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#168 - Wakko (09/25/2011) [-]
My little sister puts her "music" on.
Older sister puts hers on louder.
They begin having a battle of who can put their's louder.
I just put on my noise cancelling headphones and play actual music.
#142 - tomhefailin (09/24/2011) [-]
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#139 - smilesandshotguns (09/24/2011) [-]
Hey Broly, is this comic funny?
User avatar #132 - TormasterP (09/24/2011) [-]
Middle comic is the best.
User avatar #157 - quinnthecreator (09/24/2011) [+] (1 reply)
the first shiny pokemon i caught was a pochyena
User avatar #155 - wilzyakthewhale (09/24/2011) [+] (3 replies)
If you evolve a shiny pokemon, is the evolved one shiny as well?
#152 - mathnerds (09/24/2011) [-]
He never asked for a shiny Teniacool.
User avatar #145 - Alicegotchained (09/24/2011) [+] (6 replies)
I have two younger sisters, and they hardly annoy me? You know why? I sit in my room and blast metal all day.

Now my question to you is, WHY DON'T YOU?
#143 - nightmaren (09/24/2011) [-]
Get out.
#103 - samplethisbitch ONLINE (09/24/2011) [-]
WTF is this 						****					?
WTF is this **** ?
#51 - NolanNasty (09/24/2011) [+] (1 reply)
...i don't get it...
User avatar #45 - graphically (09/24/2011) [-]
Why are you not having sex with her?
User avatar #34 - walcorn ONLINE (09/24/2011) [-]
My first shiny was a MAREEP. I <3 U MAREEP
#33 - recoilish (09/24/2011) [-]
My first shiny was a Zubat......in a cave.... of course..
User avatar #31 - Mazza (09/24/2011) [-]
My first Shiny was an Articuno, no **** . I threw every single type of pokeball at it until I ran out and had to use a master ball.
#24 - Bluemistake (09/24/2011) [-]
You know, I can deal with "InterestingFactJunk" but this is ridiculous...
User avatar #22 - jpg (09/24/2011) [-]
Caught a shiny tentacool for my first (and only). Only had 1 pokeball, got really excited and nearly dropped my gameboy....
#13 - gwlk (09/24/2011) [-]
>Now add that noise and all the other **** her's doing.
>other **** her's doing.
>her's doing.
>her is
#166 - poueff (09/25/2011) [-]
Should've plugged her headphones onto the gameboy (my GBA micro is able to do that, I don't know about the rest >.<) and turn it up on the max, making her go crazy with the 8-bit madness 8D

Epicness, and props for the shiny tentacool. My first was a poochyena (now champion Mightyena) and I almost jumped out from the window with excitement, so I think your sister is probably still hurt from the bruises of the jumps on the couch :D
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