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#86 - MrMarioman (11/01/2010) [-]
I remember that post.
#42 - JKerg **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#10 - phoenix grinder (10/31/2010) [-]
now where did recoast come from? so oily
#2 - Ownmanship (10/31/2010) [+] (2 replies)
I've used retoast since last year.
I've used retoast since last year.
User avatar #61 - andrewiscoolyo (11/01/2010) [+] (1 reply)
i read it in all their voices.

and idgaf, im not 12 i am ******* 17 and spongebob is the greatest ******* show of all time. so **** YOU if you dont agree with me C:
#64 - Flop Chop (11/01/2010) [-]
thats not where it came from... i remember the post where they used toast as a metaphore for reposting.. where the bread was fresh oc, and you toast it.. then you toast it again and it's still edible, and as you toast it more and more it becomes more and more unbearable... thus the term, retoast
User avatar #112 - Johannarin (11/01/2010) [-]
Pics, or it didn't happen ....
User avatar #48 - Vihtic (10/31/2010) [-]
Hey idiot, get your facts right. He didn't make it up. It came from another site. Look at the date on this entry of urban dictionary.

User avatar #29 - TheDinoIsBack (10/31/2010) [-]
i heard you like retoasts so he retoasted a retoast about reposts.

#24 - Loufe (10/31/2010) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #88 - Durricane **User deleted account** (11/01/2010) [-]
When I first joined on the 5th of September, I didn't hear about the word Retoast until 3 weeks after I joined.
#38 - MexicanJesus (10/31/2010) [-]
i knew, because i was there when he made it
i knew, because i was there when he made it
#1 - Sunset has deleted their comment [-]
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