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#634 - cubeincubes (01/21/2010) [-]
i dont get these pointless ****** **** stuff jokes. they are not funny. if pointless is funny then i'll just go **** a bail of hay. no one ever gets these. bah! stop!!!
User avatar #201 - thecrayzeeness (01/20/2010) [-]
its "THE GAME"
#77 - GgGgGg **User deleted account** (01/20/2010) [-]
The letters are the same color. Different background changes the color of the letter.

Am I doin it right?
User avatar #1 - PhoenixDeath (01/20/2010) [-]
well for starters theres a bit of a spillover of the red and blue at the right side if you look close
#575 - Coleson (01/20/2010) [-]
The font color is the opposite of the background color...
User avatar #4 - iamaperson (01/20/2010) [-]
gasp he broke rules #1 and #2
#252 - Thatitalianguy (01/20/2010) [-]
I didnt solve the riddle but people say it says The Game. TOO BA THE GAME IS OVER!! HERP A DERRRRRRRRP
User avatar #2 - teeg (01/20/2010) [-]
4:49 in the morning, to tired to care
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