Top 5 Pokemon Status Updates. Top 5 Pokemon Status Updates Please visit our website for more information about wallpaper Thanks for visiting!. T
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Top 5 Pokemon Status Updates

Top 5 Pokemon Status Updates
Please visit our website for more information about wallpaper
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Top 5 Pokemon Status Updates
um... thril' m go... m hatch . ican Phelia!
n m. Comment
In Pokemon NI be
in Like
Yep _stalin egg
a div; no Like
Unease, , ' Magikarp. lust PLEASE get
m: o... M this stupad egg!
2 days no m. a a neural:
Hindi! Walt
u. minutes an mg
s happening!
2 seconds we Like
Ash Ketchum
Saved for months and m... bought the latest mun...
minutesago I m.
PM tmk That' s great Ushl NI put you dawn for the extended data plan
Attitudes an m.. KY 2 people
Attitudes an mg
Prof. an Yeah, you have a may Pokemon descovery um...
Prof. an Additional fees
Ash um... Mug? But r... . professional tomater, they my
mg IN badges .
s (tittites ago, mg
Prof. an r... sown. have .9 an back .9 magmas youngsters ma
Ash um... rm... It, I' locust keep track m... Pokemon mm these
trading cards
4 (tittites ago, mg
Prof. an Thast' s an but the run moemon in my m a few packs.
you-. 1 my. tta bura mu .9 an the Pokemon you w...
2 (mrtutty an mg
1 Atme '
E n m. Camment
sh m... my... in others like this.
Ash Ketchum Hey God, whars up?
u. (Attitudes on mg
shall m... thee!
s (tittites ago, mg
Ash think Ne caught m. Amen: yer, w....... help itllort
my Pokedex?
m... Whar? The Alpha Pokemoon, supreme nu... outpace and Time,
the mos. powerful lung .7. the universe pm thelikes mrfyou? Tha 5
laughable. !
5 (Attitudes ago, mg
Ash Ketchum Univ: . Mu... nu.
an Ketchum ho .9... Make me rm...
secounds an m.
Warm’: greatest Pokemom breeder here. y... needet, I'
monthsago I m. Comment
sh Ash on
E may New an I gnu baby
20 (mrtutty 341.: mg
Brock That' s as... Just take ' boy Chinchou and have u hang out with a
gm chinchila
7 (Attitudes we mg. KY " people
may Wow, you' re mu... good. Thanks)
5 (Attitudes on mg
Prof. ml. Hey ( K I ran Into a problem Ir/ my .9 breed a Mr. Mime.
Could you help mg 9...
Brock No , Just take ' boy Mr. Mime and . girl , wait
2 (Attitudes an mg
Prof. an Exactly, lhave two Mr. Mames ameican' t an thera m um...
Brock Well, ma You try soft mu... and candlelight'
s (Attitudes ago. m. a 3 people
Brock m... teell, dust have them an my u. the Richard, you' ll your.
Prof. an Walt, do You even know where Pokenon was m... from?
around fora bit. When van .9... glee vac. u as
m. m Ppeople
Prof. an om. you have no clue! n. you mu. anme where
come from?
x K his created it new album Down Hate Me an mu Am‘. Me.
Katsuragi I m. Commentt
F , Headed no I mamas mm the wrung Forthe um insole emu. Man,
busywork bum; the face of the phenomenon, Ad
curaga, luke
noon... a hard work -or
Erandur Heyguys, think I cart he ... the new smash game?
Attitudes an mg
m Erandur weedude, this bails dead saw.
Attitudes an mg
g ncmu. w... looks arent . What kind or man: do you have?
u. minutes an m.
s........ Yeah, Inn tell. You need m. tac bro, Ian smell You through
the Internet.
J: C Plinth... Yeah, r... saw but w. let may pile of trash that
developed manna... thaought] alrt the ranks or pom... moemon.
7 menulis an mg
tether saw
sum. Hey doggy-
s (mrtutty an mg
5 (mrtutty an mg
H, Exploud !
on my and. ave' re ugly is .
3 (minutesago M. ( unpeople
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Submitted: 10/23/2012
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