The Stone Saga - Part 1. OKAY. Apparently, I have to chop this file in two. It's really long. Part two will be up very shortly Here are the links for the Archie The Sims saga kill death fire ghost
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The Stone Saga - Part 1

The Stone Saga [Part it
Hello , ll bring you my next creation on The Sims q Less serial killing,
though. This is the story of Deryck Stone, the cousin of Archie Nemesis,
and his wife, Jane.
They are both doctors; Jane specializes in Genetics and Deryck
specializes in Neurosurgery.
This is their saga.
Deryck was a reader of Archie' s published novels, namely "Living with
Ghosts". He was interested in Archie' s observations of the ghosts living
in his home. The ghosts were strange: they were intelligent, coherent,
but they were bound by habit.
Ghosts who died E fire continuously took showers.
Ghosts who died E starvation rabidly crave food.
Ghosts who drowned are consantly fatigued and sleep a lot
The graves of Archie' s victims were transferred to the cemetery. Archie' s
own grave was left in his garden. Deryck paid a visit to the cemetery to
observe the ghosts.
l fter Archie' s suicide, his crimes became known to the public and his
ouse became a tourist attraction.
Jane paid a visit to find some more clues on Archie' s hidden
Strangely, Archie never kept copies of his own books. The
local bookstore also did not have any of his '
studies, they only had his written comedies.
Jane remembers from Archie' s novel that ghosts live in their
tombstones; wherever the tombstone was placed, that' s where the ghost
will appear later on. so who better to ask about Archie' s ghost studies
than Archie himself?
Apparently, Jane' s a good
chie won' t respond to
De ck' s o qestions.
l Hey! Wait for me you bastard!
Archie' s ghost is totally
unresponsive to Deryck. He
has a smug grin which
suggests that he' s fuck: g
with Deryck. instead, Archie
straight for an
hour before
Deryck deduces that this scientist would be able to break the habitual
nature of ghosts; the ghosts would have more free will.
For science!
Sorry for the abrupt cut! Picture is really huge. Part two will
be up almost immediately.
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