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Post all the Anime/Manga
3606 subscribers , created at Dec 01 , updated at Oct 21 , 15359 items total
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Post anything Anime/Manga related here
Time for Katawa Shoujo!
1606 subscribers , created at Jun 04 , updated at Oct 21 , 5285 items total
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A channel for Katawa Shoujo pics, since Katawa Shoujo is the single most awesome visual novel in the world.
Posts for the sake of flaming or hating only will be deleted and I have a banhammer too. I don't want to abuse my power, but I won't tolerate pointless hate.
725 subscribers , created at May 24 , updated at Oct 21 , 1551 items total
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I figured we needed a channel for this.
League Of Legends
2686 subscribers , created at Dec 01 , updated at Oct 21 , 5179 items total
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Just to clarify, LoL in the name of the channel stands for League of Legends, not Lots of Laugh, please don't post off-topic content in this channel. Only league related stuff! Thanks!
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