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(06/20/2013) [-]
When Xbox one original came out, I bought it and loved it.
When 360 came out and I bought it and loved it, kinda.
Xbox one "modern edition" is coming, and I'm not looking forward to it. Don't know why. But it's a meh feeling to it all. I don't want the kinect, but I have to buy it. Why? So they can watch me fapping.

"But you can watch tv, and the voice command!" Yes, but I won't be able to watch TV on it, because I don't live in the US. And if I want to watch something on TV. I just shut the xbox off and look for whatever I need to watch.
And voice command? Why? Just why? Oh riiight, it's the future. Gotcha!
And didn't PS4 have better spec? So why would I want X1?

"But you have COD!!"
Yeah, I don't play FPS games on consoles, only on my computer. Because of the mouse is better etc. IMO.
The reason I have a console is because of TEKKEN, racing games, sly, ratchet and clank and other games. (Yes I know R&C is a shooting game, but it works much better in third person. Which is a default setting.)

And this is why I'm gonna get PS4. Because they have better specs, no ****** camera requirement etc.
And I have PS1, 2, and 3.

P.S. I don't exepct you to care about my opinion on it all. But it's getting out of hand. Don't like X1? Don't buy it.
Same thing with PS4. Don't like it don't buy it.

Any spelling error or miss use of words? I'm sorry. Too tired to correct it.