RPG Facts. . 1 ', The Semen Densetsu Saga, known in America as "The Mam Series", first started offars small gameboy game featuring no otherthan Final Fantasy ch RPG Facts 1 ' The Semen Densetsu Saga known in America as "The Mam Series" first started offars small gameboy game featuring no otherthan Final Fantasy ch
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RPG Facts

1 ', The Semen Densetsu Saga, known in America as "The Mam Series", first started
offars small gameboy game featuring no otherthan Final Fantasy characters.
The name ofthe game was "fusion Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden“ and it had from
2; Sjairsoft is one ofthe videogame companies that has acquired more
competition companies and are franchises ever! aome to be Final Fantasy,
Romancing Saga, Chane Trigger, Front Mission and even more,
5: When Dragon Quest ll was launched in Japan the goverment reported a
massive use of from the students, Videogamer stores, on the
other hand, were crowded all week long.
C ll
4: Ultima Online was one ofthe first MMORPG to ever hit the marketing it was
a success for more than 20 years, entering the Guinea Records as the MMORPG
with the pasttime up
5 The spooky town of Silent Hill has a real life counterpart, it is the town of
Centralia in Pennsylvania. ssmall location Anthea Swat has been burning
because 1962 Frowny in l 980
the population ll people The u s government has condemmed
all the buildings inthere and revoked its zip code making Centralia a real ghost
6 The name Taal Fantasy was chosen by developer Hironobu Sakamichi because
Square the campanile charged its . at thepoint or
this game was their last shotas attemtping a hit ill the market
The franchise main card ofthe company in come
becoming a pop culture phenomenon in both Japan and America fir
fta The story is a sad tale First created by Black isle it lacked the
impact the company tough it would have Even so. they pushed hardstand harder
to make disfranchise a hit. creating both Falloutboy Fallout 2.
The project failed and Interplay Isle . giving the right
ofthe franchise to Bethesda. the company in charge of Fallout 5 Wick coincidentally.
avalan instating.
Before selling disfranchise Black isle attemped a last shot a
MMORPG underlie same premises eitheir previous game. knowing beforehand
t have the resources for such project ladida‘ t do the trick
When Bethesda realized former black isle employees had kept this project
behind their backs they fired every single one acquired the rights for
the MMORPG and sold it back to Interplay for development
And black Isle? No one gives a fuck about Black
8 One ofthe most famous nerd speculations Mall times isthe ease
in the original Pokemon lied and Blue this pixelated mass was
originally intended to be a pokemon specifically a baby khangaskhan but last
minute adjustments made a pokemon without evolution But wait
ingets better The pokemon Marcy/ was intended to evolve into Kangaskhan, This,
was scratched too and Marowak an evolution . Now.
what happened to baby Kangaskhan? Guys at Nintendo decided t would be too
troublesome to mess with the codification. so they moved the pokemon that never
samthediv of light into an empty space without a number Simply put: Missing N" or
9 What happened to thatnigger saga ma big mystery of its own ,
for the EMS was a great game considered one of the best ' ifall time, The
was Radical Dreamers. a text based game only released in
Japan ,
PBX on the otherhand. was remake of RD
and received d shitload of praises all over the world becoming one of few games
to ever receive a perfect l C) some from
what happened to this prominent saga. . entry
become real Chrono Break Whathappened to it maybe
10 The Legend is compromised '
have been rocking ‘ date Thetimelord.
mane otherhand has becomed mossant Nintendo simply resigned
full explanation on how it works. Amongst its many many titles, Ocarina of Time
for the is probably on ofthe most known and renowned often being considered
the best K?
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> Comic Sans
> Credibility
Pick one
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isn't Obsidian Entertainment the remnants of Black Isle Studios?