check yoself!. . sbe white cis male swage up sgo to make coffee scheck my privilege idealize coffee beans are picked by slaves sorrow away coffee, apologize to  4chin
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check yoself!

Tags: 4chin
sbe white cis male
swage up
sgo to make coffee
scheck my privilege
idealize coffee beans are picked by slaves
sorrow away coffee, apologize to Colombian children
schneider taking shower, but first check my privilege
stunning water, soap,
sweep, apologize
sget dressed for work, put on pants, shirt avoiding necktie
scheck my privilege
spents were invented by Iranians in the tth Century
appologize to Iranians
soper car door, consider privilege
suomen are most affected by global warming
sweep, apologize, etc.
schneider taking bike instead
scheck privilege
spikes are ableism
appologize to handicapable people
stake public bus while checking my privilege
soull of people recolor
appologize for slavery and being racist
tthey say it' s okay
sget to work, boss asks why I' m late, crying and
apologize for contributing to the patriarchy
apologize for wanting to rape her
sutable to control rape instinct
wrape boss while checking my privilege
scream hysterically (read: jeer at boss for asking for it)
sweep for rape culture
harvested, charged, get ten years in prison
scheck my privilege, ask to be castrated
sludge denies request because I' m white cis hetero male
sgo to jail
scoll mate is person recolor
scheck my privilege and ask their pronouns
sget raped by cell mate
been doing this to Africans for centuries
ffeel his oppression deep in my butthole
suports his genetically superior seed deep in my
months later
sstill not pregnant
ybody is clearly racist
smfw I' m still part of the patriarchy
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Submitted: 06/18/2014
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User avatar #29 - varrlegrimscythe (06/19/2014) [-]
> Be today at about 2:30 p.m.
>Working counter at local meat market.
>Been raining so business is slow.
>Woman walks in and comes right up to the counter.
>She's skin and bones, reminds me of the dying tree in my back yard.
>Greet her with "May I help you Miss?"
>Doesn't respond just glares at me.
>"Is something wrong miss?"
> She looks furious and starts to drill me.
>"Try not to throw labels around like that you should learn the persons preferred pronouns before addressing them!"
>"I'm sorry it won't happen again." I'm gonna make damn sure it'll happen again.
>She starts railing into me again about how my job is made on the blood of raped female animals and **** like that, and how I'm a murderous psychopath who just wants to get his rape money.
>"So M'am, are you going to buy anything?"
>She replies with a " **** NO YOU CHAUVINISTIC PIG."
>"Okay then If you'll kindly leave I can get back to work." start walking away.
>Sick of her **** at this point. "Actually madame, You said you weren't going to buy anything so you are not a customer, second this is a privately owned business which makes me a private employee, which means I don't have to do crap for you."
>She is pissed and starts off with a whole new line of horse **** .
>I page My boss up saying that there's some psycho at the meat counter again.
>He comes up calls the see's whats transpiring, letting him know what happened, but it was hard because she kept screaming "HE'S LYING!" at the top of her lungs.
>boss points to cameras says they also capture audio. Tells her that I know this and would never risk lying to him, gives her 20 seconds to leave the premises before he calls the cops.
>She leaves furious, but utterly defeated.
>Boss gives me rest of the day off.
User avatar #71 to #29 - undeadwill (06/19/2014) [-]

>I page My boss up saying that there's some psycho at the meat counter again.


I want more stories.
User avatar #82 to #71 - varrlegrimscythe (06/19/2014) [-]
That's a big MAYBE
#164 to #82 - blesstheinternet (06/19/2014) [-]
dude, c'mon, that was entertaining as Fourty-five guys having an orgy in a national aquarium fishtank
#179 to #82 - certifiedidiot ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
What, you guys are placed next to a vegetarian shop or something?
User avatar #182 to #179 - varrlegrimscythe (06/19/2014) [-]
Psycho is a universal term for anyone going bat **** crazy in our store. From people saying we need to give them a discount because they are on welfare, to the very very rare mega vegan. We usually have a very nice customers and these things rarely happen.
#73 to #71 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
I second this.
User avatar #39 to #29 - malhaloc (06/19/2014) [-]
Dammit. I live in a mostly conservative area. I don't get **** like that...Man peace is boring.
#10 - kennyh (06/18/2014) [-]
>be me
>at walmart
>looking for pie for fathers day
>look forever, place is huge
>woman pushing kid in buggy
>"hey can you tell me where the pie is?"
>she engages angry tard mode
>"thanks for that macho **** cuz I woman I know store and pie"
>not making sense but she knows she is obligated to feel angry
>feel someone grab my shoulders from behind
> ******
>actually is friend from college
>he met my wife once a long time ago, her name is missy
>he mistakes femmanon for my wife
>"hey kenny, hey missy"
>"missy" is also a stereotypical nickname for a girl
>too stereotypical for her
>she rages at him
"my gender does not define me yadadadadad..."
>we walk away
#5 - mpghbombsaway (06/18/2014) [-]
>mfw the patriarchy will continue for a millennia
#21 to #5 - newdevyx (06/18/2014) [-]
And another millenia, and another. We cannot be stopped.
And another millenia, and another. We cannot be stopped.
User avatar #24 to #5 - nimba (06/18/2014) [-]
"a millenia"
not with spelling like that young man
#34 to #24 - mpghbombsaway (06/19/2014) [-]
>tfw you attempt to correct my spelling of millennia but misspell it in the process   
>tfw it was correctly spelled in my original post   
>tfw you attempt to correct my grammar but accidentally write "spelling"   
either way   
>tfw you attempt to correct my spelling of millennia but misspell it in the process
>tfw it was correctly spelled in my original post
>tfw you attempt to correct my grammar but accidentally write "spelling"
either way
User avatar #36 to #34 - nimba (06/19/2014) [-]
The word is millenium, fag. I typod because I'm not used to misspelling words.
#28 to #5 - twofreegerbils (06/19/2014) [-]
Be glad and rejoice in it.
User avatar #8 to #5 - rollmeanddie (06/18/2014) [-]
Hydration is key
User avatar #124 to #8 - necrophyxia (06/19/2014) [-]
Hail Hydrate
#130 to #8 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
Tears have salt...
User avatar #54 to #8 - Lilstow (06/19/2014) [-]
what's with the hydration thing lately/?
User avatar #58 to #54 - shatted (06/19/2014) [-]

Here ya go, it was on the front page yesterday or a couple days ago. Quite funny actually.
User avatar #70 to #58 - Lilstow (06/19/2014) [-]
i saw that post but assuming it was referencing something else.

it's alright i guess. it was funny for the first couple posts, but then i got bored and skipped it.
User avatar #35 to #8 - xxhadesflamesxx (06/19/2014) [-]
but don't tears have some salt in them
#1 - huntergriff (06/18/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#6 - infinitereaper ONLINE (06/18/2014) [-]
>rape boss while checking my privileged
>rape boss while checking my privileged
#40 - pridefulmatthew (06/19/2014) [-]
My job here is done.
My job here is done.
User avatar #20 to #17 - mcsquishin ONLINE (06/18/2014) [-]
Does anyone know who this chick is?
User avatar #23 to #20 - nimba (06/18/2014) [-]
mras and feminists arguing at u of t mra event
User avatar #26 to #23 - rochal (06/19/2014) [-]
"we will be more of an ally to you if you just shut the **** up and listen!!"

User avatar #76 to #26 - fuckallthelobsters (06/19/2014) [-]
that is valid. she's saying that if they take the time to hear her out, they'll see that she's really on their side so there's no need to fight her. but i do agree that she is being a ******** in her delivery of this.
User avatar #173 to #76 - reaperspizza (06/19/2014) [-]
she and the feminist group with her interrupted an equality debate in the University of Toronto because the club was a male rights club. there is a video on youtube that covers this. look up "Feminism vs Freedom of speech" if you want to learn a bit more
User avatar #183 to #173 - fuckallthelobsters (06/19/2014) [-]
i've seen it. she is a dick, but sometimes she does have a point. she's just going about it the wrong way.
User avatar #27 to #23 - mcsquishin ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
#22 to #20 - newdevyx (06/18/2014) [-]
The most annoying person you'll ever see or meet. Accusing men on oppression and swearing like a child and thinks that why people don't take her seriously.
#30 to #22 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
Funny thing, though, that if you would look past a personality that you might dislike (except that you find people bitching and swearing on FJ 24/7), you would've come to the conclusion that everything she says is sound and quite in favor of men. No? Lets see:

1) feminists do not want you to lose custody of your children, 2) feminists don't like commercials showing dads as incapable, 3) feminists do not want men to pay alimony, 4) feminists are against rape in prison.

You might also notice that while she is trying to read that list for the cameras and whatnot, the ************ in front of her is CONSTANTLY talking to interrupt.

But you don't even have to tell me. What she says is irrelevant. Her agenda is irrelevant. She's loud and swears, and nothing else matters. I estimate around a dozen red thumbs for my comment, maybe now less cuz I said it? Maybe now more, cuz I said that. lol
#31 to #30 - newdevyx (06/19/2014) [-]
You're a white knight, but do you even praise the sun?
#32 to #31 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
#161 to #30 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
All of these things you say are true, but since she doesn't seem understand civil discourse, maybe she should shut the **** up and let so somebody who does talk.
#148 to #30 - Airmanator (06/19/2014) [-]
She's a radical culthead. Sure, she has some overlap with reasonable ideals. A stuck clock is right twice a day.
She's a radical culthead. Sure, she has some overlap with reasonable ideals. A stuck clock is right twice a day.
User avatar #38 to #30 - nimba (06/19/2014) [-]
She was protesting an experimental men's issues class, like a moderate version of women's issues courses that americans inexplicably have.
Look up the tape of the first seminar, the feminist protesters sounded like a prison riot while the lecturers talked about equality and true fairness in pretty much the calmest way possible; it's tragic.
#75 - mrjweezy (06/19/2014) [-]
I work in a machine shop and i dont get paid to much ($10 an hour which isnt bad, I dont mind really)
Then one day there was a feminist post on fb about equal pay and i posted that this wouldn't be fair. I got bitched at by a feminazi and she said it would because " women are underprivileged " . I stated that the one women in the shop gets 4 times my pay, and then that would mean i could get more in order to have equal pay. she said that wouldn't be fare to her.....
#37 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
Gender is not subjective. Get mad liberals.
User avatar #127 to #37 - aluminiumfoiled (06/19/2014) [-]
Should I be able to identify myself as black if I wanted to? I don't get the whole "trans" thing. If you have a dick, you're a dude. If you have a gi-gi, you're a woman.
User avatar #175 to #127 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
No, but you can identify as African American if you're descended from African Americans. What you look like isn't always what you are. For example, I look like a sexy beast when I'm wearing long sleeve shirts and pants. Take that off, and you'll discover I'm a hairy mess.
If you look at #42 by GrimGenius, his picture acknowledges that some men are born with a female brain, and vice versa. That's the difference between sex and gender. What you look like, and what you think like.
#42 to #37 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
To help an anon.
User avatar #72 to #42 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
It's demonstrably useful in areas of psychology and therapy to differentiate sex and gender, so I will continue to do it. Regardless of whether or not you think it's retarded.
User avatar #85 to #72 - dblej (06/19/2014) [-]
I agree with you in the person's mental health the differentiation can be important. I don't believe it to be as widespread as liberal media is making it seem, but it does exist. As a future psychologist, I understand that those who feel they have the wrong biological sex are more depressed and have more psychological issues, but that's a disorder that they can choose to treat with gender reassignment surgeries.
User avatar #89 to #85 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
If you ask me, higher rates of depression has less to do with the gender thing and more to do with people like grim here.
If gender was a non issue, depression would probably fall back to the baseline.
User avatar #93 to #89 - dblej (06/19/2014) [-]
I think that definitely contributes, but I think there's something to be said for the effect of waking up every day and feeling like you're in the wrong body, feeling like a perv for using a public restroom, and other things. My uncle went through one of the surgeries and we've talked a bit about it.
User avatar #80 to #72 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
It's also useful to consider all starving people healthy, as it boosts moral.
User avatar #81 to #80 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Except they then die, so your comparison kinda falls apart.
User avatar #83 to #81 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
So consider them not dead, or content with the thought of death. Also, mentally ill people who consider themselves other genders will never achieve their genetic wants, so your argument kinda falls apart also.
User avatar #84 to #83 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
What does considering them not dead do?
Taking into consideration a persons sex and a persons gender makes psychologists more effective, and in turn, behavioral modifiers more effective. It measurably improves public health.
And... so? Who cares whether or not they achieve their genetic wants? Why is that a thing worth mentioning?
User avatar #86 to #84 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
Isn't psychology suppose to fix mental illnesses? Also, it boosts moral. People are happy = More work, more advancements.
User avatar #95 to #86 - dblej (06/19/2014) [-]
Psychology isn't necessarily about making people happy, it's making them functional to society or preventing them from being dangerous to themselves or others. Some of it is researching why we are the way we are and parts are about mental health. saying psychology is supposed to fix mental illness is like saying a doctor is supposed to make you feel better.
User avatar #97 to #95 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
But doctors are supposed to make you feel better. They fix physical ailments. Also, I was referencing the fact that considering all starving people to not die would make people happy.
User avatar #100 to #97 - dblej (06/19/2014) [-]
But there's a lot more to it than that, it's like looking through a paper towel roll and assuming everything you see is all that there is. As for considering starving people as not actually dying, that's religion and in no way related to any of the sciences.
User avatar #91 to #86 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Also, psychologists deal with mental health.
Just because you don't have a six pack, doesn't mean you have an illness. You're just less healthy than you can be, and how healthy you are has nothing to do with whether or not you wish you had a penis or a vagina.
User avatar #94 to #91 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
"I think I have a vagina, or should. Who cares if my genes say different? Who cares in my anatomy says different?" That's a mental illness. Where the **** did physical health come from?
User avatar #99 to #94 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
mental illness
a condition which causes serious disorder in a person's behaviour or thinking.

disorder /dis·or·der/ (dis-or´der) a derangement or abnormality of function; a morbid physical or mental state.

Just because you don't like it, doesn't make it an illness, you gibbon.

And as for the health thing - It's an analogy. I'm saying mental health is like physical health. Just because you're not sick, doesn't mean you couldn't be healthier. Seriously, how the hell did you miss that?
User avatar #104 to #99 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
abnormality of function I don't believe not reproducing and thinking you're another gender is proper function of humans.
User avatar #108 to #104 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Humans don't have a function. The function of your eyes is to see things, the function of your brain is to monitor your body and respond to stimuli. None of that is disrupted by being transgender.
User avatar #110 to #108 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
And the function of your genitals is to excrete waste and reproduce.
User avatar #112 to #110 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Which aren't disrupted.
Just because you don't, doesn't mean you can't.
You may as well say monks who take vows of celibacy aren't actually monks who've taken vows of celibacy, because that's weird.
User avatar #113 to #112 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
"I'm a girl, so let me go stick my cock in a vagina, because I'm a girl."
User avatar #115 to #113 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
And that's weird to you, and therefore inherently incorrect, because you know everything about everything and have never been wrong in your life.
User avatar #119 to #115 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
So you go against your beliefs as a transgender? Either these transgenders or all hypocrites, or hey, maybe they DON'T have normal sex, because after all, why wouldn't a woman stick her cock in another woman's vagina?

Unless their gay, which is another mental disorder, see and
User avatar #121 to #119 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
That question only makes sense if gender and sex are one thing.
As I've said, it's demonstrably useful to think of them as different things.
You're against that, so you're a cancer to society.
Case closed.
User avatar #177 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
I see the biological purpose of humans is to reproduce and continue their species. Hell, the sound of nature is just a bunch of animals who'll die in a couple years trying to get laid. A ton of animals only live to mate and die. But still, I see your logic.
User avatar #178 to #177 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
I see no inherent purpose in anything, I'm an existential nihilist.
That's not to say I think life has no meaning - I just think it's up to you to invent your own meaning to it.
But that's a philosophical thing, and I have no business converting you to it.
User avatar #174 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
Eh, I only consider it defective because it's similar to gays. And there is a third sex, hermaphrodites don't usually appear though.
User avatar #176 to #174 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
I disagree with gays being defective, for all the same reasons as transgendered. Abnormal, fine. You don't have to like it if you don't want to. But they're not broken or anything.
User avatar #170 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
Well, when it says that, I'm sure it means that those people are born normal, and that if they are not born like that, they are defective/abnormal. 'A male being born with a female brain is such a small chance that it is considered a physical abnormality' such as the argument with the XXY or XYY. Of course, these don't show as much.

But that's a good point, the brain and thoughts making the difference between gender and sex.
User avatar #172 to #170 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Abnormal? Yes. I'm not claiming being transgendered is normal. Defective? An illness? A problem? Definitely not.
And as for the XXY and the XYY part, I feel like if someone asks "Are you a boy or a girl?" and you answer "Both", that's a different answer and you can argue that it's a different sex. It doesn't really matter since you can just say both, but whatever.
User avatar #168 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
See #42 for my rebuttal. Honestly, we can't convince either, but at least we can hope for cool cyborg stuff.
User avatar #169 to #168 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
The part of that post where it says "Nearly all males have a male brain and nearly all females have a female brain" confuses the **** out of me.
When a male has a female brain, that's pretty much where the sex and gender difference is.
How do you not acknowledge that how you think and how you look can be different, when the thing that thinks and the thing that people see can be different?
User avatar #166 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
You know, I suppose you have a spot of sense in that. He's no normal human, he certainly isn't the physical norm, but I suppose in that situation defective isn't the proper word.

Still think transgenders are messed up in the head.
User avatar #167 to #166 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
And you're welcome to not like it, but you're demonstrably wrong when you say that there's no difference between sex and gender.
Or at the very least, it's demonstrably superior to acknowledge the difference.
User avatar #163 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
What word would you use to describe it? He isn't a normal human. He doesn't fit the normal anatomy?
User avatar #165 to #163 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
I dunno, that's not something I'd care about enough to talk about. Unless I was talking specifically about his bitching robot eye, in which case I'd call him a cyborg.
User avatar #159 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
I still believe he's physically defective. You're supposed to have two, natural, seeing eyes. This hypothetical man doesn't.
User avatar #162 to #159 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Dude, I kind of know what you mean, but you're using the wrong word for it.
User avatar #160 to #159 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Then you're wrong. If you have a car, and the windscreen is smashed, you now have a defective car. Replace that, and the car isn't defective.
If you're defective, there is an issue. If you address the issue, you're not defective.
This isn't a difficult concept.
User avatar #157 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
I was. He doesn't have two eyes does he? Or are machines the same as fleshy precise organs?
User avatar #158 to #157 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Again, all I'm getting out of this is that to you, things that are different are broken.
Yes, he has two eyes. One happens to be mechanical. It still works, meaning it's not defective. By definition. If you were using another word to describe it, maybe something like scarred, I'd have no problem.
User avatar #154 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
But it's already gone.
User avatar #155 to #154 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
I assumed you were referring to a guy with one bionic eye and one normal eye. If it's just some guy with one eye, sure. He has a physical defect.
User avatar #152 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
So a man with one eye is not physically defective?
User avatar #153 to #152 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Nope. Not unless you take his eye out.
User avatar #147 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
Because if they use a bionic eye, they'd probably lose an eye in the process. A man with one eye is a man with one eye. It isn't normal. It, by any medical standards, is an abnormality and considered defective.
User avatar #151 to #147 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
All I'm getting out of this is that to you, if it's different it's broken.
Yes, it's abnormal. No, it's not defective. Why is it not defective? Because it's working, and if it's working it not defective. Not by medical standards, not by any standards.
User avatar #145 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
But then they only have one eye. With is abnormal, and defective by all standards.
Human Reproduction messing up produces a defect. A human with one eye is defective.
User avatar #146 to #145 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
I'm not sure where the one eye thing came from at all, but defective is a temporary condition. If you fix it, it's not defective anymore.
User avatar #143 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
So, by non-natural means, by artificial means, they are no longer physically defective? I don't think that bionic eye grew behind their old eye and replaced it. That's like saying a man born with no hair puts a wig on, so he's no longer bald.
User avatar #144 to #143 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
imperfect or faulty.
, flawed, imperfect, shoddy, inoperative, not working, not functioning, non-functioning, malfunctioning, out of order, unsound; More
antonyms: working, perfect

Antonyms - Working
If they can see, it's working. Sure, it's unnatural, but that has nothing to do with what the word means.
User avatar #141 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
Where did I say that we could cure the defects? I said we can make blind people see, just as we can make mentally ill have kids. Not cure. A bionic eye isn't natural. It isn't a physical part of them. They're still born defective.
User avatar #142 to #141 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
...The defect is that they're blind, if they can see they're no longer defective.
User avatar #140 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
"You're and idiot!"
-No other input
-No argument as to why I am an idiot
This'll show you your shortcoming!
User avatar #137 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
Also, no **** normal people can have children through artificial insemination. Also, blind can see through some new advances, does that mean they don't have a defect?
User avatar #139 to #137 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
All technological advances cure defects! Computers cure cancer or something! Towels regenerate limbs! Keys fix genetic diseases!
User avatar #136 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
You don't get the first line is sarcasm? Seriously? Also, you used an insult in place of an argument, don't you consider that an ad hominem? You don't think saying "This man is an idiot" is an attempt discredit his argument? If you don't, then why even insult me? To make me feel bad?
User avatar #138 to #136 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
So hold on - I said, sarcastically, that artificial insemination was not a thing. To which you responded, sarcastically, that it isn't.
So my point was that if they chose a transgendered person or couple could have kids, and your response was "Ahah! They can have kids!"?
And I didn't make an argument, so it wasn't an ad hominem. Learn when fallacies apply, and this might not be an issue.
And no, I don't insult you to make you feel bad. I just want to make sure you're aware of your shortcomings.
User avatar #132 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
So artificial insemination doesn't reproduce anything? Or are you saying that the fact that something artificial changes their mental illness? Are men who can't reproduce without artificial insemination completely normal? Or do they have a physical defect?
User avatar #134 to #132 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
You said artificial insemination is not reproduction, then posted a definition that qualifies it for being reproduction. Just saying.
Men who can't reproduce without artificial insemination have a penis that is broken in some way. So yeah, they have a defect. There are perfectly normal women who've had children through artificial insemination because they don't have a partner though, so using artificial insemination doesn't mean you have a defect.
And by the way, you're using ad hominem wrong. It's an ad hominem if I say you're retarded, therefore your argument is wrong. I'm not saying that. I'm saying you're retarded, and your argument is wrong. Also...
User avatar #129 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
Artificial insemination is not reproduction!
re·pro·duc·tion (rpr-dkshn)
1. The act of reproducing or the condition or process of being reproduced.
2. Something reproduced, especially in the faithfulness of its resemblance to the form and elements of the original: a fine reproduction of a painting by Matisse.
3. Biology The sexual or asexual process by which organisms generate new individuals of the same kind; procreation.
User avatar #131 to #129 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
You're not very bright, are you?
User avatar #125 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
So virgins and cockblockers are not trying to reproduce?
Also, if not reproducing isn't murder, then consider a society where no one reproduces, now let's imagine it in 150. Oh wait...
User avatar #128 to #125 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Artificial insemination not a thing! Everyone now transgender! By decree of our lord and savior!
User avatar #122 to #121 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
So they're a physical/mental abnormality. As you said different things. They are a different, tiny minority that renounces the base function of organs. But hey, that's not the definition of disorder.
>Don't want society to continue without mentally ill
BTW, cancer kills, like transgender/gay. Since they stop reproduction.
User avatar #123 to #122 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
>Stopping reproduction

>Not reproducing
>Stopping reproduction
All virgins and cockblockers now murders! Thegrimgenius has proven this to be true!
User avatar #87 to #86 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Can you go out and demonstrate this?
User avatar #92 to #87 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
How? Joining a circus? Making music? If people are content, they aren't going to revolt or strike, they're going to work. (Panem et circus.) Unless they're already lazy scum, in which case they are already a leech that governments remove.
User avatar #96 to #92 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Go out, get a control group and a test group. Don't tell either of them which is which. These groups have to be completely randomly selected from people who have recently had someone they care about die. How you do that is up to you. Tell your control group that their family member is dead and tell your test group that their family member is actually alive. See whether productivity increases, decreases, or remains the same. How you measure productivity is up to you. Write a report, and submit it to peer review. If your methods are contested, amend them and repeat the test. Do so until you have data supporting your claim that considering dead people alive has anything to do with morale and happiness.
User avatar #98 to #96 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
Already done. Also, before you say "that's not what you said" My point was being happier increased productivity. You need to login to view this link
User avatar #101 to #98 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
"What does considering them dead do?"
-Me, 2014
" boosts moral. People are happy = More work, more advancements."
-You, 2014
Your claim is that considering people dead, when they're actually not, will boost happiness and morale, and in turn productivity.
Side note - It's morale. Moral refers to whether or not something is right or wrong.
User avatar #103 to #101 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
"it boosts moral. People are happy = More work, more advancements."
My claim is that if they do that, they will be happier. Since they would be happier, they would work harder. Which has been proven. Unless of course thinking people are dead doesn't make people sad.
User avatar #106 to #103 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
"My claim is that if they do that, they will be happier"
-You, 2014
Yes, so go and prove that. I'm not contesting that happy people are good workers. I'm contesting your utterly retarded claim that considering people not dead makes you happy.
User avatar #107 to #106 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
"Hey, my relative isn't dead."
"I'm still not happy."
User avatar #109 to #107 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
"Because it didn't work"
User avatar #111 to #109 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
Why the quotes? If you consider X as Y, you believe it. If these people are not believing it, then they are liars for saying they do.
User avatar #114 to #111 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Why the quotes? I was continuing your quotes.
If you considered something, you've thought about it. If you consider a dead person alive, you know what their state is. You disagree that their state is dead. Prove that this makes you happy.
User avatar #120 to #114 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
So, you can believe in something but not?
User avatar #116 to #114 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
"You disagree that their state is dead." So you believe their alive?
User avatar #117 to #116 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
Yes. You know all the facts and your conclusion is that they're alive. Demonstrate that a person who has had a person close to them die is happy as long as they say they're alive.
And the key point is considered - They know what's happened to their loved one. It's not ignorance.
User avatar #102 to #101 - ninjaroo (06/19/2014) [-]
I ****** that up. Your claim is that considering people not dead, when they actually are*
User avatar #88 to #80 - dblej (06/19/2014) [-]
Not saying that it's a good thing, but it is a useful classification for psychologists to use when it comes to gender dysphoria.
#149 to #42 - droner (06/19/2014) [-]
I love you
#150 to #149 - thegrimgenius (06/19/2014) [-]
Do it.
Do it.
#25 - cyberdemon (06/19/2014) [-]
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#19 - bvsfang ONLINE (06/18/2014) [-]
Before you Shrek yourself
#13 - godofcorndog ONLINE (06/18/2014) [-]
If two cis white guys 			****		, which one should check his privilege?
If two cis white guys **** , which one should check his privilege?
User avatar #46 to #13 - durkadurka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
They're gay, they don't have to check privilege. Remember, privilege checking applies only to heterosexual white, cis, Christian males because in the past one or more of their ancestors may have done some things that were oppressive to others! By checking your privilege, you're somehow making amends for things your ancestors could have possibly done and are somehow your fault.

Happy privilege checking!
#48 to #46 - pridefulmatthew (06/19/2014) [-]
Do it doesn't, it applies to any white male with these crazy ****** .
User avatar #49 to #48 - durkadurka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
Not privilege checking! Any group that has been oppressed in some way basically gets a pass. If you're gay, you don't have privilege because someone you know, your ancestors, or your ancestors friends may have been oppressed for being gay.
#50 to #49 - pridefulmatthew (06/19/2014) [-]
As a white gay man I can completely tell you that you are wrong.
User avatar #51 to #50 - durkadurka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
To be serious for a moment: I'm just ******* around. I won't pretend that the convoluted nonsense that is the "privilege" movement makes any logical sense, is at all coherent, or something one can actually understand. If I haven't made it obvious, I'm just mocking the whole concept because that's my job as part of the patriarchy
#52 to #51 - pridefulmatthew (06/19/2014) [-]
#55 to #52 - durkadurka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
#56 to #55 - pridefulmatthew (06/19/2014) [-]
Erections at the ready men!
Erections at the ready men!
#57 to #56 - durkadurka ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
Wait for it.... wait for it....    
Wait for it.... wait for it....

#59 to #57 - pridefulmatthew (06/19/2014) [-]
I'm bored of this, I'm gonna jerk and sleep. you wanna join me? bb?
#41 to #13 - pridefulmatthew (06/19/2014) [-]
Wanna find out bb ?
#44 to #41 - godofcorndog ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
u want sum fuk?
#47 to #44 - pridefulmatthew (06/19/2014) [-]
I luv you
I luv you
#64 to #47 - godofcorndog ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
My body is ready
#118 to #64 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
Is it?
#181 to #118 - godofcorndog ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
I'm on my way over
I'm on my way over
#9 - joeyliquid (06/18/2014) [-]
User avatar #15 - Lintutu (06/18/2014) [-]
I'm so glad i never see these people for real..
#43 - thearcher (06/19/2014) [-]
Isn't that the woman who repeatedly raped a 15 year old boy and got away with it scot free? I think it was in the news last year-ish

Or am I thinking of someone else?
User avatar #61 to #43 - somethingpants (06/19/2014) [-]
The only thing I could think of was that one woman who raped or possibly molested an eight year old boy for a long time and I think she might've gotten a significantly lesser sentence?
I'm not positive. Just remember her grinning in her photographs.
User avatar #156 to #63 - ronyx (06/19/2014) [-]
Guilty of not giving a **** . .
#62 to #61 - thearcher (06/19/2014) [-]
Yeah, she had a smug grin on her face outside a courthouse
User avatar #65 to #62 - somethingpants (06/19/2014) [-]
Here's hoping the courts ban her from having children.
User avatar #33 - dicedfruit (06/19/2014) [-]
Reminds me of this
The Social Consequences of Everything
#78 - kmichel (06/19/2014) [-]
I'm genuinely curious about what modern, American feminists want to achieve in the modern world. What struggles are left to fight?

I'll listen to anything except for complaints about equal pay (on average between genders, not between a man and woman doing the same job), since I don't believe this to be a problem.
#133 to #78 - anon (06/19/2014) [-]
Nothing. They like to complain because they don't get preferential treatment and no man would touch them with a barge pole.
User avatar #77 - Accidentalninja (06/19/2014) [-]
you forgot to tip
#14 - anon (06/18/2014) [-]
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