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User avatar #5 - AresX (03/21/2013) [-]
If anybody's interested, the there actually was a game before Dark Souls called Demon's Souls, it was developed by the same studio. It's a ps3 exclusive but if you like Dark Souls you'll like Demon's Souls. Personally I prefer Demon's Souls as it has a world select instead of a fully open world. There are 5 different areas each split up into more sub-areas. It's pretty awesome.
User avatar #16 to #5 - ragnablast (03/22/2013) [-]
Same for me, defo prefer Demon's Soul. Mostly because I prefer the areas except Zone 5 -.-.....which is too close to blighttown...god I hate that place too.

Also hate Hollow form.......ugly piece of **** .
User avatar #67 to #16 - AresX (03/23/2013) [-]
I just liked the combat a bit better, Dark Souls feels a bit too weighty for me. Plus, I could never live without my beautiful Dragon Bone Smasher.
User avatar #68 to #67 - ragnablast (03/23/2013) [-]
Haha yea, One of my two favourite builds, the other being BBS.
User avatar #69 to #68 - AresX (03/23/2013) [-]
BBS was godly, although a bit of a bitch to get the sword ( ******* hate 5). My favourite build I ever made was a strength build with cracked ToB, and curse weapon. I was hitting up to 900 damage. Then for bosses I'd use hyper mode and do about 2.5k and 1-2 hit most bosses. PvP was fun as **** with it too, once got a host and two phantoms with the two handed post-roll attack.

God I love this game.

Worst boss in your opinion?
User avatar #70 to #69 - ragnablast (03/23/2013) [-]
Same, wish I could go back and play it again for the first time.

Worst boss...hmmm trying to remember my first playthrough cos as you know once you know a boss it's easy to down them.

Tbf prob 1st boss in area 5, got confused on my first time on him and he threw his **** at me while I was still running down and I fell and died.....and having to repeat any area 5 sucks ass.
User avatar #71 to #70 - AresX (03/23/2013) [-]
Ah for me it has to be maneater, that ******* faggot.

The number one reason Demon's Souls is better though? The ******* kickass opening.
User avatar #72 to #71 - ragnablast (03/23/2013) [-]
OMG completely forgot about area 4, Jesus, aye people complain about bell tower gargoyle and he is the nerfed down version of maneater :P

I change my boss to that too. Completely slipped my mind.
User avatar #73 to #72 - ragnablast (03/23/2013) [-]
Area 3*....my memory is getting worse....
User avatar #74 to #73 - AresX (03/23/2013) [-]
Play through it again!
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