Ha. Found this while on youtube today and figured i would share. Don't know if it has been posted on here before or not.. Top Comments My asshole cousin was BIG
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Found this while on youtube today and figured i would share.
Don't know if it has been posted on here before or not.

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My asshole cousin was BIG practicalities, but the stunt he pulled
he died topped them all.
Shortly alter his canserous diagnosed, he left a his
strict instructions to ripen it only en his death. This turned out to be a detailed
confession' that he sexually abused St photographed "' of kids while
working as a hospital nurse. Police had to contact families all country
with the horribly distressing news, before concluding that it was a hoax.
1 day age 36 d
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Submitted: 11/28/2012
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#1 - fenrir has deleted their comment [+] (24 replies)
#4 to #1 - annoname **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#10 - salari (11/29/2012) [-]
#24 - facedodge (11/29/2012) [-]
Ha. It's funny because he didn't actually rape any children.
#5 - pepemex ONLINE (11/29/2012) [+] (3 replies)
#2 - enialis (11/28/2012) [+] (4 replies)
User avatar #35 - nebuchadnezzaurus (11/29/2012) [+] (3 replies)
I bet he was dying to see the outcome
#17 - amandatoddd **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#32 - Midirr (11/29/2012) [-]
#18 - lusir (11/29/2012) [-]
look he is laughing in his grave to this day
#55 - CIS White Male (11/29/2012) [+] (8 replies)
Dude, child abuse isn't a joke. What the **** is wrong with everyone?
#59 to #55 - youxbarstard (11/29/2012) [-]
pick one.
#48 - grimgrey (11/29/2012) [+] (2 replies)
**grimgrey rolled a random image posted in comment #54 at Twily ** mfw best **** ever
#34 - paralars (11/29/2012) [-]
..."practical jokes"
User avatar #64 - seniorpokeman (11/29/2012) [+] (1 reply)
When I die, I'm going to create a completely indecipherable treasure map with no real goal, along with a message that says "I've hidden six million dollars in gold and silver assets in a secret location. Uncode this map to find it." Everyone will be looking for my secret treasure, and I'll just be underground, laughing my ass of as maggots slowly eat it.
#67 to #64 - whymewhy (11/29/2012) [-]
wouldnt work for me, everyone knows i am dirt poor
User avatar #21 - happytoaster (11/29/2012) [-]
i believe we have seen the works of a mastertroll
#82 - CrazyPsycho (12/05/2012) [-]
what the hell... i'm starting to not even remember if i've seen these somewhere on youtube or not. i feel like i have. what video is this from if anyone knows
User avatar #57 - stopitguyz (11/29/2012) [-]
I don't understand how that's a practical joke.. like it's funny but that 's just because he had cancer
#41 - CIS White Male (11/29/2012) [+] (1 reply)
So if he found this on youtube today... Why would he think it would've been repost?
User avatar #28 - randomserb (11/29/2012) [-]
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