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#3550 - fefe (11/29/2011) [-]
Bu... But I'm Canadian.
User avatar #3549 - thiswasavailable (11/29/2011) [-]
To all the douchebags who JUST SO HAPPEN TO ******* BE EUROPEANS; SURPRISE SURPRISE who are talking **** about America, Why?
Why the **** does it matter to you? It's our country and the people in it love it for a reason. It's not some **** hole like all of you seem to imagine. Honestly, get a ******* life. So many other countries are by far much worse and you don't say **** . Why do you have to be assholes to us? Really? I try to like Europeans but you make it so hard because you guys are so ******* ignorant and act like you're the best.
User avatar #3598 to #3549 - wildass (11/29/2011) [-]
This is why i came to the comment section.
#3584 to #3549 - hollowcrow **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #3794 to #3584 - thiswasavailable (11/29/2011) [-]
How'd you know?
User avatar #3555 to #3549 - anssi (11/29/2011) [-]
It's not that USA is the worst country in the world, it's because many US citizens really think that USA is the best country to live in.
User avatar #3579 to #3555 - thiswasavailable (11/29/2011) [-]
So does every other country. Especially European countries.. specifically Britain
#3573 to #3555 - monkyking (11/29/2011) [-]
its better than allot of other countrys but not the best, ps I live there
#3569 to #3555 - fefe (11/29/2011) [-]
#3544 - fefe (11/29/2011) [-]
how is this front page? its not like its at least a little clever
User avatar #3547 to #3544 - pinkamenapie (11/29/2011) [-]
It's true.
#3556 to #3547 - The Last Templar ONLINE (11/29/2011) [-]
Wow, I just have to ask, are you joking or retarded?
User avatar #3563 to #3556 - pinkamenapie (11/29/2011) [-]
I'm joking...
#3570 to #3563 - The Last Templar ONLINE (11/29/2011) [-]
Okay, I was just making sure. Have a nice day... and a cool wallpaper.
User avatar #3543 - walshybot (11/29/2011) [-]
I live in Australia and we all think you're ******* retarded.
But we still kiss your ass because we're pretty defenseless. And our prime minister is an ugly troll bitch.
User avatar #3552 to #3543 - ToothHurty (11/29/2011) [-]
New Zealand concurs.
User avatar #3557 to #3552 - walshybot (11/29/2011) [-]
New Zealand is our brotherland.
#3542 - naeoro has deleted their comment [-]
#3571 to #3542 - choppertime (11/29/2011) [-]
yeah, except we will nuke you four times lol
User avatar #3565 to #3542 - The Last Templar ONLINE (11/29/2011) [-]
Bomb the U.S.A? Huh, thats a pretty funny way to spell "Dig our own graves."
#3536 - fefe (11/29/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image posted at comment #183 by bigken at Cats are too mainstream ** that awkward moment when we are all humans  
And we all want to be better then each other.....  
Humanity is so sad...
**anonymous rolled a random image posted at comment #183 by bigken at Cats are too mainstream ** that awkward moment when we are all humans
And we all want to be better then each other.....
Humanity is so sad...
User avatar #3535 - winners (11/29/2011) [-]
i stopped going on 9gag bcuz of this **** now funnyjunk?
User avatar #3527 - turbosune (11/29/2011) [-]
I posted somethign similiar but ended it with "If you post a comment you agree"
made my day responding to all the hate comments with just a troll face :)
User avatar #3525 - rynocrow (11/29/2011) [-]
don't give enough **** to fini----
#3633 to #3525 - fini (08/18/2012) [-]
User avatar #3522 - Kylethos (11/29/2011) [-]
<--- American.
Not even mad.

He just knows that if you actually believe this, that you are far more ignorant then you proclaim every American to be.

Good day.

P.S. Granted some Americans do some pretty dumb **** .
User avatar #3526 to #3522 - Nightinear **User deleted account** (11/29/2011) [-]
Or atleast your politicans do
User avatar #3537 to #3526 - PFCMadness (11/29/2011) [-]
They're politicians. They're expected to do stupid **** in any country, in my opinion at least.
User avatar #3533 to #3526 - sodapops (11/29/2011) [-]
All politicians everywhere.
User avatar #3530 to #3526 - Kylethos (11/29/2011) [-]
That's just politics for you.
Nary a country on this globe is free from ignorance and corruption in politics.
Truth be told American politics is one of my sore spots since it's so obviously f*cked up.
#3519 - Shrynesnotfunny ONLINE (11/29/2011) [-]
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#3515 - whizardshoes (11/29/2011) [-]
you one of dem queerosexuals OP?
you one of dem queerosexuals OP?
#3511 - calvinrypkema (11/29/2011) [-]
i am canadian but if u havent noticed, wen americas economy goes to **** , most of the world goes to ****
and i bet u, u r british as well
#3506 - babaluga **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #3510 to #3506 - zyonyde (11/29/2011) [-]
The irony when you can't spell 'enough'.
#3513 to #3510 - babaluga **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #3504 - neoxslo (11/29/2011) [-]
i am european, and OP, **** you. nothing of that is true and you know it. go **** yourself.
User avatar #3517 to #3504 - TrevorTeinert (11/29/2011) [-]
Im American, and most of that stuff is true... id like to live in europe but i guess you've proven that there's idiots there too.
User avatar #3531 to #3517 - Nightinear **User deleted account** (11/29/2011) [-]
Yea, but alteast our politicans aren't trying to censor the internet, neither are they calling a pizza a vegetable
Or atleast they don't do it in Denmark
User avatar #3540 to #3531 - TrevorTeinert (11/29/2011) [-]
They don't call a pizza a vegetable in Texas, but then again everything is bigger in Texas so if it were a vegetable everyone probably wouldnt be so fat.
#3507 to #3504 - ohgodtheredthumbs (11/29/2011) [-]
read the desc....
#3501 - franxappa (11/29/2011) [-]
he's going to be a very sad troll when everyone finds out it was probably an american who posted this
he's going to be a very sad troll when everyone finds out it was probably an american who posted this
#3499 - fefe (11/29/2011) [-]
Americans didn't invade for the oil just sayin.
#3508 to #3499 - babaluga **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#3521 to #3508 - fefe (11/29/2011) [-]
We're PAYING for our oil, sorry to break it to you.
#3539 to #3521 - babaluga **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#3575 to #3539 - poopmepants (11/29/2011) [-]
Oil is the biggest reason why Norway is so rich, but we don't use it ourselves, we trade it for a lot of money, and then get a good price from other countries. And you know Bush invaded all those countries for oil, or else you would've been poor as **** !
#3489 - crowdukejo (11/29/2011) [-]
**crowdukejo rolled a random image** MFW someone insults my country (please be apathetic, please be apathetic)
User avatar #3488 - ltsparky (11/29/2011) [-]
The fact of the matter is, ladies and gentlemen, is that history has been written in a way that would have been much different without a certain large democratic country being involved. It's easy to forget events that happened 70 years ago, and I can see why you'd hate a country that others are aggressively trying to mimic in style and language. I understand your frustration. I really do.

Sometimes I wonder..

Maybe we should have just let Hitler have Europe. And, after him, maybe Stalin. I'm sure you would have preferred them :)
User avatar #3498 to #3488 - antagonizer (11/29/2011) [-]
I love it when Americans are stupid and how they all forget world war 1 lol also copy your language!!! your language is simply our language but broken :D if I could take it back I would because you don't deserve it. And whilst we are on the subject unless your Indian american (which I highly doubt) then with out Europeans populating your ************* country you wouldn't even be here! Have a nice day :D
User avatar #3546 to #3498 - ltsparky (11/29/2011) [-]
What about ww1? I'm willing to bet you don't have a masters degree in history, and i'm guessing probably between 14 to 20 years of age. Am I close?
User avatar #3574 to #3546 - antagonizer (11/29/2011) [-]
Yes and no, i'm not 14 to 20 years of age and no I do not have a masters degree but lets face it, your American, our toddlers could get a masters degree from over their. I see how you didn't address any of the other truths I noted, e.g how you wouldn't be alive if it was not for us and how you only have your language because of us. As for world war one we were one of the greatest superpowers back then (i dont mean like superman I mean as in a nation) and had it not been for us the germans/austro-hungarians/ottoman empire would rule pretty much everywhere by now, please remember i'm only bringing up the past because you clearly cant let go of it, **** it i'm sure if America had its way we would go back to war with Germany because you clearly cant GET OVER IT.......your move cunt flaps.....
User avatar #3720 to #3574 - ltsparky (11/29/2011) [-]
Wait...over their? I believe you mean "there". You may also remember that the German-Austrio "superpower" was rife with internal problems and struggles. It was also one of the reasons that Europe dissolved into World War 1. Your move, blödes azrschloch
User avatar #3825 to #3720 - antagonizer (11/30/2011) [-]
Lol....Not really much of an argument is it? picking me up on a spelling mistake when your country uses words like 'trash' and 'garbage' and the worst of all 'soccer' lol. and simply stating that we are not the only reason your not german is also not technically an amazing rebuttal. your still failing to address why you can possibly hate europe so much when you all owe us so much, what? do you really think that because you finally stepped in 70 years ago that makes us even? yea you helped, congrats! but to be honest like everything else you do, you only stepped in because you was scared for yourselves. Britain had been offered partnership by Hitler, we didnt need to get involved but we did cause were kind of great like that. Anyway, we should probably leave it at that before we have to start talking about more of Americas flaws like the fact that in general you all still believe in a magic man in the sky :S (you'll probably notice that my grammar hasn't been great in this paragraph. that because its my language and i can use it how i want :D ) Have a nice day :)
User avatar #3831 to #3825 - ltsparky (11/30/2011) [-]
All I know is that you probably shouldn't say one country is dumb when you yourself can't spell or form a cogent argument, as is seen in your very first reply to my comment. Stupid people, unfortunately, are common around the world, and not particular of a specific country. Spend more time reading some knowledgeable material.
User avatar #3832 to #3831 - antagonizer (11/30/2011) [-]
Lol! whoah whoah whoah, i spelt one thing wrong because im trying to work as well, therefore not concentrating wholly on this but lets not forget you started the abuse, the guy that posted the content clearly said its a joke and you started your typical yank whinging about the war and if you wanna talk about the cogency of the argument your still outright ignoring everything iv said, im guessing because you know im right
User avatar #3835 to #3832 - ltsparky (11/30/2011) [-]
Well you tell me, if you saw someone arguing with a brick wall, who would you say was the idiot? The wall or the person arguing with it...
User avatar #3833 to #3832 - antagonizer (11/30/2011) [-]
and i never said that stupid people are only found in america, the point i was making is that its stupid american that rattle on about the war............ahem
User avatar #3836 to #3834 - antagonizer (11/30/2011) [-]
Lol you make a good point as far as the brick wall goes, but there is the little problem of the fact your not a brick wall your just ignoring what you cant argue about....
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