Best Game Ever? Best Game Ever.. As Peter Griffin put it: "Why are we not funding this?". I Anonymous CE/ 23/ 11( Tue) 18: 11 No. 16039706 Hide gif-(  vidya game orks warhammer
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Best Game Ever? Best Game Ever.

As Peter Griffin put it: "Why are we not funding this?"

I Anonymous CE/ 23/ 11( Tue) 18: 11 No. 16039706 Hide
gif-( 75 KB, 1200x1200, Laughing ork.. git]
Hold on. Guys. ajust used my for a second. And had an amazing idea.
link: are all about fun. About dark comedy. About excessive, ridiculous, unrealistic violence, but it' s so you couldn' t give a damn how bad the WATASHI. field *****
reality. And I thought... The best on: game, would be one of sandbox. There' s an overarching plot and missions to do, of course, to be DA BEST BOSS DAT [ESE EVER wuz.
But the object ofthe game is to be as [My as possible.
And like any sandbox game intoday, there' s a policing mechanism in place so you dont go too crazy. Except that it' s supposed to make things even MORE crazy. Duffy git?
Some more lads might get in on the fiight. And you might gits. And you get groups of gits duffing other gits, and maybe even some gits duffing gits for YOU because
you duffed gits real nice. What started as you punching some git at the bar out for a smart remark, can spill out into the streets and turn an on: to complete and total anarchy. Then maybe
you get duffed. But the F' ajwboss is there to stitch you right back together, and you can do it all again! And you aren' t punished for causing these complete upheavals of order, as in some other
sandbox games. No, it is REWARD) EL). Because by FIC) EHTAN, you get Eloy: behind you. You get tougher. You get flasher loot. You eventually take overhue WAATCH... And take that WATASHI.
out to the stars. For even MORE jittery against things besides [irks
I present, ... SITE ROW.
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Submitted: 02/09/2014
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