Video games...Video games have changed.. Found this while browsing about the internet.. sounds OP 20 was No 232984715 metres % ' 232 ms 415 deepest ewe sates. a Video games have changed Found this while browsing about the internet sounds OP 20 was No 232984715 metres % ' 232 ms 415 deepest ewe sates a
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Video games...Video games have changed.

Video games...Video games have changed.. Found this while browsing about the internet.. sounds OP 20 was No 232984715 metres % ' 232 ms 415 deepest ewe sates. a

Found this while browsing about the internet.

OP 20 was No 232984715 metres % ' 232
ms 415 deepest ewe sates. and rt Ts also the least understood Thus Ts why rt Ts test popular among ms tans
t dent stew that Wm change but t Wm tryto detest that
The Mitre game Ts an current stage whres Ts the exact that rt once was Th "Golden Age" (MGSE Quake Doom, l, eat
The whole starts wrth the net cutscene ewe game The “War has changed" speech
tn the next post
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we 1393190870733 .3435 KB. , old_ snake_ )
IF on
tn We hast speech, Snake many Mme themes that have changed about the current state , butthe most " he touches upon Ts the current state or' control' gaging has devolved min
tti Tins Ts all about the centred , made year outerwear so you can keep spending was en the next Get). ewe mainstream you what game Ts good and what Ts bad
about the actual characters
we Snake
The protagoras represents the Old Gamer, much Ts presumably what the player Ts
shakers net happy, and he wen loses a bar ems [an Tn game heheehe that he Ts old Sound
what' s even mere Interesing Ts how he Ts vastly outnumbered en the by a newer breed Flayers) who dent know what the/ re dang Although shakers a tot older, he Ts able to beat the ether settlers We Playthings, and (ms Ts marrty because ewe expensice
we net chapter
Brown, bloom, and a nameless maddie eastern Tm: represents the current "Modem my games
we we we (smarts Tn the net Chapter
These guys represent the two skies Tn cent's game Nome haw the tenets and the we creepers are equally stupd tn the ,, the tenets rush , Mute the was camp and w Ths represents that current gamers have Gamma min these who whet rush blindlessly
to , encamp werthers km:
l and are absent hem both skies, as rt can be seen Mme Tm: represents the current playerbase
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we 1393191260548 KB, 350x350, )
F These are the '%mistreats' When the starts, the are campaig and kong ortho rebels Ths small advantage turns min a mg one when the Gems are called In, and the reset teams disperse
The Ts around the [me Snake takes ems rebel clothes, as well He' s he denger among a team aims We how Old Gamers tend to 90 rather quckly when you present them wrth a Geo game
He Ts able to survive agarest the (Sewn by . much Ts men the an Old Gamercat do agarest a killstreak
Ths Ts your Trt mend who was never really min gaming. but rather somethang else Otacust, trt paticular, was mums Butthur Trt mend could may as well min mamas er mange orwhatever else
The Ts the guy who you [the old gamer) have known Tm a Nance how (Macon Ts much younger and heather thekrag than Snake through the whole game, / e Snake keeps gammy older and gets wounded ever and ever agaru
The Ts because C) Bacon( the xenogamers wrth lunagamer headrest are net tn the same struggle thatthe old gamer Ts Th For many, the Aime/ Industry Ts Th awed shape, and Ts Th The same can not be sad
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we 1393191556048 ' KB, 750x422, pg)
maat Patrol
These guys representive orgasmed wows and teams, mien seen Th at and Beta. but also Tn Geo These are the players who may net perform that well alone, but are the rare few who term teams and can do a tot
better wrth each ether
These are the type youll see up and such
Nance how the Old Gamer, snake. ms nght when they are a
tword‘ t gallon much MID sunny, because t dent we understand what she represents But fl had to guess, rt would be these who are tee youngee play weep games Maybe member
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we 1393191945305 taa. . )
Raven Ts much Snake, and Ts net we as experienced But he Ts able to outperform Snake eh almost every level and can beat Gems and ether enemas that would normally gm Snake a hard Mme
Raven represents the lone wolves Mme current age who may play Gen or othertimes alone, but always get a K/ D em we really well Th general They dent talk much, and they usually funds en the task at hand We sometimes talent: the as the player 'Gregor'
What amen lacks Ts the sense repurpose that Snake has Remember, amen represents the younger must really good, but doesnt see much else to gaming The Ts the type orgey who' ll st down to play Gen/ mater hours eh end, and do really well, but MU mes out eh all Mme othertimes
gaming haste Mist
The Ts why amen Ts often We "t dent have a Mute" He knows the current age Ts wrong, but doesn' t really care much m rt The Old Gamer, en the ether hand, Ts completely aware Ts happening wrth the current gaming world and wants to change rt
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we 1393192254538 WHIA KB. 655x385, gt)
we Patents
Probably the most clear so tar
Patents are the enterprise They centred war and everyting wrth " Th ms tn ourworld, they are these who centred the current age The AAA producers, the mama. computes
We EA and Actresses
They also represent terms such as DRM Remembering whole theme organs nothnig unless the Patents gave them commands m
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Thais New
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we 1393192488332 phc( 234 KB, 460x464, tumb_ up pm
Avery missunderstood characterful Ts the master of ruse He makes declarers Tm the wrang sees, but tn the end rt Ts mated that he was en the nght skis all along Ame
Just We how Komma made ms be "we want the Gen ardency' wth Is sheeting controls, brown/ bloom, and ether aspects, Onto! had higher memes than that Te mm, rusing Old Snake (the Old Gamer) wanna away er hrate get hrs message amass, and
to get what he wanted
T op 02/ 23/ ) 14 nu was Ne 232990120 metres »
we 1393192836733 KB, 500x335. %?)
we Hts! scene
Old Snake Ts putting hrs we down format he behaves Ts the gregthegood He has done what he could and sees he perm Th lang any denger anyway
The Ts We the Old Gamers who are about ta put down gaming and mere eh Snake Ts wanna do the because he behaves rt Ts the what thang he mustbe. but we Buss appears and saves mm
we Boss
The Ts the past He represents the Golden Age . the age unchallenged, tun boyshorts, he DRM, at Hers about to sheathe Old he must do Th bong backhoe golden age
at on 02/ ( Sun) 14 92 was Ne 232999379
The Besought must a sees flashbacks Nance how you see the older Liquids and ocelots, you Mme good old wuss
It' s a , God besought The type we dent see amymore
The , are the real key derphat here
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we 1393193258490 was KB, 300x170, )
tn the scene, Zeta Ts brought In, eh Th hrs Airsupport Zeta Ts the CEO: beared Adamson/ EA, ect, and the most about mm Ts that he Ts on we support
Hg Boss mere er less {mes us the answered Zeta He doesn' t sheet mm tn the we er stab mm He dumpty unplugs hrs his support and lets mm We cant defeat the CAD Games by hatred on them, them player base, er The we can do Ts to stop
altogether They are en the masses wrth , DRM, and centred without OW support, they would be noting, because they cant compete wrth good games (such as the MGS sates. watcher sates, dritte DRM
The whole pom! ewe game upto that scene was us what was wrang
So, the whole perm Mme scene was howto get out ohms system and make the nght
Anonymous / 14( Sun) 14 was No 232995328 metres
Whatdo Drew and hrs monkey represent?
t T or / 42 was Ne 232995616 metres 05
we 1393195329168 .3553 , , )
em rt
They gm Old Snake a gun that [passes the ow system) when all
the othertimes dent
They are agarest the Patents, even though they dent go agarest them directly
That/ re the Plates
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