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#1097 - gyronex (09/15/2011) [-]
I had an eyegasm when I saw the ghastly.
#806 - jesseisgucci (09/15/2011) [-]
You wanna roll pictures? RED SEA OF thumbS!
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#416 - randompicroll (09/14/2011) [+] (1 reply)
**randompicroll rolled a random image**
#371 - YOUFOOL (09/14/2011) [-]
Do Rayquaza please??(:
User avatar #360 - FenderBender (09/14/2011) [-]
Ok.... you put zubat.... and golbat... BUT WHERE IS THE EVEN MORE AWESOME AND BADASS CROBAT!?

User avatar #47 - Fezzle (09/14/2011) [-]
Really like the Ghastly :)
User avatar #42 - taila (09/14/2011) [-]
Lucario please.
#38 - redfang (09/14/2011) [+] (1 reply)
**redfang rolled a random image**
#1024 - dubsteppin (09/15/2011) [+] (1 reply)
**dubsteppin rolled a random image**
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#589 - CottonTail (09/14/2011) [-]
**CottonTail rolled a random image** pic related to what i would do to that last drawing if I met it in an alley late at night in a clown suit.
#588 - stonecoldtj (09/14/2011) [-]
**stonecoldtj rolled a random image** what me and your gf did last night
#587 - turtleback (09/14/2011) [-]
**turtleback rolled a random image**
#261 - klondikemonster (09/14/2011) [+] (18 replies)
I... AM NOT... IMPRESSED. I don't know why you keep getting front page with these; they're not very well drawn, it is an often mimicked style, and the fact that you are posting these every day is suggesting to me that you are spending extremely small amounts of time on them. Please, take your time with drawing your pictures, and look around the interenet for inspiration, it's what us real artists do.
User avatar #286 to #276 - klondikemonster (09/14/2011) [-]
Oh, none taken; But there is a difference when it comes to art and music, Everybody sounds different with music, even when they are using the same style of somebody they've practiced. Art however has a large influx of people copying the same style when they don't have their own thing, and it all looks the same sadly. The only piece of advice that I could give her is too look at as many different artists and styles as she can, try replicating her favorites to the best of her ability, and practice practice practice. There are certain, minute things within artists and their pictures that can set them apart from one another in a huge way, such as a style for lighting.

sorry for the amount of reading in that; I am just trying to explain some of the things about it.
#93 - jebusthelostwookie (09/14/2011) [-]
Holy **** balls. Ghastly, is freaking scary D:
Nice work!
#90 - mofomex (09/14/2011) [-]
**mofomex rolled a random image** My pokemon
#49 - FatandSassy (09/14/2011) [-]
**FatandSassy rolled a random image**
#24 - vikingdangler (09/14/2011) [+] (4 replies)
**vikingdangler rolled a random image** i heard you like pokemon
#27 to #26 - vikingdangler (09/14/2011) [-]
**vikingdangler rolled a random image**
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