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#146 - baditch
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(07/25/2013) [-]
>Be last New Years Eve
>At LAN party with two friends
>Playing as Polynesia because it's an archipelago map.
>Spawn in right next to Gandhi
>Decide "**** it"
>attach Gandhi right off
>Trying to build units faster than him so I can finish the war.
>He's building more cities while I try to take his first one
>War lasts thousands of years
>All of my resources and production are spent on my military
>Friends I'm playing with give me gold to fund my war
>I slowly wither down Gandhi The Terrible's forces
>Finally take the last city
>Gandhi the Destroyer has fallen
>I'm in last place because of the war and my lack of resources.
>MFW it was worth it to see Gandhi crumble.