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#150 - tombobbusama
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(01/09/2014) [-]
Today I was off school, and I had just installed some new mods, so I thought I'd start a new playthrough and try to properly roleplay this time.
So I went through the opening cutscene, yada yada yada, and made my character. I set myself as a Breton, and made her as hot as I could. I dunno, I just find Bretons more attractive. Anyhoo, while I was making her, she felt really really familiar. I brushed it off and continued playing as Gwedolyn the Adventuress.
However, half an hour into playing, it suddenly hit me. I knew where that face was from.
It was a girl at my school named Lucy. She sits next to me in psychology.
I was about to delete her to be less creepy. But then I had a better idea.
I'd roleplay her as perfectly as I know how.
Now, she's one of these 'popular bitches' - though she has become a bit nicer recently - so I gave her a trait where she is obsessed with Jewelry and looking nice. So like, out of all the different fur armours, she'd only wear that skimpy one that also has shoulders, and she's extremely reluctant to sell any necklaces. Also, I try to make her a bit squeemish of the undead and spiders. She can kill undead - you cant exactly not - but she will not loot them at all. Heck, even searching through just regular dead makes her feel a bit ill, but god help her if they happen to have a gem or a ring in their pockets.

tl;dr: I took something that was kinda creepy, and turned it into something that was very creepy.

Before you ask, nude mod is a yes