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User avatar #3 - graveyardpolice (10/14/2010) [-]
+500 for more lets be modest and say +25?
User avatar #5 to #3 - Kreetycal (10/14/2010) [-]
you'd be suprised... in the first Crazy thoughts comp., i have 503 thumbs.. :)
#162 - anonymous (10/15/2010) [-]
And...The Question of the Ages:
Why can't they make aeroplanes out of the same substance as the "black boxes?"

1.) The aircraft would be too heavy and never get off the ground,

2.) The 'boxes aren't really black, they're colored bright orange so they can be easily found. The term "black box" is a sick joke, denoting that said boxes are only searched for after a crash...after death!
#161 - anonymous (10/15/2010) [-]
5.) (Continued)...but after a thousand years, everybody has gotten used to the way the alphabet is arranged, so why change it? (Incidently, the term "alphabet" comes from the first two letters of the GREEK alphabet: "alpha" and "beta." Why? I have no idea!)
6.) A past tense in the present tense? Why are doctors and lawyers referred to as "practicing their profession?" What are they practicing for?
7.) Because since the 1940's most of us silly Americans can't seem to tell the difference between "in" and "un."
8.) Theologists argue that yes, Adam and Eve did have navels because they were the "prototype" for all future humans and all humans would have navels, etc. etc.
9.) It's just a cartoon.
User avatar #160 - big tater (10/15/2010) [-]
1. Less area, more focus.
2. Yes.
3. No, because then the plane couldn't fly... Also SOMETHING can destroy that box.
5.The plastic from the bottle "erodes" into the water, contaminating it therefore making it undrinkable.
6. Because you touch yourself at night.
7. Good question...
8. Another good question.
9. No, because that's a "folklore" story... You will also now realize they had 3 boys as children.
10. Ha.
#159 - anonymous (10/15/2010) [-]
1.) Squinting is a bad habit, but people think that somehow it will "focus" their eyes like a camera lens. I don't think it really does.
2.) Never mind "homework", why isn't that teacher trying to find some sort of Assistance for that homeless child and his/her family?
3.) As the late, great George Carlin put it: "We have an animal called 'the fly' but we don't have an animal called 'the walk'. You think that would have come first."
4.) Technically, water itself has NO expiration date. The expiration date on the bottles is soley for rotation of stock.
5.) It took a thousand years for the Latin/Roman/English alphabet to be "frozen" in the order it is now. Some have suggested rearanging it and/or eliminating a few letters...
User avatar #116 - FreeCANCER (10/15/2010) [-]
because the plane wouldnt be able to take off
User avatar #113 - cph (10/15/2010) [-]
my brain is tingling
User avatar #110 - Regiathius (10/15/2010) [-]
Mind = blowen!
#86 - anonymous (10/15/2010) [-]
Should be called "10 retarded thoughts!"

2) derp

and so on.....
#22 - anonymous (10/14/2010) [-]
1: because more light is being focused onto the pupil i guess
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