YouTube comment (check description). video for reference : Published en Apr 9, 2012 by m cascara I love this lady. And how  YouTube comment (check description) video for reference : www youtube com/watch?v=JaAd8OuwwPk Published en Apr 9 2012 by m cascara I love this lady And how
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YouTube comment (check description)

Published en Apr 9, 2012 by m cascara
I love this lady. And how tween almost laughs in the mice over.
http: l/
Thanks to all who watched! We finally got her some cold pep:
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I awakened with the desire to retrieve a frigid beverage. And I pondered that
thou wast roasting a turkey leg upends thy spit. Alas, I pondered, "Hearken,
divine savior, thy village hath ignited-" Henceforth, I darkened quickly hem my
chamber, failing to retrieve my slipper Mr nothing, divine savior. I scurried fer
thine life. Alas, the intoxicating fumes attacked my soul. I was plagued with
consumption. Nerver, nor no one hath the time erday fer such.
It days age 133 ,
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