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User avatar #493 - thenoblescout (03/08/2012) [-]
**thenoblescout rolls 133** High rolling cuz im trippin'
User avatar #307 - arkensas (03/07/2012) [-]
Anyone who has actually smoked pot would know that this does in no way shape or form happen ever. Unless somebody switched your pot for like salvia or something. Shit's crazy.
User avatar #311 to #307 - furryflava (03/07/2012) [-]
is it legal in texas?
User avatar #315 to #311 - arkensas (03/07/2012) [-]
Being from Canada I have no fucking clue, this being the magical place called the Internet though I'm sure it wouldn't take long to find out.

#301 - safariwank (03/07/2012) [-]
**safariwank rolls 281** Trips I delete my account
**safariwank rolls 281** Trips I delete my account
#281 - mahaiz (03/07/2012) [-]
**mahaiz rolls 725,149,427**
User avatar #270 - originalmafia (03/07/2012) [-]
first time I smoked I just started singing with my friend "it feels so good! the weed" all the way home but if you drink redbull with gummy worms and mix ecstacy with it you might see ninjas, badgers, and ufos like I did
#237 - SunilCCXXXVII **User deleted account** (03/07/2012) [-]
Why did your friend turn into a female....
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