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#773479 - giinthir (09/14/2013) [-]
So my boyfriend just asked me about any anime girls i like. And for the first time, I'm sitting down and really thinking about the one I won't forget, and will always respect. Not because of them being hot, or anything like that. One's I honestly respect.
As of right now the only ones coming to mind are:
Rise Kujikawa and Marie from Persona 4 Golden
Harahara Haruko from FLCL
and maybe Catherine from the game of the same name.
Anyone got of of theirs they'd like to share?
#773548 to #773479 - chiopet (09/14/2013) [-]
Homura because she's homura
Homura because she's homura
#773517 to #773479 - redrock (09/14/2013) [-]
You respect Haruko?

The power hungry bitch who endlessly uses people for her own ends, sexually assaults a middle school boy, and tries to kill him when she doesn't get what she wants?

Any one is free to like the character but to respect her? I just don't see the reason
User avatar #773515 to #773479 - derein (09/14/2013) [-]
Anime/manga women I have total respect for?

Lisa Lisa from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Caska from Berserk.
Lucy/Nyuu from Elfen Lied.
#773495 to #773479 - evilicious (09/14/2013) [-]
She is respected by everyone.
Most badass girl out there.
She fights and handles shit, and she ain't afraid of nobody.
User avatar #773494 to #773479 - makotoitou (09/14/2013) [-]
So a waifu thread?
#773488 to #773479 - hentaisweetie (09/14/2013) [-]
Miyazawa Yukino
Miyazawa Yukino
#773512 to #773488 - yukino (09/14/2013) [-]
oh you
User avatar #773485 to #773479 - killerliquid (09/14/2013) [-]
Olivier Armstrong.
User avatar #773476 - trollins (09/14/2013) [-]
Anyone got a link to the new LoK episode?
#773490 to #773476 - sayonarazetsubou (09/14/2013) [-]
I knew the LoK posts were gonna start today. 'cause IIIIII CAN SEE THE FUUUUTUUUURE
User avatar #773469 - silverzepher ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
789 gigs of anime(not counting hen), 78.8 gigs of porn, 26 for miscellaneous files, and 36-37 gigs free on my first 1 tb hd.
User avatar #773478 to #773469 - killerliquid (09/14/2013) [-]
1.5 TB nigga, step up
User avatar #773481 to #773478 - silverzepher ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
have a 1tb Toshiba that i have yet to break in before i upgrade again.
User avatar #773482 to #773481 - killerliquid (09/14/2013) [-]
I meant of anime.
User avatar #773489 to #773482 - silverzepher ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
okay, calm your horses, i have an unsteady connection to the web,, it takes me 7 days on ave to dl a show, i just got back to chi for the first time and 5 months, and i went from 300gb, to what i have now in 4 days. now at that rate it would be 2 months before i would need to get a 3rd hd. and i have only just begun my return journey and i need to watch what i have to see what i should get next.
User avatar #773491 to #773489 - killerliquid (09/14/2013) [-]
Your internet's gotta step up
User avatar #773496 to #773491 - silverzepher ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
when i am not here i am usind a mc d's wi-fi, and when a am here i am downloading just about everything i can see, so i don't blame my web for the 100kb/s i get, when i am getting that on 12 dl's with 25 waiting to start, and have a seeding list longer than my hand.
User avatar #773502 to #773496 - synthuz **User deleted account** (09/14/2013) [-]
That's my speed too
User avatar #773504 to #773502 - silverzepher ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
and what client do you use?
User avatar #773505 to #773504 - synthuz **User deleted account** (09/14/2013) [-]
UTorrent, but i think regardless of client that's the speed you'll always have
User avatar #773506 to #773505 - silverzepher ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
i was just curious, anything special that drew you to it or just decided to pick at random?
User avatar #773510 to #773506 - synthuz **User deleted account** (09/14/2013) [-]
I asked my friend how to torrent and he told me to use Utorrent
User avatar #773497 to #773496 - killerliquid (09/14/2013) [-]
What client do you use for torrenting anyway?
User avatar #773498 to #773497 - silverzepher ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
i have 2, Utorrent and the one included in torch
#773493 to #773491 - killerliquid (09/14/2013) [-]
forgot to wait for picture
#773470 to #773469 - evilicious (09/14/2013) [-]
Your point being...?
Your point being...?
User avatar #773475 to #773470 - silverzepher ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
nothing, just thought i would share
User avatar #773471 to #773470 - makotoitou (09/14/2013) [-]
Porn is good.
User avatar #773474 to #773471 - silverzepher ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
it feels king of like it got short changed to me.
#773468 - evilicious (09/14/2013) [-]
A Game or Something:
You must put five characters in one inescapable room with any objects of your choice. The goal here is to create the most interesting scenario and other users will come up with what happens.

my terrible example:
I stuff Urushihara Hanzo (Maou-Sama!), Ryota Sakamoto (BTOOM!), Tomoko (Watamote), Excalibur (Soul Eater) and, er, Yuki Amano (Mirai Nikki) in large-ish walk-in closet with a single super-computer with ultimate specs, a bible, karaoke machine that runs on CDs, the audio tape for 50 Shades of Grey, Justin Beiber's greatest hits and, of course, food.
User avatar #773472 to #773468 - makotoitou (09/14/2013) [-]
4 Yukis and one Yuno. Watch her blow up.
#773473 to #773472 - evilicious (09/14/2013) [-]
Oh my fucking god.
For the first time ever, I pity Yuki.
#773484 to #773480 - evilicious (09/14/2013) [-]
I'd hate to be in that room.
All the crying.
All the whining.
All the beta-ass shit.
User avatar #773487 to #773484 - killerliquid (09/14/2013) [-]
He was beta and forced himself to be alpha, that's the only thing about him that's worth noting.
User avatar #773455 - yusay ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]

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Jettom, makotoitou, thekame, boxdweller, anonassassin, killerliquid, tokazakime, burnako, kingsombra, sniffyy, snowghost, nightt, HelloPandy, peremees, hykk, dbdeano, emukae, evilicious, geobeo, hykk, kyller, purmiis, dmcdante, dbBlues, babybeel, ikingdabsy
User avatar #773577 to #773455 - ikingdabsy (09/14/2013) [-]
Thank you
User avatar #773457 to #773455 - izaya (09/14/2013) [-]
Watched alrady, shitty ep
User avatar #773456 to #773455 - yusay ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
[Commie] Gatchaman Crowds - 10 [5B1F1CBA].mkv

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Jettom, mystsnow, boxdweller, boyddamilkman, thatnigger, tokazakime, burnako, kingsombra, sniffyy, snowghost, nightt, evilicious, desmondxburton, dbdeano, khaox, lolwtfme, bonkii, HilariousTrash, lappo, emukae, bababadsheep, christmouth, fargtwo, kibitzer, dbBlues
User avatar #773458 to #773456 - boyddamilkman (09/14/2013) [-]
Remove me.
User avatar #773459 to #773458 - yusay ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
#773450 - moarpotatos (09/14/2013) [-]
Any Rosario+Vampire Fans?
User avatar #773518 to #773450 - whoknowsme (09/14/2013) [-]
Kurumu and "Inner" Moka the real Moka is best girl in manga, Mizore best girl in the anime.
User avatar #773668 to #773518 - moarpotatos (09/14/2013) [-]
Sounds good to me!
User avatar #773465 to #773450 - thereandbackagain (09/14/2013) [-]
Me and a few friends are planning a group R+V Cosplay for AnEx next year.

than i see this post, COINCIDENCE!?

most likely.
User avatar #773466 to #773465 - moarpotatos (09/14/2013) [-]
Dude I'd love to see that. Too bad it's next year :/
Mizore best girl
Kurumu hottest girl
User avatar #773467 to #773466 - thereandbackagain (09/14/2013) [-]
I'm actually really excited for it!
(your views are similar to my own, this is good. Also if you'd like I could keep you posted on our little venture)
We're actually still looking for a Kurumu.
User avatar #773452 to #773450 - makotoitou (09/14/2013) [-]
Kurumu is best
User avatar #773464 to #773452 - moarpotatos (09/14/2013) [-]
User avatar #773437 - TheMather ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
Just got the laptop that's gonna be my partner for the next 4 years in uni. Just a few steps short of finishing setting it up, so...
Wallpaper thread?
#773486 to #773437 - giinthir (09/14/2013) [-]
I've got quite a few of good ones. Let me know if I should share more.
User avatar #773447 to #773437 - hhanako (09/14/2013) [-]
You need to login to view this link all the wallpapers you could ever ask for, and then some.
User avatar #773448 to #773447 - TheMather ONLINE (09/14/2013) [-]
Slight problem: The tab crashes once the page has loaded enough to fill 3GB of RAM.
User avatar #773453 to #773448 - hhanako (09/14/2013) [-]
yeah, that would be a problem then. it loaded fine for me, just took a while
User avatar #773429 - mikesmillions (09/14/2013) [-]

Just thought I'd leave this here.
#773427 - supercoolepinda (09/13/2013) [-]
does anyone have a good anime serie like elfen lied? i watched it a few days ago (also my first anime i watched) and i liked it...so does anyone has soom good anime's?
#773623 to #773427 - RandomDoofus (09/14/2013) [-]
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
User avatar #773426 - hanakoikezawa (09/13/2013) [-]
So the Mayo Chiki recent chapters made a predictable course but I guess the intervals between the plot points were a surprise.
#773415 - asgardianleo (09/13/2013) [-]
hi again /anime/ I find myself in need of some help.
I'm looking for an anime, probably pre 2000 but I'm not sure.
It's a tun off the mill Shounen. There's 3 male MCs (Kids) whom each wear a magical accessory. I can only remember the leader's was a circlet, bronze or gold. During battle, the accessories would magically grow the young MCs into grown adults trained for battle. I also remember that as an ultimate technique, the 3 of them would fuse into a single being. And that at a certain halfpoint the scenes from the first episode repeat themselves.
My sister was talking about this anime she used to watch when we were kids, and I can remember it but for the life of me I can't remember it's name. I've already googled it and looked around MAL but I can't seem to find it.

Thanks yall
#773424 to #773415 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]

It might be Yu-Gi-Oh! The MC wears has the Millennium Puzzle, which is bronze-ish and they get older when they go into dueling mode.
It was likely on Toonami, so here's the list if that wasn't what you were looking for.

User avatar #773425 to #773424 - hanakoikezawa (09/13/2013) [-]
I think a memorable part is card duelling, so I don't think it's that.
#773373 - hurrdurka (09/13/2013) [-]
Yu Gi Oh GX is best Yu Gi Oh.
#773401 to #773373 - volero (09/13/2013) [-]
This is true.
This is true.
#773372 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
Okay, /anime/. I need to call upon your great powers and ask for assistance.

I'm looking for an older anime movie, made prior to 2000, about a guy who gives up his humanity to technology and turns himself into a machine. There was an image of the movie cover during a panel at an anime convention where he literally looked like a cluttered mechanical junkyard with no resemblance to a man, and I wanted to watch it but couldn't remember the title by the time I got home. Before you tell me to 'go google it', I've been looking for it on Google and MAL for the last half hour. Believe me, if I had the picture saved that I could reverse-search, I wouldn't even be asking.
It is NOT Akira, Ghost in Shell, Appleseed, or EVA. I've already looked on MAL for it for quite a bit and really, really want to know.

Thanks, guys. I hope you can help me find it.
User avatar #773416 to #773372 - miltorky (09/13/2013) [-]
here is a link to the video at the time he starts discussing the film as well.

User avatar #773419 to #773416 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
#773420 to #773419 - miltorky (09/13/2013) [-]
No Problem!
No Problem!
User avatar #773417 to #773416 - miltorky (09/13/2013) [-]
woops I goofed on the link, he starts discussing at around 22:43
#773413 to #773372 - miltorky (09/13/2013) [-]
Something like this perhaps? I watched the panel and this is a movie they were talking about, where a man starts turning himself into a machine. However, it is not anime it is live action.
User avatar #773395 to #773372 - postie (09/13/2013) [-]
Name of the convention.
User avatar #773398 to #773395 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
The panel was 'The Destruction of Tokyo in Anime'.
User avatar #773400 to #773398 - postie (09/13/2013) [-]
Any idea of the studio, or who was actually running that panel?
User avatar #773405 to #773400 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
I have no idea which studio it was.
Jonathan Tarbox was the guy in charge of the panel. He's done a lot of work translating manga and making it available in the west, thought that probably won't help. I just looked him up to see if there was anything relevant to panel's stats, but no such luck.
User avatar #773409 to #773405 - postie (09/13/2013) [-]
No luck.
User avatar #773412 to #773409 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
It's okay. Somebody gave me his facebook, and I'm going to ask him.
Thank you so much for trying to help.
User avatar #773414 to #773412 - postie (09/13/2013) [-]
This seems quite similar, except he turns into a tree or something like that.


No problem.
User avatar #773408 to #773405 - thatnigger (09/13/2013) [-]
I think I found his Facebook, add him and ask.
User avatar #773410 to #773408 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
Thank you for helping me.
User avatar #773394 to #773372 - miltorky (09/13/2013) [-]
Can you describe the cover in any more detail? Color's background, etc?
User avatar #773397 to #773394 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
Mainly white/light colors. There were no people, only worn out technology and the title.
User avatar #773392 to #773372 - postie (09/13/2013) [-]
Any idea of the studio?
User avatar #773385 to #773372 - alleksi ONLINE (09/13/2013) [-]
I like to consider myself pretty good at using google but I can't find anything that even closely resembles your description
User avatar #773387 to #773385 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
Neither can I.
Thanks for trying.
User avatar #773386 to #773385 - alleksi ONLINE (09/13/2013) [-]
You could try checking out the conventions website and see if they have any kind of schedule on their website. then see who were the guys talking about it and go from there
#773378 to #773372 - alleksi ONLINE (09/13/2013) [-]
good luck
User avatar #773380 to #773377 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
Neither of those, but thank you.
User avatar #773374 to #773372 - MillionsKnives (09/13/2013) [-]
I'll take a shot in the dark to start. Strait Jacket?
User avatar #773376 to #773374 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
Thanks, but that isn't it. The cover of the anime is mainly white/light colors without any people on it, only what looks like a junkyard.
If only I remembered the title perfectly and not the cover.
User avatar #773379 to #773376 - MillionsKnives (09/13/2013) [-]
User avatar #773383 to #773379 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
It was less of a mecha and more of a internal struggle where a man essentially sold his soul to technology. They were having a huge discussion about it and the themes during a panel.
User avatar #773384 to #773383 - MillionsKnives (09/13/2013) [-]
This probably isn't it, and it will be my last guess, but Texhnolyze? Again, not made before 2000, but it has that type of style.
User avatar #773388 to #773384 - evilicious (09/13/2013) [-]
It isn't, but thank you.
You've been really helpful. I still haven't found this anime, but you just gave me a few things to put on my to-watch list.
User avatar #773375 to #773374 - MillionsKnives (09/13/2013) [-]
Oops, forgot before 2000.
#773366 - dinosaurdick (09/13/2013) [-]
ITT: Fav anime
Mine: RWBY best ever
User avatar #773492 to #773366 - giinthir (09/14/2013) [-]
Yu Yu Hakasho. Always and forever.
User avatar #773363 - christmouth (09/13/2013) [-]
Hi. I've just finished watching Medaka Box and Medaka Box:abnormal, and I want to read the manga. Did the anime skip any major parts, so it would be okey for me to skip those chapters, or should I start from the beginning?
User avatar #773423 to #773363 - yuvesh (09/13/2013) [-]
skip those parts if you want
it follows the manga exactly
User avatar #773428 to #773423 - christmouth (09/14/2013) [-]
I think I'm just going to read it all at one time, I'll just watch some anime before, so I don't end up boring myself reading the beginning. Thank you for for sharing your insight with me.
#773389 to #773363 - sayonarazetsubou (09/13/2013) [-]
Read all of it anyway. The chapters that you've "already seen" go by quickly.
User avatar #773390 to #773389 - christmouth (09/13/2013) [-]
That'd be the easier thing to do, and I then I wouldn't miss anything. I'll probably do that after I'm finished with Grisaia. Thx for the advice.
#773393 to #773390 - sayonarazetsubou (09/13/2013) [-]
Anything for another fan of Medaka Box. BTW, get used to having called Hakoniwa Academy instead of Sandbox Academy.
User avatar #773402 to #773393 - christmouth (09/13/2013) [-]
I don't understand. Do you mean I shall get used to it being called Hakoniwa academy?
User avatar #773406 to #773403 - christmouth (09/13/2013) [-]
Then that won't be a problem. The sub I watched used that name.
User avatar #773407 to #773406 - sayonarazetsubou (09/13/2013) [-]
Ah, nevermind then.
User avatar #773367 to #773363 - nomora (09/13/2013) [-]
I don't recall the anime skipping anything in the manga.
Then again, I can't recall most things anyway.
User avatar #773365 to #773363 - lawuser (09/13/2013) [-]
Yeorgh could tell you all about it. Unfortunately he's offline.
User avatar #773368 to #773365 - christmouth (09/13/2013) [-]
That's too bad.
User avatar #773370 to #773368 - lawuser (09/13/2013) [-]
There are others who've both read and watched it I'm sure, it's just one of his favourites so he's pretty into it.
User avatar #773371 to #773370 - christmouth (09/13/2013) [-]
Okey, I'll just wait and see what happens, I'm in no hurry to read it tonight
User avatar #773430 to #773371 - hanakoikezawa (09/14/2013) [-]
The end is rushed, so be prepared for that. Everything after the Jet Bride arc basically.
#773483 to #773430 - sayonarazetsubou (09/14/2013) [-]
Although, Iihiko is in the last(ish) chapter. That guy's so fucking fresh. I'm so fresh you can suck my nuts (10 Hours)
User avatar #773431 to #773430 - christmouth (09/14/2013) [-]
That's sad to hear. I'll prepare myself then.
User avatar #773369 to #773368 - christmouth (09/13/2013) [-]
I'll maybe just come back at at better time, thanks anyway.
#773309 - tomoya (09/13/2013) [-]
Welp guise that day of the week is finaly here which also means anime marathon! we will be streaming anime all night
starting off we have saikano, ive never seen it but y not give it a try amirite?
We start right now!
so go grab some energy drinks and join us!


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#773316 to #773309 - hugsforfree (09/13/2013) [-]
I'd recommend you follow tomoya's instructions.
User avatar #773345 to #773316 - nomora (09/13/2013) [-]
I refuse.
User avatar #773346 to #773345 - hugsforfree (09/13/2013) [-]
Why do you hurt me like this?
User avatar #773347 to #773346 - nomora (09/13/2013) [-]
Because I can
#773306 - zeedeveel (09/13/2013) [-]
Dragonball Z/GT is probably the best anime since it was the only watchable one. I do miss Toonami though, ReBoot was the shit.
#773364 to #773306 - alleksi ONLINE (09/13/2013) [-]
Your comments have left me very frustrated at the current turn of events.   
Your thoughts are conflicting with my own, which has caused me a great deal of distress.   
This is a very unfortunate situation for me to be in as everyone is entitled to their own opinion  even when that opinion may be the sole cause of ones ill-mannered personality.   
How will I ever be able to prove my hobies as valid to you when I am in such state of anger?   
This surely is a grave situation I have found myself in - one that I might not be able to find my way out of.
Your comments have left me very frustrated at the current turn of events.

Your thoughts are conflicting with my own, which has caused me a great deal of distress.

This is a very unfortunate situation for me to be in as everyone is entitled to their own opinion even when that opinion may be the sole cause of ones ill-mannered personality.

How will I ever be able to prove my hobies as valid to you when I am in such state of anger?

This surely is a grave situation I have found myself in - one that I might not be able to find my way out of.
#773355 to #773306 - gravediggernalk (09/13/2013) [-]
Woah there cowboy, my chinese cartoons are srs bsns
User avatar #773354 to #773306 - marmanorm (09/13/2013) [-]
GT was shit .
User avatar #773330 to #773306 - MillionsKnives (09/13/2013) [-]
Pick one.
User avatar #773324 to #773306 - Riukanojutsu (09/13/2013) [-]
Stop liking reboot this instant, youre not fit to have an opinion that isnt retarded.
#773326 to #773324 - zeedeveel (09/13/2013) [-]
The show was good, watching cartoons after you've hit puberty isn't
User avatar #773334 to #773326 - Riukanojutsu (09/13/2013) [-]
Liking reboot is alrigh,t scoob baloop pedouble zoup bop

Beboup balazoup:9001
#773337 to #773334 - zeedeveel (09/13/2013) [-]
I thought that if you were nerdy enough to watch anime, you might be intelligent enough to throw together some semblance of coherent speech.
User avatar #773340 to #773337 - Riukanojutsu (09/13/2013) [-]
scop maboob tetlen alahbra baddle?
User avatar #773313 to #773306 - boyddamilkman (09/13/2013) [-]
GT is the one true masterpiece of animation.


GT is the best because it had SSJ4 which is the most strongest. Dragonball is horrible, I mean it didn't even have a single super saiyan in it, why would you want to watch that?
#773317 to #773313 - zeedeveel (09/13/2013) [-]
Though I disagree with it being the best for those reasons, I did prefer it as they didn't have people charging attacks for several episodes just to miss and the overall story telling drastically improved.
#773320 to #773318 - zeedeveel (09/13/2013) [-]
No idea what that is but it's probably awful.

Seriously though, I've had my cousin try to make me watch Hellsing, Scrap Princess, Death Note, FMA, and many others.

How the fuck does anyone beyond the age of 12 get into this childish shit?
User avatar #773323 to #773320 - yeorgh (09/13/2013) [-]
We're all 8 year old girls.
#773327 to #773323 - zeedeveel (09/13/2013) [-]
Traps at that, I'm sure.
User avatar #773329 to #773327 - yeorgh (09/13/2013) [-]
No no, lolis, not traps.
#773331 to #773329 - zeedeveel (09/13/2013) [-]
I have no idea what that is but it sounds like the kind of thing that would have the FBI at my door if I bing'd it.
User avatar #773333 to #773331 - yeorgh (09/13/2013) [-]
User avatar #773322 to #773320 - boyddamilkman (09/13/2013) [-]
There's an ancient saying which has been passed down through countless generations. It goes something like "Fun things are fun".
User avatar #773321 to #773320 - cxccv (09/13/2013) [-]
We're all under 12.
#773293 - TorontoFCHooligan (09/13/2013) [-]
Nagisa from Strawberry Panic knows exactly what im saying
#773304 to #773293 - tanabata (09/13/2013) [-]
Strawberry Panic was amazing.
User avatar #773339 to #773304 - TorontoFCHooligan (09/13/2013) [-]
im on ep 12
User avatar #773342 to #773339 - tanabata (09/13/2013) [-]
The plot thickens.
#773266 - gravediggernalk (09/13/2013) [-]
- Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya gets a second season
- Fairy Tale: Phoenix Priestess movie has an official English release date for Dec. 10th
- Kite is getting a live-action adaption featuring Samuel L. Jackson (I wonder why they chose to do a live-action version of a hentai with no giggity)
- Bandai is now taking pre-orders for "live size" Doraemon plush-dolls that weigh in at about 25lbs, and cost almost $2000USD
- The North American screenings of Miyazaki/Ghibli's The Wind Rises will allow audiences to choose between seeing the film with an English dub or with English subtitles.
- Digital Manga announced that it picked up licenses for volumes 2 and 3 of The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat (Hentai Oji to Warawanai Neko). (The company already has Volume 1 licensed. In other words, it's getting an official English release.
- Aniplex USA can't get there shit together and Media Blasters is still slowly dying.
- Giovanni's Island (a hand-drawn Production I.G movie) is set to open in Japanese theaters early next Spring.
User avatar #773291 to #773266 - alhiniath (09/13/2013) [-]
That 13k swedish crowns for a live size Shana ._.
User avatar #773255 - rainbowboyviii (09/13/2013) [-]
Does anyone know of an anime that takes place in a salon or some shit?
I googled but all I got was how to make your hair into anime hair.
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