The Emperor's post. . necks are HUT 'free', citizen. Firstly, yen must manoeuvre the ' s naval vessel within the asteroid belt, almost assuredly sustaining dama The Emperor's post necks are HUT 'free' citizen Firstly yen must manoeuvre the ' s naval vessel within asteroid belt almost assuredly sustaining dama
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The Emperor's post

necks are HUT 'free', citizen.
Firstly, yen must manoeuvre the ' s naval vessel within the asteroid belt, almost
assuredly sustaining damage to the Emperor' s ship' s paint free: ':' : trryan, while
expanding the ' fuel.
Then the Tech Priests must inspect the reel: in guestion ascertain its Hummus to
do the ' bidding. it pass muster, the manna Servitors must use the
water' s and w prepare the potential fer
Finally, the Tech Priests finished, the '' ts may begin
manoeuvring the ’ s warship to abut: the asteroid at the prepared face {expending
yet mere of the '' ts fuel}, and then begin boosting the stern towards the offensives
After a few days of expending a prodigious meant of the * s fuel to accelerate
the asteroid into an eruit mere fitting the Emperor' s desires, the wearer' s ship
may then return to the planet via :' Stout's warp travel and await the arrival of
t. e stuns, still may weeks tor maths} away.
after middling any the star' s time and eating the Tatar’! food in the wasteful
of making sure that the manta enemies do net launch a deflection mission,
they may finally watch the ordinance impact the planet {seaming that the meters ship
than net need in attempt any , correction emu the , using yet mere
w the Emperor' s fuel).
Given a typical [class } system, we have the
Tue months, can Titan class warship:
The months, retinas, crew of same:
are months, Tech Priest pester:
Tue months, Servitor parish:
Paint, Titan class warship:
walk fuel:
with the fallowing:
warheads, :
the day, DEM, Titan class warship:
the day, retinas, crew of same:
aura peroxide fuel,
Given the same result with under one third of the mat, the water will have saved a
massive meant his meat sacred may and amen a full m:: nth of time, during which
His warship may be an entirely different planet.
The em, through this - His affine of Imperial outlays - hereby
ens yen to attend one (1) week of therapeutic
Please esport ta Maine TV, Imperial City,
Building , Ream 1455, were you are to sit in
the Bum chair.
Fer the moarer,
Bursaries Mathis,
Purser Level II,
he Defied of
alien 1'. xperia.' I. s
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space catapult.
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I don't... wat?