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#1479635 - hiroshuthebrony **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#1479626 - lordheckler (01/07/2012) [-]
**lordheckler rolled user mateusdefaria **
#1479619 - XAssassin (01/07/2012) [-]
This is me giving a polite gesture.
#1479617 - hocolol **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#1479615 - Idontseewatudid (01/07/2012) [-]
MFW my mom is trying to force me off the laptop for my ungrateful sisters
User avatar #1479614 - gameexpert (01/07/2012) [-]

if you want to watch vids then come there
#1479613 - lordheckler (01/07/2012) [-]
**lordheckler rolled user internetshakespear **
#1479603 - mazic (01/07/2012) [-]
I'm hungry
I can eat apples or tater chips...
tater chips...
This is the hardest decision of my ******* life.
User avatar #1479612 to #1479603 - mygoodsir (01/07/2012) [-]
User avatar #1479611 to #1479603 - euroscratch (01/07/2012) [-]
Why not apple chips?
User avatar #1479629 to #1479611 - mazic (01/07/2012) [-]
What the **** are you thinking I'm not insane man holy dammit.
#1479599 - lancelemur (01/07/2012) [-]
Torn between a less badass knife than this one

or a trench knife.
I can only get 1
what do?
User avatar #1479642 to #1479599 - archosaurusrev (01/07/2012) [-]

Your choice.
User avatar #1479608 to #1479599 - Shadowlordninek (01/07/2012) [-]
get 1
stab people
get both
#1479593 - cptfox (01/07/2012) [-]
**cptfox rolls 13** dubs and everyone gets invincible palm trees singles and CreamNscreams children are palm trees
User avatar #1479652 to #1479593 - iaccidentlied (01/07/2012) [-]
**iaccidentlied rolls 60**
#1479589 - Shadowlordninek (01/07/2012) [-]
**Shadowlordninek rolled user blarghling **
#7436946 to #1479589 - blarghling **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#1479586 - lordheckler (01/07/2012) [-]
**lordheckler rolled user stonedapples **
#1479585 - iaccidentlied (01/07/2012) [-]
Anyone want to help me love and tolerate a hater?
Anyone want to help me love and tolerate a hater?
User avatar #1479620 to #1479585 - mygoodsir (01/07/2012) [-]
sure, who?
User avatar #1479583 - shoepolish (01/07/2012) [-]
Thats it.

Seriously, Im a sullen plucky 16 year old with no chance of a future who has realized exactly who everyone on the human planet is. EVERYONE dissapoints, EVERYONE. No matter who you are. You will dissapoint someone. And I have realised. Girls are dreamers who will manipulate and change whatever they can until everything is perfect for them. If they need to suffer, they endure, if they need to commit, they give up. They live in a fantasy dream world where everything is perfect, and dasiy and polite, and as soon as anything shatters that, they are pissed off, annoyed, ruined, disgusted, and feel the need to get everything back the 'way it was'. People are arrogant selfish beings that will never change and Just plain let you down. Im sick and tired of everything being one big tireing heap of **** . Everyone changes, none makes sense, and the only three people i can tell this two is a bunch of kind strangers on the internet, an amazing girl who lives in Australia.

Give me hope. Someone. Something.
User avatar #1479647 to #1479583 - SyntaxError (01/07/2012) [-]
>group all people together
>group all girls together
Please, I thought you knew better than to think so simple-mindedly.
The world has everything that has ever existed.
It's more complex than anything you can think of. You physically can't comprehend all the billions of unique lives there are out there.
It's your job to:
A) Stick to the good sides.
B) Fix the bad sides.
Maybe you won't do much of a difference, but maybe you will.
User avatar #1479729 to #1479647 - shoepolish (01/07/2012) [-]
Your right, Friend. I cant sum up billions in one paragraph. I can sum up everything that life has taught me. And so far, Its come down to that. People are selfish. everyone will let you down. Everyone will let you down. I have stuck to me cards, and have been free, i have been what great people on this website have taght me (Talking to you, runtubbyrun), But guess what? Im back to the start. People are selfish, and everyone will let you down. Name me one person, ONE, who has never let you or anyone else down?
User avatar #1479759 to #1479729 - SyntaxError (01/07/2012) [-]
Define: "Let me down"
User avatar #1479878 to #1479759 - shoepolish (01/07/2012) [-]
Let me down? Simple. Could be anything. When your mum got you ice cream, but she dident put sprinkles on it. When someone gose to high five you, and he sways his hand away at the last minuet., and laughs at you with his friends. When the one person you ******* trust in the world who lives on a different continent decides to be a hore.

Lets you down. Makes you lose your smile. Makes you hang your head as you walk, put your hands in your pockets.
User avatar #1479919 to #1479878 - SyntaxError (01/07/2012) [-]
It's simple.
Trust others.
User avatar #1479967 to #1479919 - shoepolish (01/07/2012) [-]
Trust others? Back to square one. Everyone will let you down. Chris did, lewis did, Angel did , and now: Grace. NONE has tahgt me i can trust them, none.

Im ******* sick of being let down.
User avatar #1479992 to #1479967 - SyntaxError (01/07/2012) [-]
Well, are you any better?
User avatar #1480108 to #1479992 - shoepolish (01/07/2012) [-]
I wouldent know. I havent ****** anyone over yet. I at least try and be the best and kindist person i can be, I try and be there for everyone, i try and help them, and, for gods sake, i try and and try and try. But im sick of it. I really am. Im sick of trusting people, Syntax.
#1479634 to #1479583 - cptfox (01/07/2012) [-]
not everyone is a dick not everyone is a asshole and some people are nice its just when they are abused by people they either some times die or are also disappointed everyone is that way its the human race some of us try not to be dicks but some are
User avatar #1479781 to #1479634 - shoepolish (01/07/2012) [-]
Bullies? I can handle them. People can turn out good after being abused, or broken.

I cant handle everyone i know and trust turning against me, because they will. Everyone will let me down. Everyone will let you down. Everyone will let eveyone down, and you will be left, wondering what the hell happened.
User avatar #1479917 to #1479625 - shoepolish (01/07/2012) [-]
Dont know if you remember me, But i remember you, daft punk guy. I never thanked you for giveing me that, by the way. Giveing me a list of every good song. I still listen to them every day. 'Aerodynamic' has to be a masterpiece.

Sorry, im kind of down at the moment.
#1479962 to #1479917 - chicomole (01/07/2012) [-]
i still remember you shoe & when i gave you that list, and your welcome on the list.
User avatar #1479627 to #1479600 - shoepolish (01/07/2012) [-]
Look at yourself, you just proving my point. Selfish. Shame, really.
#1479579 - sakkeswag **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#1479609 to #1479579 - theapocalipz (01/07/2012) [-]
Yeah but I'm taking my time reaping you.

Go and have some fun as a zombie.
#1479569 - hiroshuthebrony **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#1479596 to #1479569 - theapocalipz (01/07/2012) [-]
I will murder you...
#1479623 to #1479596 - hiroshuthebrony **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#1479555 - Shadowlordninek (01/07/2012) [-]
The kangaroo testicles demand that you help that user.

The kangaroo testicles demand that you help that user.
#1479554 - knightguy (01/07/2012) [-]
chill the **** out applebloom i dont have boobs yet either look
User avatar #1479552 - cptfox (01/07/2012) [-]
**cptfox rolls 06** dubs and palm trees are invincible singles and creamNscream is unable to have sex ever again
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