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walkingdeadtime: The Walking Dead

Season 5 is currently in progress!

Content may contain spoilers if you are not caught up on the latest episode on television. You have been warned!

This Channel is dedicated to AMC's The Walking Dead. Feel free to post anything about the Walking Dead. It doesn't have to necessarily have to be funny. It can be interesting or trivial instead.
Please note that this channel is solely dedicated to the television series, so please do not post spoilers based off of the comics. You may post comic based material as long as the material does not contain spoilers (something that already happened in the TV series may be posted as a comic). I am encouraging the admin of FJ to create a channel filter so that nobody comes across content that would spoil an episode that they have not yet seen.

I now have the authority to remove content, so do not worry about spoilers based off of the comics. If any post or comment is a spoiler please private message me the name of the content if it's a spoiler in content or the number of the comment while indicating the name of the content if it's a spoiler in a comment. I will remove any spoilers immediately and I will ban the perpetrator.

1. Only post things that have to do with The Walking Dead. No random or off-topic posts. Random and off-topic posts will be removed.
2. No spoilers based off of the comics. Spoilers based off of comics will be removed immediately. This includes spoilers for the Walking Dead video game, and spoilers of the comics themselves.
3. Opinions are encouraged, but please do not fight, "flame" or "hate" on others based on their opinions.
4. If there is an issue or concern, private message IceViper (me). I am on funnyjunk frequently and i can surely mediate the issue at hand or possibly implement or encourage new features to the channel that allow for the maximum enjoyment of The Walking Dead.

I am a hardcore fan of this television series. If you have questions about the show, want to discuss future possibilities on the show or if you just want to generally talk to someone about the show or this channel feel free to private message, friend and/or private chat with IceViper (me). I love talking about the series and i would be very happy to discuss this show with anyone.

Invite your friends to join The Walking Dead Community! The actual community is huge (millions of viewers) but on funnyjunk, it is very small compared to other TV show communities. Additions to the community (subs and/or joins) are welcomed!
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