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#39 - fezzo
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(07/25/2013) [-]
>Playing Civ V
>Spain wants to fight out of nowhere
>Quickly curbstomp 2 cities
>"please plx"
>Spain starts converting on of my cities to Christianity
>Tell Spain to stop
>Does it again
>Destroy Spain in a 1000 year war
>mfw everyone wants to kill me because Spain started a war
User avatar #74 to #39 - ilolyoucry
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(07/25/2013) [-]
>First game of Civ 5
>Make contact with THREE civilizations, all bordered around me
>Another THREE City-states all around me
>Later in the game, I have three cities and a big military
>PERSIA starts getting all up in my grill
>Persia starts attack the city farthest away from me
>Destroy his military, then laugh as I then pillage his entire country-side
>Take over his entire civilization
>Attack two of the City-states next to me, except Quebec. Quebec is a ******* bro.
>The Eqyptians start talking ****, so I move my military to attack them
>Annihilate my way to their capital
>Cannons and other units only do 1 damage because they reinforced it.
>Pull out of war, and build up military.
>Attack again, but fail. Go peaceful.
>Inca was in the background the whole time
>As soon as I disband my military to get a better money income, the Incans Strike Back
>See a large military of Indian-fags come down from the North
>"He was a Incan-Fag from the North!" -Bilbo Baggins
>Leave game and delete it
******* Inca.