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#28 - sniffythebird ONLINE (06/16/2013) [-]
Let's not forget, exagerrated lens flare and ultra shiny lights does not make bettter graphics.
#134 to #28 - theprocrastibator ONLINE (06/17/2013) [-]
I think lens flares are great even when there is no lens.
User avatar #138 to #136 - theprocrastibator ONLINE (06/17/2013) [-]
I am most certainly not of negro origin.
#139 to #138 - sniffythebird ONLINE (06/17/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
#141 to #139 - theprocrastibator ONLINE (06/17/2013) [-]
I couldn't find an appropriate image to post, so have this.
I couldn't find an appropriate image to post, so have this.
#125 to #28 - anonymous (06/17/2013) [-]
I bet you haven't even been outside to see the sun.
#129 to #125 - sniffythebird ONLINE (06/17/2013) [-]
Oh yeah, I forgot. Sunlight totally creates these hexagon-shaped reflections and spots all over your vision. How stupid of me.

I went outside of my vampire cave today and it totally looked like this.
#143 to #129 - anonymous (06/17/2013) [-]
And what of military goggles?
User avatar #158 to #143 - sniffythebird ONLINE (06/17/2013) [-]
Goggles or sunglasses don't create any lens flares. And even if any, military ones would surely not make the sun even more blinding.

All those extra circles and hexagon shapes in a bunch of different colors you see in a lens flare are reflections in camera lenses (not just one lens, but many (which is how cameras zoom and focus)). So it's basically a ******** of reflections between like 5 lenses in a camera.
User avatar #95 to #28 - yourasiangamer (06/17/2013) [-]
And a lot of these shooters shouldn't even be having this effect since, the soldiers in these games often wear polarized goggles/glasses.
User avatar #55 to #28 - hasanaat (06/16/2013) [-]
Exaggerated lens flare?

Have you ever looked at the sun in real life?
#58 to #55 - sniffythebird ONLINE (06/16/2013) [-]
This is what it should look like. A simple bright spot with some shininess around it.

Lens flares are only picked up through camera lenses (hence LENS flare, HURR DURR).
#60 to #58 - sniffythebird ONLINE (06/16/2013) [-]
THIS is the result of that's reflected and scattered through the lenses in a camera.

Human eyesight doesnt pick up any of that stuff. So if you're playing a human character in a videogame, why the **** are there visual artifacts that only happen with cameras?

Yeah... it's just OMG SHINY
User avatar #61 to #60 - sniffythebird ONLINE (06/17/2013) [-]
Not to mention the fact that lens flares in cameras are 99% from the sun, or only otherwise if there's a really bright light source from something. In videgames like battlefield, every tiny little lamp or flashlight fills half of the screen with lens flares and spots on the screen.
#51 to #28 - drainbramage (06/16/2013) [-]
This gif sums up my very short lived relationship with Battlefield.
This gif sums up my very short lived relationship with Battlefield.
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