]

It appears this guy is going to take up th baton for 100% translation since insemination dropped it. However, from what I've read he must start from the beginning and we can only guess how dedicated he is and even then, it may take years.

Disappointing really, I had been looking forward to Dracu-Riot being finished
#1109406 to #1109405 - lgninjaleetful (01/28/2015) [-]
I feel you man, I figured out about dracu-riot a year ago, and holy shit its a real pity. For an eroge type of visual novel, the characters are impressively good.
Good to see someone doing it though, as long as this VN gets completed one day I think everyone will be happy.

Fucking Miu though
User avatar #1109399 to #1109396 - lgninjaleetful (01/28/2015) [-]
yeah i've briefly looked over what you mentioned before, and i think i will definitely get around to reading them.

but in particular i like a good slice of life/romance style of VN. I'm quite simple when it comes to my taste really. as an example, my favorite VN's thsu far are Fruit of Grisaia and hoshizora no memoria.

but anything with romance and story usually is good enough for me, and thanks for your input.
User avatar #1109288 to #1109194 - teoanon ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
1. Multiple routes and branches, new content after first play-through I don't like rereading the same scenes most of the time so new scenes keep things fresh
2. Huge VN's 50+ hours
3. Probably around 500 hours
User avatar #1109268 to #1109194 - spleed ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
1) I prefer VNs with a very large amount of possible routes, and a smaller common route.
2) Preferred length is 5-15 hours. If it can't be done in a couple of days casually, it probably won't interest me.
3) I've spent about 70 hours with VNs.
User avatar #1109254 to #1109194 - boyddamilkman ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
1. VNs are trash.
2. 0 hours.
3. ~10 hours or so.
User avatar #1109238 to #1109194 - alleksi (01/27/2015) [-]
Generally speaking VN's have worse storytelling than books, worse art than comics, worse visual directing and actual animation of animation and worse gameplay than actual video games. It tries to be everything and shit sucks, the only thing the medium has going for it is porn.
User avatar #1109242 to #1109238 - pirgh (01/27/2015) [-]
That's why you gotta look hard to find the good ones. and for the record, the porn is mostly atrociously horrible with dubbed hentai having better dialouge O_O
#1109252 to #1109242 - alleksi (01/28/2015) [-]
Let me express myself artistically
User avatar #1109264 to #1109252 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
>shit heap guy acknowledging that it's shit
User avatar #1109256 to #1109252 - slightly (01/28/2015) [-]
did you draw this shit
User avatar #1109257 to #1109256 - alleksi (01/28/2015) [-]
yes I draw all of that shit
User avatar #1109258 to #1109257 - slightly (01/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #1109260 to #1109258 - alleksi (01/28/2015) [-]
Oh man the next Louis CK in the house
User avatar #1109241 to #1109238 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Thanks fam
#1109225 to #1109194 - communistlover (01/27/2015) [-]
Huge impact and new content play a pretty big role.
Probably like 140 hours.
User avatar #1109218 to #1109194 - killerliquid (01/27/2015) [-]
Choices with huge impact

50+ ideal

around 450 sounds right
User avatar #1109198 to #1109194 - synchron (01/27/2015) [-]
Choices that have an impact
30-50 hours. Long but finishable within my lifetime
100 or so hours
User avatar #1109196 to #1109194 - hsm (01/27/2015) [-]
1. plot with choices having a huge impact on story, New content after your first playthrough

2. 10-30 hours

3. about 150-200 hours

: ^ )
User avatar #1109195 to #1109194 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
VNs are trash. Literally the worst storytelling medium.
User avatar #1109243 to #1109195 - cptsweatpants (01/27/2015) [-]
It's not their fault that you can't read, fagget.
User avatar #1109245 to #1109243 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Nah, just finished some James Joyce, so I think I am good.
User avatar #1109246 to #1109245 - cptsweatpants (01/28/2015) [-]
In all seriousnes though, I like VNs. They tell the story similar way a book would but the interaction, even if minimal, gets me a lot more engaged in it.
User avatar #1109247 to #1109246 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
Because you have ADHD.
User avatar #1109262 to #1109247 - cptsweatpants (01/28/2015) [-]
At least it's better than what you have. Sadly they have not yet identified and named what you have, but you have it and it's worse than anything else.
User avatar #1109274 to #1109262 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
It's called being an internet badass.
It's terminal.
#1109230 to #1109195 - communistlover (01/27/2015) [-]
I just play VN's for the hentai scenes.
User avatar #1109248 to #1109230 - hsm (01/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #1109235 to #1109230 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Download the CGs.
User avatar #1109236 to #1109235 - communistlover (01/27/2015) [-]
I do that from time to time, but if I have time to kill I don't mind a play through.
#1109197 to #1109195 - pirgh (01/27/2015) [-]
>Reads manga
>Watches anime
>Insults entire form of media entertainment literally combining both
User avatar #1109202 to #1109197 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
>combining both
Nice try guy. VNs are just choose your own adventure books in digital form. Mangos are comics, the oldest form of shitty japanese drawings, and anime is cartoons, shitty japanese flipbooks with audio.

VNs are trash, and you are trash for liking them.

**NOTE* I am not using "trash" in the meme sense, but in the normal sense.
#1109217 to #1109202 - pirgh (01/27/2015) [-]
>Implying all VN's have choice systems

So many of them have just a single route e.g. Muv-Luv Alternative, the including the single greatest form of entertainment mankind has known. The fact that it has all the joys of a book reading at your own pace, ability to leave it and come back at any given moment etc and embraces things like voice actors, gameplay elemtens, CG's and yes the choice system all just improve the experiance
User avatar #1109220 to #1109217 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
So either way they are book for autists who can't handle reading a regular book.
Damn, thanks son. Now I don't have to even try to win this argument.
#1109226 to #1109220 - pirgh (01/27/2015) [-]
As if wanting a change of pace from reading silently and having to conjure my own images of every setting, character, event and then create voices for each character makes anyone more autistic than the average anime watcher/mange reader.

Don't even try to say that it takes the fun out of reading, Since I don't have to focus so much on imagining my own settings, I can focus on other things like facial expression of characters, tone of their voice and any deeper meaning that any given setting, dialouge or facial expression may have.

Refusing to aknowledge that and continuing to call the entire form of media autistic is just idiotic and ignorant
User avatar #1109227 to #1109226 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
You are literally mascotfagging. I don't have to refute a single one of your "muh feelings" arguments.

And yes, VNs are autistic. So is their primary userbase of fat virgin japanese men.
User avatar #1109232 to #1109227 - pirgh (01/27/2015) [-]
Tyring to use my mascotfagging as if it's a new thing people don't already hate me for? Try harder, please.

You don't have to refure each one of my arguments, But since you make none to back up your own "VN's are autistic" side then it leaves it as no more than you're very wrong opinion.
User avatar #1109234 to #1109232 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
>because you don't give reasons, you opinion is wrong
Except I am always right, meaning it isn't an opinion but instead it is a fact.
#1109237 to #1109234 - pirgh (01/27/2015) [-]
No, it's because you CAN'T give reasons that it's no more than an opinion and is very wrong, and tens of thousands of people who have actually played decent VN's disagree with you for good reason
User avatar #1109240 to #1109237 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Nah, I am always right.
#1109231 to #1109227 - anonymous (01/27/2015) [-]
Nah, no storytelling medium itself can be autistic or even shit. It's the content.
User avatar #1109233 to #1109231 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Okay anon. The content of every VN is shit and autistic.
#1109251 to #1109233 - anonymous (01/28/2015) [-]
User avatar #1109205 to #1109202 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Fucking smileys. Fuck of fagmin.
User avatar #1109200 to #1109197 - hsm (01/27/2015) [-]
woah there buddy i'm gonna have to stop you.

VN's are good but they arent a literal combination of anime and manga
User avatar #1109207 to #1109200 - pirgh (01/27/2015) [-]
To be fair, no they aren't. It removes the animation and any sense of variety of setting an anime may give and probobly a shit ton from manga too, But for people like me who don't like manga due to it being in black and white and fainding it harder to follow, VN's are a perfect way to combine the 2
User avatar #1109214 to #1109207 - hsm (01/27/2015) [-]
for me its Manga > Anime > VNs
User avatar #1109199 to #1109197 - slightly (01/27/2015) [-]
he's a meme let him be
User avatar #1109204 to #1109199 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
You're a bigger meme pal.
User avatar #1109210 to #1109204 - slightly (01/27/2015) [-]
bigger meme than you?


User avatar #1109212 to #1109210 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
My memes are expired, ask anyone here. You are the new king of memes.
User avatar #1109215 to #1109212 - slightly (01/27/2015) [-]
>my memes are expired

why live

and i cant be the new king of memes, i dont even have a quirk other than fapping to aria and that gets old soon
User avatar #1109216 to #1109215 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
And what the fuck is my quirk then, being a prick? Lame, everyone does that.
User avatar #1109219 to #1109216 - slightly (01/27/2015) [-]
idk i only lately came from /a/ here to shitpost uncontrolably

your memes were the talk of the ball the whole time
User avatar #1109221 to #1109219 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
I retired from memes.
User avatar #1109222 to #1109221 - slightly (01/27/2015) [-]

kill yourself
User avatar #1109224 to #1109222 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Nah, I like my life. More than I did when I memed all the time.
#1109189 - evilicious ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
I can't believe I just now found the source for Kawaii Hitler.

What are your favorite anime/manga interpretations of historical figures?
Personally, the one that I recall amusing me most was Gilles de Rais (Bluebeard) in Devils and Realist. He was the gayest most flamboyant character in a cast of incredibly homosexual characters which was hilarious because
User avatar #1109190 to #1109189 - evilicious ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
*because history.
#1109184 - dbdeano has deleted their comment [-]
#1109168 - cptsweatpants has deleted their comment [-]
#1109155 - imoriginalposter (01/27/2015) [-]
She's here!
#1109239 to #1109155 - ryomanagare (01/27/2015) [-]
Thats nice, here's actually what I got today
#1109228 to #1109155 - charac (01/27/2015) [-]
Neat. Bootleg can be bad but if you're happy that's great. Also nendos in general are very nice.

Picture is my latest figure, it arrived last week. It's this one
User avatar #1109366 to #1109228 - ajrin (01/28/2015) [-]
I got one of those last week too
User avatar #1109456 to #1109366 - charac (01/28/2015) [-]
What are the odds?
Good choice man.
User avatar #1109266 to #1109228 - Rei ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
I got a bootleg one of those
User avatar #1109455 to #1109266 - charac (01/28/2015) [-]
How's the quality on the bootlegs? Never had a bootleg but then again I only posess a handful of figures.
#1109647 to #1109455 - Rei ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
It's aweful.
It's aweful.
#1109193 to #1109155 - communistlover (01/27/2015) [-]
This is almost as much of a waste of money as that one guy with the hentai faces laptop.
User avatar #1109203 to #1109193 - synchron (01/27/2015) [-]
I think he made a friend over it actually
User avatar #1109208 to #1109203 - communistlover (01/27/2015) [-]
Really? That's just fucking sad.
User avatar #1109409 to #1109208 - crimsonscholar (01/28/2015) [-]
thank you ;)
User avatar #1109206 to #1109203 - yeorgh ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Don't even want to imagine their conversations.
User avatar #1109211 to #1109209 - yeorgh ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Yeah, no.
User avatar #1109213 to #1109211 - synchron (01/27/2015) [-]
But yes
User avatar #1109185 to #1109155 - dbdeano (01/27/2015) [-]
Nice bootleg from Ebay m8
User avatar #1109183 to #1109155 - makotoitou ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
she a kawaii
User avatar #1109182 to #1109155 - cptsweatpants (01/27/2015) [-]
Why not just burn the money?
User avatar #1109172 to #1109155 - yeorgh ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
She's shit.
User avatar #1109179 to #1109172 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Thanks fam.
User avatar #1109163 to #1109155 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
The red part is transparent huh? What other accessories? Just the sword and case?
#1109167 to #1109163 - imoriginalposter (01/27/2015) [-]
Yep, and some stickers for the case. Only one problem
It's a bootleg ;-;
#1109175 to #1109167 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
That's not really an issue. Well, enjoy your fig, don't hotglue nendos though. And "learn how to take pictures" is what I'd like to say, but you at least resized it.
#1109157 to #1109155 - angrybarts (01/27/2015) [-]
Throw that trash away
Throw that trash away
User avatar #1109159 to #1109157 - boyddamilkman ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
User avatar #1109139 - megavoir ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Full JoJo OP 4 is out.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Opening 4 FULL (Stardust Crusaders' 2nd Opening)
User avatar #1109308 to #1109139 - yusay ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
Parts of it sound good, but the transitions are still pretty bad, and it's still a mismatched bunch of songs.
#1109229 to #1109139 - andyyy ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
I like it when that nigga screams Star Platinum
User avatar #1109162 to #1109139 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
I like it. Reminds me of one of my close friends jam sessions. Okay music except for sudden changes whenever they felt like it. Good times.
User avatar #1109169 to #1109162 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
I take it back. The changes are all smooth and make sense. You all don't know what you are talking about. But the jam session thing is still true, except with better choices in changes. And the singers are better.

The meeting of three generations, very well done.
User avatar #1109174 to #1109169 - yibdiy (01/27/2015) [-]
Are you going through another "anime is fun" phase?
User avatar #1109178 to #1109174 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
>implying this isn't just me being contrarian
>implying I am not deciding to like it to be hipster
Ahahaha, as if I would be the kind of loser who likes things.
User avatar #1109186 to #1109178 - yibdiy (01/27/2015) [-]
One never knows what goes in the heads of washed up memers
User avatar #1109192 to #1109186 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
I have cast my memes into the void. I am nothing, and everything.
User avatar #1109151 to #1109139 - focalanemo (01/27/2015) [-]
This opening is so strange. It sounds like multiple songs mashed into one..
#1109145 to #1109139 - sarcasticrunner (01/27/2015) [-]
imagine that, still purddy shitty
User avatar #1109140 to #1109139 - lawuser (01/27/2015) [-]
Oh good. The shitty one.
User avatar #1109141 to #1109140 - megavoir ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Yeah, it's still not good, unsuprisingly. Just saying', tho.
User avatar #1109144 to #1109141 - evilicious ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
It's not as good as previous ones, granted, but it fits the Egypt arc.
#1109137 - theprokiller (01/27/2015) [-]
#1109105 - anonymous (01/27/2015) [-]
I'm thinking about getting into manga/anime, some of them seem interesting but should I read the manga first or do you think that spoils the anime?

I fear reading the manga and then immediatly watch the anime will make it boring because I will know everything that will happen and it's not like regular books who get turned into movies/TV shows, those don't have images so what we imagine sometimes it's pretty diferent from the movie but in the manga it's basically the same.

What's your opinion?
User avatar #1109223 to #1109105 - killerliquid (01/27/2015) [-]
Read manga then watch anime

you won't be bored because you'll be criticizing everything
User avatar #1109143 to #1109105 - evilicious ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Rarely does the anime ever follow the manga panel-for-panel Hellsing Ultimate was one of very, very few exceptions , and, for many on-going manga series, they alter the ending of the anime because they don't want to wait for the manga to finish.
If you are afraid of making anime boring, I suggest watching the anime first-- hear me out-- and reading the manga second. If you liked the anime, you'll love the manga and you'll finish the series feeling contented rather than disappointed.
User avatar #1109132 to #1109105 - communistlover (01/27/2015) [-]
Just read manga.
User avatar #1109128 to #1109105 - focalanemo (01/27/2015) [-]
Generally: Anime is for the animation, manga is for a better story. I prefer anime because I like my fighting scenes animated instead of reading them.
User avatar #1109121 to #1109105 - playercz (01/27/2015) [-]
Just watch what you think is good and read what you think is good. Also, if you really like some manga, I can almost guarantee you that you'll go and watch the anime after finishing the book.
User avatar #1109119 to #1109105 - newbrony (01/27/2015) [-]
Simply put: Manga is better, anime is more casual-friendly.
User avatar #1109108 to #1109105 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
The anime is an ad for the source material. If you can't figure out what to do with this information, God Bless Your Soul.
User avatar #1109134 to #1109108 - kninee ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
If that's true then what does that say about anime originals?
User avatar #1109161 to #1109134 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
And/or a certain writer or crew.
User avatar #1109160 to #1109134 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
What boyd said, plus an ad to sell the studio.
User avatar #1109164 to #1109160 - kninee ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
That makes more sense. I couldn't believe for a second that C:G was an ad to sell figures.
User avatar #1109166 to #1109164 - bababadsheep ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
I am superior to him in every way. Of course my points are better.
User avatar #1109259 to #1109166 - boyddamilkman ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
lol no
User avatar #1109165 to #1109164 - kninee ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
User avatar #1109135 to #1109134 - boyddamilkman ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Ad to sell figures.

Also those are in the vast minority.
User avatar #1109136 to #1109135 - kninee ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
You mangafags are literally the worst.
#1109249 to #1109136 - anonymous (01/28/2015) [-]
i bet you dont even read the to love ru darkness manga
User avatar #1109250 to #1109249 - kninee ONLINE (01/28/2015) [-]
You're right, I don't.
#1109170 to #1109136 - yeorgh ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #1109142 to #1109136 - boyddamilkman ONLINE (01/27/2015) [-]
People who read manga are just as sick and disgusting as people who watch anime.
#1109102 - ajrin has deleted their comment [-]
#1109101 - anonymous (01/27/2015) [-]
Where my bloggin' bruhs at???? Ayyyy lmao alien.jpg   
Where da pears at? Your waifu is a shit.   
Like, fav, and subcribe for more dank memeronies and anime blog posts.
Where my bloggin' bruhs at???? Ayyyy lmao alien.jpg

Where da pears at? Your waifu is a shit.

Like, fav, and subcribe for more dank memeronies and anime blog posts.
User avatar #1109095 - feelythefeel (01/27/2015) [-]
Daily reminder that Yamcha is one of the strongest humans on Earth.
#1109244 to #1109095 - anonymous (01/27/2015) [-]
Vegeta fucked his gf, nuff said
User avatar #1109117 to #1109095 - tormain (01/27/2015) [-]
And none will ever care.
#1109094 - anonymous (01/27/2015) [-]
rustle rustle
User avatar #1109099 to #1109094 - slightly (01/27/2015) [-]
User avatar #1109096 to #1109094 - afrogeist (01/27/2015) [-]
*is rustled*
#1109253 to #1109093 - kairunkun (01/28/2015) [-]
No We Are Fukin GrassHoppers
User avatar #1109090 - doujinshi (01/27/2015) [-]
[HorribleSubs] Akatsuki no Yona - 16 [720p].mkv
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synchron, teoanon, kyuui, megavoir, khaox, tokazakime, kingsombra
User avatar #1109126 to #1109090 - synchron (01/27/2015) [-]
Can you remove this from me please
User avatar #1109171 to #1109126 - dbdeano (01/27/2015) [-]
Everyone in the skype chat is laughing at you mate
#1109176 to #1109173 - dbdeano (01/27/2015) [-]
Don't worry, bby. I will still love you even with all your faults
User avatar #1109130 to #1109126 - doujinshi (01/27/2015) [-]
Yusay, skittlesareepic
User avatar #1109127 to #1109126 - synchron (01/27/2015) [-]
me from this*
I can't english today
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