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#3659 - themrweasels (11/29/2011) [-]
America isn't full of stupid people... it just has the most vocal stupid people, so everyone associates them with it!
#3662 to #3659 - ohgodtheredthumbs (11/29/2011) [-]
i know, but i wasn't serious when i made this..................
User avatar #3664 to #3662 - themrweasels (11/29/2011) [-]
I know... just being my loud mouth American self!!! JK... im actually German, but i feel the need to defend my friends homes... it was funny though!
#3655 - skylineplyr (11/29/2011) [-]
and how many wars has your bitch ass country won?
without our help
User avatar #3675 to #3655 - thatsimple (11/29/2011) [-]
to be honest, you weren't really a big help in any war since you were all about isolationism and stuff. but hey, good job at making it worse and fighting japan.
#3756 to #3675 - eddyvito (11/29/2011) [-]
Seriously? Japan bombed America to bring them in to the war.
"Now at this very moment I knew that the United States was in the war, up to the neck and in to the death. So we had won after all!" - Winston Churchill on hearing about Pearl Harbor and America entering the war. If America didn't enter WWII, their wouldn't be a Europe, it would be Germany.
User avatar #3770 to #3756 - thatsimple (11/29/2011) [-]
They didnt "bomb America into war". They attacked Hawaii : America took Hawaii as a protectionisland, an airbag if you will. Japan was low on ressources so they tried to take it. Both equally bad. And without Europe there wouldnt be America so stfu
#3771 to #3770 - eddyvito (11/29/2011) [-]
Hawaii was taken by America pre-1900s therefor it may have been an airbag during the war, but that is not the reason they had it. Japan also had midway which would have served as their Hawaii if you will. As for bombing Hawaii, is it really that intelligent to bomb a country who at the time was the industrial power of the world for resources? I am fairly certain if that was the case they would have asked Germany or Italy for aid, not tried to take a small island which isn't useful for very much other than farming. And yes, there would be no America without Europe. Most notably one European who could not navigate a ship very well at all. Followed by many Dutch and British and soon after people from every stretch of the world. Obviously there would be no America as it is known today without European settlers.
User avatar #3808 to #3771 - thatsimple (11/30/2011) [-]
Being so full of your country and showing so little respect for your discovery doesn't make much sense to me. And no actually, asking germany or italy for help is not really a permanent solution. They needed to be independent. Doesn't make it right what they did, but from a country that was founded by slaughtering native americans just to create their own lawsystem you'd expect more compassion, I guess. Seeing you molested the genes of many generations of Japanese by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
#3813 to #3808 - eddyvito (11/30/2011) [-]
I actually am pretty confused by your statements as I really am trying to not be a dick or be "full of my country". Yes I am American, but keep in mind it was Europeans that slaughtered native Americans in order to get the land that became America considering that the country was originally found by them. The British were the ones sending orders to kill off natives and take the land. Is America innocent in its past? hell no. The annexation of Hawaii is one of the times that they were far from right and there are times on top of that. However Hitler killed just as many Jews in camps as Americans killed with the atomic bomb. As always the debate is open for if more or less casualties would have been lost if the Manhattan project hadn't been put in to motion so I won't leave that open. Atomic weaponry is bad, but for all of history man has been attempting to create a weapon he could destroy his enemy with, America just happened to make one on a much grander scale.
#3666 to #3655 - xxxsonic fanxxx (11/29/2011) [-]
Very many, actually.
#3653 - rollthetroll (11/29/2011) [-]
Europe is a continent not a country.
Europe is a continent not a country.
User avatar #3652 - notchasingdreams (11/29/2011) [-]
ruined it by getting all excited about reaching the front page like a pre-teen.

Also there wouldn't be any **** storm if it didn't get to the front page as it would have received -5 red thumbs and the users wouldn't view it.
#3658 to #3652 - ohgodtheredthumbs (11/29/2011) [-]
press the more button....
User avatar #3656 to #3651 - notchasingdreams (11/29/2011) [-]
you shouldn't have a comma before a connection word, such as and.
User avatar #3811 to #3656 - sauceome (11/30/2011) [-]
That comma is connecting two independent clauses, so a comma IS needed, dumbass. You leave out the comma when writing a list.
User avatar #3669 to #3656 - calvinrypkema (11/29/2011) [-]
actually u can ********
User avatar #3677 to #3669 - notchasingdreams (11/29/2011) [-]

There's only 3 situations that break the rule and yours didn't qualify, " ******** ".
User avatar #3721 to #3677 - calvinrypkema (11/29/2011) [-]
if u look above, i did not post that "" ******** ""
User avatar #3785 to #3721 - notchasingdreams (11/29/2011) [-]
Nice try at retreating but you clearly tried to correct me and failed miserably since you're dyslexic.
User avatar #3815 to #3785 - calvinrypkema (11/30/2011) [-]
wow, are you actually that ****** stupid,
if you read very closely, i did not post that, and in you're most recent comment, your saying i did
you sir are a tard
#3649 - xxxsonic fanxxx (11/29/2011) [-]
at least we don't starve to death or spend all our money in ******* clothes so we can have a life america is waaay better
User avatar #3657 to #3649 - anssi (11/29/2011) [-]
Hey guys, I think I spotted a troll, did I win anything?
User avatar #3727 to #3657 - Nightinear **User deleted account** (11/29/2011) [-]
Well you won the prize "Not trolled", if you DIDN'T feed it
#3639 - calvinrypkema (11/29/2011) [-]
WHO ****** CARES
#3695 to #3639 - Lunarwolfdemon **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#3637 - xxxsonic fanxxx (11/29/2011) [-]
I AM THE 1%!!!
#3636 - zinyal (11/29/2011) [-]
The problem, TC is that no one hates America more than Americans.
#3632 - hilawlious (11/29/2011) [-]
Sorry, I can`t hear you over how ******* cold is it here in Canada.
#3642 to #3632 - calvinrypkema (11/29/2011) [-]
its not even cold were i am
oakville (next to toronto) gets rain instead of snow -_-
#3648 to #3642 - JenkinsLeeroy (11/29/2011) [-]
Lots of rain right now -_-
User avatar #3629 - fireonfire (11/29/2011) [-]
are u kidding me about the economy part? europe's economy will be in ruins, just give it a few months. euros wont exist for long, europe will fall on its knees. People will be reduced to the street, governments will fall, people will fight.
User avatar #3681 to #3629 - thatsimple (11/29/2011) [-]
..doesnt china have all your money?
User avatar #3772 to #3681 - fireonfire (11/29/2011) [-]
sorry bro, im not american. just pointing out that europe is no different
User avatar #3630 to #3629 - chrystof (11/29/2011) [-]
Their are more currencys in europe than the euro my friend
User avatar #3638 to #3630 - fireonfire (11/29/2011) [-]
true, but euro was the dominant one. if it fall, the banks will fall with it. the future is not looking good for europe
#3622 - cortanix (11/29/2011) [-]
**cortanix rolled a random image posted at comment #7926 by mrwizard at Help clean up FJ! ** Meanwhile in America.
User avatar #3620 - choclategum (11/29/2011) [-]
It's funny, because almost every country is **** , except sealand.
#3619 - wolfekilla (11/29/2011) [-]
**wolfekilla rolled a random image posted at comment #461 by makxbi at No more **
User avatar #3616 - actorboy (11/29/2011) [-]
I didn't thumb down because I can't take a joke, I thumbed down because this **** isn't funny. And it isn't not funny because I'm insulted, it just is not funny at all.
#3610 - cerealisticbeing **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#3615 to #3610 - cerealisticbeing **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #3605 - donatellotmnt (11/29/2011) [-]
How can you tell if someone is Canadian?

Don't worry, they'll tell you.
#3848 to #3602 - lolwutx **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#3713 to #3602 - jellyfishh (11/29/2011) [-]
What was that i could not hear you over the award for best country? @Norway
#3688 to #3602 - xxxsonic fanxxx (11/29/2011) [-]
Sorry, I couldn't hear you over my anarchy.
Sorry, I couldn't hear you over my anarchy.
User avatar #3683 to #3602 - LaughedatThat (11/29/2011) [-]
So called freedom my friend - it's a joke
User avatar #3661 to #3602 - notchasingdreams (11/29/2011) [-]
like your freedom to protest?
#3654 to #3602 - ahmi **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#3635 to #3602 - xxxsonic fanxxx (11/29/2011) [-]
You mean that screaming limbless hawk thing?
User avatar #3633 to #3602 - anssi (11/29/2011) [-]
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over my free education. And healthcare. And freedom.
#3611 to #3602 - youdiefast (11/29/2011) [-]
Good for you man.
#3606 to #3602 - ohgodtheredthumbs (11/29/2011) [-]
I'm sorry, i can't hear you over my healthcare
User avatar #3641 to #3606 - Fontaine (11/29/2011) [-]
Lol you call walking into a hospital and the surgeons saying "um, no i don't think we'll operate on you, you aren't having bad enough symptoms" good health care?
America: "Here's my money, do it" "Okay sir, right away sir", and the surgeon is liable for malpractice...sheesh there isn't a better system around...
User avatar #3729 to #3641 - Nightinear **User deleted account** (11/29/2011) [-]
>Implying that it's the surgeons who says if you need to be operated and not the other doctors
#3739 to #3729 - ohgodtheredthumbs (11/29/2011) [-]
also implying that you need surgery if the symptoms aren't bad enough to require it
User avatar #3743 to #3739 - Nightinear **User deleted account** (11/29/2011) [-]
Yea that too
User avatar #3624 to #3606 - calvinrypkema (11/29/2011) [-]
americas amazing healthcare
even though it costs money, u could book a surgery for tomorrow, in britain, take probably a month
#3714 to #3624 - jellyfishh (11/29/2011) [-]
only if you are the 1% witch 99% of you are not! id take my free health care over you're "faster one"
User avatar #3723 to #3714 - calvinrypkema (11/29/2011) [-]
what if you need an operation??
wait like 1-5 months and possibly die or have it the next day
#3612 to #3606 - xxxsonic fanxxx (11/29/2011) [-]
lol yeah, have lots of fun waiting 2 years for your flu shot bc all of your Dr.'s come to America to get rich...........
#3692 to #3612 - xxxsonic fanxxx (11/29/2011) [-]
Lol, you're all mad!

No, srsly though. 20 years of living in the EU, never had to wait longer than an hour to get treated.

Might need to specify I'm Belgian, not sure what the situation in other countries is.
#3600 - thicilla (11/29/2011) [-]
**thicilla rolled a random image posted at comment #24 by anonymous at ME GUSTA ** i saw this when it was on newest uploads, and i am proud! og europe!
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