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#198 to #2 - anonymous (05/17/2013) [-]
you can camp with a sniper, but you can go **** yourself if you spawn kill people while camping with one.
User avatar #267 to #198 - konradkurze (05/17/2013) [-]
well they are on a total diff level
campers are tactical, spawncampers are fags
#110 to #2 - cabbagemayhem ONLINE (05/17/2013) [-]
this was on the front page a long time ago
User avatar #165 to #110 - germankillzone (05/17/2013) [-]
Where did his beard go...
#166 to #165 - cabbagemayhem ONLINE (05/17/2013) [-]
It retracts into his face when he gets angry.
#106 to #2 - anonymous (05/17/2013) [-]
not camping....... its strategically waiting
#54 to #2 - anonymous (05/16/2013) [-]
"camping" refers to players with assault rifles or LMGs that stay in one place. not snipers.
User avatar #35 to #2 - toncheky (05/16/2013) [-]
It really does not bother me when they camp with snipers.
It gets annoying when they do it with shotguns and LMGs.
User avatar #20 to #2 - tankerdude ONLINE (05/16/2013) [-]
it's just called strategically placing yourself
#21 to #20 - konradkurze (05/16/2013) [-]

if i have a good idea an enemy will be in a certain place, ill find a good spot and wait there to pick him off
User avatar #266 to #254 - konradkurze (05/17/2013) [-]
yeah, i prefer Eversor myself
User avatar #22 to #21 - tankerdude ONLINE (05/16/2013) [-]
my brother calls it that if I ask if he's camping
User avatar #23 to #22 - konradkurze (05/16/2013) [-]
well its what real snipers do
its only the campers who sit there after theyve shot, theyre campers

real snipers make a kill them move to new spots
User avatar #24 to #23 - tankerdude ONLINE (05/16/2013) [-]
well if you have a silenced gun then you can sit longer without being found out
User avatar #25 to #24 - konradkurze (05/16/2013) [-]
was almost good in the game STALKER where you can have silenced sniper rifls....sad thing is the russians made the game to give away your position on the minimap after you shoot
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