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Mormon Mission Style (Gangnam Parody)


Mormon Mission Style (Gangnam Style Parody). Lyrics- Ryan Bartel. Music-Psy, Gangnam Style. Enjoy and subscribe!


Running through the streets with our backpacks, suits, and name tags
Looking for the people who will listen while we teach them
We always have a message, good stories if you listen
And we'll teach till they get baptized

And we won't stop there
We'll bring the Spirit so everyone feels it up up in the air
We have a Book that we would like to share its right, right here
We'll do this everyday and teach His word for two whole years
Two whole years.

Finding people, get them baptized, we love our life,(hey) we love our life(hey)
Finding people, get them baptized, we love our life,(hey) this is our life(hey)
Knocking on your door because we know you're there...there....there...there....er.... ­er....er...er

...Mormon Mission Style .....Mor Mor Mor Mor
Mormon Mission Style

Hey! Missionaries! Mor Mor Mor Mor.... Mission Style...

We all speak of the truth and we have real testimonies
And if you'll pray yourself you won't need to hear it from me
Cause we know what we talk about when we say The Lord He loves thee
And he wants you to come back home

Now let us show you how, to follow His Gospel and you can turn your life around
If you come to church you'll get a feeling that'll make you proud
Read the Book of Mormon and you'll notice that you'll never frown
You will never frown


Mormon Mission Style

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