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Fucking stupid tumblr shit
779 subscribers , created at Jul 22 , updated at Mar 27 , 3245 items total
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**** you all. bananas.
Time for Katawa Shoujo!
1648 subscribers , created at Jun 04 , updated at Mar 27 , 5441 items total
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A channel for Katawa Shoujo pics, since Katawa Shoujo is the single most awesome visual novel in the world.
Posts for the sake of flaming or hating only will be deleted and I have a banhammer too. I don't want to abuse my power, but I won't tolerate pointless hate.
Team Fortress 2
1044 subscribers , created at Dec 01 , updated at Mar 27 , 1642 items total
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Post anything here TF2 related!
136 subscribers , created at Dec 22 , updated at Mar 27 , 589 items total
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post all of your art work in here. anything from your own characters to alternative art style... actually pretty much anything that involves drawing good or bad. seriously any peice of art that you think looks cool post it but give credit where its due, the original poster
Top Gear
57 subscribers , created at Jan 17 , updated at Mar 27 , 47 items total
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The best UK TV show by Jazzy
Gif Channel
233 subscribers , created at Dec 20 , updated at Mar 27 , 1181 items total
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Post gifs in this channel please. If morbid, please post in the morbid channel.
91 subscribers , created at Jan 10 , updated at Mar 27 , 600 items total
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Post Films from Youtube so If people that love youtube (Like me) can go here and find cool and funny videos from Youtube fast and easy.
Homo male
11 subscribers , created at May 27 , updated at Mar 27 , 18 items total
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Post any homosexual content about males here.
1 subscribers , created at Oct 25 , updated at Mar 27 , 2 items total
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I'm interested in FunnyJunk's opinion!
Vote using the thumb system. Argue in the comments.
The real murican
6 subscribers , created at Nov 24 , updated at Mar 27 , 35 items total
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3747 subscribers , created at Apr 22 , updated at Mar 27 , 5711 items total
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If you come to bendingtime on saturday without having watched the new episode, you are going to have a bad time!
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If you come to bendingtime on saturday without having watched the new episode, you are going to have a bad time!

**UPDATED Rules*

1. DON'T post simple reaction pics as content! They belong in the comments section!

2. DON'T thumb up content JUST because it's Avatar!

3. DON'T post random fanart! There are many other sites for Avatar fanart, Funnyjunk is NOT one of them!

4. DON'T post AMVs. Some may be good, but they don't belong on Funnyjunk!

That's about it! I hope y'all can live with these rules, and I hope we don't end up like ponytime.
(By that I mean a ******** of unfunny posts every day)

-------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
credits to InfernalOneShot (proofreader) and miniwilliam (rules)

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------

Now, with "The Legend of Korra" on air, and seeing that "The last Airbender" also provides much of lulz for us Funnyjunkers, I thought to myself: "If Bronies can do it, we can do it too!"

So i present to you: "bendingtime", the new channel for funny content all about the Avatar universe. (not to be confused with James' blue-alien-movie)
Post anything military related
125 subscribers , created at Dec 02 , updated at Mar 26 , 161 items total
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Welcome servicemembers, vets, and lurkers. Post anything military related on this channel. Don't be disrespectful to one another, don't be a POG, BOOT, or LEG (Ok you can be if you aren't a little cunt about it). Special shout out to the US Army. And Anti-ISIS posts are welcome any day of the week. Thearmydude out.
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