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#456 to #450 - anonymous (08/02/2011) [-]
HOLY ****
#474 to #450 - titletaker (08/02/2011) [-]
Yes. Sleep.
#477 to #450 - batmansgirlfriend (08/02/2011) [-]
I wasn't that tired anyway...
#504 to #450 - combatgummybear (08/02/2011) [-]
...Me no want to.

I feel like a pussy asking this, but what is it?
User avatar #467 to #450 - yourmomiswatching (08/02/2011) [-]
Oh **** it's creepy pasta isn't it.
User avatar #469 to #467 - yourmomiswatching (08/02/2011) [-]
No sleep for me. :l
User avatar #476 to #450 - grandstealthhunter (08/02/2011) [-]
That is the scariest thing ive ever heard
User avatar #547 to #476 - ColCyclone (08/02/2011) [-]
That's pathetic...
#581 to #450 - bigbehemeth (08/02/2011) [-]
i'll never look at hypno the same way again.
#534 to #450 - anonymous (08/02/2011) [-]
This is so catchy.
#342 - NumaNumaNumaYEA (08/02/2011) [-]
If a shellder swallows a Slowpoke tale, does it become a Shellbro?
Zubat is a traditional (I.E. Apes to humans) of Aerodacytl
Brock Gives you a TM BIDE after you beat him, Barack and Biden?
Squirtle = Turtle + squirrel tail
Wobbefut is a punching bag decoy to take damage. The real wobbefut is the tail
If no people eat Pokemon, then why are there Fishermen?
Cubone was supposed to evolve into Kangashkan, this was scratched at the last minute, and the amount of programming and time to remove it was too much, so they didn't give it a number, turning it into M' or MISSINGO
User avatar #347 to #342 - divinemaddness (08/02/2011) [-]
people do eat pokemon
User avatar #366 to #342 - zeldanerd (08/02/2011) [-]
There was an episode where Professor Oak talked about eating a Krabby.
#374 to #342 - anonymous (08/02/2011) [-]
Except that Bide was being given by Brock ever since the first game. That was quite some time before Barack ever ran.
User avatar #594 - Karak (08/03/2011) [-]
At least these are lesser known ones. Your part 1 and part 3 were all just well known theories.
#365 - DeathCubeK (08/02/2011) [-]
Anyone remember that theory that you actually killed your Rival's Raticate?

User avatar #368 to #365 - wakawakas (08/02/2011) [-]
That's in part 1, if you wanna check it out
User avatar #358 - ListerMucus (08/02/2011) [-]
a poke-war prequel would be such a fun game for those of us who played Red,Blue,Yellow as kids and have grown up to play more mature games.

Nintendo would never do it tho :(

A fan mod might be in store....
#351 - OmegaKawaii (08/02/2011) [-]
Another theory involving the war is that Gary's parents died in it and he was raised by his sister.
The main character also kills Gary's favorite pokemon and best friend - Raticate. Leaving Gary virtually alone.
#244 - czaxhxii (08/02/2011) [-]
more, yes definatly more :D
more, yes definatly more :D
User avatar #233 - scottza (08/02/2011) [-]
Paras mas Mewtwo's cry and Parasect has Mew's. Nothing fishy, but just interesting.
#206 - ironme (08/01/2011) [-]
In Pokemon Blue: So he has a dad...
Why don't we see him?
#211 to #206 - RandomZero **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #254 to #211 - empressarcanine (08/02/2011) [-]
Or his dad died in the war.
#276 to #254 - RandomZero **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#181 - DeathCubeK (08/01/2011) [-]
I absolutely ******* love these, even if i know them all already.

I desire moar.
User avatar #232 to #181 - sarcasmosaur (08/02/2011) [-]
Ditto. If you pardon the pun :D
#154 - andresito **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #143 - chrystof (08/01/2011) [-]
what about the theory that ash was in a coma since the end of the first episode and everything that happened after that was his imagination, I would explain but it would take too long so just google it
User avatar #56 - etrius (08/01/2011) [-]
And now you know why brock doesnt open his eyes
#11 - llamaninja (08/01/2011) [-]
#21 to #1 - doctorhax (08/01/2011) [-]
Might I ask, dethklok/metalocalypse thread?
Might I ask, dethklok/metalocalypse thread?
User avatar #189 - RizenTheDragon (08/01/2011) [-]
in the manga pokemon do die and sometimes trainers do too also the elite four is not ur friend if u lose they try and kill u. they froze red
#197 to #189 - kevinsm ONLINE (08/01/2011) [-]
what? link me that!
User avatar #203 to #197 - RizenTheDragon (08/01/2011) [-]
You need to login to view this link read from begining its all awesome
#329 - paulthehero (08/02/2011) [-]
Ya'll know there's an actual manga about pokemon that is alot more realistic in the sense of the way the original writers intended it right? It has war, pokemon and people die, and Red is way more badass than Ash ever could be.
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